Long-Lasting, Patient-Controlled, Procedure-Free Contraception: A Review of Annovera with a Pharmacist Perspective.


Annovera (segesterone acetate and ethinyl estradiol vaginal system) is a US Food and Drug Administration FDA-approved long-lasting, reversible contraceptive that is fully administered by the user and does not require a procedure for insertion or removal. The vaginal system is in the shape of a ring and contains low doses of a novel progestin, egesterone acetate, and ethinyl estradiol. It is made of silicone and is fully pliable and flexible. The vaginal system is reusable for 13 cycles, using a 21 days in/7 days out regimen, providing women with the ability to control their fertility. Particularly now during the COVID-19 pandemic when access to contraception has been further reduced, patients may benefit from a method that is both long-lasting and patient-controlled.

In Pharmacy (Basel, Switzerland)
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