cathepsin S

Gene Context Sentence

Table 2. Analysis of context sentence of CTSS gene in 4 abstracts.

PMID Gene Context Sentence
32613199 There was a significant correlation between shape of abnormalities (p = 0.003), CT scan Severity Score (CTSS) (p <0.0001), and pulmonary artery CT diameter (p = 0. 01) with mortality. […] The mean CTSS of non-survived cases was significantly higher (13.68 ± 4.59 versus 8.72 ± 4.42; <0.0001). […] The area under the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve of CTSS in predicting the patients’ mortality was 0.800 (95% CI: 0.716-0.884). […] The best cut off point of chest CTSS in this regard was 12 with 75.82% (95% CI: 56.07%-88.98%) sensitivity and 75.78% (95% CI: 70.88%-80.10%) specificity. […] The mean main pulmonary artery diameter in patients with CTSS ≥ 12 was higher than cases with CTSS < 12 (27.89 ± 3.73 vs 26.24 ± 3.14 mm; p < 0.0001). […] Patients with lower CTSS, lower pulmonary artery CT diameter, and round shape opacity had lower mortality.
33091701 We aimed to investigate how often PE was present in individuals with COVID-19 and respiratory deterioration in different settings, and whether or not disease severity as measured by CT-severity score (CTSS) was related to the occurrence of PE. […] CTSS (per unit) was not associated with the occurrence of PE (age and sex-adjusted OR 1.06 (95%CI 0.98-1.15)). […] In our cohort CTSS was not associated with the occurrence of PE.
33271157 The COVID-19 Reporting and Data System (CO-RADS) and the corresponding CT severity score (CTSS) introduced by the Radiological Society of the Netherlands (NVvR) attempt to do so. […] We aimed to prospectively validate the CO-RADS as a COVID-19 diagnostic tool at the ED and to evaluate whether the CTSS is associated with prognosis. […] Logistic regression was performed for CTSS in relation to hospital admission, ICU admission, and 30-day mortality. […] We found a significant association between CTSS and hospital admission, ICU admission, and 30-day mortality; adjusted ORs per point increase in CTSS were 1.19 (CI, 1.09-1.28), 1.23 (1.15-1.32), 1.14 (1.07-1.22), respectively. […] Intraclass correlation coefficients for CO-RADS and CTSS were 0.94 (0.91-0.96) and 0.82 (0.70-0.90). […] Our findings support the use of CO-RADS and CTSS in triage, diagnosis, and management decisions for patients presenting with possible COVID-19 at the ED.
33394096 The median CTSS was 13.5 (IQR 75-25 18-8). […] CTSS did not differ in terms of age, sex, race or number of comorbidities but was associated with longer duration of hospitalization (p = 0.0.0256), longer intensive care unit stay (p = 0.0263), more frequent serum lactate dehydrogenase elevation (p = 0.0120) and serum C-reactive protein elevation (p = 0.0402). […] No statistically significant correlation of occurrence of bowel abnormalities with CTSS, clinical or laboratory features.