copper chaperone for superoxide dismutase

Gene Context Sentence

Table 2. Analysis of context sentence of CCS gene in 17 abstracts.

PMID Gene Context Sentence
32720612 The study primary endpoint was the aggregate dynamics of patients’ condition as evaluated by an original CCS-COVID scale, which included, in addition to the clinical status, assessments of changes in the inflammation marker, C-reactive protein (CRP); the thrombus formation marker, D-dimer; and the extent of lung injury evaluated by computed tomography (CT). […] The GCS treatment group had a more severe condition at baseline.Results The GCS pulse therapy proved effective and significantly decreased the CCS-COVID scores.
32889019 The COVID-19-related lockdown had a negative impact on lifestyle in a representative sample of stay-at-home CCS patients.
32944461 We mapped the primary procedure to the corresponding Clinical Classification Software (CCS) category. […] We determined the distributions of lengths of stay overall and as stratified by CCS category, then calculated the percentage of cases that had a hospital length of stay of ≤1 night (i.e., 0 or 1 day). […] There were 38 different CCS categories for which at least 95% of patients had a length of stay of ≤1 day. […] There were 28 CCS codes that identified 80% of the patients who were discharged with a length of stay ≤1 day, showing representation of multiple surgical specialties.
33024453 We aimed to investigate the effectiveness of a dedicated contact centre service (CCS) on the reorganization of a high-volume IBD centre and on the continuity of care during the COVID-19 outbreak. […] We compared the CCS services provided to 3680 IBD patients and clinical outcomes before (January-February 2020) and during (March-April 2020) the COVID-19 period. […] During the outbreak, the CCS received an increase of 10.2% of contacts, from 881, in January-February 2020, to 971 (p = 0.02). […] An increase of 6% in CCS activities was also reported in comparison with March-April 2019 (from 914 to 971 in March-April 2020, p = 0.71). […] The CCS was an effective tool in the reorganization of the IBD centre. […] Virtual follow-up using the CCS could be implemented after the pandemic to optimise the resources of the IBD centre.
33047942 They performed 2-minute continuous chest compressions (CCs) in an adult patient with suspected/confirmed COVID-19 in three scenarios: (a) manual CCs; (b) CCs with a TrueCPR feedback device; (c) CCs with a LUCAS3 mechanical CC device. […] A detailed analysis of 2-minute resuscitation with manual CCs showed a decrease in compression depth and full chest recoil after 1 minute of CCs. […] We show that during simulated resuscitation with the use of PPE AGP in patients with suspected/confirmed COVID-19, CC with LUCAS3 compared with manual CCs as well as a TrueCPR feedback device essentially increased CC quality. […] In the case of manual CCs by paramedics dressed in PPE AGP, it is advisable to change the person performing CC every minute.
33053826 Although studies assessing cardiovascular comorbidities and myocardial injury in Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) patients have been published, no reports focused on clinical outcomes of myocardial injury in patients with and without chronic coronary syndromes (CCS) are currently available. […] Patients were divided into two groups (CCS vs. no-CCS). […] A total of 674 COVID-19 patients were enrolled, 112 (16.6%) with an established history of CCS. […] Myocardial injury occurred in 43.8% patients with CCS vs. […] 14.4% patients without CCS, as confirmed by high-sensitivity cardiac troponin (hs-cTn) elevation on admission or during hospitalization. […] The mortality rate in the CCS cohort was nearly three-fold higher. […] After adjusting for disease severity, myocardial injury resulted significantly associated with in-hospital mortality in the no-CCS group but not in CCS patients. […] Patients with CCS and COVID-19 showed high mortality rate. […] Myocardial injury may be a bystander in CCS patients and COVID-19, while in patients without known history of CCS, myocardial injury has a significant role in predicting poor outcomes.
33075378 Do immunomodulatory therapies improve survival in patients with COVID-19 cytokine storm (CCS)? […] CCS was defined by inflammatory markers: ferritin, > 700 ng/mL; C-reactive protein (CRP), > 30 mg/dL; or lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), > 300 U/L. […] Furthermore, corticosteroid use either alone or in combination with tocilizumab or anakinra was associated with reduced hospital mortality for patients with CCS compared with patients receiving SoC treatment.
33095459 As the COVID-19 is a zoonotic infection and comes under a medically related disease, the term chronic covid syndrome (CCS) would be a more traditional way of symbolizing the so-called long-covid and long-haulers in COVID-19.
33187329 clozapine (CLZ) use is precarious due to its neurological, cardiovascular, and hematological side effects; however, it is the gold standard in therapy-resistant schizophrenia (TRS) in adults and is underused. to examine the most recent CLZ data on (a) side effects concerning (b) recent pharmacological mechanisms, (c) therapy benefits, and (d) the particularities of the COVID-19 pandemic. a search was performed in two databases (PubMed and Web of Science) using the specific keywords “clozapine” and “schizophrenia”, “side effects”, “agranulocytosis”, “TRS”, or “bipolar affective disorder (BAF)” for the last ten years. clinical trials on adults with acute symptoms of schizophrenia or related disorders. we selected 37 studies, randomized controlled trials (RCTs), and clinical case series (CCS), centered on six main topics in the search area: (a) CLZ in schizophrenia, (b) CLZ in bipolar disorder, (c) side effects during the clozapine therapy, (d) CLZ in pregnancy, (e) CLZ in early-onset schizophrenia, and (f) CLZ therapy and COVID-19 infection. we considered RCTs and CCS from two databases, limited to the search topics.
33196843 CCs accounted for 1-20 hours/week among 148 respondents. […] They also reported spending considerable time on non-reimbursed CCs from within and outside their institutions.
33219854 Additionally, we compared rates of hospitalization (n = 5178) for chronic coronary syndrome (CCS), acute coronary syndrome (ACS), and out of hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) in 26 hospitals in this area.
33275404 Amid our understanding of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) and the mechanisms involved in the causation of acute-phase coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we have come across clinical cases that have been shown to run a protracted course of COVID-19 with complex clinical findings related to organ systems in general and the CNS in particular that deserve to be addressed in the COVID long-haulers, for which the more clinically-related term chronic COVID syndrome (CCS) has been coined recently. […] An in-depth understanding of the mechanism that forms the basis of CCS and neurological deficits in CCS is needed as this can help in determining the management of cases of neuro-COVID, which is emerging as a less lethal but more disabling disease state. […] This Viewpoint highlights this syndrome, the possible pathogenetic pathways involved, and the treatment approaches that can be taken to help manage COVID long-haulers in CCS.
33283046 A preparatory framework called EASI (Evaluate, Align, Student-centred, Implement and Improve) was developed with the aim of creating awareness about interim options and implementation opportunities for online Clinical and Communication Skills (CCS) learning. […] Using the framework, we were able to generate various types of online CCS learning sessions for implementation in a short period of time due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic. […] In summary, the framework was useful for creating or redesigning CCS sessions which were disrupted during the pandemic, however post-implementation experience suggests the framework can also be used for future solutions in online CCS learning as healthcare systems and delivery are increasingly decentralised and widely distributed.
33336506 1.2%, p = .001), and CCS > II (4.2% vs. […] Multivariable analysis identified age > 80, diabetes, renal failure and CCS > II as independent predictors for mortality.
33496676 The collaborative clinical simulation (CCS) model is a structured method for the development and assessment of clinical competencies through small groups working collaboratively in simulated environments. […] From 2016 onward, the CCS model has been applied successfully among undergraduate and graduate medical students from the Universidad de Talca, Chile; the Universität de Barcelona, Spain; and the Universidad de Vic-Manresa, Spain. […] All the templates for building the clinical cases and the assessment instruments with CCS were printed on paper. […] Considering the large number of CCS sessions and the number of participating students that are required throughout the medical degree curriculum, it is impossible to keep an organized record when the instruments are printed on paper. […] The goal of this study is to describe the design and development of a web platform that was created to strengthen the CCS model. […] The design of the web platform aimed to support each phase of the CCS by incorporating functional requirements (ie, features that the web platform will be able to perform) and nonfunctional requirements (ie, how the web platform should behave) that are needed to run collaborative sessions. […] MOSAICO is applicable within the CCS model and is used frequently in different simulation sessions at the Universidad de Talca, where medical students can work collaboratively via the internet.
33559385 Telemedicine can potentially meet objectives of long-term follow-up care (LTFU) for childhood cancer survivors (CCS) while reducing barriers. […] We surveyed providers at our institution about their satisfaction with video-conference virtual visits (VV) with 81 CCS during COVID-19 restrictions. […] The same 81 CCS (or parent proxies) were surveyed about their experience, of which 47% responded. […] Providers and CCS were highly satisfied with VV (86% and 95% “completely/very satisfied,” respectively). […] CCS rated VV “as/nearly as” helpful as in-person visits (66%) and 82% prefer VV remain an option postpandemic.
33564195 As a result of the pandemic, a computer-based case simulation OSCE (CCS-OSCE) has been designed. […] This work is a descriptive study of the CCS-OSCE from its planning stages in April 2020 to its administration in June 2020. […] The CCS-OSCE evaluated the competences of anamnesis, exploration, clinical judgment, ethical aspects, interprofessional relations, prevention, and health promotion. […] The CCS-OSCE consisted of ten test sections, each of which had a 12-minutes time limit and ranged from six to 21 questions (mean: 1.1 minutes/question). […] The CCS-OSCE used the virtual campus platform of each of the 16 participating medical schools, which had a total of 2,829 students in their sixth year of study. […] The CCS-OSCE made it possible to bring together the various medical schools and carry out interdisciplinary work. […] The CCS-OSCE conducted may be similar to Step 3 of the United States Medical Licensing Examination.