mevalonate diphosphate decarboxylase

Gene Context Sentence

Table 2. Analysis of context sentence of MVD gene in 5 abstracts.

PMID Gene Context Sentence
32426388 The computation molecular docking screening was performed using Molegro Virtual Docker software (MVD) with grid resolution of 30 Å.
32984785 Mean arteries diameter (MAD) and mean veins diameter (MVD) were compared between patients and unexposed subjects with multiple linear regression including age, sex, ethnicity, body mass index, smoking/alcohol consumption, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, diabetes as covariates. […] Both MAD and MVD were higher in COVID-19 patients compared to unexposed subjects (98·3 ± 15·3 µm vs 91·9 ± 11·7 µm, p = 0.006 and 138·5 ± 21·5 µm vs 123·2 ± 13·0 µm, p<0.0001, respectively). […] In multiple regression accounting for covariates MVD was positively associated with COVID-19 both in severe (coefficient 30·3, CI95% 18·1-42·4) and non-severe (coefficient 10·3, CI95% 1·6-19·0) cases compared to unexposed subjects. […] In COVID-19 patients MVD was negatively correlated with the time from symptoms onset (coefficient -1·0, CI 95% -1·89 to -0·20) and positively correlated with disease severity (coefficient 22·0, CI 95% 5·2-38·9).
33109057 The Molegro Virtual Docker software (MVD) with a 30 Å grid resolution was used.
33478471 Three different software, AutoDock, AutoDock Vina (Vina), and Molegro Virtual Docker (MVD), running a total of four different docking protocol with optimized energy functions were used. […] Virtual screening was carried out using Vina, molecules satisfying our cut-off (- 6.5 kcal/mol) binding affinity was confirmed by MVD.
33594850 The process of docking, interaction, and binding the structure of ligand with protein has executed using Molegro Virtual Docker v.7.0.0 (MVD) and visualized the usage by Molegro Molecular Viewer v.7.0.0 (MMV).