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Tissue Sentence Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of hair tissue in 8 abstracts.

PMID Senteces
32170800 This is a consensus of Chinese experts on protective measures and advice on hand-cleaning- and medical-glove-related hand protection, mask- and goggles-related face protection, UV-related protection, eye protection, nasal and oral mucosa protection, outer ear, and hair protection.
32223004 Dermatoscope is a convenient diagnostic tool used by dermatologists in the diagnosis of skin, hair and nail disorders.
32301221 A preliminary observation of high frequency of male pattern hair loss among admitted COVID-19 patients and suggest that androgen expression might be a clue to COVID-19 severity.
32307189 COVID-19 infection could have deleterious effects on cochlear hair cell functions despite being asymptomatic.
32337386 Given the unique circumstances for UM patients, along with indications of potential ophthalmologic transmission as a result of healthcare providers working in close proximity to patients and intrinsic infectious risk from eyelashes, tears and hair, practice strategies may be adapted to reduce the risk of viral transmission.
32381140 Examples include universal masking of providers and patients; decreasing thresholds to test asymptomatic patients; using face shields and N95 respirators regardless of symptoms and test results; novel additions to the list of aerosol-generating procedures; and more comprehensive personal protective equipment including hair, shoe, and leg covers.
32563581 Coupled with dermoscopic images, diseases such as hair loss, pediculosis capitis, skin tumor, and scabies, were diagnosed promptly.
32573966 The examination concerned pre- and during-pandemic routine hygiene activities such as hands washing, hair washing, bathing, the use of disinfectants, and use of specific type of cosmetics. […] In contrary to that, number of people washing their hair decreased slightly.