complement C2

Gene Context Sentence

Table 2. Analysis of context sentence of C2 gene in 10 abstracts.

PMID Gene Context Sentence
32349035 We apply genomic analysis to observe SARS-Co-V2 sequences from GenBank (http:// www.ncbi.nim.nih.gov/genebank/): MN 908947 China, C1), MN985325 (USA:WA, UW), MN996527 (China, C2), MT007544 (Australia:Victoria, A1), MT027064 (USA:CA, UC), MT039890 (South Korea, K1), MT066175 (Taiwan,T1), MT066176 (Taiwan, T2), LC528232 (Japan, J1), and LC528233 (Japan, J2) for genomic sequence alignment an analysis.
32773643 We apply genomic alignment analysis to observe SARS-CoV-2 sequences from GenBank (http://www.ncbi.nim.nih.gov/genebank/): MN 908947 (China, C1); MN985325 (United States: WA, UW); MN996527 (China, C2); MT007544 (Australia: Victoria, A1); MT027064 (United States: CA, UC); MT039890 (South Korea, K1); MT066175 (Taiwan, T1); MT066176 (Taiwan, T2); LC528232 (Japan, J1); and LC528233 (Japan, J2) and Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza Data database (https://www.gisaid.org).
32837820 Publications that utilize more advanced models often focus just on supply chain networks and exclude associated system components such as transportation and command and control (C2) networks, which creates a gap in the research that needs to be bridged.
32880929 The lysosomal membrane protein NPC1 (Niemann-Pick type C1) and NPC2 (Niemann-Pick type C2) are main players of cholesterol control in the lysosome and it is known that the mutation on these proteins leads to the cholesterol trafficking related neurodegenerative disease, which is called the Niemann-Pick disease type C (NPC) disease. […] Even though there has been significant progress with understanding the cholesterol transport by NPC1 in combination with NPC2, especially after the structural determination of the full length NPC1 in 2016, many details such as the interaction of the full length NPC1 with the NPC2, the molecular motions responsible for the cholesterol transport during and after this interaction, and the structure and the function relations of many mutations are still not well understood. […] It was found that the mutation induces a structural shift of the NTD (N-terminal domain), toward the loop region in the MLD (middle lumenal domain), which is believed to play a central role in the interaction with NPC2 protein, so the interaction with the NPC2 protein might be less favorable compared to the wild NPC1. […] Also, the simulation indicates the possible re-orientation of the NTD with both the wild and the R518W mutated NPC1 after receiving the cholesterol from the NPC2, that align to form an internal tunnel, which is a possible pose for further action in cholesterol trafficking. […] We believe the current study can provide a better understanding of the cholesterol transport by NPC1 especially the role of NTD of NPC1 in combination with NPC2 interactions.
32979436 NMR analysis showed that the structure of SJ-D-S-H featured with a backbone of 1, 3-linked α-L-Fucp residues sulfated at C4 and C2/C4 and 1, 3-linked α-L-Fucp residues sulfated at C4 and branched with 1, 6-linked β-D-galacto-biose; Gn had a backbone of alternating 1, 4-linked β-D-GlcAp residues and 1, 2-linked α-D-Manp residues.
33028802 A computed tomography (CT) scan of her neck revealed a very subtle hyperdensity, which on further investigation was found to be an acute epidural hematoma at C2-C3 space through the C6 vertebra.
33166894 A robust supercritical chromatography (SFC) method using an Enantiocel C2-5 column was developed for the multigram separation of the enantiomers of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), affirming its use as a scalable technology and ability to provide quantities of each enantiomer for clinical evaluation.
33170902 The phylogentic analysis identified two major Clades C1 and C2 harboring mutations L3606F and G614D, respectively and both emerging for the first time in China.
33365178 X-rays showed a C2 hangman’s fracture with instability. […] X-rays and CT studies both confirmed anterior dislocation at C2 on C3 with bilateral pedicle C2 fractures and 5 mm of subluxation.
33491194 Three criteria for identifying donors with nAbs ≥ 1:160 were tested: - C1: Curve ROC; - C2: Conditional decision tree considering only the IA results and - C3: Conditional decision tree including both the IA results and the clinical variables. […] Regarding the studied criteria for identifying CP donors with high nAbs titers: (a) C1 showed 76.1% accuracy if S/CO = 4.65, (b) C2 presented 76.1% accuracy if S/CO ≥4.57 and (c) C3 had 71.6% accuracy if S/CO was ≥4.57 or if S/CO was between 2.68-4.57 and the last COVID-19-related symptoms were recent (within 19 days).