How to use PlatCOVID

PlatCOVID offers easy and fast access to the user on the upper menu, which is divided into Syntax Analysis, Gene Panel, Drug Panel and Tissue Panel. They cointain scientific curated information that may guide the user on the subjects of interest. Furthermore, it is allowed to the user to view curated publications for five categories (diagnosis, treatment, epidemiology, transmission and clinical, sign & symptoms) and make comments about the data and images. The platform also presents all the updates on the 2019 new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic.

Syntax Analysis

In syntax content, PlatCOVID performed 4 descriptive analysis in the abstracts: (1) Word atomization all abstracts; (2) Categorization based on word atomization; (3) Word atomization of each category; and (4) Sentece atomization and Human Literature Curation.