interleukin 6

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Table 2. Analysis of context sentence of IL6 gene in 101 abstracts.

PMID Gene Context Sentence
32176772 Compared with SpO2≥90% group, patients of the SpO2<90% group were older, and showed more comorbidities and higher plasma levels of IL6, IL10, lactate dehydrogenase, and c reactive protein.
32259129 In this context, both in vitro and in vivo studies have revealed that metronidazole could decrease the levels of several cytokines, which are known to increase during the COVID-19 infection, including interleukin (IL)8, IL6, IL1B, tumor necrosis factor (TNF)α, IL12, IL1α, and interferon (IFN)γ, as well as the levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) and neutrophil count.
32371479 Early reports suggest that tocilizumab, an IL6 receptor-blocking antibody used to manage toxicities associated with chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy, may help control cytokine storms in people infected with COVID-19.
32376394 Herein, we discuss the pathogenesis and the possible role played by drugs such as: antimalarials, anti-IL6, anti-IL-1, calcineurin and JAK inhibitors, corticosteroids, immunoglobulins, heparins, angiotensin-converting enzyme agonists and statins in severe COVID-19.
32413736 Also, the pro-inflammatory cytokine IL6 is the best-documented cytokine in COVID-19 correlated with severity, criticality, viral load, and prognosis of patients with COVID-19. […] Tocilizumab, a monoclonal antibody against IL6, could confer clinical benefit in patients with high IL6 levels.
32416121 There were significant differences in SaO2, serum ferritin level, C-reactive protein (CRP), erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), fibrinogen (Fbg) level, and IL6 level among the three groups. […] A pairwise comparison of the groups showed that groups B and C were significantly different from group A in terms of CRP, ESR, and Fbg, IL6, and serum ferritin levels (P < 0.05).
32427582 Circulating cytokines, including IL8, IL6, TNFα, IP10, MCP1, and RANTES, were significantly elevated in severe COVID-19 patients. […] Dynamic IL6 and IL8 were associated with disease progression.
32436994 It is suggestive that anti-IL6 results in the improvement of this hyperinflammatory state.
32462717 In order to reduce the cytokine storm, we would like to propose the IL6 receptor antagonist therapy for the COVID-19 patients. […] Two humanized monoclonal antibodies are in clinical trial following IL6R antagonist therapies namely tocilizumab and sarilumab. […] However, researchers and physicians should look for more IL6 receptor antagonists for the therapy of cytokine storm syndrome SARS-CoV-2 infected persons to enhance the therapeutic options for cytokine storm.
32472461 The rational use of these anti-rheumatic drugs is based on the cytokinic storm (hyperproduction of IL1, IL6, TNF α) in the body by COVID-19 in its severe form.
32489026 Total 219 core target proteins were predicted, such as NFKB1, STAT1, RAF1, IL2, JAK1, IL6, TNF, BCL2 and other important targets, and 221 core target pathways were enriched, including cancer pathway, Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpes virus infection, chemokine signal pathway, PI3 K-AKT signal pathway, EB virus infection, virus carcinogenesis and T cell receptor signaling pathways, a collection of which were highly related to cytokine storms.
32492562 Immune cells accumulate in visceral adipose tissue and together with paracrine adipocytes release a wide range of biologically active cytokines (including IL-1β, IL5, IL6 and IL8) that can result in both local, pulmonary and systemic inflammation.
32503815 Lung destruction appears to be associated with a cytokine storm related to an increased level of interleukin-6 (IL6). […] This article demonstrates the importance of IL6 in progression of disease and the possibility of inhibition of IL6 signaling in COVID-19 therapy.
32504923 T cell exhaustion, high viral load, and high levels of TNF-ɑ, IL1β, IL6, IL10 have been associated with severe SARS-CoV-2.
32511971 Some certain laboratory inspections could predict the progress of the COVID-19 changes, especially lymphocytes, CRP, PCT, ALT, AST, LDH, D-dimer, CD4 T cells and IL6, which provide valuable signals for preventing the deterioration of the disease.
32533777 Furthermore, logistic regression models showed neutrophils counts, pro-inflammatory cytokines (TNF-α, IL6, IL1β, IL2R), and coagulation dysfunction biomarkers (D-Dimer, PT, Fbg) were significantly associated with the poor clinical outcomes of COVID-19.
32536965 Finally, before and after application of DYY, the core target gene IL6 of COVID-19 patients was detected by ELISA to validate the clinical effects. […] This study demonstrated that the use of DYY in the treatment of COVID-19 involved a variety of biological processes, and DYY acted on key targets such as IL6, ILIB, and CCL2 through signaling pathways such as the IL-17 signaling pathway, AGE-RAGE signaling pathway in diabetic complications, and cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction. […] Second, the molecular docking results showed that there was a certain affinity between the core compounds (kaempferol, quercetin, 7-Methoxy-2-methyl isoflavone, naringenin, formononetin) and core target genes (IL6, IL1B, CCL2). […] Finally, clinical studies showed that the level of IL6 was elevated in COVID-19 patients, and DYY can reduce its levels.
32541085 Based on the current knowledge, interleukin-6 (IL6) plays a pivotal role in COVID-19 associated CRS. […] Case reports and result of small case series suggest efficacy of an IL6 inhibitor monoclonal antibody (tocilizumab) in treating CRS. […] To our knowledge, the first case of severe COVID-19-associated cytokine storm syndrome - treated succesfully with IL6 monoclocal antibody at a Hungarian department of infectology - is presented here.
32547309 The positive rate of ESR, CRP, PT, IL6, lymphocyte count, GGT, Prealbumin and CD4 was more than 50%. […] Although there is no statistical difference in GGT, 100% of the 7 patients tested decreased. Conclusion: Our data recommended that the ESR, CRP, PT, IL6, lymphocyte count, GGT, prealbumin and CD4 have important value in the diagnosis of COVID-19, and the decrease of GGT may be an important indicator for judging the intestinal dysfunction of patients.
32593183 Anti-IL6 therapy has shown promise in restraining the hyperinflammatory syndrome and while IL-6 is a pleiotropic mediatory of the inflammatory response, redundancy within inflammatory pathways means that the use of such targeted monoclonal therapy may have too restricted a repertoire in some patients. […] We present the case of a 53-year-old haematopoetic stem cell transplant recipient who developed a severe COVID-19 that was refractory to anti-IL6 therapy, but responded to Jak-Stat inhibition with ruxolitinib, demonstrating its safety and efficacy in this setting.
32595353 Our results are in accordance with the literature on response of IL6 family of cytokines and their importance, in addition, we find that matrix metalloproteinase 2 (MMP2) and matrix metalloproteinase 9 (MMP9) with keratan sulfate synthesis pathway may play a key role in the infection.
32626680 Older age, elevated aspartate aminotransferase, total bilirubin, serum lactate dehydrogenase, blood urea nitrogen, prothrombin time, D-dimer, Procalcitonin, and C-reactive protein levels, decreased albumin, elevated serum cytokines (IL2R, IL6, IL8, IL10, and TNF-α) levels, and a decreased lymphocyte count indicated poor outcome in patients with COVID-19 pneumonia. […] Serum IL6 levels were positively correlated with leucocyte count, neutrophil count, and eosinophil count and negatively correlated with lymphocyte count.
32631405 Serum levels of WBC, CRP, ESR, IL6, IFN-G, and TNF-α 6.
32643448 Key targets contained MAPK3, MAPK8, TP53, CASP3, IL6, TNF, MAPK1, CCL2, PTGS2, etc.
32645207 Antimalarials, anti-IL6-Anti-IL6 receptor, anti-IL1, anti-GM-CSF receptor and JAK1/2/3 inhibitors, are under investigation in COVID-dedicated clinical trials to control the inflammation raised by SARS-CoV-2 infection.
32652164 We report the safety and efficacy (in terms of overall survival and hospital discharge) of the anti-IL6 tocilizumab (TCZ) in subjects with COVID-19.
32665090 The rationale for their use is based on the immune system runaway and the secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines (Il1, IL6, TNFα) in severe forms of the disease.
32673995 Pro-inflammatory cytokines were assessed during hospitalization, and we calculated a prediction paradigm for 30-day mortality based on the serum levels of interleukin1β (IL1β), interleukin6 (IL6), interleukin8 (IL8), and tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFα) measured by next-generation ELISA. […] Levels of IL6 and TNFα were significantly higher in patients that did not survive. […] IL6 predicted mortality at the cut-off value of 163.4 pg/ml, with a sensitivity of 91.7% and specificity of 57.6%. […] Our findings demonstrate that IL6 expression is significant for the prediction of 30-day mortality in hospitalized COVID19 patients and, therefore, may assist in treatment decisions.
32698440 The results indicated that the SARS-CoV-2 infection strongly activates TNF and NFκB-signaling pathways through significant upregulation of the TNF, IL1B, IL6, IL8, NFKB1, NFKB2 and RELB genes. […] Accordingly, a literature search summarized that tiotropium reduced expressions of IL1B, IL6, IL8, RELA, NFKB1 and TNF in vitro or in vivo, and many of them have been known to be deregulated in COPD patients.
32726008 After further mining the action targets of these three prescriptions, it was found that COVID-19 disease-specific factors Ccl2, IL10, IL6 and TNF were all the targets of three prescriptions.
32727465 In multivariate analysis, log IL6 was the only independent explanatory variables for CT severity score (β = 0.397, p < 0.001) and PaO2/FiO2 (β = - 0.434, p = 0.003).
32750019 Stop (kidney transplanted patients) or decrease (liver transplanted patients) immunosuppression and maintain corticosteroids when pulmonal injury develops and consider anti-IL1 and anti-IL6 monoclonal antibody use when hyperinflammatory syndrome is evolving.
32754224 In hub target analysis, the top hub target IL6, and ACE2, the receptor via which SARS-CoV-2 typically enters host cells, were selected for molecular docking analyses, and revealed good binding activities.
32761495 The level of ATIII was significantly negatively correlated with the levels of neutrophils, ferritin, LDH, total bilirubin, IL2R, IL6 and IL8 (p < 0.05).
32779733 Blood vessels exhibited extensive complement deposition with endothelial cell localization of SARS-CoV-2 protein, IL6, and caspase 3; SARS CoV-2 RNA was not seen.
32782109 Age, AST, LDH, BUN, PT, D-D, IL6, white blood cell and neutrophil counts, T cell and T cell subset counts can efficiently predict clinical outcomes.
32789663 Since timing is important, the immune deficiency induced by IL6 blockade at the late immunodeficiency phase of sepsis that follows the initial inflammatory response may be detrimental. […] Finally, monitoring the degree and duration of IL6 blockade may be challenging because of the long half-life of Mabs (2-3 weeks). […] Ruxolitinib, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor selective for JAK1, 2, blocks many pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines including IL6.
32816392 Increased expression of inflammatory markers reminiscent of the type 1 interferon pathway (IL6, IL8, CCL2, INFB1) underlaid the immunophenotype associated with T2D.
32826388 Most severely ill COVID-19 patients manifest a hyperactivated immune response, instigated by interleukin 6 (IL6) that triggers a so called “cytokine storm” and coagulopathy. […] So far overlooked is the fact that both IL6 and hypoxia depress the abundance of a key anticoagulant, Protein S. […] We speculate that the IL6-driven cytokine explosion plus hypoxemia causes a severe drop in Protein S level that exacerbates the thrombotic risk in COVID-19 patients. […] Here we highlight a mechanism by which the IL6-hypoxia curse causes a deadly hypercoagulable state in COVID-19 patients, and we suggest a path to therapy.
32837217 The ingredients (quercetin, formononetin, kaempferol, etc.,) from core herbs could modulate targets (PTGS2 (COX2), PTGS1 (COX1), IL6, CASP3, NOS2, and TNF, etc.), and thereby prevent the pharmacological and non-pharmacological renal injury comparable to that from COVID-19 infection.
32875925 A ‘cytokine storm’ namely, interleukin IL6-IL1 receptors i.e. […] IL6R-IL1R over-functioning was reported. […] (NS) commonly known as black-cumin-seed was analyzed for COVID-19 protein-targeting and IL1R-IL6R inhibition through molecular-docking-study and biochemical-study in experimental-rat to evaluate antioxidative-capacity. […] The NMR/X-ray-crystallographic/Electron-microscopic structures of COVID-19 Main-protease (6LU7)/Spike-glycoprotein(6vsb)/NSP2(QHD43415_2)/Nucleocapsid(QHD43423), Human IL1R(1itb)-IL6R(1pm9) from PDB were retrieved-analyzed for receptor-ligand interaction.
32883328 Evidence of hyper inflammatory state as evidenced by at least three of the following: Documented temperature >38°C in the past 48 hours, IL6 >40 pg/ml, or in its absence D-dimer >1.5 μgFEU /ml, Elevated CRP (>100mg/L) and/or a three-fold increase since presentation, Elevated ferritin X5 ULN, Elevated LDH (above the ULN), Elevated fibrinogen (above the ULN).
32891160 To study the effect of GA on the level of cytokines, TNFα, IL8, IL6 IL10, CRP and the viral load. […] Changes of the level of Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNFα), interleukin IL8, IL6, and IL10 from the baseline values (Four weeks from the start of randomization).
32891582 Treatment strategies included intravenous immunoglobulin (63%) and intravenous steroids (44%). 29 cases received Infliximab, 47 received IL1 (interleukin) receptor antagonist, and 47 received IL6-receptor antagonist.
32920000 Our results have demonstrated that lopinavir/ritonavir increased the expression of the genes involved in immune response and lipid metabolism (IL6, ICAM1, CCL2, TNF, APOA1, etc.). […] Chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin interacted with 6 genes (CCL2, CTSB, CXCL8, IL1B, IL6 and TNF), whereas chloroquine and azithromycin affected two additional genes (BCL2L1 and CYP3A4), which might be a reason behind a greater number of consequential diseases. […] In contrast to lopinavir/ritonavir, chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin downregulated the expression of TNF and IL6.
32922212 IL6, CRP, fibrinogen, and ferritin), without reducing the risk of thrombotic events in this population, creating instead a façade of an improved prognostic outcome.
32938496 Anti-IL6 inhibitors are among the therapeutic armamentarium for preventing the fatal consequences of acute respiratory and multi organ failure in around 20% of the COVID-19 infected patients. […] At present, their use is prioritized to patients with severe interstitial pneumonia (Brescia-COVID Scale-COVID 2-3) with hyperinflammation as determined by the presence of elevated IL6 and/or d-dimer, or progressive d-dimer increase, in patients who otherwise are subsidiary to ICU admission. […] However, many uncertainties remain on the actual role of anti-IL6 inhibitors in this setting, and whether current use and timing is the right one. […] There is the hypothesis that the use of anti-IL6 inhibitors at an earlier state during the hyperinflammatory syndrome would be beneficial and may avoid progressing to ARDS. […] Our limited experience suggests that better treatment outcomes can be achieved when combining IL6-inhibitors (e.g. sarilumab) with corticosteroids.
32952690 The virus is capable of producing an excessive immune reaction in the host; for some patients, the disaster starts from a ‘cytokine storm’ with tissue damage (one of the protagonists is IL6) (6).
32978039 Four compounds (baicalin, glycyrrhizic acid, hesperidin, and hyperoside) and 7 targets (AKT1, TNF-α, IL6, PTGS2, HMOX1, IL10, and TP53) were key molecules related to QFPDD’s effects. […] At last, in intro experiments validated QFPDD’s important effects, including the inhibition of IL6, CCL2, TNF-α, NF-κB, PTGS1/2, CYP1A1, CYP3A4 activity, the up-regulation of IL10 expression, and repressing platelet aggregation.
33025599 After a series of bioinformatics assays, seven kernel targets were obtained, including TNF, IL6, IFNG, IL1B, IL10, IL4, and TLR9.
33029094 RELA, MAPK1, MAPK14, CASP3, CASP8 and IL6 were the key target genes.
33040779 ICU admitted patients had higher IL6 levels (p=0.001). […] Our study shows that there may be possible associations of IL6 and disease severity and ICU stay length.
33041797 The shared genes included MMP13, NLRP3, TRIM21, GBP1, ADORA2A, PTAFR, TNF, MLNR, IL1B, NFKBIA, ADRB2, and IL6.
33046317 The majority of patients was subjected to the off - label protocol with antivirals and hydroxychloroquine therapy, we used cortisone support therapy under surveillance and in 3 cases the protocol with anti - IL6 monoclonal antibody (Tolicizumab).
33046696 Finally, we define airway responses to common coronavirus infections in children, finding that these infections generate host responses similar to other viral species, including upregulation of IL6 and ACE2.
33089037 Among uninfected ambulatory adults without cardiovascular disease, RDW was associated with elevated pro-inflammatory cytokines (TNF-α, IL8, IL6, IL1b), but not regulatory cytokines (TGFb).
33125431 Genes involved in inflammation (CCL2, IL6, and TNF) and fibrosis (COL1A1, TGFB1, and FN1) were inversely correlated with ACE2 expression.
33147871 These results demonstrated the important correlation between He4, IL6 and PSP, an excellent accuracy of He4 and IL6 and showed a probable role of He4 in the innate immunity in particularly at the level of oral cavity, nasopharynx and respiratory tract. […] Besides He4 together with IL6 might be involved in the onset of smell and/or taste disorders and it might be used as innovative biomarker to monitor clinical evolution of COVID-19 because He4 could indicate a multi-organ involvement.
33189888 Early administration of IL6-R antagonists in COVID-19 patients with impending hyperinflammatory response, may be safe and effective treatment to prevent, ICU admission and further complications.
33198751 IL6 and IL8 were significantly higher in ICU patients than in IMW (IL6 p < 0.01, IL8 p < 0.0001), and also in patients who did not survive (IL6 p < 0.05, IL8 p = 0.05 vs. survivors). […] Dividing patients by treatment received, lower BAL concentrations of IL6 were found in patients treated with steroids as compared to those treated with tocilizumab (p < 0.1) or antivirals (p < 0.05). […] The burden of pro-inflammatory cytokines IL6 and IL8 in the broncho-alveolar environment is associated with clinical outcome.
33225970 Primary Outcome: Efficacy of the herbal extracts in COVID 19 positive patients (in declining viral load: time-point: 4 days and early recovery) Secondary Outcomes: Efficacy of the herbal extracts as an immune-modulator - TH1, TH2, Th17, IL6, NK Cells and CD markers; Immunoglobulin IGG (Serum); Immunoglobulin IGM (Serum) - at 30 days.
33239166 The RBD was fused to both a HiBIT tag and an IL6 secretion signal to enable facile collection from the cell culture media.
33248385 There were three key findings: 1) high copy infectious virus was limited mostly to the alveolar macrophages and endothelial cells of the septal capillaries; 2) viral spike protein without viral RNA localized to ACE2+ endothelial cells in microvessels that were most abundant in the subcutaneous fat and brain; 3) although both infectious virus and docked viral spike protein was associated with complement activation, only the endocytosed pseudovirions induced a marked up-regulation of the key COVID-19 associated proteins IL6, TNF alpha, IL1 beta, p38, IL8, and caspase 3.
33275095 To identify predictors of clinical improvement and intubation/death in tocilizumab-treated severe COVID19, focusing on IL6 and CRP longitudinal monitoring. 173 consecutive patients with severe COVID-19 pneumonia receiving tocilizumab in Reggio Emilia province Hospitals between 11 March and 3 June 2020 were enrolled in a prospective cohort study.
33293514 Proof-of-principle observations included PBMC-based increases in cytokine storm-associated IL6, enhanced innate immunity (macrophages and neutrophils), and lower adaptive T and B cell immunity in patients with acute-like disease compared to those with recovery-like disease.
33293627 Gene Ontologies revealed regulation of viral life cycle, immune responses, pro-inflammatory responses- several interleukins such as IL6, IL1, IL20 and IL33, IFI16 regulating the interferon response to a virus, chemo-attraction of macrophages, and cellular stress resulting from activated Reactive Oxygen Species.
33296987 Myelin Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein Antibody Disease (MOGAD) represents a demyelinating disorder for which tocilizumab, an anti-IL6 receptor, has been tested to prevent disabling relapses.
33312453 Differential gene expression analysis revealed potential core mechanism of COVID-19-induced pneumonia in which IFN-α, IFN-β, IFN-γ, TNF and IL6 triggered cytokine storm mediated by neutrophil, macrophage, B and DC cells.
33339153 In conclusion, this study showed how IL6 pleiotropic activity could be exploited to meet different clinical needs and realize personalized medicine protocols for chronic, age-related and modern public health emergencies.
33339813 The risk factors for liver injury were C-reactive protein (CRP), interleukin 6 (IL6), erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), CD8+T cell count, and severity of disease, and CRP (OR 1.13, 95% CI 1.045-1.222, p=0.002) was the independent risk factor.
33350674 Risk factors for mortality included older age, dyspnoea, severe disease, obesity, allograft dysfunction prior to COVID-19 infection, acute kidney injury (AKI) , higher levels of inflammatory markers including C reactive protein, IL6 level, procalcitonin, chest XR abnormality, and ICU/ventilator requirements.
33357725 The results indicated that quercetin, luteolin, apigenin and other compounds in XBJ injection could affect TNF, MAPK1, IL6 and other overlapping targets.
33360731 The pseudovirions strongly co-localized with caspase-3, ACE2, IL6, TNFα, and C5b-9. […] The S1 subunit localized to the endothelia of microvessels in the mice brain and showed co-localization with caspase-3, ACE2, IL6, TNFα, and C5b-9.
33362557 However, the specific mechanisms that cause and modulate the cytokine storm in the different conditions remain to be determined. micro-RNAs are important regulators of gene expression, including key inflammatory cytokines involved in the massive recruitment of immune cells to the lungs such as IL1β, IL6, and TNFα.
33387537 These urinary elements were found to be mostly positively inter-correlated, and further positively correlated with other laboratory inflammatory parameters including serum cytokines (IL-1B, IL2R, IL6, IL8, IL10, TNFα), ferritin, and neutrophil count and white blood cell count.
33395783 Higher counts of CD4 and CD8 were seen in patients with good prognosis compared to patients with poor prognosis, with Lower levels of TNF-a, IL2R, IL6, IL8, were observed in patients with good prognosis compared to patients with poor prognosis.
33403488 With these results, we confirmed the interest of SARS-CoV-2 RNAaemia monitoring by ddPCR in COVID-19 patients, particularly during treatment, and firstly showed that this new and specific biomarker could be helpful to select eligible patient for anti-IL6 receptors therapy considering the variable levels of efficacy recently observed with such therapy.
33413422 Upregulation of immune and cytokine signaling genes such as CCL4, TNFA, IL6, IL1A, CCL2, CXCL2, IFN, and CCR1 were observed in lungs.
33429366 Furthermore, a total of 7 correlated differently expressed mRNAs (ACE2, CXCL9, MMP12, IL6, AZU1, FCN3, HYAL1 and IRAK3) and 5 correlated differently expressed microRNAs (miR-125b-5p, miR-9-5p, miR-130b-5p, miR-381-3p and miR-421) were screened. […] In conclusion, it was assumed that miR-125b-5p-ACE2-IL6 axis could alter the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection in lung adenocarcinoma patients.
33429732 These patients seem to present with cytokine perturbation and high levels of IL6. […] Tocilizumab and sarilumab could be effective in this condition.We retrospectively collected data about 112 consecutive hospitalized in a single center.Fifty (IL6 group) treated with tocilizumab (8 mg/kg intravenously [IV], 2 infusions 12 hours apart) or sarilumab 400 mg IV once and 62 treated with the standard of care but not anti-cytokine drugs (CONTROL group). […] To determine whether anti-IL6 drugs are effective in improving prognosis and reducing hospitalization times and mortality in COVID-19 pneumonia.To date 84% (42/50) of IL6 group patients have already been discharged and only 2/50 are still recovered and intubated in intensive care. […] Compared to the CONTROL group they showed a lower mortality rate (12% versus 43%), for the same number of complications and days of hospitalization.Anti-IL6 drugs seem to be effective in the treatment of medium to severe forms of COVID-19 pneumonia reducing the risk of mortality due to multi-organ failure, acting at the systemic level and reducing inflammation levels and therefore microvascular complications.
33469522 In addition to all this anti-inflammatory medication two patients have also received one dose of anti-IL6.
33469529 Atomic force microscopy (AFM) was used to assess cell morphology. qRT-PCR was performed to assess the expression of inflammatory markers, specifically IL6 and CCL2. […] ELISA was performed to assess IL6 and confirm qRT-PCR results at the protein level. […] Here, we show that NO delivery via nanoparticles enhanced EPC survival and recovery, AFM measurements revealed that NO exposure affect cell morphology, while qRT-PCR demonstrated a significant downregulation in IL6 and CCL2 expression when treating the cells to NO both before and after shear exposure. […] ELISA results for IL6 confirmed qRT-PCR data.
33490110 Docking of the six-hit secoiridoids to IL1R, IL6R, and TNFR1, the receptors of inflammatory cytokines IL1β, IL6, and TNFα, revealed the anti-inflammatory potential except for DHO.
33492566 Molecular docking studies for 23 saikosaponins on the crystal structures of the extracellular domains of human lnterleukin-6 receptor (IL6), human Janus Kinase-3 (JAK3), and dehydrogenase domain of Cylindrospermum stagnale NADPH-oxidase 5 (NOX5) were performed, and selected protein-ligand complexes were subjected to 100 ns molecular dynamics simulations. […] Molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulation studies revealed that IL6 in complex with Saikosaponin_U and Saikosaponin_V, JAK3 in complex with Saikosaponin_B4 and Saikosaponin_I, and NOX5 in complex with Saikosaponin_BK1 and Saikosaponin_C have good docking and molecular dynamics profiles.
33503821 -elements corresponding to inflammatory and IFN signaling, were discovered in both ACE2 and IL6 gene promoters across representative COVID-19-susceptible species compared to unsusceptible ones.
33506945 The cellular immunity of individuals with elevated ACE2 expression is activated, whereas humoral immunity is dampened, leading to the release of many inflammatory factors dominated by IL6. […] Furthermore, by studying the sequencing results of SARS-CoV-2-infected and uninfected cells, IL6 was found to be an indicator of a significant increase in the number of infected cells. […] However, although patients with high expression of ACE2 will release many inflammatory factors dominated by IL6, cellular immunity in the colorectum is significantly activated. […] This finding indicates that ACE2 and IL6 inhibitors have important value in COVID-19.
33509749 A total 160 active components including MOL000522, and MOL003283, MOL003365, MOL003006, MOL003014 in 13 component drugs in Lianhua Qingwen capsule produced therapeutic effects against COVID-19 through 57 target proteins including MAPK1, IL6, HSP90AA1, TNF, and CCL2, involving 35 signaling pathways including NOD-like receptor signaling pathway and Toll-like receptor signaling pathway. […] The results of molecular docking showed that 83 chemical components had total scores no less than 5.0 for docking with 12 target proteins (including MAPK1, IL6, and HSP90AA1) with high binding activities to form stable conformations.
33511686 This open-label trial, structured according to Simon’s optimal design, aims to identify factors predicting which patients could benefit from anti-IL6 strategies and to enhance the design of unequivocal and reliable future randomized trials.
33517789 The results show that six core targets including AKT1, TP53, TNF, IL6, BCL2L1 and ATM were identified. […] Real-time RT-PCR demonstrated that matrine could significantly reduce the expression of AKT1, TP53, TNF, IL6 and ATM in mice with liver injury or lung injury (P < 0.05), and increase the expression of BCL2L1 to a certain extent (P > 0.05).
33520684 HSBD might treat severe COVID-19 through 45 potential target genes, among them, there were 13 hub target genes: RELA, TNF, IL6, IL1B, MAPK14, TP53, CXCL8, MAPK3, MAPK1, IL4, MAPK8, CASP8, STAT1.
33521303 Age, AST, LDH, BUN, PT, D-D, IL6, white blood cell and neutrophil counts, T cell and T cell subset counts can efficiently predict clinical outcomes.
33523551 Tocilizumab, a humanized monoclonal antibody against IL6, has been shown to benefit respiratory manifestations in severe COVID19.
33544720 These top-ranked drugs include ACE-inhibitors, monoclonal antibodies (e.g., anti-IFNγ, anti-TNFα, anti-IL12, anti-IL1β, anti-IL6), and thrombin inhibitors.
33546902 Correlations of eight HLA-B alleles and polymorphisms in three cytokine genes (IL6, IL10, and IL12B) were observed and were mainly associated with DDR.
33550165 Plasmatic levels of interleukin 6 (IL6), C-reactive protein (CRP), soluble-IL2 receptor (IL2Rα), procalcitonin (PCT) and ferritin were measured using chemiluminescence assay. […] Our results demonstrated that the peripheral blood levels of IL6, PCT, CRP, ferritin, IL2Rα, white blood cell count (WBC), neutrophil count (NEU), neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio (NLR), derived neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio (d-NLR) were significantly higher in severe forms of COVID-19. […] The ROC curve analysis showed that IL6 was the most accurate inflammatory biomarker. […] The calculated cutoff of IL6 (42 pg/ml) could correctly classify > 90% of patients regarding their risk of severity (area under ROC curve (AUROC) = 0.972) and the threshold value of 83 pg/ml was highly predictive of the progression to death (AUROC = 0.94, OR = 184) after a median of 3 days.
33561381 Our findings based on analysis of different disease severity groups confirmed that a hypercoagulable ROTEM pattern characterized by clot formation acceleration, high clot strength, and reduced fibrinolysis was more frequent in advanced disease groups and patients with high IL6.
33568158 We further correlated white blood cells to other inflammatory markers including IL6 and GlycA, fasting and post-prandial glucose levels and found a significant relationship between inflammation and diet.
33568776 We found that several factors, including Charlson comorbidity Index (CCI), high levels of IL6, and presentation with dyspnea were associated with poor clinical outcomes. […] It was shown that higher CCI and higher IL6 levels were independently associated with in-hospital mortality.
33573696 The primary objectives of the study are to determine the effectiveness of the Kaba Sura Kudineer (KSK) & Nilavembu Kudineer (NVK) along with standard Allopathy Treatment to compared with Placebo (Decaffeinated Tea) with standard Allopathy Treatment in the management of Symptomatic COVID 19 patients and also in reduction of Hospital Stay Time & Changes in Immunological (IL6) and Bio Chemical Markers (Ferritin, CRP, D-Dimer and LDH).
33578018 PBMC from COVID-19 patients had a higher p53 expression, and a higher concentrations of plasma proinflammatory cytokines (IL1β, TNF-α, IL8, IL6) than HD.
33583045 Our network meta-analysis suggests that EtOH exposure may augment the effects of SARS-CoV-2 infection on hepatic fibrosis signaling pathway, cellular metabolism and homeostasis, inflammation, and neuroinflammation, and that EtOH may enhance the activity of key meditators including cytokines, such as IL1β, IL6, and TNF, and transcription factors, such as JUN and STAT, while inhibiting the activity of anti-inflammatory mediators including glucocorticoid receptor. […] Furthermore, IL1β, IL6, TNF, JUN, and STAT were mapped to ten pathways predicted to associate with SARS-CoV-2 proteins, including HMGB1, IL1, and IL6 signaling pathways.