carboxypeptidase D

Gene Context Sentence

Table 2. Analysis of context sentence of CPD gene in 11 abstracts.

PMID Gene Context Sentence
32433321 Physical distancing and redeployment of clinicians has also necessitated changes in health care continuing professional development (CPD). […] Health care delivery and CPD is unlikely to fully return (in the near term, if at all) to pre-pandemic status. […] The authors raise questions and opportunities for development and provision of CPD during and after the pandemic.
32658014 The COVID-19 pandemic has required a substantial change to the approach used for traditional, in-person continuing professional development (CPD) conferences. […] Running a virtual CPD conference will necessitate consideration of digital platforms and conversion of large group and small group sessions, abstract presentations, and networking events to a digital medium. […] This paper will discuss these challenges and present strategies to address them for CPD conference planning in the era of COVID-19.
32812365 We studied whether the analysis of cellular population data (CPD), provided as part of CBC-Diff analysis by the DxH 800 analyzers (Beckman Coulter), can help to identify SARS-CoV-2 infection. […] When CPD of COVID+ were different from controls and COVID- patients, we used receiver operating characteristic analysis to test the discriminating capacity of the individual parameters. […] Using a random forest classifier, we developed the algorithm based on the combination of 4 monocyte CPD to discriminate COVID+ from COVID- patients. […] Consideration of CPD could constitute a first step and potentially aid in the early diagnosis of COVID-19.
32837277 All of the states indicate a significant correlation (p < 0.05, tstat > tcritical) for Δ, i.e., the difference in the time period of CPA and lockdown with cases per population (CPP) and cases per unit area (CPUA), while weak correlation (p < 0.1 and tstat < tcritical) is exhibited by delta and cases per unit population density (CPD).
32971511 Among the study population, 9.4% (3/32) were reported to have hypertension, 21.9% (7/32) had chronic pulmonary disease (CPD), 18.8% (6/32) had thyroid disorders, and 18.8% (6/32) had the celiac disease.
32979456 Some participants felt benefits mainly in terms of more time for CPD activities.
33059721 CPD webinars to support clinicians and manage and prevent the spread of Covid-19 have been widely disseminated along with algorithms to ensure that patients that need treatment are being treated appropriately.
33070463 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is also an integral part of maintaining professional and personal competence and growth for healthcare professionals. […] This article examines the rationale for and methods of swiftly adapting a robust CPD program and training calendar to an online offering for radiation therapists (RTs) at the Princess Alexandra Hospital Radiation Oncology Department, Brisbane, Australia. […] Successes and challenges of achieving meaningful change in a short timeframe are described, ensuring RTs maintained access to both CPD and social support during the crisis.
33190400 The aim of this study was to analyze the diagnostic and prognostic implications of WBC and cell population data (CPD) abnormalities related to COVID-19 at disease onset. […] Baseline WBC counts and CPD data were analyzed in one hundred COVID-19 patients presenting to emergency department and subsequently discharged (n = 49), admitted (n = 51) or deceased (n = 22), and in 47 healthy subjects. […] On CPD analysis, COVID-19 was associated with increased volume of neutrophils, lymphocytes, and monocytes, whereas conductivity was decreased for neutrophils and increased for lymphocytes. […] WBC counts and CPD parameters at disease onset in COVID-19 patients can improve diagnostic characterization and aid in the discrimination between severe and nonsevere presentations.
33190952 In addressing the question ‘What are the factors that enable or optimise CPD impact for learning, development and improvement in the workplace at the individual, team, organisation and system level?’
33287943 In this study, we investigate the potential clinical utility of lymphocyte CPD for early diagnosis of COVID-19. […] To investigate the potential of lymphocyte cell population data (lymphocyte CPD) for use in early diagnosis of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). […] Lymphocyte CPD of healthy control (n = 51), common cold patients (n = 49) and mild COVID-19 patients (n = 126) were generated using hematology analyzer. […] Normality analysis showed that lymphocyte CPD followed a normal distribution. […] At a cutoff value ≥ 16.38, LS-SD was more sensitive and specific than other lymphocyte CPD parameters. […] These results suggest that lymphocyte CPD parameters have great diagnostic potential for SARS-CoV-2 infection and can be used for early diagnosis of the disease.