BCL2 associated agonist of cell death

Gene Context Sentence

Table 2. Analysis of context sentence of BAD gene in 100 abstracts.

PMID Gene Context Sentence
32207592 It is important to give full explanation before operation to reduce anxiety; to relieve the discomfort during operation to reduce tension; to avoid the bad mood of patients due to pain after operation.
32233013 Our data support the notion that diabetes should be considered as a risk factor for a rapid progression and bad prognosis of COVID-19.
32238504 When colleagues struggle to communicate bad news, they regularly turn to us.
32311132 There is still a possibility that the pandemic will be manageably bad rather than unmanageably catastrophic in this country.
32329593 Shadows included that telemedicine can integrate but will never substitute face-to-face rehabilitation base on the encounter among human beings; age, and technology barriers (devices absence, bad connection and human diffidence) have also been reported.
32335173 Cancer was more often associated with a more severe course, but not necessarily with a bad prognosis.
32390661 Third, we discuss the increased segmentation of the labor market which allocate workers to “good jobs” and “bad jobs” and the contribution of occupational segmentation to inequality.
32391673 Special attention and support should be paid to maternal psychology: fully explanation before operation to reduce anxiety; relieve the discomfort during operation, so as to reduce tension; avoid the bad mood due to pain after operation.
32407142 Bad advice can lead to tragedy, such as death from taking an unproven medication.1 Now, more than ever, public health policies should be based on the best available evidence.
32416412 Severe SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19) has a bad clinical outcome, and some reports emphasized the role of cytokine storm and dysfunctions of multiple organs.
32419667 COVID-19 fatalities exemplify “bad deaths” and are distinguished by physical discomfort, difficulty breathing, social isolation, psychological distress, and care that may be discordant with the patient’s preferences.
32420930 Maybe a bad strategy and lack of timely intervention togheter with concurrent social events, comorbidities of oldest persons, bed rest, inadequate nutritional support and drugs’ side effects and infection of health professionals proved fatal for many.
32428075 The vertical distancing scenario is almost as bad as the control, both in terms of people infected and in the acceleration of cases.
32434603 Pharmacist-level, system-level and regulatory responses have sought to minimise this impact, although there is likely to be a lasting impression on the profession, both good and bad.
32455550 In addition, 48.2% feels stressed, 46.6% of the respondents confirmed to be feeling in a bad mood, and 47.4% do not stop thinking throughout the day about this epidemic and how to protect themselves.
32456948 Our data indicated that CVD is a strong risk factor for rapid progression and bad prognosis of COVID-19.
32489188 CoViD-19 pandemic is causing serious consequences on mental health, consequences that are considered that bad that World Health Organization has affirmed that mental health defence is priority in this particular moment of development of pandemic.
32489189 CoViD-19 pandemic is causing serious consequences on mental health, consequences that are considered that bad that World Health Organization has affirmed that mental health defence is priority in this particular moment of development of pandemic.
32496252 Mortality was higher than the national average of 3.2%; comorbidity was associated with bad prognosis.
32501175 Situations that may prompt episodes of violence in the family include stress, emotional disappointment, economic factors, bad and cramped housing, and alcohol or drug abuse.
32522814 In the next (bad phase), the resources are mostly available, but the system is stressed by many patients arriving over a short time period and auxiliary beds in different places in the hospital being used.
32523607 In this emergency context, the communication of bad news is especially relevant because of the particular way it must be done: the need to maintain social distance or mobility restrictions imposed on the general population means that this task must often be carried out remotely, mostly by telephone calls. […] This confronts professionals with a number of particular obstacles: a) most of them have little or no training in this kind of communication skills, b) effective communication of bad news largely depends on body language, which is absent in this type of exchange, and c) since this type of remote dialogue is not recommended - except in particular circumstances such as the current ones - there is little literature available to guide the professionals who must carry out this task. […] This manuscript offers recommendations for remote communication of bad news by telephone, applicable to situations in which this task cannot be carried out in person. […] A proposal structured around four “moments” is presented to guide the remote transmission of bad news in order to improve the care of patients, families and caregivers during this exchange and to reduce the negative impact from it on health professionals.
32526447 In this review we present the journey of face mask, originating from the first masks aimed at stopping the bad smell to its industrial use to its all-important place in the medical field.
32542552 Bad behavioral practice became evident when approximately 50% of students admitted that they did not wear masks when they left their house.
32556070 If reduction of taste and/or smell was documented by item 5 of the I-SNOT-22, further inquiries were made to score them separately on a scale from 0 to 5, with 0 indicating no problem and 5 indicating problem as bad as it can be.
32560550 Confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic can influence dietary profiles, especially those of adolescents, who are highly susceptible to acquiring bad eating habits.
32594966 A higher extent of contact with healthcare professionals was related to patients’ perception of health as bad/reasonable, lower perceived susceptibility, a lower sense of mastery, and higher social support.
32639877 Patient satisfaction (n = 108) with telemedicine was high (mean, 9/10), and only 48% (n = 52/108) would not want to hear bad news using telemedicine.
32643017 As COVID-19 is spreading all over the world, we are in a desperate situation to find treatment solutions; however, despite the urgency, scientific rules have to be applied as bad science is unethical since it might be harmful for patients.
32699822 As a result, redeployed doctors and nurses are caring for patients at the end of their lives and breaking bad news with little experience or training. […] This article aims to understand why redeployed doctors and nurses feel unprepared to break bad news through a content analysis of their training curricula. […] As digital learning has come to the forefront in health care education during this time, relevant digital resources for breaking bad news training are suggested.
32722624 Half of the participants report staying at home all the time, and up to half report decreased mental health in terms of, e.g., feeling depressed, having sleeping problems and that isolation makes them feel bad.
32724754 We are reporting this case to highlight one of the many potential bad outcomes as a result of a delay in seeking necessary medical attention due to the fear of contracting the virus.
32736486 These included breaking bad news, patients’ use of communication devices, the limited time available for the delivery of care, managing death necessarily only inside the hospital, and relationships with families.
32738664 The outbreak will cause bad emotions such as tension, anxiety, fear, and so on.
32796790 Finger pointing, blame games and scapegoating are associated with creation of binaries that identify agency as good or bad, right or wrong, moral or immoral. […] The scapegoat is expectedly always bad, wrong and immoral, commonly black evil.
32803988 An urgent pancolectomy was performed due to her bad response to conservative treatment.
32810325 The overall satisfaction rate of residents and instructors were 4.29 and 4.67 (min: 1 so bad, max: 5 so good).
32811326 The analysis of the data shows the following six categories: “The lack of staff is extremely noticeable” to “Waiting for something”, “struggle for PPE (personal protective equipment)”, “time to learn”, “considerable discrepancy” in patient care, “attempts to compensate” and “constantly a bad feeling”.
32834156 The article also examines commuter links and the role they have played in the spread of COVID-19 in Germany as well as bad weather conditions and a high population density.
32837610 Humidity is negatively related to the COVID-19-related deaths, and bad air quality leads to an increase in this mortality.
32837924 A ratio at which the virus has been proliferating, the increased uncertainty is exactly the reason for this bad situation which resulted as unsecured initialization investment between traders.
32847836 Permission for caregivers to attend clinic visits was limited in many centres, with some exceptions (ie, for non-autonomous patients, in the case of a new diagnosis, when bad news was expected and for terminally ill patients).
32864603 It should be considered as a risk factor for a rapid progression and bad prognosis of COVID-19.
32867706 Leucopenia and lymphopenia were the most common signs of infection while liver and kidney damage were rare but may cause bad outcomes for patients.
32877499 Some of them: - a Shared decision making, which enables the patient and family to participate as facilitators in the systematization of the team’s reasoning, in addition to respecting the principle of autonomy; - Symptom Management: which should be a priority to ensure relief of suffering even in times of social isolation; - Communication skills: making it possible to alleviate suffering in announcing bad news or complex decisions through communication techniques;; - Bereavement assistance: which in acute situations such as the pandemic, causing unexpected losses, the importance of sympathy from healthcare professionals becomes even greater.
32900674 The most common reported orthodontic emergencies were poking wire 30%, debonded brackets 27.3%, bad odor 24%, sharp ligature tie 20%, inflammation and bleeding 9.3%, ulcer 8.7%, and problematic palatal device 8%.
32904908 We carry out economic value analysis and discuss OVX’s asymmetric effects concerning different trading hours and good (bad) OVX, and find OVX performs better in day-time trading hours and the good OVX is more predictive for the oil futures RV than the bad OVX.
32916691 Similarly, the anxiety was higher among people with fair/bad SRH compared to individuals with excellent SRH.
32972320 We also wonder if these thrombophilias participate in the bad prognosis of severe Covid-19 infections.
33023535 Qualitative data analysis revealed 11 categories including death anxiety, anxiety due to the nature of the disease, anxiety caused by corpse burial, fear of infecting the family, distress about time wasting, emotional distress of delivering bad news, fear of being contaminated, the emergence of obsessive thoughts, the bad feeling of wearing personal protective equipment, conflict between fear and conscience, and the public ignorance of preventive measures.
33029549 Half of participants (n = 15) self-rated their health status as bad and three of them died in private health facilities.
33042535 (48.7%) and (57%) of clinical students and basic students express their interaction as bad, while the others had good and excellent interaction.
33046317 In these extraordinary circumstances, our reality was among the most affected and was able to hold the impact thanks to the immediate great response set in place by the operators, although it costed us an effort especially the one to try to guarantee a high quality level of assistance and care compared to the huge wave of patients in seriously bad conditions.
33046957 Also, a higher rate of infection with COVID-19, severe COVID-19 and bad outcome has been demonstrated in patients with pre-existing vascular disease and vascular risk factors.
33067713 What is Known: • Breaking bad news can have a lasting impact on parents when not done the right way.
33078131 Other social and personal factors, such as being away from family (90%), having problems sleeping (86%), worrying about the future (85%), experiencing anger (83%), lacking emotional support (79%) and having fear of receiving bad news (72%), were reported often by participants.
33087166 Sleep quality during COVID-19 was very good, fair good and very bad in 23.4%, 60% and 3.5% of HCW respectively.
33097098 Somehow, good leaders do; finding creativity, courage and conviction to make the most of a bad situation, they rise above it.
33113212 People have exploited these differences for good and bad, for developing vaccines from cowpox and horsepox virus, controlling rabbit plagues with myxoma virus and introducing smallpox during colonization of America and Australia.
33116566 Non-adherence was associated with never studied and primary education level [adjusted odds ratio (aOR)=1.63, CI=1.31-2.03], unemployed status [aOR=1.29, CI=1.01-1.67], living in Kamina (Haut-Lomami province) [aOR=1.63, CI=1.31-2.03], female gender of head of household [aOR=1.53, CI=1.16-2.03], no attending lectures/discussions about COVID-19 [aOR=1.61, CI=1.08-2.40], not being satisfied with the measures taken by the Ministry of Health [aOR=2.26, CI=1.78-2.81], not been regularly informed about the pandemic [aOR=2.25, CI=1.80-2.03], and bad knowledge about COVID-19 [aOR=2.36, CI=1.90-2.93].
33117240 We transcribed the content of the dreams into word lists and performed unsupervised computational network and cluster analysis of word associations, which suggested 33 dream clusters including 20 bad dream clusters, of which 55% were pandemic-specific (e.g., Disease Management, Disregard of Distancing, Elderly in Trouble). […] This CS survey on dream-association networks and pandemic stress introduces novel, collectively shared COVID-19 bad dream contents.
33127666 This article will describe and discuss a new ethical dilemma faced by clinicians in the out-of-hospital environment during this time, namely the delivery of bad news to family members who are required to remain at home and self-isolate while the critically unwell patient is transported to hospital. […] I conclude by making three recommendations: first, that dedicated pastoral outreach teams ought to be set up during pandemics to assist family members of patients transported to hospital; second, I offer a framework for how bad news can be delivered during a lockdown in a less damaging way; and finally, that a new model of bad news delivery more suited for unplanned, time-pressured care should be developed.
33146961 Invoked like mantras to protect us from bad luck, are these two principles really a panacea for these situations ?
33161494 Obesity (OR 1.97, p = 0.0070), low educational level, bad/very bad self-perceived olfactory function (OR 2.74, p = 0.0050), olfactory loss for less than one week (OR 1.35, p = 0.0030), exposure to toxics/irritants (OR 1.31, p = 0.0030), active smoking (OR 1.58, p < 0.0010), and type 2 diabetes mellitus (OR 2.68, 95%CI 1.74-4.10, p < 0.0001) were identified as factors associated with olfactory dysfunction.
33208153 Factors significantly associated with increased COVID-19 concern included bad/very bad household economic situation, larger household size, current NCD, symptoms of anxiety, adjustment disorder and PTSD.
33211432 The disseminated vesicular eruptions affect about 23 % of the patient and may witness an initial COVID-19 infection, whereas the vasculitic lesions are rather rare but are currently considered as a factor of bad prognosis.
33234132 Ultimately, we ought to determine whether KL-6 could be a marker of disease severity and bad prognosis.
33234669 To describe presentation, hospital course, and predictors of bad outcome in multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C).
33239560 A good decision can have a bad outcome, and a bad decision can have a good outcome.
33248018 Patients with a metabolic syndrome (overweight, diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia) have a particularly bad outcome if infected with SARS-CoV-2.
33262969 We expect the lockdown rules to be strengthened in future days, so the death toll will not be as bad as predicted by this model.
33269090 Acknowledging the limitations of patient self-protection from bad privacy practices when in need for medical treatment during pandemic, the paper proposes that consumers’ data privacy should be protected through one of two alternative regulatory interventions: the FTC’s authority under §5, or HIPAA’s business associates agreements.
33272449 It addresses the historically-situated concept of a good death and a bad death and suggests why dying alone, whether completely alone or without significant others physically present, may be considered a bad death.
33273038 What is most important to patients and their families when receiving bad news is privacy, adequate time without interruptions, clarity and honesty when delivering the information, and an empathetic and caring attitude. […] Much of the work done on breaking bad news has been done in oncology and focusses on face to face interaction; there has been an assumption that this is transferrable to the emergency department, and more recently that this is applicable to conversations over the phone. […] Multiple educational interventions to improve the delivery of bad news have been developed, with differing frameworks to help clinicians carry out this stressful task. […] Simulation is widely used to train clinicians to break bad news, and has solid theoretical foundations for its use. […] The psychological safety of participants must be considered, especially with emotive subjects such as breaking bad news. […] We believe there is a need for specific training in breaking bad news over the phone, and developed an innovative simulation-based session to address this.
33278189 We review the evidence that spironolactone may be the preferred RASSi to increase PN1 and decrease TMPRSS2, furin and plasmin activities and thereby to reduce viral cell binding, entry, infectivity and bad outcomes.
33282060 We aimed to find out whether elevated D-dimer levels are a predictor of the bad progression of COVID-19 to help reducing the mortality. the data of COVID-19 patients from March 21, 2020 to April 24, 2020 were retrieved from the Cheick Khalifa Hospital database.
33284778 Those who self-reported their health as bad or very bad experienced more severe depression (B=9.57, 95% CI 4.54 to 14.59), anxiety (B=7.24, 95% CI 3.55 to 10.9), and stress (B=10.60, 95% CI 5.56 to 15.65).
33291377 These effects were stronger for people with moderate to bad subjective overall health.
33291468 In terms of sleep quality, 15% of participants characterized their sleep as bad and 37.9% as average during the lockdown week.
33319028 Economic concerns including food insecurity were an important correlate of ‘bad’ mental health, as was younger age, female gender, and Canada-born status.
33319496 Overall the evaluations, sleep quality was bad on the majority of participants, with an increase during the epidemic crisis, while persistent burnout had influence on state anxiety, acute stress, and symptoms of depersonalization/derealization.
33326412 A reaudit was conducted following the development of our new mnemonic, “MRS BAD BONES,” which addressed key factors in the assessment and management of osteoporosis: medication review, rheumatology/renal advice, smoking cessation; blood tests, alcohol limits, DEXA (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) scan; bone-sparing medications, orthogeriatric review, nutrition, exercise, supplements. […] The “MRS BAD BONES” mnemonic significantly improved management and could be used in a wider setting.
33358246 However, surgery in COVID-19 patients with active infection is associate with bad outcomes and mortality.
33360755 Comparatively lower satisfaction scores were reported for the ability to perform physical exams (sensitive and nonsensitive) and to break bad news.
33373551 Addressing the hypothesized third wave of health care demand due to COVID-19 through VH is critical not only for ongoing military readiness requirements, but holds lessons both good and bad for civilian health care delivery as well.
33392568 Emergency physicians routinely encounter stressful clinical situations, including treating victims of crime, violence, and trauma; facing the deaths of patients; and delivering bad news.
33392827 PD patients with older age, longer PD duration, and late stage PD may be highly susceptible to critical COVID-19 infection and bad outcome.
33412814 Among the retirement homes cohort group, a higher probability of a bad course of disease emerged for males and for more complex patients. the greatest risk of hospitalisation/death as a measure of more severe illness was confirmed for males, elderly, and for individuals with comorbidities.
33430022 Considering three different levels of analysis the results highlight the protective and risk factors: personal history level (intrinsic/ethical motivation and flexible role versus extrinsic motivation and static role), interpersonal level (perception of supportive relationships with colleagues, patients, and family versus bad relationships), and organizational level (good leadership and sustainable work purpose versus absence of support from management and undefined or confused tasks).
33445059 High income was independent protective factors while moderate or bad health status and high trait anxiety level were independent risk factors for severe state anxiety.
33447480 Twenty-three point eight percent (23.8%) of the responders rated their sleep quality as a very good quality of sleep while 17.8% rated it as very bad.
33456781 Moreover, the post-pandemic waste management is very important as a bad management may lead to the more spread of the disease.
33481987 The overall message behind these downward comparisons was that the situation is not so bad, as others are in a worse predicament; b).
33509218 As the pandemic continues, we must apply what we have learned about our response, both good and bad, to improve organization and thus patient care in the future.
33521223 Indeed, many people are not correctly wearing their masks due to bad practices, bad behaviors or vulnerability of individuals (e.g., children, old people).
33522996 The conclusion of this study can help migrant workers, enterprises and government to avoid potential workplace and social bad behavior.
33525231 These beaks were filled with scented spices, aromatic substances and perfumes to filter out the plague and to mask “bad air”, which was considered to be the vehicle of the disease.
33553572 The correlation finding suggests that long-term bad air quality may aggravate the clinical symptoms of the disease.
33556749 Logistic regression models were performed to identify mental health outcomes associated with bad state resilience and predictors of good state resilience. […] The presence of depressive symptoms was a predictor of bad state resilience in PP (β=0.110, OR=1.117, p=0.028). […] No specific mental health outcome was associated with bad state resilience in UR and CC. […] The association between bad state resilience and depressive symptoms was partially mediated by affective temperaments.
33563620 Uptake was positively associated with the ≥65 age group, living in French-speaking and urban areas, history of smoking, bad self-reported health status, private/semiprivate health insurance, having a medical profession and having any underlying chronic disease.