Gene Context Sentence

Table 2. Analysis of context sentence of PALM gene in 12 abstracts.

PMID Gene Context Sentence
32337143 The virus has wide host adaptability and is capable of causing severe diseases in humans, masked palm civets, mice, dogs, cats, camels, pigs, chickens, and bats.
32567501 Thus, Buriti oil (Mauritia flexuosa L.) is a natural product extracted from the fruit of the palm and is quite common in the legal Amazon region, Brazil.
32894024 ARDS: acute respiratory distress syndrome; aOR: adjusted odds ratio; ALT: alanine transferase; ALIMA: Alliance for International Medical Action; AST: aspartate transaminase; BUN: blood urea nitrogen; CNS: central nervous system; CUBE: chambre d’urgence biosécurisée pour épidémie; COVID-19: coronavirus disease 2019; Ct: cycle threshold; DRC: Democratic Republic of Congo; ETC: ebola treatment centre; ETU: ebola treatment unit; EBOV: ebola virus; EVD: ebolavirus disease; FEAST: fluid expansion as supportive therapy; GP: glycoprotein; IV: intravenous; MEURI: monitored emergency use of unregistered interventions; NETEC: National Ebola Training and Education Centre; NP: nucleoprotein; ORS: oral rehydration solution; PALM: Pamoja Tulinde Maisha; PREVAIL: Partnership for Research on Ebola Virus in Liberia; PPE: personal protective equipment; PCR: polymerase chain reaction; PEP: post-exposure prophylaxis; RDTs: rapid diagnostic tests; RT: reverse transcriptase; RNA: ribonucleic acid; UNICEF: United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund; USA: United States of America; WHO: World Health Organization.
32954998 The bats, palm civets and camels are identified as the reservoir of human coronaviruses.
32964485 We formulated a “Trikatu syrup” (TS) using these three spices and palmyra palm neera.
32979815 Both proteases share strikingly similar USP fold with right-handed thumb-palm-fingers structural scaffold and conserved catalytic triad Cys-His-Asp/Asn.
33024646 Those who demonstrated washing of the palm, back of the hand, spaces between the fingers, fingernails, wrist, and thumbs had six points and were categorized to have had a good practice of handwashing.
33025751 (Arecaceae), ‘Coco de Mer’, is a palm, growing as endemic in the Seychelles islands.
33036961 Interestingly, we found that a palm civet SARS-CoV-derived RBD elicited more potent cross-neutralizing responses in immunized animals than the RBD from a human SARS-CoV strain, informing a strategy to develop universe vaccines against emerging CoVs.
33207437 Swab samples from the ward environment included inside masks, outside masks, palm swabs, bedside handrails, bedside tables, cell phone screens, toilet cell phone shelves, toilet pads and toilet lids.
33295324 Bats were the original hosts of the CoV that causes Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), for example, with masked palm civet cats and dromedaries, respectively, the intermediate hosts of those two viruses.
33327904 In most of the cases of emergence of human CoVs bats, palm civets, raccoon dogs and camels have been identified as the sources of human infections and reservoir hosts.