Gene Context Sentence

Table 2. Analysis of context sentence of PLG gene in 3 abstracts.

PMID Gene Context Sentence
32478543 Researchers have long examined grief-related reactions to the diagnosis of a loved one with a terminal illness, including preloss grief (PLG), which is the experience of grief symptoms prior to the loss of a loved one. […] Families face novel challenges when loved ones with COVID-19 become critically ill-most notably mandated physical separation-and may experience a wide range of PLG responses. […] This commentary examines the existing literature related to PLG as a means for understanding the psychological impact of COVID-19 deaths, identifies factors professionals can assess for and address when working with a family member of COVID-19 patients, and identifies areas for future research related to COVID-19 and PLG.
32771700 Analysis of sequence data of coding regions of FURIN, PLG, PRSS1, TMPRSS11a, MBL2 and OAS1 genes in 143 unrelated individuals from Serbian population identified 22 variants with potential functional effect. […] These protein-altering variants (p.Gly146Ser in FURIN; p.Arg261His and p.Ala494Val in PLG; p.Asn54Lys in PRSS1; p.Arg52Cys, p.Gly54Asp and p.Gly57Glu in MBL2; p.Arg47Gln, p.Ile99Val and p.Arg130His in OAS1) may have predictive value for inter-individual differences in the response to the SARS-CoV-2 infection. […] Our study pointed to 7 variants in PLG, TMPRSS11a, MBL2 and OAS1 genes with noticeable divergence in allelic frequencies between populations worldwide. […] In conclusion, we identified 4 variants in genes encoding proteases (FURIN, PLG and PRSS1) and 6 in genes involved in the innate immunity (MBL2 and OAS1) that might be relevant for the host response to SARS-CoV-2 infection.
33260813 Plasminogen is considered a key player in fibrinolysis processes, and in view of a bench-to-bedside translation, we focused on the aerosolization of an orphan medicinal product (OMP) for ligneous conjunctivitis: human plasminogen (PLG-OMP) eye drops. […] PLG-OMP aerosolization was evaluated both from technological and stability viewpoints, after being submitted to either jet or ultrasonic nebulization. […] The biochemical investigation highlighted substantial protein integrity maintenance with the percentage of native plasminogen band > 90%, in accordance with the quality specifications of PLG-OMP. […] In a coherent way, the specific activity of plasminogen is maintained within the range 4.8-5.6 IU/mg (PLG-OMP pre-nebulization: 5.0 IU/mg). […] Increasing evidence for the need of local fibrinolytic therapy could merge with the availability of PLG-OMP as an easy handling solution, readily aerosolizable for a fast translation into an extended clinical efficacy assessment in COVID-19 patients.