skeletal muscle

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Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of skeletal muscle tissue in 20 abstracts.

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32275288 Patients with more severe infection had neurologic manifestations, such as acute cerebrovascular diseases (5 [5.7%] vs 1 [0.8%]), impaired consciousness (13 [14.8%] vs 3 [2.4%]), and skeletal muscle injury (17 [19.3%] vs 6 [4.8%]).
32305181 Also importantly, prolonged ICU stays are reported to be required for COVID-19 patients stabilization, and longer ICU stay may per se directly worsen or cause malnutrition, with severe loss of skeletal muscle mass and function which may lead to disability, poor quality of life and additional morbidity.
32394816 Additionally, aerobic capacity is impaired at all levels of the O2 cascade, from the cardiovascular system, including peripheral circulation, to skeletal muscle oxidative function.
32417124 The observed symptoms, the cause of which remains unclear, included impaired consciousness, skeletal muscle injury and acute cerebrovascular disease, and appeared more frequently in severe disease.
32443177 We used MIA-US for tissue sampling of lungs, liver, heart, kidneys, spleen, brain, skin, skeletal muscle and testis for histology and RT-PCR to detect SARS-COV-2-RNA.
32489743 Neurological manifestations can further be subdivided into the central nervous system (headache, dizziness, alteration of the sensorium, ataxia encephalitis, stroke, and seizures) and peripheral nervous system (skeletal muscle injury and peripheral nerve involvement including hyposmia and hypogeusia) symptomatology.
32583053 Besides pneumonia, it has been demonstrated that SARS-CoV-2 infection affects multiple organs, including brain tissues, causing different neurological manifestations, especially acute cerebrovascular disease (ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke), impaired consciousness and skeletal muscle injury.
32601577 We divided the neurological manifestations into three categories: (1) Central Nervous System involvement, (2) Peripheral Nervous System manifestations, and (3) Skeletal Muscle Injury. […] Skeletal muscle injury predominantly presents as myalgia.
32660520 Uncommonly, COVID-19 can also present with central nervous system manifestations such as ischemic stroke, intracerebral hemorrhage, encephalo-myelitis, and acute myelitis, peripheral nervous manifestations such as Guillain-Barré syndrome and Bell’s palsy, and skeletal muscle manifestations such as rhabdomyolysis.
32677752 High visceral to subcutaneous adipose tissue area ratio (called visceral adiposity) (odds ratio: 2.47; 95% CI: 1.05-5.98, P = 0.040) and low mean attenuation of skeletal muscle (called high intramuscular fat [IMF] deposition) (odds ratio: 11.90; 95% CI: 4.50-36.14; P < 0.001) were independent risk factors for critical illness.
32782767 Moreover, older adults have a blunted response to physical rehabilitation, and a combination of intense resistance training and nutrition are necessary to overcome the loss of in skeletal muscle due to disuse.
32801291 BACKGROUND Rhabdomyolysis is a skeletal muscle injury that has different etiologies and can be a manifestation of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).
32817258 Based on the deficits identified multidisciplinary rehabilitation should be offered with attention for skeletal muscle and functional as well as mental restoration.
32841329 This in turn drives downstream pathophysiological changes to pulmonary, cardiovascular, skeletal muscle, and brain tissues that drive many of the adverse health outcomes observed in older adults.
32885275 At a time of a pandemic SARS-CoV2 infection, and in the context of the multiorgan crosstalk (widely accepted as a mechanism participating in the pathophysiology of all organs and systems), we examine the complex interplay mediated by skeletal muscle contraction involving the immune system and how this contributes to control health status and to counteract viral infections. […] We showed the effects mediated by regular moderate PA on viral adverse effects through the regulation of biological processes involving the crosstalk between skeletal muscle, the immune system and adipose tissue.
32939636 The protocol required 20 cores of the liver, 30 of lung, 12 of spleen, 20 of heart, 20 of kidney, 4 of breast, 4 of testis, 2 of skeletal muscle, and 4 of fat with total of 112 cores per patient.
32960639 On the other hand, acute respiratory complications require prolonged ICU stays, and this predisposes to increased malnutrition and loss of skeletal muscle mass and function, which can lead to poor quality of life, disability and morbidity long after discharge.
32992744 The global pandemic of sarcopenia, skeletal muscle loss and weakness, which prevails in up to 50% of older adults is increasing worldwide due to the expansion of aging populations. […] However, a collective understanding of the effect and mechanism of action of these products in skeletal muscle is not well-developed. […] Therefore, this review examines the literature for possible effects of royal jelly, bee pollen, and propolis on skeletal muscle in aged experimental models, muscle cell cultures, and humans.
33032534 Multivariable analysis showed that age, lymphopenia, ARDS, acute cardiac injury, heart failure and skeletal muscle injury were associated with death in older patients, while glucocorticoids might be harmful. […] Advanced age, lymphopenia, ARDS, acute cardiac injury, heart failure and skeletal muscle injury were independent predictors of death in older patients with COVID-19 and glucocorticoids should be carefully administered in older patients.
33049354 A decrease in daily physical activities and an increase in sedentary time culminates in an impactful skeletal muscle disuse period and reduction in neuromuscular abilities related to functional capacity.