Categoric Terms

Terms used to catergorized all abstracts in 5 categories.

Box 1. Terms to catergorized abstracts

Diagnosis Treatmnet Epidemiology Transmission Clinical*
Diagnostic treatment Epidemiology Transmission Clinical
diagnosis Therapeutics Epidemiologic Sexually Transmitted Diseases Symptoms
Techniques Therapy Pharmacoepidemiology Infectious Disease Transmission Sing
Reagent Kits Medication Health Services Research Disease Transmission Sing and Symptoms
Immunologic Tests Health Resorts NA Infection Transmission Delivery of Health Care
Nursing Diagnosis Life Support Care NA NA Signs and Symptoms
Serologic Tests Palliative Care NA NA Clinical Medicine
Diagnostic Imaging Patient Care Planning NA NA Medical Records
Clinical Diagnosis Patient Dropouts NA NA Treatment Outcome
Medicamentous Diagnosis Residential Treatment NA NA Practice Guideline
Diagnosis of Health Situation drug effects NA NA Critical Pathways
Clinical Laboratory Techniques Intensive Care Units NA NA Disease Management
Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures Pretreatment NA NA Decision Support Systems
Molecular Diagnostic Techniques Clinical Protocols NA NA Equivalence Trial
Telediagnostics Patient Compliance NA NA NA
NA Treatment Outcome NA NA NA
NA Medical Futility NA NA NA
NA Homebound Persons NA NA NA
NA Withholding Treatment NA NA NA
NA Medication Therapy Management NA NA NA
NA Medication Adherence NA NA NA
NA Molecular Targeted Therapy NA NA NA
NA Molecular Therapy NA NA NA
NA Transitional Care NA NA NA
NA Conservative Treatment NA NA NA
NA Teletherapy NA NA NA

*Clinical, signs and symptoms

Common Terms Excluded

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Box 2. Top 30 to catergorized abstracts

Global Diagnosis Treatmnet Epidemiology Transmission Clinical*
covid-19 coronavirus coronavirus 2020 patients 2020
patients has 2020 sars-cov-2 cases coronavirus
found 2019 sars-cov-2 has © cases
abstract © © china been may
coronavirus may cases © may been
2020 been (covid-19) more china data
has had copyright (covid-19) data copyright
sars-cov-2 copyright patient been (covid-19) rights
cases patient data rights copyright had
2019 more more reported number should
© results including review reported china
been used review elsevier had including
copyright using high high review results
may elsevier need s high such
rights among however early elsevier review
(covid-19) however due should evidence high
data number results including however while
china s while such s both
more (sars-cov-2) using (sars-cov-2) due higher
had due both january early those
patient rapidly those higher results need
should higher many february (sars-cov-2) wuhan
elsevier those higher ct rapidly ci
including ci wuhan however those many
reported evidence further due within further
number february rapidly both three three
such three without found december within
s found inc rapidly found 95%
wuhan further ltd three many december
used within found chinese ci vs

*Clinical, signs and symptoms