RE1 silencing transcription factor

Gene Context Sentence

Table 2. Analysis of context sentence of REST gene in 423 abstracts.

PMID Gene Context Sentence
32064853 It only took 30 days to expand from Hubei to the rest of Mainland China.
32109279 Except for 3 severe patients, the rest of the 77 patients exhibited mild or moderate symptoms. 9 patients were unconfirmed until a third-time nucleic acid test. 38 cases had a history of chronic diseases.
32109443 Fifty patients were enrolled, including mild type in nine, common in 28, severe in 10 and critically severe in the rest three.
32146694 These 7 cases were younger (median age: 14.0 years; P=0.012) than the rest.
32175637 The case fatality rate was significantly higher in Hubei province than the rest of China.
32204922 A new coronavirus outbreak emerged on the 31st of December 2019 in Wuhan, China, causing commotion among the medical community and the rest of the world.
32217900 Two patients had fever and dry cough, whereas the rest of 3 patients were asymptomatic.
32219006 A total of 80,511 individuals are estimated to be infected in China, among which 49,510 are from Wuhan, 17,679 from Hubei (excluding Wuhan), and the rest 13,322 from other regions of China (excluding Hubei).
32220557 Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 is still active in Wuhan, China, and is spreading to the rest of the world.
32220655 We aimed to estimate the effects of physical distancing measures on the progression of the COVID-19 epidemic, hoping to provide some insights for the rest of the world. […] Restrictions on activities in Wuhan, if maintained until April, would probably help to delay the epidemic peak.
32224550 The threat of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) to health systems in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) can be compared metaphorically to a lake in Africa infested with a bask of crocodiles and the saying: “the eye of the crocodile.” In the lake, only the eyes of the crocodile appear on the surface while the rest of the body is submerged in water.
32232652 Nineteen (76%) of the infected cases were confirmed by SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid test, the rest were clinically diagnosed as suspected Covid-19 cases, and 19 (76%) of the infected cases had positive exposure history.
32237566 The cases of Covid-19 occurred in mainland China and the rest of the world are mentioned. […] Se hace un recuento de los casos ocurridos en China continental y en el resto del mundo y se enfatiza el arduo trabajo que el gobierno de China y otros países están realizando para contener la epidemia.
32238221 A cross section of autocratic nations currently experiencing the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) are reviewed to demonstrate the manner where self-serving regimes fail to manage health crises and place the rest of the world at increasing risk.
32249918 Two had vaginal delivery and the rest took cesarean section.
32253759 Although TCZ treatment ameliorated the increased CRP in all patients rapidly, for the four critically ill patients who received an only single dose of TCZ, three of them (No. 1, 2, and 3) still dead and the CRP level in the rest one patient (No. 7) failed to return to normal range with a clinical outcome of disease aggravation.
32276778 Prioritising food, rest and exercise are important.
32293582 This effect size was also larger than what was observed for the rest of China excluding Hubei provenance (where Wuhan is the capital city) and also held when comparing the number of Weibo posts to the incidence proportion of cases in Hubei province.
32294289 We read with interest the study published by Tang and coll.1 in a recent issue of the Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis. […] The definition of severe COVID-19 was the presence of at least one of following: respiratory rate ≥30 breaths /min; arterial oxygen saturation ≤93% at rest; PaO2/FiO2 ≤300 mmHg.
32298029 Italy and the rest of the world are experiencing an outbreak of a novel beta-coronavirus known as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). […] As initial actions, we recommended that routine screening be suspended and that patients with early and advanced cancer be treated as outpatients as much as possible and at the nearest medical center.
32304192 Various preventive measures were implemented including flight restrictions to certain countries, gradually expanded to suspending all flights and prohibiting the entry of foreign nationals, 14-day isolation and symptom monitoring for those that came from countries under risk. […] Persons with chronic diseases have been granted an administrative leave, on campus education at schools and activities of public rest and entertainment areas were temporarily suspended.
32304737 Since February 20, 2020, the SARS-COV2 infection has spread in Lombardy, and in the rest of the Italian regions, forcing our government to impose a national lockdown.1 Hospitals have been forced to adapt and to restructure their units to cope with this urgent new critical situation.2 Alternative solutions have been found to manage patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), including remote monitoring, drug home delivery, limitations for infusion units, and patient education on measures to prevent infection3 to maintain high-quality care.4.
32307014 Since December 2019, a novel type of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Wuhan led to an outbreak throughout China and the rest of the world.
32308536 Many were surprised at the extreme steps that China had subsequently taken to seal Wuhan from the rest of the world.
32327608 We test modeling options of the spatially explicit type, suggested by the wave of infections spreading from the initial foci to the rest of Italy. […] The model includes the implementation of progressive restrictions after the first case confirmed in Italy (February 21, 2020) and runs until March 25, 2020. […] Results suggest that the sequence of restrictions posed to mobility and human-to-human interactions have reduced transmission by 45% (42 to 49%). […] Averted hospitalizations are measured by running scenarios obtained by selectively relaxing the imposed restrictions and total about 200,000 individuals (as of March 25, 2020).
32328378 The pandemic then fanned out rapidly, involving Italy, Japan, South Korea, Iran, and the rest of the world.
32330352 The rest of the country continued with the regular allocation policy (1).
32334162 The findings of this study will help World Health Organization and health regulators such as Center for Disease Control (CDC) to combat COVID-19 in New York and the rest of the world.
32334207 The death rates based on PIBA were used to predict the daily numbers of deaths since the week of February 25, 2020, in China overall, Hubei province, Wuhan city, and the rest of the country except Hubei province.
32340566 Nonetheless, we as healthcare professionals have taken oaths that we are honouring and will continue to do so, till this virus is put to rest.
32348545 The pseudo-chilblain pattern frequently appears late in the evolution of the COVID-19 disease (59% after other symptoms), while the rest tend to appear with other symptoms of COVID-19.
32349824 In late March, the parliament granted the government emergency powers for swift regulations and restrictions. […] Uusimaa province was isolated from the rest of the country for a fortnight, restaurants were closed, meetings of more than 10 people were forbidden, and schools and universities assumed distant-working modes, as did businesses and civil services where this was feasible.
32354030 The infection spread first in China and then in the rest of the world, and on the 11th of March, the WHO declared that COVID-19 was a pandemic.
32357424 The package outlines the actions that team leaders can take to provide psychologically safe spaces for staff, together with guidance on communication and reducing social stigma, peer and family support, signposting others through psychological first aid (PFA), self-care strategies (e.g., rest, work breaks, sleep, shift work, fatigue, healthy lifestyle behaviours), and managing emotions (e.g., moral injury, coping, guilt, grief, fear, anxiety, depression, preventing burnout and psychological trauma).
32360181 Pharmacy students made 35.3% of the sample while the rest were pharmacists.
32361161 The epidemic is spreading to the rest of the world, posing a grave challenge to prevention and control.
32371231 Important limitations of WBE rest with its inability to identify individuals and to pinpoint their specific locations.
32371466 Clear communication, access to adequate personal protection, adequate rest, and both practical and psychological support were associated with reduced morbidity.
32373996 As of this writing, all plans have failed to contain the novel coronavirus disease, and it has continued to spread to the rest of the world.
32374806 Although levels of symptoms were generally low at the start of the alert, younger individuals with chronic diseases reported more symptoms than the rest of the population. […] Los resultados demuestran que, aunque los niveles de sintomatología han sido bajos en general al principio de la alarma, la población más joven y con enfermedades crónicas ha referido sintomatología más alta que el resto de población. […] Os resultados mostram que, ainda que os níveis de sintomas tenham sido baixos no início do confinamento, os indivíduos mais jovens e com comorbidades referiram mais sintomas que o restante da população.
32379637 This paper reported the findings of an observational, prospective, quasi-experimental study, which totally recruited 72 participants, of which 36 patients underwent respiratory rehabilitation and the rest without any rehabilitation intervention.
32390091 Except for 37 severe or critically ill patients, the rest of the 157 patients exhibited mild or moderate symptoms.
32391410 The data were collected through the Twitter REST API search.
32391664 The 35 cases of moderate type included 3 (8.6%) single lesions, the 22 cases of severe cases included 1 (4.5%) single lesion and the rest cases were with multiple lesions.
32394816 This paper describes the impact of sedentarism on the human body at the level of the muscular, cardiovascular, metabolic, endocrine and nervous systems and is based on evidence from several models of inactivity, including bed rest, unilateral limb suspension, and step-reduction. […] Inactivity also affects glucose homeostasis as just few days of step reduction or bed rest, reduce insulin sensitivity, principally in muscle.
32404225 The country’s “go hard, go early” policy serves as an exemplar for the rest of the world to date.
32404451 No specific therapy is available and supportive care with rest, fluids, and antipyretics for children is the recommended approach.
32405285 The new corona virus disease has started in Wuhan - China at the end of 2019 and quickly spread with a pandemic trend across the rest of the world. […] Based on the most recent scientific literature and strong statements by the most prestigious international health institutions, the Italian Society of Digestive Endoscopy has drawn up some recommendations about the use of personal protective equipment, the correct way of dressing and undressing of endoscopists and nurses, before and after digestive endoscopy procedures.
32405452 We calculated the proportion of COVID-19-suspect patients and compared their demographics, clinical characteristics, and DMT categories with the rest of survey-responders, using univariable and multivariable models.
32407126 On March 26, 2020, the United States reported its first death of an incarcerated patient, in Georgia, and New York City jails reported an infection rate seven times higher than in the rest of the city, a current US epicenter of COVID-19. (Am J Public Health.
32407131 As in the rest of the world, in Chile COVID-19 has affected the national food system-which has been observed but mostly not yet documented. (Am J Public Health.
32407411 Across the country, there was also a significant difference in the disease severity, with Wuhan being the most severe (17.3%), followed by Hubei Province (10.2%), and the rest of China (6.6%). […] The more severe conditions in Wuhan compared to the rest of the country may be attributable to the draconian lockdown.
32410412 Thirty-two patients recovered and were discharged during the study period with a median length of admission of 16 days (range, 9 to 25 days), while the rest remained hospitalized at the end of this study (median, 17.5 days; range, 4 to 27 days).
32412513 The health system in Mexico, as well as in the rest of the world, will face an enormous problem in the months to come.
32419564 The evidence supports that gas exchange and countering the negative effects of bed rest and immobility are priorities in severely affected patients admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU).
32420930 Maybe a bad strategy and lack of timely intervention togheter with concurrent social events, comorbidities of oldest persons, bed rest, inadequate nutritional support and drugs’ side effects and infection of health professionals proved fatal for many.
32420956 Italy, as well as the rest of Europe, has often been affected by these phenomena and, Lombardy, due to his position, was, as today by COVID-19, severely stroked in Italy that is, after China, the second most affected country [3].
32423504 Provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of China have launched first-level response to major public health emergencies one after another from 23 January 2020, which means restricting movement of people among provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. […] The aim of this study was to explore the correlation between the migration scale index and the number of confirmed coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases and to depict the effect of restricting population movement. […] Our findings suggested that people who left Wuhan from 9 January to 22 January, and those who left Hubei province from 10 January to 24 January, led to the outbreak in the rest of China.
32427227 The rest of the microdroplets can transport in the air farther than 3.05 m (10 feet) due to wind convection, causing a potential health risk to nearby people.
32428909 Moreover, trained dedicated COVID-19 teams consisting of physicians were coming from different specialties (intensivists or pneumologists and infectiologists), while respiratory therapists and nurses have been recruited to work on and on without rest.
32439306 In addition, aggressive quarantine measures included the complete isolation of Wuhan and then later Hubei Province and the rest of the country, as well as closure of all schools and nonessential businesses.
32441574 Only one elderly patient developed severe pneumonia, while all the rest were mild disease and had a self-limiting course.
32452804 For a subset of geotagged posts (3.10% of all retrieved posts), we also ran separate predictive models for Hubei province, the epicenter of the initial outbreak, and the rest of mainland China. […] For the subset of geotagged posts, we found that the predictive pattern held true for both Hubei province and the rest of mainland China regardless of the unequal distribution of health care resources and the outbreak timeline.
32455503 It is time to lay straw men to rest and embrace the full range of evidence in the context of the perilous threat the world is now facing.
32460086 We calculated the proportion of COVID-19-suspect patients and compared their demographics, clinical characteristics, and DMT categories with the rest of survey-responders, using univariable and multivariable models.
32461418 Out of 45 patients, 35 (77.77%) were males and the rest were females.
32468890 We hope that these lessons may be helpful to our colleagues in the rest of China and around the world, who are engaged in medical educational reform.
32472898 Since the rest of the airways are affected, and so is the nose and nasopharynx, it seems possible that the lining of the Eustachian tube, middle ear and mastoid air cell system would all be polluted.
32473036 Five centers used surgical mask and the rest used N95 mask. […] Five centers selected isolation gowns and the rest selected protective suits.
32481672 This survey demonstrated that dentists in the COVID-19 highest prevalence area, albeit reported to have more symptoms/signs than the rest of the sample, were the ones who adopted several precautionary measures less frequently and were the more confident of avoiding infection.
32483768 While training restrictions may result in a decrease in some physical and psychological qualities, athletes can return in a positive state following an enforced period of rest and recovery.
32483934 In the spring of 2003, an epidemic of coronavirus pneumonia spread from Guangzhou to Hong Kong and subsequently to the rest of the world.
32490842 The scientific community, citizens, politicians, and mass media are expressing concerns regarding data suggesting that the number of COVID-19-related deaths in Italy is significantly higher than in the rest of the world.
32490972 To identify and classify available information regarding COVID-19 and eye care according to the level of evidence, within four main topics of interest: evidence of the virus in tears and the ocular surface, infection via the conjunctival route, ocular manifestations, and best practice recommendations. […] Seventeen out of 26 records (65%) were categorized as level 5 within the Oxford CBME methodology grading system, the rest were level 4.
32493468 Of the 60 patients who underwent randomization, 20 patients were assigned to receive Interferon beta-1a, 20 patients were assigned to receive Interferon beta 1b plus standard care and the rest of patients were assigned to receive the standard care alone. […] In the interest in expediting dissemination of this material, the familiar formatting has been eliminated; this Letter serves as a summary of the key elements of the full protocol.
32494567 The novel severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) epidemic outbreak emerged in December 2019 from Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China and spread to the rest of the world.
32495916 In December 2019, Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) emerged in Wuhan and rapidly spread throughout China and the rest of the world.
32496249 The test positivity rate in Mumbai is much higher than the rest of India.
32496988 There have been few works regarding detection of the coronavirus but there are many cases where it can be misclassified as some techniques do not provide any goodness if it can only identify type of diseases and ignore the rest.
32497257 Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is a newly identified coronavirus which has spread from China to the rest of the world causing the pandemic coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19).
32497852 His CSF leakage had not resolve spontaneously within 1 week after the injury with strict bed rest.
32507105 Genetic diversity of SARS-CoV-2 collected from China is two times higher than those derived from the rest of the world.
32507536 The rest of them received treatments with the active protocols.
32509960 Background and study aim Outbreak of COVID-19 began in Wuhan in December 2019 and has rapidly spread from China to the rest of the world.
32512089 Rest 67% is distributed among different NSPs (such as Mpro, helicase, and RNA-dependent RNA polymerase) encoding genes across the ORFs, which are involved in virus-cell receptor interactions during viral entry.
32516020 The relationship between meal timing in reference to sunset, utilized as a gross surrogate marker of the activity/rest synchronizer of circadian rhythms, and death rate was negative and even slightly stronger, R = -0.8025 (two-tailed p = 0.0092), with R2 explaining 64% of the variation within the data.
32519406 Initially the patient presented with a transient episode of fever and sore throat but no other symptoms, in particular no cough or dyspnea at rest.
32535302 The impact of non-3 terminal mismatches should not be underestimated, especially in a diagnostic environment (Stadhouders et al., 2010; Whiley and Sloots, 2005). […] We also thank the QIAstat-Dx Barcelona team for their support in their corresponding roles.Conflict of interests: LP, RP, MR, SNR, MJF,DM,MLF and JP are QIAGEN employees.No ethical approval was required to conduct this work. […] Available from: F, Zhao S, Yu B, Chen YM, Wang W, Song ZG, et al. 
32535304 Africa, together with the rest of world have had to swiftly undertake measures necessary to protect the continent from irreversible effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that is claiming lives and destroying livelihoods. […] Closure of borders and movements of people restrictions within the country as measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19; this has resulted in the sector being adversely affected by the loss of income.
32538813 A modified nominal group technique has been used due to the extraordinary restrictions of assembly and mobility during the COVID pandemic. […] The proposal was sent to the rest of the authors, in order to unify criteria and experiences to reach a quick consensus on the relative priority of the different activities, problems and solutions. […] Se ha utilizado una técnica de grupo nominal modificada debido a las restricciones extraordinarias de reunión y movilidad durante la pandemia COVID. […] Se remitió la propuesta al resto de autores, con el fin de unificar criterios y experiencias para llegar a un rápido consenso sobre la importancia relativa de las distintas actividades, problemas y soluciones.
32539273 Second, cardiorespiratory variables (heart rate, peripheral oxygen saturation, end-tidal carbon dioxide tension, and inspired fraction of carbon dioxide) were measured at rest and during moderate exercise.
32539692 COVID-19, which is caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), has spread quickly across China and the rest of the world.
32542131 The disease outbreak started in China in late December 2019 and quickly spread to the rest of the world, resulting in a pandemic.
32546823 The epidemic threatens to overwhelm healthcare systems, and identifying those regions where the disease burden is likely to be high relative to the rest of the country is critical for enabling prudent and effective distribution of emergency medical care and public health resources. […] We identified counties that will probably be consistently, heavily affected relative to the rest of the country across a range of assumptions about transmission patterns, such as the basic reproductive rate, contact patterns and the efficacy of quarantine.
32548651 The transmission dynamics of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) in Wuhan and Hubei Province differ considerably from those in the rest of China. […] Intensive control measures (travel restrictions, isolation of cases, quarantine of contacts and others) led to the control of the outbreak. […] Despite travel restrictions SARS-CoV‑2 was detected in other provinces in the following weeks.
32551776 On one island nation, North Cyprus, that has been politically isolated from the rest of the world due to a very complicated history and political stance, the rapid enforcement of lockdown measures, despite having negative psychological effects, helped interfere with the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve.
32561661 In order to prevent the rapid spread of COVID-19, governments have placed significant restrictions on liberty, including preventing all non-essential travel. […] These restrictions were justified on the basis the health system may be overwhelmed by COVID-19 cases and in order to prevent deaths. […] Governments are now considering how they may de-escalate these restrictions. […] While this discriminates against the elderly, there is a morally relevant difference-the elderly are far more likely to require hospitalisation and die than the rest of the population. […] It suggests that in order for the elderly to avoid contracting the virus, the whole population should have their liberty deprived, even though the same result could be achieved by only restricting the liberty of the elderly. […] Such selective discrimination will be most justified when the liberty restriction to a group promotes the well-being of that group (apart from its wider social benefits).
32565626 Furthermore, based on the size of the dataset, the determined mutation rate is categorized for four different regions: China, Australia, the United States, and the rest of the World.
32566139 In this equation, the role of the Indian pharmaceutical industry will not only be critical to meet the domestic need of over 1.3 billion inhabitants but will equally be important for the rest of the world, including wealthy economies.
32568620 Complete genome sequence analysis, structural and molecular docking results revealed that Remdesivir is having a better binding affinity with -8.2 kcal/mol than the rest of protease inhibitors, and peptide.
32574341 The battle against this epidemic in China has provided valuable experiences for the rest of the world.
32574433 Each met at least one of the following criteria: shortness of breath; respiratory rate (RR) ≥30 breaths/minute; finger pulse oxygen saturation (SpO2) ≤93% at rest; and oxygen index (P/F ratio: PaO2/FiO2 ≤300 mmHg).
32575366 Respiratory safety was evaluated by measuring end-tidal CO2 and oxygen saturation while wearing the masks in rest and during physical exercise.
32575958 The results are not only informative locally but also useful for the rest of the world.
32576232 The infection has moved from China to the rest of the world and Italy represents one of the most affected countries.
32577428 Eight out of 13 subjects had a higher viral load in the early morning than the rest of the 4 time points (before lunch, before teatime at 3 pm, before dinner, before bedtime).
32578820 In Brazil, as in the rest of the world, the number of COVID-19 cases has grown alarmingly, leading to an increase in the number of hospitalizations as well as in mortality from the disease. […] No Brasil, assim como no restante do mundo o número de casos de COVID-19 tem crescido de maneira alarmante levando a um aumento do número de internações assim como da mortalidade pela doença.
32583169 Finally, one patient was deceased and rest discharged.
32586394 Severe pneumonia defined by the presence of at least one of the following criteria: a.Respiratory Rate ≥25 breaths /minb.Arterial oxygen saturation≤93% at rest on ambient airc.PaO2/FiO2 ≤300 mmHg 4. […] In the interest in expediting dissemination of this material, the familiar formatting has been eliminated; this Letter serves as a summary of the key elements of the full protocol.
32587172 Rest of the 33% were given telephonic advice. […] Pivoting teleconsultation platform can provide primary eye care to most of the patients and work as essential forward triage for rest.
32589267 We are mindful not to generalize the United States’ reality to the rest of the world, recognizing that issues discussed in this paper could potentially contribute to international discourse.
32590483 Descriptions of ICU utilization and mechanical ventilation were stratified by admission type (elective surgery, emergent/urgent/trauma surgery, and medical admissions), and by geographic location (New York metropolitan region versus the rest of New York State).
32599633 Few days later, he monitored an increase in his resting heart rate. […] Shortness of breath at rest or gastrointestinal symptoms were absent. […] All patients made full recoveries without signs of organ dysfunction, and with full restitution of physical strength. […] An increase in resting heart rate can occur in the absence of raised temperature or fever.
32600935 Rest homes for the elderly have been particularly hit during the crisis due the current COVID-19 pandemic.
32609284 It is recommended to confirm pregnancy and disease early on, to use technological resources for screening and providing guidance and support to pregnant women. recommendations emphasize isolation, proper rest, sleep, nutrition, hydration, medications, and in the more severe cases, oxygen support, monitoring of vital signs, emotional support, and multiprofessional and individualized care.
32610729 This could have theoretically saved thousands of lives by reducing inequities between Hubei and the rest of China in healthcare capacity for treating COVID-19 patients.
32613133 Based on this scientific evidence, maintaining a regular exercise routine is a key strategy for physical and mental health during a forced rest period like the current coronavirus emergency.
32617314 Rest of the countries need to act urgently as well to bring an immediate halt in the community transmission.
32626719 Background: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) was first identified in Wuhan, China, in December 2019 and quickly spread throughout China and the rest of the world.
32630032 Obesity is a characteristic of COVID-19 patients and the risk of malnutrition can be underestimated due to excess of fat: a paradoxical danger. […] These could be co-caused by COVID-19, prolonged bed rest, the complex medical nutritional therapy, and the starting condition of low-grade inflammation of the obese.
32634321 It is premature, however, to conclude that such work is being retracted at higher rates than the rest of the literature.
32644871 With India’s population of more than 1.3 billion people at a significant population density compared with the rest of the world, the lack of universal access to clean water and overall poor socioeconomic status, all have posed a major challenge to India’s fight against COVID-19.
32649427 Along with the rest of the world, the United States is inundated by the COVID-19 pandemic.
32649650 Education and intervention should lay particular stress on HCWs featured rest at home before return, doctor, lower education and lower title to ensure the safety, accuracy and quality of work after they return to work for a better occupational environment.
32649661 A comprehensive strategy was conducted in PubMed/Medline; Science direct and LILACS from December 2002 to May 2020 without language restriction. […] The Heterogeneity among the included studies was checked with forest plot, χ2 test, I2 test, and the p-values. […] All observational studies reporting rate of ICU admission, the prevalence of mortality and its determinants among ICU admitted patients with coronavirus were included and the rest were excluded.
32654411 Major sources of stress for the workforce include: (a) a threat to the worker’s personal/family health and life (traumatic injury), (b) a loss of colleagues or threat to professional mastery and identity (grief injury), (c) an inner conflict between ones’ values and aspirations and what they are able to accomplish in their work (moral injury), and (d) fatigue, simply feeling worn out by the relentless work and need, without time for rest and recovery (fatigue injury).
32655021 Five of 43 patients (11.6%) died on follow-up and the rest were discharged.
32655733 Five studies were selected from a pool of 12 studies with a total of 854 liver transplant recipients of whom 700 were children and the rest 154 were adults.
32657805 Like the rest of the health care services in Singapore, the practice of ophthalmology has also had to adapt to this rapidly changing crisis.
32659199 COVID-19 is an ongoing viral pandemic that emerged from East Asia and quickly spread to the rest of the world.
32660520 Our systematic review included data from 37 articles: twelve retrospective studies, two prospective studies, and the rest case reports/series.
32665054 Most patients with neurological complications survived (n = 14); a considerable number of patients died (n = 7); and the rest had unclear outcomes (n = 12).
32665726 The COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact across the United States and the rest of the world.
32668058 Bed rest, obesity, hypoxia, coagulopathy, and acute excessive inflammation are potential mechanisms reported by previous studies.
32679362 The pandemic in the Indian subcontinent, compared with the rest of the world, is relatively delayed. […] Of respondents, 46% were practicing restricted outpatient services, more in public institutions (P = 0.22) which also had a higher incidence of tele-outpatient services (26% vs. 
32685692 This community experience in Wuhan provides important lessons for the rest of the world.
32692228 The rest of the 30 patients that received standardized oxygen therapy in our unit were included in the study.
32693067 In modern societies, human rest-activity rhythms and sleep result from the tensions and dynamics between the conflicting poles of external social time (e.g., work hours and leisure activities) and an individual’s internal biological time. […] A mismatch between the two has been suggested to induce ‘social jetlag’ [1] and ‘social sleep restriction’, that is, shifts in sleep timing and differences in sleep duration between work days and free days. […] Social jetlag [2,3] and sleep restrictions [4] have repeatedly been associated with negative consequences on health, mental wellbeing, and performance. […] In a large-scale quasi-experimental design, we investigated the effects of the phase with the most rigorous COVID-19 restrictions on the relationship between social and biological rhythms as well as sleep during a six-week period (mid-March until end of April 2020) in three European societies (Austria, Germany, Switzerland). […] We found that, on one hand, the restrictions reduced the mismatch between external (social) and internal (biological) sleep-wake timing, as indexed by significant reductions in social jetlag and social sleep restriction, with a concomitant increase in sleep duration.
32694221 To construct the model, several parameters were set as fixed using existing evidence and the rest of the parameters were estimated by fitting the model to a smoothed curve of the cumulative confirmed cases in Wuhan from 24 January 2020 to 6 March 2020.
32699916 Thus, winter sport resorts became a starting point for COVID-19 infections spreading towards the rest of the state, Austria and other countries, leading to a mandatory quarantine for almost a million people, who were placed under a curfew and restrictions in daily life.
32701916 During the COVID-19 pandemics, balneotherapic establishments were closed in Italy like in the rest of Europe. […] The Italian Foundation for Research in balneotherapy (FoRST) was asked to prepare a safety protocol to be proposed to the National Health Authorities to allow the establishments to restart their activity when possible, under safe conditions (the so-called Phase-2).
32702272 Compared with the rest of Asia, SARS-CoV-2 exhibited attenuated rates of expansion with limited COVID-19 infection severity along the Tibetan plateau.
32702365 Since February 2020, Italian hospitals registered COVID-19 (COronaVIrus Disease 19) cases more often than the rest of the Europe.
32705962 Among all, a total of 14 compounds were filtered where Carinol, Albanin, Myricetin were had better binding profile than the rest of the compounds with having binding energy of -8.476, -8.036, -8.439 kcal/mol, respectively.
32707538 Wuhan had a much higher mortality rate than the rest of China. […] However, a large number of asymptomatic infections in Wuhan may have never been diagnosed, contributing to an overestimated mortality rate. […] Our study indicates that a large number of infections in Wuhan were not diagnosed, which has resulted in an overestimated case fatality rate. […] Increased awareness of the original infection rate of Wuhan is critical for proper public health measures at all levels, as well as to eliminate panic caused by overestimated mortality rates that may bias health policy actions by the authorities.
32712376 In rest of the patients, the query of the caregiver included unavailability of AED/prescribed commercial brand in the locality, query related to the dose of drugs, proxy for a scheduled routine visit (no active issues), and concern regarding COVID-19 related symptoms and effect of COVID-19 and lockdown in children with epilepsy.
32719281 Covid19 has become a major public health problem in India and the rest of the world.
32723327 Many patients present with a remarkable disconnect in rest between profound hypoxemia yet without proportional signs of respiratory distress (i.e. happy hypoxemia) and rapid deterioration can occur.
32723452 One patient had ground glass opacity only, while the rest four patients mainly had ground glass opacity accompanied by consolidation.
32725271 Healthcare workers (HCW) are overexposed and infection rates are higher than in the rest of the population.
32729312 The majority (87.3%) were from China (45.3%), the rest of Asia (22.0%) and Europe (20.0%), and mostly examined the general population (37.3%), healthcare workers (31.3%) and those with pre-existing mental and physical illnesses (14.7%).
32735524 The latter proved to be way more elevated in the North of Italy -with a peak of 18.4% in region Lombardia and even 31% in the city of Bergamo and surrounding county- than in the rest of the world.
32738843 One patient needed oxygen support while hospital course was uncomplicated in the rest.
32742969 The rest 30 patients were discharged from the medical college hospital after being negative for SARS-CoV-2 in two subsequent assessments and improvement of their COVID-related symptoms.
32745249 These patterns were then applied to the rest of the images and further refined.
32746940 The non-survivors presented lower levels of oximetry saturation (90 vs 97%) at rest and lactate (2.40 vs 1.90 mmol/L) (P < 0.001).
32753985 This study describes the administrative mechanism of joint participation and cooperation during the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan and the rest of the country by health practitioners and administrative authorities.
32758857 COVID-19 suddenly struck Wuhan at the end of 2019 and soon spread to the whole country and the rest of world in 2020.
32766285 This study aims to investigate, factors associated with COVID-19 positivity in hospital for 1,436 UK Biobank participants; compared with individuals who tested negative, and with the untested, presumed negative, rest of the cohort.
32767827 They need to implement stress-reduction strategies for nurses through providing consecutive rest days, rotating allocations of complex patients, arranging support services and being accessible to staff.
32771867 In conclusion, although many variables must be taken into account in the analysis of the pandemic, our observations suggest that obesity may act as effect modifier of smog-induced lung-injury, and the concomitant presence of these two factors could better explain the higher virulence, faster spread and greater mortality of SARS-CoV-2 in Northern Italy compared to the rest of the country.
32773400 A total of 860 images (260 COVID-19 cases, 300 healthy and 300 pneumonia cases) have been employed to investigate the performance of the proposed algorithm, where 70% images of each class are accepted for training, 15% is used for validation, and rest is for testing.
32773471 PLWH with COVID-19 did not differ from the rest of the HIV cohort.
32773749 The novel SARS-CoV-21 pandemic arose in China in the late 20192 and soon after spread in the rest of the world.
32774009 Three of them were covid-19 positive, one was not tested and the rest five were covid-19 negative.
32777170 Baseline characteristics of admitted patients with COVID-19 show that adiposity, diabetes, and hypertension are risk factors for developing severe disease, but so far immunosuppressed patients who are listed as high-risk patients have not been more susceptible to severe COVID-19 than the rest of the population.
32778180 The rest 55% are currently active cases.
32784499 The rest ~14% of clinical efforts are aimed at evaluating vaccines and convalescent plasma-based therapies to mitigate the disease’s symptoms.
32787496 Since severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) spread from the early epicenter, Wuhan, to the rest of China, the virulence of SARS-CoV-2 might have evolved at different phases of the pandemic. […] Wuhan patients had longest (27 days, 18-28), those transmitted by Wuhan patients had intermediate (16 days, 8-23), and the rest of the patients had shortest (13 days, 8.5-22.5) hospital stay.
32787752 Thus, the selected works were those that presented drugs repositioned against the emerging viral diseases presented here by means of computational, high-throughput screening or phenotype-based strategies, with no time limit and of relevant scientific value. 291 papers were selected, 24 of which were CHIKV; 52 for ZIKV; 43 for DENV; 35 for EBOV; 10 for MARV; and 56 for CoV and the rest (72 papers) related to the drugs repurposing and emerging viral diseases.
32794462 There were 6 cases in Dhaka district excluding metropolitan areas and rest of 43 (20%) cases in the 19 other regions. […] Our analysis suggests that relaxed travel restriction could play an important role to spread COVID-19 transmission domestically.
32796792 Infection with the new corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) was first registered in December 2019 in China, and then later spread rapidly to the rest of the world. […] The entrry of the virus into the brain can lead to neurological and psychiatric manifestationss, which are not uncommon, including headache, paresthesia, myalgia, impaired consciousnessm, confusion or delirum and cerebrovascular diseases.
32798345 A simple 6-minute walk test (6MWT) to look for inducible hypoxia for a patient who looks comfortable and is not hypoxic at rest, helps in early detection of hypoxia and initiating early higher-level care.
32799740 Subsequently, the disease spread to more provinces in China, then the rest of the world, and the World Health Organization declared it a pandemic.
32800237 The present article, therefore, describes the SARS-CoV-2 paths of contagion such as drinking water, solid waste, sewer water, ambient air, and the rest of emerging likely paths.
32805023 In this study, we demonstrate that viral coding proteins of SARS-CoV-2 have distinct features and are most, medium and least conserved with SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV, and the rest four mild coronaviruses (HCoV-229E, HCoV-OC43, HCoV-NL63, and HCoV-HKU1), respectively. […] Interestingly, enrichment of overactivation of neutrophil by HRGs is only and commonly found in infections of severe SARS-CoV-2, SARS-CoV, and MERS-CoV but not in the other four mild coronaviruses, and the related gene networks show different patterns.
32806613 The evolution of the COVID-19 epidemy in China is considered for validation purposes, by taking the first part of the dataset of accumulated reported infectious individuals to estimate the related parameters, and retaining the rest of the evolution data for direct comparison with the predicted results.
32809913 The other essential element is a universal payment system that puts the United States at par with the rest of the industrialized countries, regardless of variation among them.
32817988 After the first case of COVID-19 pneumonia was reported in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, in December 2019, the infection quickly spread to the rest of China and then to the wider world.
32819125 Among the 43 COVID-19 patients. including 9 third generation infected cases, 16 (37.2%) were imported, who infected the rest.
32822206 In a narrative review of 96 articles addressing clinician mental health in COVID-19 and prior pandemics, 7 themes emerged: 1) the need for resilience and stress reduction training; 2) providing for clinicians’ basic needs (food, drink, adequate rest, quarantine-appropriate housing, transportation, child care, personal protective equipment); 3) the importance of specialized training for pandemic-induced changes in job roles; 4) recognition and clear communication from leadership; 5) acknowledgment of and strategies for addressing moral injury; 6) the need for peer and social support interventions; and 7) normalization and provision of mental health support programs.
32831319 Since maybe not all COVID-19 neurological manifestations are due to SARS-CoV-2 direct effects, it is important to monitor the rest of the clinical parameters such as, for example, oxygen saturation.
32834380 First, social protection systems are less common in the Pacific than in the rest of the world, meaning the region is not particularly well equipped to deal with the sharp decline in economic activity associated with the disease and standard policy responses (e.g., lockdowns) without plunging a large share of the population into poverty. […] Second, aggressive travel restrictions and effective domestic policy responses have spared many Pacific countries from the worst impacts of COVID-19.
32834629 The disease is presently a major health concern in Ghana and the rest of the world. […] We used forward-backward sweep Runge-Kutta scheme which gave interesting results in the main text, for example, the cost-effectiveness analysis shows that, Strategy 4 (safety measures adopted by the asymptomatic and symptomatic individuals such as practicing proper coughing etiquette by maintaining a distance, covering coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues or clothing and washing of hands after coughing or sneezing) is the most cost-effective strategy among all the six control intervention strategies under consideration.
32834660 Thereafter, the number of active cases has been forecasted for the rest of 2020 to predict the impact of lockdown relaxation on spread of COVID-19 and indicate preparatory measures necessary to counter it.
32835055 The country’s laboratory leading the fight has also introduced some innovative testing methods allowing the country to test a far greater scale per million than the rest of Africa.
32836304 Psychological support is upset by this disease, like the rest. […] Psychological support is disrupted by this disease, as is the rest. […] Adaptation and creation of a clinic requiring to be as close as possible to the patient to allow the psychological restructuring having been disorganized in connection with the disease but also with the hospital and family environment, strongly impacted by anxiety.
32837661 The story of food stockpiling during the COVID-19 pandemic in China is similar with the rest of world.
32838040 The rest of them received treatments with the active protocols.
32838153 Starting from Wuhan (China) where it was firstly reported, it rapidly spread to the rest of the world, causing a pandemic with more than 300,000 deaths to date.
32840841 Only by rendering the rest of humanity morally visible to ourselves can we overcome capitalism and stop treating other people as invisible enemies.
32845013 Like the rest of the world, the Philippines has been greatly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and we argue that a stable and robust NR is needed to bounce back from the challenges and adversities of the crisis.
32848492 Three were articles, 5 short or special communications, and the rest editorials and perspectives.
32850610 Related management departments should further improve the job satisfaction of frontline medical staff by meeting their reasonable demands, strengthening the emergency response and practical operation training of junior staff, and ensuring their ample time for sleep and rest.
32853557 Compared with the rest of the UKCCMP cohort, patients with leukaemia showed a significantly increased case-fatality rate (2·25, 1·13-4·57; p=0·023).
32857824 The lockdown of Wuhan city substantially reduced the α value for the rest of China excluding Hubei province, while only slightly reducing the α value for the city itself. […] City lockdown was efficient in controlling the spread of the epidemic from Wuhan to the rest of the country.
32860395 Not only China, the first country that experienced the health crisis since last December, but the rest of the world, is facing an unprecedented global health crisis, the most serious crisis in a century, with social and economic impact.
32865523 Respiratory physiology at rest and performing intense physical exercise was described, explaining how the use of masks during high-intensity physical exercise affects it in relation to gas exchange.
32866409 Importantly, we identified six modifiable determinants of symptoms of mental health disorders: fear of being infected, inability to rest, inability to care for family, struggling with difficult emotions, regret about the restrictions in visitation policies, and witnessing hasty end-of-life decisions.
32868974 A 51- year old male, with no prior medical history, no medication, and non-smoker arrived at the emergency department with exercise induced dyspnea during 4-5 weeks and for the last 48 h dyspnea at rest. […] Oxygen saturation at rest was 93%.
32874021 Moreover, the findings confirm that traders in Western countries are more responsive to recent information than the rest of the world.
32874861 The hospitalization rates in the northern regions are over 70% lower as compared to the rest of the country (18 vs 66 per 100,000 inhabitants, respectively). […] Differences between the Bible Belt and the rest of the country were hardly detectable. the Dutch have shown a way to effectively slow down transmission while allowing more personal and economic freedom than most other countries.
32874935 Despite predictions that the number of deaths in Africa due to COVID-19 will reach 10 million, overall, the continent has reported relatively few cases compared to the rest of the world.
32876832 Teleworking should be extended to the rest of non-medical radiology department areas. […] • Teleworking should be extended to the rest of non-medical radiology department areas whenever possible.
32879116 The front-line workers should manage work and rest time reasonably to adjust their negative mood and fatigue. […] Thus, front-line staff can be obtained mental intervention or be taken a rest from the high-intensive work.
32900597 Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a disease spreading rapidly in Sudan, the rest of the African continent and the world with no known definitive treatment or vaccines.
32904086 PHC teams must secure systems for patient retrieval and managing equipment and resources including providing for situations where supply chains may fail and staff need rest.
32904414 As one example, amongst the 21,542 documents in Scopus, 47.6% were research articles, 22.4% were letters, and the rest were reviews, editorials, notes and other.
32904733 Morocco and the rest of the world are experiencing a pandemic of a new coronavirus known as COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2).
32907673 It is unclear when the rest of the states in the US will reach the first peak.
32912707 Two studies that disagreed with the rest were included, although after withdrawing them from the MA, smoking was maintained as a risk factor for worse progress.
32918076 Mobility restrictions imposed to suppress transmission of COVID-19 can alter physical activity (PA) and sleep patterns that are important for health and wellbeing. […] We obtained wearable data covering baseline, incremental mobility restriction and lockdown periods from 1824 city-dwelling, working adults aged 21-40 years, incorporating 206,381 nights of sleep and 334,038 days of PA. […] Distinct rest-activity rhythm (RAR) profiles were identified using k-means clustering, indicating participants’ temporal distribution of step counts over the day. […] Resting heart rate declined ~2 bpm. […] In the early aftermath of COVID-19 mobility restriction, physical activity appears to be more severely affected than sleep.
32921332 Although the African continent is, for the moment, less impacted than the rest of the world, it still faces the risk of a spread of COVID-19. […] Difficulties in access to diagnostic tests, lack of hospital equipment, but also the large number of people working in the informal sector (such as trading, businesses, transport and restoration) makes it difficult to apply preventive measures, namely physical distancing and containment.
32921865 The data was considered up to two different dates to study the climatic effect (10th May in the first study and then updated up to 16th of July in the next study when the rest of the data was available).
32922409 Patients with evidence of progressive disease after 24 h including an oxygen saturation <93% at rest in ambient air were included at the University Hospital Basel, Switzerland in April 2020.
32926883 A discrete event simulation was used to explore the impact of different permutations of staff roster, including the number of shifts per day, the number of staff on duty per shift, overall number of staff accessible to work in the laboratory (i.e. overall staff pool), the frequency of shift changes (i.e. number of consecutive days worked), fixed work-rest days and split team arrangement on workplace transmission of COVID-19 by a simulated index staff who acquired the infection from the community over 21 days. […] Having fixed work-rest arrangement did not significantly reduce the transmission rate unless the workplace outbreak was prolonged.
32929400 Out of this 2 were corona positive (both eventually succumbed) and rest 74 was corona negative.
32930863 Although the World Health Organization recently reported that pregnant patients do not have a higher risk of infection than the rest of the population, Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists and The Royal College of Midwives for COVID-19 infection in pregnancy published Guidelines for pregnant women with suspected SARS-CoV-2 infection.Considerations about patients with rheumatic diseases on the immunosuppressive treatment required European League Against Rheumatism, American College of Rheumatology, British Society for Rheumatology, and Australian Rheumatology Association to publish recommendations for patients with rheumatic diseases and COVID-19.
32934172 A clinical phenotype characterized by older age, a higher burden of comorbidities, and severe COVID-19 respiratory symptoms, was associated with the highest in-hospital mortality (58.6%) and a 3x higher risk of death than the rest of the cohort (OR 3.52, 95%CI 1.53-8.09, P=0.003).
32935498 82.4% in rest of Europe).
32943078 Mali, like the rest of the world, has seen a rapid spread of COVID-19 since the first report of imported cases.
32958973 Utilizing web scraping techniques to extract data from different online sources to determine the probable transmission rate in Tamilnadu from the rest of the Indian states.
32963059 Random forest (RF) model was developed on randomly drawn 70% of the cohort (training set) and its performance was evaluated on the rest of 30% (the test set).
32963773 Moreover, restaurants were allowed to serve the only takeout. […] Seventy-three female patients (09.54%) and138 males (20.65%) sustain their weight during and two months after the outbreak, while the rest (n = 554, 72.41%) gained different amounts of weight.
32963831 Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SAR2-COV-2) and was first identified in Wuhan, China, in December of 2019, but quickly spread to the rest of the world, causing a pandemic.
32968181 We perform statistical analyses averaging on different level of human interaction across Europe and with the rest of the World.
32973089 Across the three populations, though, we find that targeted “salutary sheltering” by 50% of a single age group may substantially curtail transmission when combined with the adoption of physical distancing measures by the rest of the population.
32973631 Amongst the enacted restrictions, all non-essential activities were prohibited as well as all outdoor activities banned. […] Through an adequate fit of the hypothesized model and a multi-group analysis, we compared the most COVID-19 hit Italian region - Lombardy - to the rest of Italy, finding that anxiety was significantly higher in the Lombardy region than the rest of the country. […] Giving the potential deleterious effects of physical inactivity due to personal restrictions, these data may increase preparedness of public health measures and attractiveness of recommendations, including on the beneficial effects of exercise, under circumstances of social distancing to control an outbreak of a novel infectious disease.
32980228 All three cases (ages 11 months, 2 years, and 9 years old) presented with non-specific upper-respiratory-tract symptoms that developed into a barky cough with associated stridor at rest and respiratory distress. […] All had a prolonged period of time from ED presentation until the resolution of their stridor at rest (13, 19, and 21 h).
32982532 The emotional exhaustion level of 18-23-year-old physicians was lower than the rest of the physicians.
32983915 In contrast, the rest forty percent of countries (N = 25) still had a rising trend.
32983949 The end of the year 2019 was marked by novel coronavirus (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2, SARS-CoV-2) outbreak in China that rapidly spread to the rest of the world.
32990244 We analyze the economic impact and the future relationship we can expect with the rest of the medical industry.
32991237 Nigeria and other sub-Sahara Africa countries like the rest of the world introduced several lockdown measures as part of their public health response to mitigate the spread of the virus.
32995557 From March 2020 onwards, the importation of cases from countries in the rest of the world followed by seeding of local transmission triggered further outbreaks in India.
33001410 Here we review mechanisms of sarcopenia and their relation to the current data on the effects of COVID-19 confinement on physical activity, dietary habits, sleep, and stress as well as extended bed rest due to COVID-19 hospitalization.
33007400 The disease rapidly spread to the rest of China, to Southern-East Asia, then to Europe, America, and on to the rest of the world.
33009735 Epidemiological investigations found that COVID-19 fatality rates in Wuhan, rest parts of Hubei province except Wuhan (Rest of Hubei) and rest parts of Mainland China except Hubei province (Rest of China) were different. […] Infected cases from Mainland China were divided into three populations: Wuhan, Rest of Hubei and Rest of China. […] Total confirmed cases, daily severe cases, total deaths from February 12 to April 20 were collected for statistical analysis. 50,333 total confirmed cases in Wuhan made up the most substantial part by comparison with 17,795 in Rest of Hubei and 14,630 in Rest of China, respectively. […] Total deaths in Wuhan constituted the most significant proportion, with the highest 3869 in contrast to 643 in Rest of Hubei and 120 in Rest of China. […] The fatality rates in Wuhan ranged from 2.82% to 7.69%, much higher than 1.80-3.61% in Rest of Hubei, and 0.49-0.88% in Rest of China.
33010961 At the end of the study, fourteen patients were successfully decannulated, three patients died, and the rest of the patients were still on ECMO.
33019856 Eighty-eight percent (N=14 of 16) of tested asymptomatic patients in building zero were positive, compared with 12% (N=6 of 51) of randomly selected asymptomatic patients in a sample from the rest of the hospital.
33022331 Pressure data shows the isolation space maintained an average (standard deviation) hourly value of -2.3 Pa (0.12 Pa) pressure differential between it and the external hallway connected to the rest of the facility.
33023616 Data confirmed that in the North part of Italy the rate of patients referred is higher than in the rest of Italy.
33029562 The objective of the present study is to analyze research on population surveillance, identifying the main topics of interest for investigators in the area. […] The rest of the clusters addressed “Neoplasms,” “HIV,” “Pregnancy,” “Substance Abuse/Obesity,” and “Tuberculosis.”
33031955 This multicentre study project includes a single-arm phase 2 study and a further parallel cohort, enrolling hospitalized patients with COVID-19 pneumonia and oxygen saturation at rest in ambient air ≤93% or requiring respiratory support.
33035253 An excess of 84.2% (73.8% to 93.4%) was also estimated at the same time for males in the city of Pesaro (Central Italy), in stark contrast with the rest of the region, which does not show evidence of excess deaths.
33035564 Beekeepers comorbidity correlated with problems with breathing at rest, fever, and diarrhea.
33037070 Our objective was to compare testing for, diagnosis of and death after severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection across 3 settings (residents of long-term care homes, people living in shelters and the rest of the population). […] Cumulatively, compared with the rest of the population, the diagnosed cases per capita was 64-fold and 19-fold higher among long-term care home and shelter residents, respectively. […] By May 20, 2020, 76.3% (21 617/28 316) of long-term care home residents and 2.2% (150 077/6 808 890) of the rest of the population had been tested. […] After adjusting for age and sex, residents of long-term care homes were 2.4 (95% confidence interval [CI] 2.2-2.7) times more likely to test positive, and those who received a diagnosis of COVID-19 were 1.4-fold (95% CI 1.1-1.8) more likely to die than the rest of the population. […] Long-term care homes and shelters had disproportionate diagnosed cases per capita, and residents of long-term care homes diagnosed with COVID-19 had higher case fatality than the rest of the population.
33041543 Approximately 80% of the infected patients are largely asymptomatic or have mild symptoms such as fever or cough, while rest of the patients display varying degrees of severity of symptoms, with an average mortality rate of 3-4%.
33041811 Patients with antecedents of allergic diseases were about ten years younger (P = 0.003) and had fewer comorbidities (P = 0.026) than the rest of the patients.
33043172 The PROPER SMS fabric is designed for single-use and not intended for reuse, as they may start to tear and fail but the rest of the parts can be disinfected and reused.
33047790 Overall, despite similar rates of testing, there was a significantly lower incidence in the Eastern Mediterranean Region versus the rest of the world, in addition to a lower mortality per million-population, particularly in countries with low to moderate testing rates. […] The overall testing frequency was similar in the Eastern Mediterranean Region compared to the rest of the world; this would be expected to lead to a similar cumulative incidence and case fatality rate. […] Nevertheless, the average incidence was 70% lower than the rest of the world, and mortality per million-population was lower (90%).
33050800 The COVID-19 pandemic as a public health issue has spread to the rest of the world.
33052292 Therefore, a major proportion of the participants (96.2%, n=200) felt that the hospitals should provide a place for them to rest and temporarily isolate themselves to avoid coming into contact with their family members.
33053817 Patients with chilblain-like lesions exhibited a characteristic histology and were significantly younger and presented lower rates of systemic symptoms, radiological lung infiltrates and analytical abnormalities, and hospital and ICU admission compared to the rest of patients.
33055034 Once all the imaging evidence is incorporated into the model, additional information can be incorporated by interactively defining the rules that spatially characterize the rest of the biological entity, such as mutual interactions among macromolecules, and their distances and orientations relative to other structures.
33064679 This high infection rate resulted in the spread of the virus in China, Europe, and, eventually, the rest of the world, including Mexico.
33066459 The rest required additional treatment, usually corticosteroids, with the exception of two patients who were treated with TNF inhibition and IL-1 blockade, respectively.
33069203 Nurses engaged in the treatment of the most serious patients with Covid-19 are subjected to very high levels of stress due to the nature of the nursing job, shifting, poor rest, anxiety due to health emergency period and weight gain.
33071647 In particular, the popularity of TTM programmes, combined with a focus on high-level professional responsibilities, means that future decision-making for and about tourism may increasingly rest with the graduates that emerge from these programmes.
33071794 Current recommendations for the self-management of SARS-Cov-2 disease (COVID-19) include self-isolation, rest, hydration, and the use of NSAID in case of high fever only. […] To provide a benefits/risks assessment of selected herbal medicines traditionally indicated for “respiratory diseases” within the current frame of the COVID-19 pandemic as an adjuvant treatment. . ), and unknown for the rest.
33078008 Participants were monitored daily at home, by measuring the pulse oximetry (SpO2) at rest and after a rapid walking test. […] Patients with SpO2 values below 90% (86% if affected by chronic pulmonary diseases) at rest or with a decrease in SpO2 of five percentage points after a rapid walking test were recommended for hospital care. […] However, the study showed the feasibility of such a program, and raised some elements of interest regarding hospital territory integration, the need to develop tools to support home care and the variability of the clinical manifestations of the CoViD-19 disease.
33079852 Descriptions of ICU utilization and mechanical ventilation were stratified by admission type (elective surgery, emergent/urgent/trauma surgery, and medical admissions) and by geographic location (New York metropolitan region versus the rest of New York State).
33081917 On top of traditional VTE risk factors encountered during COVID-19 such as prolonged bed rest, hypoxemia and intravascular material, main features of patients with severe forms (old age, obesity) explain in part the VTE frequency.
33082605 This report identifies industries that are closely linked with the rest of the economy through supply chains; stopping production in these industries would have a significant impact on the overall economy.
33083187 Google Trends™ can be used to depict the public interest over a certain topic. […] Results A positive fair correlation was established between the global interest in telehealth and the new cases (ρ=0.307, p-value<0.001) and deaths (ρ=0.469, p-value<0.001) reported worldwide. […] The United States of America (USA), India, and Bangladesh were found to have a positive fair correlation between the public interest regarding telehealth and the emerging new COVID-19 cases and deaths. […] No significant correlation was observed for the rest of the selected countries. […] Conclusion This study highlights the steadily rising public interest in telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic.
33083317 One study was clinical trial and the rest were cohort.
33090328 Therefore, this work aims to combine more than one symptom (rest tremor and voice degradation) by collecting data remotely using smartphones and detect PD with the help of a cloud-based machine learning system for telemonitoring the PD patients in the developing countries. […] This proposed system receives rest tremor and vowel phonation data acquired by smartphones with built-in accelerometer and voice recorder sensors. […] In both cases, k-nearest neighbors (kNN) gave the highest accuracy over support vector machine (SVM) and naive Bayes (NB).
33091568 The overall magnitude of these COVID-related changes were modest but persistent across the rest of the semester and different from patterns observed in a prior year.
33094256 In this article we discuss how best to achieve this and suggest a number of key principles, including the following: involvement of staff affected by the rota; taking into account individual circumstances; building in flexibility and adequate time for rest; and designing rotas for different grades of staff together to create stable teams.
33095454 Moreover, 11 in-frame deletions, mostly (n = 10) within the highly flexible linker region, were revealed, and the rest was within the NTD region.
33098713 We estimated the adjusted risk of hospitalization for COVID-19 for patients treated with the above-mentioned categories of medications, compared to the rest of the population.
33106726 We conclude that differences in demographic and geographic characteristics help understand the relatively low progression of the pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa as well as the gap in the number of active cases between this region and the rest of the World.
33106766 Since COVID-19 pandemic has remarkably raised mental health concerns, one of the high risks and possibly neglected groups includes individuals undergoing mental health rehabilitation, the impact on which can be significant as compared to the rest of the population. […] The main goal of this paper is to raise awareness of the importance, often underestimated, of mental health rehabilitation centers, on which one should invest for the both future of psychological and psychiatric rehabilitation and the current crisis as well.
33108386 Our results showed that the number of infections in most cities in China would peak between mid February to early March 2020, with about 0.8%, less than 0.1% and less than 0.01% of the population eventually infected in Wuhan, Hubei Province and the rest of China, respectively.
33115912 During the early months of 2020, in addition to the environmental crisis, COVID-19 escalated to a pandemic resulting in the alteration of working practices across the UK (and the rest of the world).
33117535 At discharge (T0) and on Day 15 (T1), participants completed the St George’s Respiratory Questionnaire (SGRQ), the modified Medical Research Council (mMRC) scale of dyspnoea during daily activity, the BORG scale for dyspnoea during exertion, and Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) for dyspnoea at rest. […] During 15 days after hospital discharge, patients reported significant improvements in HRQoL and dyspnoea at rest and during daily activities.
33118021 Nigeria and much of the rest of the world blindly adopted treatments like chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine and various prevention strategies, often without monitoring the efficacy of these treatment and social control strategies.
33118506 Inaccurate cognition of COVID-19 outbreak was positive correlated with the occurrence of anxiety and depression.Unmarried individuals and those with higher educational levels had better cognition of COVID-19 outbreak.Among the healthcare professionals, multivariate logistic regressions suggested that insufficient rest time and worries about contracting the virus contributed to the occurrence of anxiety and depression.Among the nursing staff, the OR of obvious depression was 2.99(1.45, 6.18). […] Psychological interventions are essential for both the general population and healthcare professionals, especially for unmarried individuals in the general population and the nursing staff.An excessive exposure to COVID-19-related information may have detrimental effects on the mental health.For healthcare professionals, sufficient rest needs to be ensured, and education programs on COVID-19 should be implemented among both residents and healthcare professionals to improve their mental health.
33119535 We identified 13 discussion topics and categorized them into 5 different themes: (1) public health measures to slow the spread of COVID-19, (2) social stigma associated with COVID-19, (3) COVID-19 news, cases, and deaths, (4) COVID-19 in the United States, and (5) COVID-19 in the rest of the world.
33119568 The vast majority of this testing (96%) would be of symptomatic cases in primary care settings and the rest in hospitals.
33119720 This makes our results not generalizable to the rest of the country.
33132568 One of them was non-COVID patient and rest three were COVID patients.
33133232 However, the rest of the world (except for a limited number of countries and regions) is still in deep water.
33140308 Single compartments were involved in the rest, with intraparenchymal hemorrhage (IPH) being the most common variety (62.6%) and intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH) the least common (1.4%).
33148469 Takotsubo cardiomyopathy or takotsubo syndrome (TTS) has become a well-known disease not only in Japan but also in the rest of the world.
33156333 Here, we report the status of InterPro (version 81.0) in its 20th year of operation, and its associated software, including updates to database content, the release of a new website and REST API, and performance improvements in InterProScan.
33160999 Rest data, recorded every Saturday, served as a control. […] There was a significant increase in the cardiovascular response in all endodontists in the clinic registrations compared with rest data (P < .05).
33163000 Although the demand for a vaccine far surpasses the production capacity, it will be beneficial to have a limited number of vaccines available for the more vulnerable population by the end of 2020 and for the rest of the global population by the end of 2021.
33165273 The infant was treated with conservative therapy, including resuscitation, bowel rest and intravenous antibiotics, successfully avoiding surgical intervention.
33170754 In the rest of the patients, the query of the caregiver included concern regarding COVID-19-related symptoms.
33172022 Physical activity was not related to the rest of the studied variables, but there were correlations between the other variables.
33172732 The response rate was 557, with 37.5% reporting working with the fear of becoming infected and its consequences, 28.2% reported elevated workloads, high patient-nurse ratios and shifts that did not allow them to disconnect or rest, while taking on more responsibilities when managing patients with COVID-19 (23.9%).
33173010 The emergence of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in Wuhan, China, in late 2019 and its subsequent spread to the rest of the world has created a pandemic situation unprecedented in modern history.
33175915 In February 2020, the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) was raging in Wuhan, China and quickly spreading to the rest of the world.
33193965 The new coronavirus 2019 epidemic declared in China on December 31, 2019 soon spread to the rest of the world, becoming the subject of an unprecedented health pandemic according to the World Health Organization’s declaration of March 11, 2020.
33194438 Brazilian data from 2016 are used to build a network with more than five thousand cities (nodes) and twenty-seven states with the edges representing the weekly flow of people between cities via terrestrial transports. […] Removing a node means completely restricting the mobility of people between the referred city/state and the rest of the network. […] Results reveal that random failures do not cause a high impact on mobility restraint, but the coordinated isolation of specific cities with targeted attacks is crucial to detach entire network areas and thus prevent spreading.
33195415 Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) was first detected in patients with pneumonia in December 2019 in China and it spread rapidly to the rest of the world becoming a global pandemic.
33198707 These results, based on contact structure data from Shanghai, suggest that schools can reopen with proper precautions during conditions of extreme contact reduction and during conditions of reasonable levels of reopening in the rest of the community.
33198754 This paper provides the study design and the operational plan for malaria elimination in a high-burden district of Central India, which presented difficulties of hard to reach areas, forest malaria, and complex epidemiology of urban and rural malaria. […] The lessons learned could be used for malaria elimination efforts in rest of the country and other parts of South Asia with comparable demography and epidemiology.
33200035 Like rest of the world, the South Asian region is facing enormous challenges with the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. […] Based on the data from March 21 to June 26, 2020, it appeared lockdown program along with other control measures were not as effective to arrest the exponential growth of fortnightly COVID-19 cases in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan.
33200304 Half of them had complex underlying medical conditions, and the rest were mostly infants (3/4).
33205546 Of a total of 15 500 children tested, 11 subjects with T1D (age 8-17y) tested positive for COVID-19; 6/11 were asymptomatic and the rest presented with mild symptoms. […] In the rest of locations, youths with T1D diagnosed with COVID-19 were based on clinical suspicion and a confirmatory PCR test (Wuhan:0; Catalonia-HSJD:3; California-Stanford:2).
33209171 While Africa has long seemed paradoxically partly spared from the COVID-19 epidemic that is engulfing the rest of the planet, we are witnessing an upward surge in the dynamics of the epidemic across the continent.
33219569 Nursing administration is recommended to monitor for fatigue and distress on nursing units, re-visit current scheduling practices, reinforce rest breaks and provide access to mental health and sleep wellness resources with additional support for their front-line nursing groups.
33225396 Of four patients with hematological malignancy who developed COVID-19 within the rest period of chemotherapy, three died and the other patient, who received bendamustine plus rituximab therapy, had the longest duration of viral shedding (56 days).
33227061 Physicians and the rest of the health-care personnel have been put through unprecedented levels of demand, within a field of uncertainty, from an evolving and insufficient understanding of the pathophysiology of the viral process, the unclear benefit of face coverings used by the general public, numerous pharmacological candidates, insufficient personal protection equipment, and the highly expected vaccine. […] The charge was to develop a program to address the needs and prevent burn out in physicians and the rest of healthcare personal.
33227074 The health systems in half of the countries in the Americas and the rest of the world have faced the pandemic positioned from different perspectives.
33231044 Of them, 62.9 % were staff physicians, and the rest, residents; 42.2 % worked in areas designated for direct care of COVID-19 patients.
33231064 Yet, pediatricians and the rest of the health care team face the dilemma of keeping the commitment and responsibilities towards the patients or withstanding the uncertainties arising versus the possibilities of getting infected and spreading it to their beloved ones.
33232769 The present study reports that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein alone without the rest of the viral components is sufficient to elicit cell signaling in lung vascular cells.
33235835 The rest of them have started to take the virtual route of teaching through webinars, virtual rounds, and providing access to online journals to continue their teaching.
33243565 Radiographers experienced fatigue and appreciated the longer rest days associated with the 12-h shift.
33245702 The first case of COVID-19 was described in Wuhan, China in December, 2019 and within a short time the infection had spread quickly to the rest of China and then the world.
33247643 Among them 33(44%) were frontline workers and rest of them 42 (56%) were non-frontline workers.
33248799 There were no statistically significant differences in terms of clinical characteristics between patients with COVID-19 and the rest of the unit.
33251092 Just before lockdown, there was not a significant exodus of people from the North to the rest of the country, instead, relocation of people between cities and their urban belts, but not towards remote areas.
33254571 I herein propose the viral protein fragment theory of COVID-19 pathogenesis based on my observations in cultured human vascular cells that SARS-CoV-2 spike protein can activate cell signaling events without the rest of the viral components. […] I hypothesize that, as humans are infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus releases (a) fragment(s) of the spike protein that can target host cells for eliciting cell signaling without the rest of the viral components.
33255233 This review remarks the need to: (1) determine which potential pharmacological interventions have a negative impact on muscle quality and quantity; (2) define a feasible and reliable pharmacological protocol to achieve a balance between desired and undesired medication effects in the treatment of this novel disease; (3) implement practical strategies to reduce muscle weakness during bed rest hospitalization and (4) develop a specific, early and safe protocol-based care of functional interventions for older adults affected by COVID-19 during and after hospitalization.
33262241 Although the COVID-19 pandemic is caused by a single virus, the rest of the human microbiome appears to be involved in the disease and could influence vaccine responses while offering opportunities for microbiome-directed therapeutics.
33262799 During hospital admission, 21 (16.5%) patients died, while the rest (83.5%) were discharged and followed-up until March 26, 2020.
33270755 At the full-text review stage, 25% of the potentially eligible studies were reviewed in full by two review authors; the rest were reviewed by one review author.
33273946 COVID-19 was spread rapidly from Wuhan to the rest of the world.
33276902 Sunday, day of rest in a pavilion of Seine-Saint-Denis in this so particular period of confinement because of the coronavirus disease 2019.
33278747 We have previously hypothesized that pentoxifylline could be beneficial for the treatment of COVID-19 given its potential to restore the immune response equilibrium, reduce the impact of the disease on the endothelium and alveolar epithelial cells, and improve the circulatory function.Serum lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) and lymphocyte count are accessible biomarkers that correlate with the severity of COVID-19, the need for hospitalization, and mortality, reflecting the host immune response’s contribution to the seriousness of SARS-CoV-2 infection. […] Twenty-six patients were randomized to receive 400 mg of pentoxifylline t.i.d. plus standard therapy (pentoxifylline group), while the rest received the standard treatment (control group).
33282284 The novel coronavirus called “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2” (SARS-CoV-2) caused an outbreak in December 2019, starting from the Chinese city of Wuhan, in the Hubei province, and rapidly spreading to the rest of the world.
33290402 One of the papers from LMICs originated from Africa (Madagascar) with the rest from Asia 9 (China 5, Bangladesh 2, Thailand 2); South America 5 (Mexico 3, Peru 2) and Europe 2 (Serbia and Romania).
33290529 In addition to their elevated health risks, people with IDD, like the rest of the population, are struggling with boredom, isolation, and loneliness as they shelter in place.
33290730 Before the most recent ACP discussion, 361 residents were full code status and the rest were Out of Hospital Do Not Resuscitate (DNR).
33291765 Note that 58% of participants reported positive effects of the pandemic, the most common of which were rest, working from home, and feeling more socially connected. […] In summary, 10 weeks after the start of the crisis, and 5 weeks after relaxation of the restrictions, most people remained stable during the crisis, and were even able to report positive effects.
33292336 However, the rest of the world (except for a limited number of countries and regions) is still in deep water.
33299466 On the other hand, the results obtained for the rest of the data demonstrate that the three prediction models achieve high values for the determination coefficient, whereas they yielded to different average absolute relative errors.
33304701 The CALL score and proposed factors of RAS model, namely respiratory rate, oxygen saturation at rest, alveolar arterial gradient and minimal exercise desaturation test, were calculated on the day of admission. […] However, respiratory rate of more than 30 breaths/minute (b/m) (HR: 3.03, 95%CI: 1.77-5.19), resting oxygen saturation of less than 90% (HR: 2.41, 95%CI: 1.15-5.06), and an elevated alveolar-arterial oxygen gradient (HR: 2.14, 95%CI: 1.04-4.39) were considered statistically significant high-risk predictors of disease progression and death, in the formed RAS model.
33306333 COVID-19 related studies have been performed by a wide variety of research groups in Turkey as well as the rest of the World.
33308264 Here, we retrospectively analyzed 24 HNC patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors in our cancer institute prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 who were re-evaluated after the restoration of regular medical care. […] Among the rest five patients who had achieved SD, four patients were re-evaluated as progressive disease (PD) due to treatment delay and one patient died after treatment interruption without re-evaluation.
33308385 Except the first two cases (American tourists), the rest were Bhutanese living outside the country.
33312066 Our results confirmed that pharmacogenomics profile of African population is different from the rest of the world.
33318722 The study defines and promotes the concept of government frugal innovation (GFI) and provides valuable insights and tools to help governments navigate and effectively respond to this crisis, encouraging the rest of the world to learn from Kerala’s experience.
33318806 Thus, veno-venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (VV-ECMO) treatment was initiated to allow the lungs to rest. […] The combination of ECMO with lung rest strategy could be a treatment option for intractable pneumothorax with COVID-19 to avoid unnecessary surgical procedures and aerosol generation.
33319165 We present a formal analysis of the macroeconomic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S., China and the rest of the world.
33321015 The patient group with the “high lipase level” was created from these subjects, and the rest constituted the “control” group.
33323340 Epilepsy research in the Philippines is low in quantity compared with the rest of Southeast Asia (SEA).
33323376 This study provides an overview of how high income countries have secured future supplies of covid-19 vaccines but that access for the rest of the world is uncertain.
33324530 The provision of trauma care has been substandard in England and Wales prior to the implementation of an inclusive major trauma network system in London in 2010 and subsequently across the rest of England two years later.
33329895 The disease has spread rapidly throughout China and the rest of the world.
33331498 A lack of rest time was the main risk factor for insomnia (OR = 3.1, 95%CI 2.6-3.7, p ≤ 0.0001).
33333913 Healthcare organisations are urged to mobilise access to high-quality rest spaces and psychological first aid, but this should be localised and diversified.
33337596 Health care workers identified personal and family safety, appreciation, and the provision of personal protective equipment and adequate rest as primary concerns.
33338067 A final sample was made of 406 people, including 10 persons from government quarantine facilities, 57 persons under self-isolation at private places, and the rest were the general population.
33345895 In this study we show that an unusual persistent anticyclonic situation prevailing in southwestern Europe during February 2020 (i.e. anomalously strong positive phase of the North Atlantic and Arctic Oscillations) could have resulted in favorable conditions, e.g., in terms of air temperature and humidity among other factors, in Italy and Spain for a quicker spread of the virus compared with the rest of the European countries. […] Interestingly, the atmospheric conditions during the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918 seem to have resembled at some stage with the current COVID-19 pandemic.
33350028 The transmissibility of the disease is of great interest to healthcare workers and scientists alike. […] At the time of pressure injury, 5 patients still tested positive by pharyngeal swabs, the rest of the 17 patients tested negative.
33351538 We constructed a focused literature review of the impact of various masks on pulmonary function at rest and with exercise. […] While there is a paucity of evidence, we identified the physiological effects of masking at rest and during exercise to be negligible.
33351830 Timely improvement to medical staff’s working conditions such as allowing adequate rest and providing sufficient medical protection is extremely important.
33354001 It was observed that only 7% had high, 9% as moderate and rest, 84% had low viral load based on Ct values of real-time RT-PCR. […] If cases with higher viral load are selectively isolated on detection from the rest of the community along with contact tracing of all individuals, who came in contact with them during the previous 5 days, the quantum of transmission will reduce subsequently.
33357618 In the absence of a vaccine or a specific therapy, detecting the disease at an early stage and isolating confirmed cases from the rest of the healthy population was soon considered to be essential.
33369296 Due to rapid worsening in the restrictions enforced in Israel, the spring 2020 oral board exams were cancelled. […] The examination team prepared the new summer exams period under the assumption that heavy restrictions will still be implemented. […] Indeed, COVID-19 was still around and the restrictions were still enforced. […] This contrasts with the rest of the world, in which most residency exams were cancelled, even without a solution or an alternative date. […] Due to an enormous effort and rigorous preparations, Israel is also the only place in which oral exams were successfully executed, physically, under an active disease and very heavy restrictions.
33369729 Of these cases, 76% of participants transitioned to technician-delivered telehealth services whereas the rest transitioned to a caregiver-implemented telehealth model.
33370566 The rate and proportion of deaths attributed to COVID-19 are lower despite case surges similar to the rest of the world.
33370757 The second-year students were less in the level of mental health compared to the rest of the levels.
33374109 The articles found have been evaluated considering the following criteria: type of publication, proposals for physical exercise, language, and, if it appears, volume of activity, frequency, intensity, and rest.
33375381 Starting late 2019, a novel coronavirus spread from the capital of the Hubei province in China to the rest of the country, then to most of the world.
33390183 More than 90% of those infected with COVID-19 show mild or no symptoms but the rest of the infected cases show severe symptoms resulting in significant mortality.
33390865 Protecting these children, and children in general, should be a top priority, as these patients will have to live the rest of their long lives with possible sequelae of COVID-19.
33396275 Our results indicate the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore increased 3-fold the initial doubling rate of 22.5 days in the first 2 months of the outbreak to 6.7 days in the 5th month; We note a faster doubling rate of 4.9 days for those living in dormitories compared to a doubling rate of 13.5 days for the rest of the community.
33397449 All patients with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection requiring hospitalization for at least 3 calendar days for severe COVID-19 will be screened for study eligibility. - Signed informed consent - Age 18-85 years - Evidence of pulmonary involvement on CT scan or X-ray of the chest - Duration of symptoms associated with COVID-19 ≤ 10 days - At least one of the following risk factors for progression to mechanical ventilation on the day of enrolment: 1) Arterial hypertension 2) ≥ 50 years 3) Obesity (BMI ≥ 30 kg/m2) 4) History of cardiovascular disease 5) Chronic pulmonary disease 6) Chronic renal disease 7) C-reactive protein > 35mg/L 8) Oxygen saturation at rest of ≤ 94% when breathing ambient air Exclusion criteria: - Incapacity or inability to provide informed consent - Contraindications to the class of drugs under investigation (C1 esterase inhibitor) - Treatment with tocilizumab or another IL-6R or IL-6 inhibitor before enrolment - History or suspicion of allergy to rabbits - Pregnancy or breast feeding - Active or anticipated treatment with any other complement inhibitor - Liver cirrhosis (any Child-Pugh score) - Admission to an ICU on the day or anticipated within the next 24 hours of enrolment - Invasive or non-invasive ventilation - Participation in another study with any investigational drug within the 30 days prior to enrolment - Enrolment of the study investigators, their family members, employees and other closely related or dependent persons INTERVENTION AND COMPARATOR: Patients randomized to the experimental arm will receive conestat alfa in addition to standard of care (SOC). […] In the interest of expediting dissemination of this material, the familiar formatting has been eliminated; this Letter serves as a summary of the key elements of the full protocol.
33397753 Similar to the rest of the country, the epidemiology of SARS-CoV-2 in the state indicates health disparities among Black and Hispanic/Latino individuals, the presence of hotspots, or counties with high numbers of infected persons, and clusters of transmission among congregate living facilities.
33399681 In the rest, a clear increase in cases was observed.
33402610 CT chest is also indicated in COVID-19-positive patients with associated co-morbidities (age> 65 yr, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, immune-compromise, etc.) who, despite having mild symptoms and normal/indeterminate CXR, record oxygen saturation of < 93 per cent at rest while breathing room air or de-saturate on six-minute walk test.
33402656 The aim of this study was to describe a poly-vinyl chloride air condition (PVC AC) curtain shield placed at the intervening space between the chin rest and the illuminating and optical arm of the slit lamp microscope (distal barrier) instead of the present position at the oculars (proximal barrier) to guard against severe acute respiratory syndrome Coronavirus 2.
33405372 We concluded that the patients may continue to the tofacitinib therapy during the rest of the COVID-19 pandemic if the benefit outweighed the risk.
33413813 We aimed to investigate whether physical activity, and the timing and balance of physical activity and sleep/rest, were associated with SARS-CoV-2 positivity and COVID-19 severity. […] The risk of SARS-CoV-2 positivity and COVID-19 severity-in relation to overall physical activity, moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA), balance between activity and sleep/rest, and variability in timing of sleep/rest-was assessed with adjusted logistic regression. […] Overall physical activity and MVPA were not associated with severe COVID-19, whereas a poor balance between activity and sleep/rest was (odds ratio [OR] per standard deviation: 0.71; 95% confidence interval [CI], 0.62 to 0.81]). […] This finding was related to higher daytime activity being associated with lower risk (OR, 0.75; 95% CI, 0.61 to 0.93) but higher movement during sleep/rest being associated with higher risk (OR, 1.26; 95% CI, 1.12 to 1.42) of severe infection. […] Greater variability in timing of sleep/rest was also associated with increased risk (OR, 1.21; 95% CI, 1.08 to 1.35). […] In conclusion, these results highlight the importance of not just physical activity, but also quality sleep/rest and regular sleep/rest patterns, on risk of COVID-19.
33425656 As the rest of the world is struggling to deal with their share of challenges as a result of the pandemic, it is becoming increasingly important that every country adopts measures that will effectively deal with the spread of the disease.
33426518 Positive experiences included Family Time, Rest, and Practicing Better Hygiene, while negative experiences revolved around Restriction of Activity, and Difficulty at Home.
33434317 They should be given the opportunity to rest and spend time with their loved ones if they are not carriers of COVID-19.
33436320 This review reported that coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) infected patients with short time bed rest or quarantine and airway inflammation are at more risk of developing hyperglycemia and insulin resistance.
33436472 Outcomes among parents with children <18 years old living at home (n=618) were compared with the rest of the sample.
33447127 Feedback analysis revealed that 85% of participants strongly agreed and the rest (15%) agreed that essential minor deviations introduced in this novel mode of assessment did not compromise basic principles and goals of assessment.
33455920 When exploring the effect of the rest of the therapies between groups (affected patients vs unaffected), we found no significant differences in bDMARD proportions.
33467246 Generally speaking, elite athletes avoid long periods of rest during and at the end of the competitive season.
33472790 Slum dwellers are at a much higher risk than the rest of the community.
33475497 The rest of the transcripts are defined as noncoding RNAs, including Long noncoding RNAs (LncRNAs) and MicroRNAs (miRNAs) that mostly function post-transcriptionally to regulate the gene expression.
33478809 The aim of this study was to assess the psychological impact among healthcare workers who stand in the frontline of the SARS-CoV-2 crisis and to compare it with the rest of healthcare professionals, by means of a systematic review of Western publications. […] In the first line of assistance the psychological impact was greater than in the rest of the health professionals and in the Asian area.
33481987 Interviewees described strong emotions of despair, depression and anger, which were intensified when the rest of society returned back to a new routine, while they were still under lockdown.
33483143 An infectious disease caused by a new type of coronavirus that can manifest as an acute respiratory infection was discovered in China in mid-December 2019 and soon spread throughout the country and to the rest of the world.
33489490 Results We received 35 responses from the United States and 53 from the rest of the world.
33493275 This would represent a genuine step forward in our approach to health, informed by the systemic flaws COVID-19 exposed, and realize benefits from the pandemic moment that would propel national health forward for the rest of the century.
33493945 In late 2019, the new Coronavirus has been identified in the city of Wuhan then COVID-19 spreads like wildfire in the rest of the world.
33496520 The patients were left to rest for 1 hour after the operation and then sent home until their follow-up every other day for the first week.
33506856 The rest had only cardiac manifestations.
33509318 Our results show that during the study period COVID-19 cumulative incidence and mortality was lower in NI than the rest of the UK.
33509850 After adjusting for other covariates (including age, sex, job, being able to take breaks and COVID-19 knowledge), we observed meaningful changes in work-related burnout associated with having different COVID-19 roles (p=0.03), differences in the ability to rest and recover during breaks (p<0.01) and having personal protective equipment concerns (p=0.04). […] When we next find ourselves in extraordinary times the ordinary considerations of rest and protection and monitoring of the impact of new roles will be more important than ever.
33514595 In Belgium (S=1.9), the UK (S=2.2) and Spain (S=3.1), nursing home residents were far more frequently infected than the rest of the population.
33519015 This study’s findings indicate that Istanbul has an essential impact on Turkey’s rest.
33519030 Patients with this illness present with a high risk of disease-related malnutrition (DRM) and sarcopenia due to symptoms arising from the infection itself, acute inflammation, prolonged bed rest, and the supportive therapies used.
33520621 The new emerged infectious disease that is known the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), which is a high contagious viral infection that started in December 2019 in China city Wuhan and spread very fast to the rest of the world.
33520639 The DACH countries faced similar epidemiological situations during the Covid-19 pandemic, and were largely successful at preventing many of the negative impacts seen across the rest of Europe.
33521384 The remarkable observation in this study showed by Yunnan variant accession number MT226610 which exhibited high incidence of mutations, it displayed 28 different point mutations; only 3(10.7%) of them were silent mutations while the rest were missense mutations.
33522708 Lumpy skin disease is an emerging bovine viral disease, which is endemic in most African countries and some Middle East ones, and the elevated risk of the spread of disease into the rest of Asia and Europe should be considered.
33524462 Throughout the drug regimen, a SW-ECG was transmitted every morning at rest.
33525228 We defined pulmonary hypertension as increasing mean pulmonary artery pressure (mPAP) of ≥ 25 mm Hg at rest.
33527903 Socioeconomic inequalities in health are significant, and the large and persistent gaps in health outcomes between Indigenous peoples and the rest of Canadians represent a major challenge facing the health system, and society more generally.
33529750 Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) is a chronic debilitating disease characterized by severe and disabling fatigue that fails to improve with rest; it is commonly accompanied by multifocal pain, as well as sleep disruption, and cognitive dysfunction.
33532386 Following implementation, cases started declining in Ahmedabad district whereas it showed an increasing trend in rest of Gujarat where it was not implemented.
33533522 The eight adult studies, including four prompted by the pandemic and one on surgeons, reported that face masks commonly used during the pandemic did not impair gas exchange during rest or mild exercise.
33534805 Doctors who live in the most affected regions have a prevalence of psychological distress higher than their colleagues from the rest of Italy.
33537214 Therefore, it is necessary to help them recover themselves by supplying personal protective equipment and providing the most basic resources necessary for adequate rest, work-life balance, and childcare.
33544733 The first case in Hiroshima was classified as Asian strain O, and the rest were GR strains.
33548929 What is the significance of isolated ischemic stroke and limb ischemia in this disorder and how does this interface with the rest of the clinical and laboratory features of this disorder?
33552356 The rest, (n=110, 55.8%) ranked their trust level as intermediate, low, very low or don´t know.
33553500 To avoid heat-related injuries, medical personnel are recommended to precool and to minimize the increase in body core temperature using adopted work/rest schedules, specific clothing systems, and by drinking cold fluids. […] 3) Fever, one of the main symptoms of COVID-19, may be difficult to distinguish from heat-induced hyperthermia and a resting period may be necessary prior to measurement to avoid misinterpretation.
33556496 Content analysis explored free text responses. 458 services responded; 277 UK, 85 rest of Europe, 95 rest of the world; 81% cared for patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19, 77% had staff with suspected or confirmed COVID-19; 48% reported shortages of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), 40% staff shortages, 24% medicines shortages, 14% shortages of other equipment.
33557587 Future research will compare these results with attrition throughout the rest of the study, allowing analysis of the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the study attrition.
33563992 We also find that certain demographic groups, including people under 45 and males, have significantly higher contact rates than the rest of the population.
33565761 All 29 professional Football players of the first male team were enrolled before resuming training and competition after COVID-19 lockdown and underwent several exams including physical examination, resting and stress electrocardiography (ECG), echocardiography, spirometry and blood tests. […] Respiratory function and metabolic profile were improved, while no significant changes were found in ECG findings, at rest and during exercise.
33573537 Interesting similarities were discovered in relation to the management of the historic influenza outbreaks in NSW prisons and in the management of the current COVID-19 pandemic. […] While the past 100 or more years have brought huge progress in scientific knowledge, public health approaches remain the mainstay of outbreak management in prisons; and, as in 1919, the opportunity for Australia to observe the rest of the world and plan for action has not been wasted.
33574445 We measure cognitive function using the Cognitive Reflection Test and preferences traits (risk, time and social preferences) using an experimentally validated set of questions to assess the differences between people exposed to a shock compared to the rest of the sample.
33575149 Over 185(43.3%) patients presented with symptoms, and the rest of the patients 241 (56.6%) were asymptomatic.
33578044 Asia-Pacific region is at higher/extreme risk of disease importation from the Chinese epicentre, whereas the rest of Europe, South-America and Africa are more at risk from the Italian epicentre.
33578506 Out of these, 71 (56%) were AYUSH interventions, 36 (28.3%) tested drugs, 9 (7%) tested a nondrug intervention, rest were nutraceuticals and vaccines.
33580747 The COVID-19 pandemic presented challenges in terms of (3) evaluating evidence for the purpose of making evidence-based decisions and (4) sharing scientific findings with the rest of the scientific community.
33584481 Of these, 866 (84.8%) were students who were taking the test, while the rest were university students who had passed it recently.
33585031 Sample size was 93; 33 patients were kept in the experimental group, given Tocilizumab, 8 mg/kg intravenously or 162 mg subcutaneously, and the rest of the 60 patients were given corticosteroids, methylprednisolone 80 mg/day.
33585377 The model predicts that the anti-epidemic measures, like the ones undertaken in China and the rest of the world, decrease the basic reproductive number but do not result in the development of a sufficient collective immunity, which poses a risk of a second wave. […] More recent developments confirmed our conclusion that the epidemic has a high likelihood to restart after the quarantine measures are lifted.
33596494 While, Swasari Ras was administered in powdered form, 30 min before breakfasts and dinners, rest were scheduled for 30 min post-meals.