CD163 molecule

Gene Context Sentence

Table 2. Analysis of context sentence of CD163 gene in 8 abstracts.

PMID Gene Context Sentence
32374419 Immunohistochemical staining results showed that an abnormal accumulation of CD4+ helper T lymphocytes and CD163+ M2 macrophages in the lung tissue.
32581017 Morphoproteomic analysis from a case study of this COVID-19 pulmonary infection included immunohistochemical probes to detect phosphorylated p-STAT3 (Tyr 705), as part of the interleukin (IL)-6 pathway; cyclooxygenase (COX)-2, CD8+ cytotoxic lymphocytes, Programmed Death (PD)-1 receptor+ lymphoid cells, CD56+ NK lymphoid cells, CD163+ (M2 polarized monocytes/macrophages), and programmed death-ligand 1 (PD-L1) expression as part of the host response to interaction with the COVID-19 virus. […] Representative sections of the COVID-19 victim’s lung showed: nuclear expression of p-STAT3 (Tyr 705) in many of the alveolar pneumocytes and in occasional endothelial cells; COX-2 expression in the alveolar pneumocytes; a relative paucity of CD8+ cytotoxic lymphocytes; absence of CD56+ NK lymphoid cells; abundance of intra-alveolar and alveolar interstitial CD163+ macrophages/monocytes; PD-L1 expression on occasional macrophages, focally on collections of alveolar pneumocytes, and on cells in the alveolar interstitium; and rare PD-1+ lymphocytes in similar regions as CD8+ lymphocytes.
32639511 Participants with DNMT3A or TET2 CHIP-driver sequence variations displayed increased expression of interleukin 1β (no CHIP-driver sequence variations, 1.6217 normalized Unique Molecular Identifiers [nUMI]; DNMT3A, 5.3956 nUMI; P < .001; TET2, 10.8216 nUMI; P < .001), the interleukin 6 receptor (no CHIP-driver sequence variations, 0.5386 nUMI; DNMT3A, 0.9162 nUMI; P < .001;TET2, 0.5738 nUMI; P < .001), as well as the NLRP3 inflammasome complex (no CHIP-driver sequence variations, 0.4797 nUMI; DNMT3A, 0.9961 nUMI; P < .001; TET2, 1.2189 nUMI; P < .001), plus upregulation of CD163 (no CHIP-driver sequence variations, 0.5239 nUMI; DNMT3A, 1.4722 nUMI; P < .001; TET2, 1.0684 nUMI; P < .001), a cellular receptor capable of mediating infection, macrophage activation syndrome, and other genes involved in cytokine response syndrome.
32681166 Routine H&E staining and immunohistochemical staining for CD163 were performed to detect hemophagocytosis.
33067892 To substantiate the morphological findings, additional slides were stained for CD163 and morphometry was performed.
33221483 A total of 27 lungs formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded samples (10 from H1N1 group, 6 from the COVID-19 group, and 11 from the control group) were analyzed by immunohistochemistry using anti-IL-6, TNF-alfa, CD163, MBL e FCN3 antibodies.
33493287 In Covid-19 patients, monocytes exhibited lower counts affecting all subsets, decreased expression of HLA-DR, and increased expression of CD163, irrespective of severity.
33575887 Gene expression analysis revealed an increased expression of STAT1, CD163, granzyme B, CD8A, MZB1, and PAK1, as well as CXCL9.