arginine vasopressin

Gene Context Sentence

Table 2. Analysis of context sentence of AVP gene in 4 abstracts.

PMID Gene Context Sentence
33074110 to compare anulom vilom pranayama (AVP), kapal bhati pranayama (KBP), diaphragmatic breathing exercises (DBE), and pursed-lip breathing (PLB) for breath holding time (BHT) and rating of perceived exertion (RPE). […] Results - AVP & DBE decreased RPE (p < 0.000). […] KBP & PLB did not decrease RPE as compared to AVP & DBE (p. […] DBE increased BHT more than KBP & PLB interventions (p < 0.05), but not more than AVP (p > 0.05). […] One-way ANOVA of four interventions revealed significant variation for RPE change (p < 0.05), for AVP. […] Conclusions - AVP reduces RPE maximally during breath-holding, whereas DPE increases BHT more.
33217046 Until a vaccine is developed or effective treatment for Zika virus is discovered, healthcare providers must be AVP (aware, vigilant and proactive) in order to lessen the spread and impact of the implicated devastating birth defects (microcephaly) and other neurological disorders (eg Guillain-Barré Syndrome) of this infection.
33497434 In this study, we first investigated the physiochemical and compositional properties of the collected anti-CoV peptides by comparing against three other negative sets: antivirus peptides without anti-CoV function (antivirus), regular AMP without antivirus functions (non-AVP) and peptides without antimicrobial functions (non-AMP). […] The geometric mean of the sensitivity and specificity (GMean) under the identification from antivirus, non-AVP and non-AMP reaches 83.07%, 85.51% and 98.82%, respectively.
33570194 Copeptin, a 39-aminoacid glycopeptide, is a C-terminal part of the precursor pre-provasopressin (pre-proAVP). […] The activation of the AVP system stimulates copeptin secretion in equimolar amounts with AVP.