Gene Context Sentence

Table 2. Analysis of context sentence of RHO gene in 41 abstracts.

PMID Gene Context Sentence
32246845 Interestingly, these transiently differentiating cells show an enrichment for pathways related to RHO GTPase function and viral processes suggesting increased vulnerability for SARS-CoV-2 infection.
32285974 Interestingly, these transiently differentiating cells show an enrichment for pathways related to RHO GTPase function and viral processes suggesting increased vulnerability for SARS-CoV-2 infection.
32560071 The IFR by region was positively associated with SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence (rho = 0.54; p = 0.0162), cases/100,000 (rho = 0.75; p = 0.002), hospitalizations/100,000 (rho = 0.78; p = 0.0001), mortality/100,000 (rho = 0.77; p = 0.0001) and case fatality rate (rho = 0.49; p = 0.0327).
32568724 Participant’s age negatively correlated with the perception of significance of the telemedicine (Spearmans’s rho = -0.23; p <.001).
32582748 Correlations between signs and symptoms with the development of Covid-19 was assessed by Pearson correlation and Spearman Correlation coefficient (rho).
32652475 Titers with the best overall quantitative correlation to the NT titer were obtained with the Euroimmun IgG ELISA assay (Rho=0.759) and the Wantai ELISA assay (Rho=0.729).
32696629 We found univariate regression results were significant for GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita, POD 30/70 (Probability Of Dying Between Age 30 And Exact Age 70 From Any of Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, Diabetes or Chronic Respiratory Disease), HCI (Human Capital Index), GNI(Gross National Income) per capita, life expectancy, medical doctors per 10000 population, as these parameters negatively corelated with CFR (rho = -0.48 to -0.38 , p<0.05).
32698147 Serum thyrotropin (TSH) values were inversely correlated with age of patients (rho -0.27; P < 0.001) and IL-6 (rho -0.41; P < 0.001).
32714873 C-19EIS scores were inversely correlated with the EORTC QLQ-C30 Emotional function subscale (rho -0.69; p < 0.001).
32721449 In some cases, use of rho kinase inhibitor, fasudil was found very effective.
32773928 For projections of infected cases for India, the modified susceptible-exposed-infectious-removed/recovered framework modified for the effect of social distancing (Rho) was used. […] The epidemic curve will peak in the third week of June in India with 17,525,869 and 2,153,200 infected people with reproduction number of 1.8 and Rho of 0.7 and 0.6, respectively. […] Compared with the baseline scenario of no social distancing, for transmissibility with R0 = 1.8, the reduction in infections due to social distancing measure is 78% (Rho = 0.7) and 97% (Rho = 0.6). […] Similarly for R0 = 2.2 and 2.4, the reduction in infected numbers slightly lowers to 62% and 66% with Rho = 0.7 and 92% and 75% with Rho = 0.6, respectively. […] With R0 = 1.8 and Rho = 0.6, the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) bed requirement is 107,660, whereas if transmissibility is high, the ICU bed requirement would increase to 1,994,682.
32776102 The association between incidence rate and mean income by district was estimated with the Spearman rho. […] The lower the mean income, the higher the COVID-19 incidence (Spearman rho = 0.83; P value = 0.003).
32780426 The SPARTAN-HN demonstrated excellent agreement and correlation with expert rankings (Krippendorff alpha, .91 [95% CI, 0.88-0.93]; and rho, 0.81 [95% CI, 0.45-0.95]).
32782059 A Spearman’s rho test confirmed a significant correlation between prosperity, the number of COVID-19 cases, and the number of deaths at the 99% level.
32841626 TVD and PVD were inversely related to D-dimer levels (rho = -0.667, p = 0.05 and rho = -0.733, p = 0.025 respectively), aspartate aminotransferase (AST) (rho = -0.886, p = 0.019 and rho = -0.886, p = 0.019 respectively) and alanine aminotransferase (ALT) (rho = -0.829, p = 0.042 and rho = -0.829, p = 0.042 respectively).
32845720 As with other membrane protrusions, the involvement of Rho GTPases in the formation of these elongated structures is undisputable, although the mechanisms involved are not yet fully elucidated. […] The tight control of Rho GTPase function by Guanine nucleotide Exchange Factors (GEFs) and GTPase Activating Proteins (GAPs) strongly suggests that localized control of these Rho regulators may contribute to TNT assembly and disassembly.
32882666 The overall correlation between levels of both antibody measurements was good (Rho = 0.82; P = 0 < 0.001). […] Very weak (Rho=>0.0-<0.2) or weak (Rho=>0.2-<0.4) correlations were observed between anti-RBD IgGs, NtAb50, and serum levels pro-inflammatory biomarkers.
32910175 Higher NTs had a stronger positive correlation with anti-spike IgG avidity (spearman’s rho=0.386;p&0.001), than with anti-nucleocapsid IgG avidity (spearman’s rho=0.211;p=0.026).
32915763 Strong correlations were identified between the volume of these COVID-19-related search terms (overall mean Spearman’s rho = 0.753 ± 0.158), and per capita mortality (mean per capita deaths Spearman’s rho = 0.690 ± 0.168) and cases (mean per capita cases Spearman’s rho = 0.800 ± 0.112; Figure 8; Table 2&S1).
32922301 TNF alpha can, through Rho-kinase, disintegrate the endothelial and epithelial cytoskeleton, and thus break up intercellular tight junctional proteins, breaching the intercellular barrier, which prevents flooding of the interstitial and alveolar spaces with fluid.
32952502 Analyses were conducted using Spearman’s rho, Mann-Whitney U tests, Mann-Kendal tests, and Augmented Dickey-Fuller tests with follow up Kwiatkowski-Phillips-Schmidt-Shin tests.
32986806 There was a significant correlation between the proportion of staff with symptomatic COVID-19 and resident numbers with confirmed/suspected COVID-19 (Spearman’s rho = 0.81, P < 0.001).
33046113 The reduction in serum IL-6 concentrations correlated with the improvement in organ function, as measured in the decrease of SOFA score (rho = 0.48, p = 0.0003).
33050915 To analyze its influence on the infectivity of SARS-CoV-2, data on UVR, temperature, and humidity were obtained from the months of highest contagiousness to the peak of the pandemic. habitants, rho = - 0.0,666; p = 0.009), but also with COVID-19 severity, assessed as hospital admissions (rho = - 0.626; p = 0.017) and ICU admissions (rho = - 0.565; p = 0.035). […] Besides, temperature (February: rho = - 0.832; p < 0.001 and March: rho = - 0.904; p < 0.001), was the main climatic factor responsible for the infectivity of the coronavirus and directly contributed to a different spread of SARS-CoV-2 across the Spanish regions.
33138164 The co-variation between age and education versus risk and danger by Spearman’s rho confirmed a small negative correlation between education and danger at a 95% level of significance, meaning that educated healthcare workers have less fear to work under dangerous events.
33205374 Data were analysed by Spearman rho correlations and Mann-Whitney U tests.
33226473 Analysis was performed using non-parametric test for group comparison (Mann-Whitney U) and Spearman’s rho correlation.
33230488 The relationship between knowledge, attitude, and practice was measured using Spearman’s rho correlation test. the mean knowledge score of the HCWs was 7.1 on a scale of 0-8.
33263648 The relationship between quantitative and qualitative data was evaluated using Spearman’s rho correlation (p<0.05).
33292536 Nine thousand five hundred ninety-one COVID-19 deaths and 39,076 deaths from all-causes were recorded, with a correlation of 94% (Spearman’s rho, p < 0,01).
33306335 Confirmatory factor analysis resulted in CMIN / DF = 3.540, RMR = 0.043, NFI Delta 1 = 0.928, TLI rho 2 = 0.939, CFI = 0.947, RMSEA = 0.072, SRMR = 0.0368.
33333627 The best correlations were observed with EUROimmun immunoglobulin G (IgG) reactivity (Spearman Rho correlation coefficient 0.88; p < 0.001).
33358207 There was a negative correlation between scores on the Cervantes-SF and RS-14 scales (Rho -0.350; p < 0.0001).
33386439 During-COVID STD scores were significantly correlated with anxiety scores (Spearman’s rho-0.404, p = 0.022) but not correlated with nasal breathing scores.
33394049 Timing of AMU peak occupancy was unrelated to each measure of hospital stress: total medical inpatients (Spearman’s rho, rs=0.04, P = 0.24); number of medical outliers (rs=-0.06, P = 0.05).
33442282 Spearman rho analysis found no correlation between skin rash type, onset day and COVID-19 severity.
33503532 The moderate positive correlation between serum ferritin level and CT severity score is another finding worth noting (rho = 0.530 and p = 0.0001). […] In a similar vein, the high level of D-dimer in the CT-positive group and its positive moderate correlation with CT severity (rho = 0.375 and p = 0.0001).
33543440 Higher ACDS scores (higher cigarette dependence) were significantly associated with higher HONC scores (higher symptoms of dependence) (rho = 0.647; p < 0.001).
33548208 At both admission and discharge, Barthel score correlated with grip strength (rho=0.39-0.66; p<0.01), which negatively correlated with time spent in ICU (rho=-0.57 to -0.49, p<0.05).
33549331 We did not find correlation between IL-6 levels and the GDS scale score (rho=0.204; 95% CI -0.192 to 0.543); with IL-1β levels (rho=-0.126; 95% CI -0.490 to 0.276); nor of TNF-α (rho=-0.033; 95% CI -0.416 to 0.360). 3 patients (11.1%) presented score compatible with depressive disorder.
33593636 Patients with highly suspected or confirmed COVID-19 underwent a lung ultrasonography (lung POCUS), focused cardiac ultrasound (FOCUS), and inferior vena cava (IVC) exam. (rho=-0.527; p=0.017), and expiratory diameter positively correlated with troponin I (rho=0.509; p=.03).