tripartite motif containing 21

Gene Context Sentence

Table 2. Analysis of context sentence of TRIM21 gene in 3 abstracts.

PMID Gene Context Sentence
32934084 Despite acting postentry and in a CypA-dependent manner with features reminiscent of antiretroviral factors from other mammals, this restriction was not saturable with virus-like particles and was independent of P. alecto TRIM5, TRIM21, TRIM22, TRIM34, and MX2.
33041797 The shared genes included MMP13, NLRP3, TRIM21, GBP1, ADORA2A, PTAFR, TNF, MLNR, IL1B, NFKBIA, ADRB2, and IL6.
33258165 Here, we show that anti-N immune protection is mediated by the cytosolic Fc receptor and E3 ubiquitin ligase TRIM21. […] Exploiting LCMV as a model system, we demonstrate that TRIM21 uses anti-N antibodies to target N for cytosolic degradation and generate cytotoxic T cells (CTLs) against N peptide.