activity regulated cytoskeleton associated protein

Gene Context Sentence

Table 2. Analysis of context sentence of ARC gene in 13 abstracts.

PMID Gene Context Sentence
32345563 Hiccups (singultus) are reflex inspiratory movements that involve the swallowing reflex arc and can be classified as acute (<48 h) or persistent (>48 h).
32501754 To understand this crisis, physicians and public health researchers have searched history for insights, especially from a great outbreak approximately a century ago: the 1918 influenza pandemic. […] This commentary examines the historical arc of the 1918 influenza pandemic, focusing on black Americans and showing the complex and sometimes surprising ways it operated, triggering particular responses both within a minority community and in wider racial, sociopolitical, and public health structures.
32721410 In March 2020, most practices saw an unprecedented drop in their volume of greater than 50%. […] The profound changes that have interrupted the arc of the radiology narrative may substantially dictate how health care and radiology services are delivered in the future.
32806932 Drawing from critical theory, I use essay to contextualize present COVID-19 discourse and poetry to situate this discourse within a broader historical arc of the United States’ racist, classist, and homophobic proclivities in times of public health crises. […] I use the combination of essay/poem as creative praxis to analyze and reflect on our present moment in relation to public health pasts and to raise questions about public health research, education, and data futures-offering a critical commentary on the intersections of infectious diseases, structural inequality (e.g., racism), data politics, and public health violence.
32837282 The digital thematic maps and diagrams have been depicted by Grapher 13 and Arc GIS 10.3 platforms.
32966223 We use personal mobile devices with contact tracing apps and stationary fog nodes, named Automatic Risk Checkers (ARC), to ensure user privacy. […] Additionally, if any cases are found, the ARCs broadcast pre-cautionary messages to nearby people without revealing the identity of the infected person.
32996853 The views are noted to touch on only one point early in the arc of the pandemic.
33005644 To answer this question, we describe the narrative arc of the UK’s approach to managing Covid-19.
33015540 The virus subsequently spread to most countries worldwide and the World Health Organisation characterised the outbreak a pandemic on March 11 th 2020 (WHO, 2020a). […] In March 2020, the Irish Government introduced ‘cocooning’ as a measure for those over 70 years of age to minimise interactions with others by not leaving their homes (Dept. of Health, 2020). […] Methods: A longitudinal exploratory qualitative study will be conducted using repeated semi-structured telephone interviews with a convenient sample of older adults recruited from participants of an older adult and family carer stakeholder panel for health services research established by the Ageing Research Centre (ARC) at the University of Limerick and through known older adult contacts of ARC academic members. […] Ethics and Dissemination: Ethical approval has been granted by the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences University of Limerick, Research Ethics Committee (2020_03_51_EHS (ER)).
33152464 Artepillin C (ARC), a prenylated derivative of p-coumaric acid, is one of the major phenolic compounds found in Brazilian green propolis (BGP) and its botanical source Baccharis dracunculifolia. […] Numerous studies on ARC show that its beneficial health effects correlate with the health effects of both BGP and B. dracunculifolia. […] Mechanisms underlying anti-cancer properties of ARC are apoptosis induction, cell cycle arrest, and the inhibition of p21-activated kinase 1 (PAK1), a protein characterized in many human diseases/disorders including COVID-19 infection. […] Therefore, further pre-clinical and clinical studies with ARC are necessary to explore its potential as intervention for a wide variety of diseases including the recent pandemic coronaviral infection. […] This review summarizes the comprehensive data on the pharmacological effects of ARC and could be a guideline for its future study and therapeutic usage.
33341333 With respect to overall survival, univariate and multivariate analysis revealed no significant difference in survival by technique (volume-modulated arc therapy versus conformal; three-dimensional computed tomography versus four-dimensional computed tomography), tumour location, smoking status at first contact, pre-treatment tumour stage or pre-treatment standardised uptake value.
33424426 Spatial mapping using Arc GIS 10.4 interpolation (IDW) helps to understand spatial intensity of pollution load in two periods. […] This research study should be helpful for further management and spatial diagnosis of water resource of river Damodar.
33538788 Mentorship helps assure safe passage into the specialty, and it influences the arc of professional development across the career continuum. […] The key shifts are from passive to active engagement; from amorphous to structured relationships; and from hierarchical dynamics to bidirectional mentoring.