ficolin 3

Gene Context Sentence

Table 2. Analysis of context sentence of FCN3 gene in 2 abstracts.

PMID Gene Context Sentence
33221483 A total of 27 lungs formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded samples (10 from H1N1 group, 6 from the COVID-19 group, and 11 from the control group) were analyzed by immunohistochemistry using anti-IL-6, TNF-alfa, CD163, MBL e FCN3 antibodies. […] Increased expression of the FCN3 was observed in the COVID-19 group and H1N1 group compared to the control group.
33429366 Furthermore, a total of 7 correlated differently expressed mRNAs (ACE2, CXCL9, MMP12, IL6, AZU1, FCN3, HYAL1 and IRAK3) and 5 correlated differently expressed microRNAs (miR-125b-5p, miR-9-5p, miR-130b-5p, miR-381-3p and miR-421) were screened.