MET proto-oncogene, receptor tyrosine kinase

Gene Context Sentence

Table 2. Analysis of context sentence of MET gene in 773 abstracts.

PMID Gene Context Sentence
32073213 In the recent outbreak of novel coronavirus infection in Wuhan, China, significantly abnormal coagulation parameters in severe novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) cases were a concern. […] The overall mortality was 11.5%, the non-survivors revealed significantly higher D-dimer and fibrin degradation product (FDP) levels, longer prothrombin time and activated partial thromboplastin time compared to survivors on admission (P < .05); 71.4% of non-survivors and 0.6% survivors met the criteria of disseminated intravascular coagulation during their hospital stay.
32077660 Objective: To analyze the clinical characteristics of cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia and a preliminary study to explore the relationship between different clinical classification and liver damage. Methods: Consecutively confirmed novel coronavirus infection cases admitted to seven designated hospitals during January 23, 2020 to February 8, 2020 were included. […] Quantitative data were expressed as median (interquartile range), and qualitative data were expressed as frequency and rate. Results: 32 confirmed cases that met the inclusion criteria were included. 28 cases were of mild or moderate type (87.50%), and four cases (12.50%) of severe or critical type.
32118640 Seventy-eight patients with COVID-19-induced pneumonia met the inclusion criteria and were included in this study.
32171190 Methods: A retrospective study was conducted in 54 patients who admitted to Tongji hospital from February 3, 2020 to February 24, 2020 and met the criteria of severe or critical conditions of COVID-19.
32191691 Singapore adopted a multipronged surveillance strategy that included applying the case definition at medical consults, tracing contacts of patients with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19, enhancing surveillance among different patient groups (all patients with pneumonia, hospitalized patients in intensive care units [ICUs] with possible infectious diseases, primary care patients with influenza-like illness, and deaths from possible infectious etiologies), and allowing clinician discretion (i.e., option to order a test based on clinical suspicion, even if the case definition was not met) to identify COVID-19 patients.
32207542 Are their healthcare needs being met?
32213260 We retrieved 3,660 unique citations; 20 observational studies met eligibility, and we studied 13 therapies.
32219428 Case series of 5 critically ill patients with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) who met the following criteria: severe pneumonia with rapid progression and continuously high viral load despite antiviral treatment; Pao2/Fio2 <300; and mechanical ventilation. […] All 5 patients (age range, 36-65 years; 2 women) were receiving mechanical ventilation at the time of treatment and all had received antiviral agents and methylprednisolone.
32222122 Seven patients with moderate COVID-19 met the discharge criteria enacted by National Health Commission were quarantine in hospital for 7 days, then continuously quarantined at home for 4 weeks after discharged. […] During the three weeks of quarantined period, the symptoms and signs were documented; and sputum or nasal swab and feces samples were collected to test SARS-COV-2 nucleic acid by RT-PCR method. […] However, respiratory swabs from 3 patients were confirmed positive of SARS-COV-2 nucleic acid at 5 to 7 days after they met the discharge criteria. […] The study indicates that there is a relatively high incidence of positive viral nucleic acid in patients met the discharge criteria, and it is suggested that patients met the current discharge criteria should be quarantined in hospital for another 7 days and the follow-up viral testing is necessary.
32239127 The mortality rate was high among the COVID-19 patients described in our cohort who met our criteria for inclusion in this analysis.
32239799 Coagulopathy in corona virus infection has been shown to be associated with high mortality with high D-dimers being a particularly important marker for the coagulopathy.1 In the latest paper from the same group, the use of anticoagulant therapy with heparin was shown to decrease mortality as well. 2 This is especially so in patients i) who have met the sepsis induced coagulopathy (SIC) criteria ≥4 (40.0% vs 64.2%, P=0.029) compared to those with SIC score <4 (29.0% vs 22.6%, P=0.419).or ii) with markedly elevated D-dimer (greater than six-fold at the upper limit of normal).
32244365 Of 317 research articles generated from our initial search on PubMed and preprint archives on 21 February 2020, 41 met our inclusion criteria and were included in the review.
32250963 However, the level of population interest did not correlate with the proportion of hospitals providing telehealth services in the United States, suggesting that increased population demand may not be met with the current telehealth capacity.
32259322 By February 20, 2020, only two of the three patients had met the clinical discharge criteria.
32271609 Every morning, we are met with an increasing deluge of dire news about the most recent number of people to contract COVID-19 and to die from it, decreases in the stock market, and countries implementing broad travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders.1,2 The current state of affairs is having a negative effect on the mental well-being of our country’s residents.
32271724 Among 226 patients who met the inclusion criteria, 23% had positive test results for influenza.
32272522 We followed the Cochrane rapid review methodology. […] The results were synthesized in a narrative way. 713 manuscripts were identified, of which 21 met the inclusion criteria.
32277751 The objective was to characterise patients reporting new onset anosmia during the COVID-19 pandemic METHODOLOGY: Design: Survey of 2428 patients reporting new onset anosmia during the COVID-19 pandemic. […] In patients who reported other symptoms, 51% reported either cough or fever and therefore met current guidelines for self-isolation.
32281231 Over a 3-month period, our ED aimed to minimise nosocomial transmission by using broader suspect case criteria for better detection and using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers (HCWs) METHODS: All ED admissions with respiratory syndromes over a 3-month period were tested for COVID-19. […] Of these, 34 met the official screening criteria; another 25 were picked up by the broader internal screening criteria.
32283052 We performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of results from published studies to date to provide a summary of evidence on detection of COVID-19 by chest CT and the expected CT imaging manifestations. […] A total of 13 studies met inclusion criteria.
32283156 Patient-Index visited his 16-year-old female cousin in the evening on his return, and met 15 previous classmates in a get-together on January 21.
32287039 Leveraging a set of tools (Twitter’s search Application Programming Interface, Tweepy Python library, and PostgreSQL database) and using a set of pre-defined search terms (corona, 2019-nCov, and COVID-19), we extracted the text and metadata (number of likes and retweets, and user profile information including the number of followers) of public English language tweets from February 2, 2020 up to March 15, 2020. […] Out of approximately 2.8 million tweets included, 167,073 unique tweets from 160,829 unique users met the inclusion criteria.
32292908 Given the large existing manufacturing base and abundance of raw materials for HCQ, the supply challenge can be met with considerable efforts and international cooperation.
32294922 Twenty studies met the eligibility criteria for this review.
32311836 Eleven participants met COVID-19 screening criteria, of whom two sought testing unsuccessfully.
32314954 Aligning decisions with societal needs will help ensure all segments of society are catered to and met while managing the crisis.
32323974 Simple and rapid immunodiagnostic methods are urgently needed to identify positive cases. […] The results of the validation experiment met the requirements for clinical diagnostic reagents.
32328369 Only 564 publications met our inclusion criteria.
32332185 This demanded an unprecedented adaptation of our hospital organisation, and we have met many clinical issues in the care for Covid-19 patients.
32335200 Workforce returning to work was invited to complete an online questionnaire regarding their attitude toward the COVID-19 epidemic and return-to-work along with psychological parameters including the Impact of Event Scale-Revised, Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scale- 21 (DASS-21) and Insomnia Severity Index (ISI). […] From 673 valid questionnaires, we found that 10.8% of respondents met the diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after returning to work.
32336804 A resumption of activity should happen as soon as possible, once the medical pre-conditions have been established and are met.
32348339 We retrospectively screened 46 patients who met our inclusion criteria within 4 weeks.
32348728 Through social media and our reviewer networks, we met some early-career stem cell investigators impacted by the closures.
32358134 BVA Council met via online video conferencing to discuss BVA’s ongoing response to the coronavirus pandemic and how veterinary work might need to change in the medium to long term as restrictions ease.
32358216 There is an ethical obligation to the patients to protect their health while taking every feasible step to ensure that the goals of the trial are successfully met. […] Here, we describe the effects of the pandemic on the trial and steps that are being taken to mitigate the effects of the pandemic so that trial objectives can be met.
32360729 Here, we report the postmortem lung findings from a 37-year-old man with asthma, who met the clinical criteria for severe acute respiratory distress syndrome and died of COVID-19 less than 2 weeks after presentation to the hospital.
32361598 This comprehensive research yielded more than 3000 records, but only 12 met the criteria and were included and discussed in this review. […] In detail, the review captured relevant studies investigating three main areas: 1) CoV persistence/survival in waters; 2) CoV occurrence in water environments; 3) methods for recovery of CoV from waters. […] The data available suggest that: i) CoV seems to have a low stability in the environment and is very sensitive to oxidants, like chlorine; ii) CoV appears to be inactivated significantly faster in water than non-enveloped human enteric viruses with known waterborne transmission; iii) temperature is an important factor influencing viral survival (the titer of infectious virus declines more rapidly at 23°C-25 °C than at 4 °C); iv) there is no current evidence that human coronaviruses are present in surface or ground waters or are transmitted through contaminated drinking-water; v) further research is needed to adapt to enveloped viruses the methods commonly used for sampling and concentration of enteric, non enveloped viruses from water environments.
32363254 A modification of the American Society for Testing and Materials standard quantitative carrier disk test method (ASTM E-2197-11) was used to examine the effectiveness of 3 methods, including ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light, a high-level disinfection cabinet that generates aerosolized peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide, and dry heat at 70°C for 30 minutes. […] We assessed the decontamination of 3 commercial N95 respirators inoculated with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and bacteriophages MS2 and Phi6; the latter is an enveloped RNA virus used as a surrogate for coronaviruses. […] The high-level disinfection cabinet was more effective and met criteria for disinfection with an extended cycle.
32366765 This is a retrospective chart review of 1,270 patients treated with CRPP of a supracondylar humeral fracture at 2 metropolitan pediatric centers by 10 fellowship-trained pediatric orthopaedic surgeons. […] In this study, 1,270 patients who underwent CRPP of a supracondylar humeral fracture and met inclusion criteria were identified.
32369429 Data from articles that met inclusion criteria were extracted and analyzed. […] Meta-analysis using pooled prevalence estimates in a random-effects model were calculated. […] To our knowledge, this is the first meta-analysis to report on the prevalence of these symptoms in COVID-19 patients.
32369541 To examine the burden of SARS-CoV-2, SARS-CoV-1, and Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome (MERS)-CoV on HCWs and risk factors for infection, using rapid and living review methods. […] New evidence will be incorporated on an ongoing basis by using living review methods. […] One reviewer abstracted data and assessed methodological limitations; verification was done by a second reviewer. 64 studies met inclusion criteria; 43 studies addressed burden of HCW infections (15 on SARS-CoV-2), and 34 studies addressed risk factors (3 on SARS-CoV-2). […] There were few studies on risk factors for SARS-CoV-2, the studies had methodological limitations, and streamlined rapid review methods were used.
32371466 Rapid review and meta-analysis. […] Any study that described the psychological reactions of healthcare staff working with patients in an outbreak of any emerging virus in any clinical setting, irrespective of any comparison with other clinicians or the general population. 59 papers met the inclusion criteria: 37 were of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), eight of coronavirus disease 2019 (covid-19), seven of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), three each of Ebola virus disease and influenza A virus subtype H1N1, and one of influenza A virus subtype H7N9. […] Of the 38 studies that compared psychological outcomes of healthcare workers in direct contact with affected patients, 25 contained data that could be combined in a pairwise meta-analysis comparing healthcare workers at high and low risk of exposure. […] These findings were the same as in the other studies not included in the meta-analysis.
32371574 We provide a review of medical-grade facial protection (surgical masks, N95 respirators and face shields) for healthcare workers, the safety and efficacy of decontamination methods, and the utility of alternative strategies in emergency shortages or resource-scarce settings. […] In total, we included 67 records which met inclusion criteria.
32374546 La pandémie de COVID-19 met notre système de santé sous une pression exceptionnelle, au vu du nombre de patient·e·s atteint·e·s.
32378797 In the period 1-14 April 2020, 240 (16%) of 1508 patients presenting to The Alfred Emergency and Trauma Centre met inclusion criteria.
32380908 During April 2020, ExoFlo was provided to 24 SARS-CoV-2 polymerase chain reaction-positive patients at a single hospital center, all of whom met criteria for severe COVID-19 as well as moderate-to-severe acute respiratory distress syndrome. […] All safety endpoints were met with no adverse events observed within 72 h of ExoFlo administration.
32385648 We reviewed clinical histories of 276 patients with confirmed COVID-19 pneumonia and extracted data on patients who met the diagnostic criteria for COVID-19 severe/fatal pneumonia and had an acute exacerbation starting with mild or common pneumonia.
32387247 During a 2-week period we reviewed 2006 ECGs, corresponding to 524 unique patients, of whom 103 (19.7%) met SBAR defined criteria for QT prolongation.
32389148 Three hundred and eighty-four (26.63%) participants demonstrated clinically significant psychological distress, while 160 (11.10%) met the criterion for a probable ASR.
32389516 In that short period, four patients met the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) criteria for a brief reactive psychotic disorder.
32389615 Fourteen papers met inclusion criteria.
32389891 Since 1978 only 22 studies have met the inclusion criteria, and considered heterogeneous purposes, detection methods and types of water. […] In vitro experiments have addressed the recovery efficiency of analytical methods, survival in different types of water and the removal efficiency of water treatments. […] HCoVs have rarely been detected in field investigations, however may be due to the low recovery efficiency of the analytical methods.
32391676 Seven patients with moderate COVID-19 met the discharge criteria enacted by National Health Commission were quarantined in hospital for 7 days, then continuously quarantined at home for 4 weeks after discharged. […] During the quarantined period, the symptoms and signs were documented, and sputum or nasal swab and feces samples were collected to test SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid by RT-PCR method. […] However, respiratory swabs from 3 patients were confirmed positive of SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid at 5 to 7 days after they met the discharge criteria. […] There is a relatively high incidence of positive viral nucleic acid in patients met the discharge criteria, and it is suggested that patients met the current discharge criteria should be quarantined in hospital for another 7 days and the follow-up viral testing is necessary.
32392262 Data were extracted by two independent authors in accordance with the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses guidelines. […] We synthesized a narrative from eligible studies and conducted a meta-analysis using a random-effects model to calculate pooled prevalence rates and 95% confidence intervals (95%CI). […] A total of 15 studies met the inclusion criteria, which included a total of 2473 confirmed COVID-19 patients. […] All studies were included in the meta-analysis.
32395837 Of a total 1329 articles identified, 305 were removed (duplicates etc), and finally, 95 studies met the inclusion criteria.
32395909 Thirty-five articles were identified, of which 11 met eligibility criteria.
32401686 A diverse group of medical oncologists met to formulate detailed practical advice on systemic anticancer treatments during this crisis.
32402088 All of these challenges must be met by healthcare, social care and government agencies if care home residents and staff are to be physically and psychologically supported during this time of crisis for care homes.
32404481 We further discuss how we met logistical challenges associated with large-scale VTM production in a crisis setting including use of staged, assembly line for VTM transport tube production.
32405603 In this systematic review and meta-analysis, we systematically searched PubMed, Embase, and Web of Science for studies published between Jan 1, 2020, and April 4, 2020. […] We analysed findings from 35 studies, including 6686 patients with COVID-19, that met inclusion criteria. 29 studies (n=6064) reported gastrointestinal symptoms in patients with COVID-19 at diagnosis, and the pooled prevalence of digestive system comorbidities was 4% (95% CI 2-5; range 0-15; I2=74%).
32407746 In total, nine papers met the eligibility criteria.
32410245 After treatment, two patients met the standard and were discharged.
32414646 In order for a SARS-CoV like virus circulating in wild life for a very long time to infect the index case-patient, a number of conditions must be met, foremost among which is the encounter with humans and the presence in homo sapiens of a cellular receptor allowing the virus to bind.
32415348 Senior otologic surgeons from six teaching hospitals from various countries affected by the COVID-19 from around the world met remotely to make recommendations on reorganizing schedules for the treatment of cholesteatoma which has a risk of severe morbidity and mortality.
32417708 Studies that met our objectives were assessed for the risk of bias applying various tools as indicated. […] Three studies each that reported the outcome of viral clearance by RT-PCR and death due to all cause, were meta-analyzed by applying inverse variance-weighted averages of logarithmic risk ratio (RR) using a random effects model. […] Meta-analysis of 3 studies (n = 210) on viral clearance assessed by RT-PCR showed no benefit (RR, 1.05; 95% CI, 0.79 to 1.38; p = 0.74), although with a moderate heterogeneity (I2 = 61.7%, p = 0.07). […] While meta-analysis of 3 studies (n = 474) showed a significant increase in death with HCQ, compared to the control (RR, 2.17; 95% 1.32 to 3.57; p = 0.002), without any heterogeneity (I2 = 0.0%, p = 0.43).
32420523 Even though the remaining 20 (95.2%) were negative for at least two reverse transcription PCR tests, 11 (52.4%) patients met the diagnostic criteria for clinically confirmed cases.
32422341 To identify relevant studies that met predetermined inclusion criteria, unrestricted searches of the PubMed, Embase, and Cochrane Library databases were conducted.
32422983 A total of 50 articles met the inclusion criteria. […] The most common comorbidities were: cardiovascular diseases (hypertension and coronary artery disease), metabolic disorders (diabetes, overweight, or obesity), respiratory disorders (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), and cancer. […] Despite the improvement and reinforcement of any method of study in every field of medicine and science, encouraging the autopsy practice as a tool of investigation could also therefore, help physicians to define an effective treatment to reduce mortality.
32424327 Of 2422 articles, 11 met the inclusion criteria for analysis and were included in the study.
32427774 Patients met the following criteria: COVID-19 positivity, worsening respiratory performance, severe hypoxemia (PaO2<80) despite traditional supportive measures, escalating supplemental oxygen requirements and D-dimer greater than 1.5μg/mL.
32430957 We identified a high number of relevant case reports and case series, but only 24 studies, including a total of 324 pregnant women with COVID-19, met the eligibility criteria and were included in the systematic review.
32436994 Secondary endpoints included in-hospital complications, recovery rates, effect of patient characteristics on the primary outcome and changes in levels of inflammatory markers. 352 records were identified through the systematic search of which 10 studies met the inclusion criteria.
32437576 Eighty HCWs (93%) met a case definition of fever and/or coughing and/or shortness of breath.
32437679 In this systematic review and meta-analysis, MEDLINE, Embase, PsycINFO, and the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature databases (from their inception until March 18, 2020), and medRxiv, bioRxiv, and PsyArXiv (between Jan 1, 2020, and April 10, 2020) were searched by two independent researchers for all English-language studies or preprints reporting data on the psychiatric and neuropsychiatric presentations of individuals with suspected or laboratory-confirmed coronavirus infection (SARS coronavirus, MERS coronavirus, or SARS coronavirus 2). […] Outcomes were psychiatric signs or symptoms; symptom severity; diagnoses based on ICD-10, DSM-IV, or the Chinese Classification of Mental Disorders (third edition) or psychometric scales; quality of life; and employment. […] Both the systematic review and the meta-analysis stratified outcomes across illness stages (acute vs post-illness) for SARS and MERS. […] We used a random-effects model for the meta-analysis, and the meta-analytical effect size was prevalence for relevant outcomes, I2 statistics, and assessment of study quality. 1963 studies and 87 preprints were identified by the systematic search, of which 65 peer-reviewed studies and seven preprints met inclusion criteria. […] The meta-analysis indicated that in the post-illness stage the point prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder was 32·2% (95% CI 23·7-42·0; 121 of 402 cases from four studies), that of depression was 14·9% (12·1-18·2; 77 of 517 cases from five studies), and that of anxiety disorders was 14·8% (11·1-19·4; 42 of 284 cases from three studies).
32439366 Out of 126 patients, 22 (median age 64, 82% men) met the inclusion criteria.
32447647 A group of experts made up of oncologists, infectologists, pulmonologists, and epidemiologists met to review the literature and then generate theories about the impact of electronic cigarettes on SARS-CoV2 infection.
32450107 The main outcomes of interest were in-hospital mortality and the occurrence of de-novo ventricular arrhythmias (non-sustained or sustained ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation). 96 032 patients (mean age 53·8 years, 46·3% women) with COVID-19 were hospitalised during the study period and met the inclusion criteria.
32454807 Of 256 publications identified, 20 met inclusion criteria and comprised neonatal outcome data for 222 newborns whose mothers were suspected or confirmed to be SARS-CoV-2 positive perinatally (17 studies) or of newborns referred to hospital with infection/pneumonia (3 studies). […] Se informaron alteraciones menores e inespecíficas de los parámetros bioquímicos. […] Foram relatadas alterações menores e não específicas dos parâmetros bioquímicos.
32456404 Finally, only ten ongoing clinical trials met the inclusion criteria.
32459621 Both modified formulations met standard requirements for a 3-minute surgical hand preparation, the usual duration of surgical hand treatment in most hospitals in Europe.
32460457 Between 5 March and 9 April 2020, patients with COVID-19 who met the following criteria were admitted to the LTC; alert, age below 65 years old, no underlying disease or well-controlled underlying disease, body temperature below 38.0°C, whether taking antipyretics or not, and no dyspnea. […] The risk of progression was negligible in COVID-19 patients who met the admission criteria for LTC at the time of diagnosis.
32462545 Of the 2706 articles identified, 155 studies met the inclusion criteria, comprising 9152 patients.
32463348 Methods and Results We performed a case series of COVID-19 positive/suspected patients admitted between 2/1/2020 and 4/4/2020 who were treated with azithromycin, hydroxychloroquine, or a combination. […] Of 490 COVID-19 positive/suspected patients, 314 (64%) received either/both drugs, and 98 (73 COVID-19 positive, 25 suspected) met study criteria (age 62±17 yrs, 61% male).
32464094 Through social media and our reviewer networks, we met some early-career stem cell investigators impacted by the closures.
32467101 Inclusion: prospective or retrospective studies detailing symptom presence and/or cause or mode of death from COVID-19. 12 papers met the inclusion criteria and gave details of symptom burden: four of these specifically in the dying and two detailed the cause or mode of death.
32473312 The Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis (PRISMA) statement was consulted to report this systematic review. […] A total of 21 studies met our inclusion criteria. […] Meta-analyses suggest that mask use provided a significant protective effect (OR = 0.35 and 95% CI = 0.24-0.51). […] This study adds additional evidence of the enhanced protective value of masks, we stress that the use masks serve as an adjunctive method regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.
32473681 Of 1035 records entered into the CCC19 database during the study period, 928 patients met inclusion criteria for our analysis.
32474092 A total of 27 of 76 (35.5%) critical patients with COVID-19 met inclusion criteria.
32474850 Patients included in this survey met confirmed COVID-19 infection criteria according to the WHO definition.
32479104 Among the 150 out of 600 cases identified exclusively in the DMSS and selected for Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application (AHLTA) review, 16 (10.7%) had a certified positive lab result in AHLTA, 17 (11.3%) met Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE) criteria for a probable case, 46 (30.7%) were not cases based on CSTE criteria, and 71 (47.3%) had evidence of a positive lab result from an outside source.
32484307 These demands will best be met by a considered, planned and resourced approach that will challenge traditional measures of ‘ED efficiency’.
32489929 This article provides a systematic review and meta-analysis of the current literature on chest CT imaging findings with the aim of highlighting the contribution and judicious use of CT in the diagnosis of COVID-19. […] A random-effects model was used to perform meta-analysis for calculation of pooled mean values and 95% confidence intervals (95% CI) of abnormal imaging findings. […] Fifty-five studies met the selection criteria and were included in the analysis.
32491199 All Alanine transaminase ( ALT ) testing results met blood donation requirements. […] In addition, all of the CCP units collected had a titer of ≥ 1:160 for S-RBD-specific IgG antibody, which met the CCP quality control requirements based on the Chinese national guidelines for CCP.
32495830 Relevant clinical and operational leadership from an academic medical center, pediatric teaching hospital, and safety net county health system met to share learnings shortly after deploying inpatient telemedicine.
32498938 For such reasons, a panel of experts from various Spanish scientific societies has met to develop usage recommendations for managing menopausal women taking menopausal hormone therapy (MHT) or combined hormonal contraception (CHC) during the COVID-19 pandemic.
32503854 A task force of 20 members was convened by EULAR that met several times by videoconferencing in April 2020.
32504735 To achieve an early diagnosis of COVID-19 based on antibody detection, a dual challenge must be met: the immunodiagnostic window period must be shortened and an optimal specificity must be conserved.
32504808 For this rapid review, we searched MEDLINE, PSYCHINFO, and Web of Science for articles published between 01/01/1946 and 03/29/2020. 20% of articles were double screened using pre-defined criteria and 20% of data was double extracted for quality assurance. 83 articles (80 studies) met inclusion criteria. […] Studies had a high risk of bias although longitudinal studies were of better methodological quality.
32505658 The performance of nonemergency neurosurgery can start once minimum criteria have been fulfilled: 1) a structured prioritization of surgical cases; 2) virus infection incidence decreased sufficiently to release previously diverted healthcare resources; 3) adequate safety criteria met for patients and staff, including sufficient personal protective equipment and robust testing availability; and 4) maintenance of systems for rapid communication at organizational and individual levels.
32510102 Because time is not available to await the results of randomized controlled trials before implementing strategies in this high-risk setting, an expert Delphi panel composed of experienced long-term care medicine professionals has now met to provide testing guidance for SARS-Coronavirus-2 to NFs.
32511692 To describe the clinical and laboratory characteristics of hospitalized children who met criteria for the pediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome temporally associated with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) (PIMS-TS) and compare these characteristics with other pediatric inflammatory disorders. […] Signs and symptoms and laboratory and imaging findings of children who met definitional criteria for PIMS-TS from the UK, the US, and World Health Organization. […] Fifty-eight children (median age, 9 years [interquartile range {IQR}, 5.7-14]; 33 girls [57%]) were identified who met the criteria for PIMS-TS. […] Of the 58 children, 29 developed shock (with biochemical evidence of myocardial dysfunction) and required inotropic support and fluid resuscitation (including 23/29 [79%] who received mechanical ventilation); 13 met the American Heart Association definition of KD, and 23 had fever and inflammation without features of shock or KD. […] In this case series of hospitalized children who met criteria for PIMS-TS, there was a wide spectrum of presenting signs and symptoms and disease severity, ranging from fever and inflammation to myocardial injury, shock, and development of coronary artery aneurysms.
32512661 Among 1,364 citations, only eight reviews met our criteria.
32513054 The otolaryngology-head and neck surgery community has met these unprecedented challenges by producing diverse electronic resources for specialty-specific clinical education, as well as discussing ways to increase access to advising.
32513299 The subjects who met the entry criteria were randomly divided into the experimental group and the control group according to the proportion of 2:1. […] In this study, the block randomized grouping method is used, and the block length is 6.
32513502 Of these, 26,375 met the case definition (symptom prevalence of 21.4%).
32514432 As such, nutrition societies have recommended optimization of oral diets and oral nutritional supplements followed by early enteral nutrition if nutritional targets are not met, and parenteral nutrition in the distal end of the spectrum.
32516624 Of the 150 gathered articles, 61 met the inclusion criteria and were evaluated. […] None (0%) of the articles met the recommended 5th to 6th grade reading level (of an 11-12-year-old).
32516861 To improve model fitting and hazard estimation, continuous parameters where dichotomized by using Youden’s index. […] Overall, 69 patients, aged 80-98 years, met the inclusion criteria and were included in the study cohort.
32518075 To suggest a training approach that can be used to train medical students for the current COVID-19 pandemic. 23 studies met inclusion criteria assessing knowledge (n=18, 78.3%), attitude (n=14, 60.9%) or skill (n=10, 43.5%) following medical student disaster training.
32521707 Overt-DIC was diagnosed in two patients (6.2%), while 26 (81.2%) met the criteria for non-overt DIC.
32526378 Patients who met the use case definitions were asked to participate in the pilot program.
32526820 An adaptation of the Cochrane rapid review methodology was used. […] The titles and abstracts were reviewed by five researchers who, in turn, reviewed the full texts of the final selection. 450 manuscripts were found, 15 met the inclusion criteria.
32530326 Objective: This rapid systematic review investigated audio-vestibular symptoms associated with coronavirus.Design: The protocol for the rapid review was registered in the International Prospective Register of Systematic Reviews and the review methods were developed in accordance with the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses guidelines. […] Risk of bias was assessed using the National Institute of Heath quality assessment tools.Study sample: After rejecting more than 2300 records, there were five case reports and two cross-sectional studies that met the inclusion criteria.Results: No records of audio-vestibular symptoms were reported with the earlier types of coronavirus (i.e. severe acute respiratory syndrome [SARS] and Middle East respiratory syndrome [MERS]).
32531040 A total of 116 patients met the primary endpoint: 47 died before ICU admission, and 69 were admitted to the ICU.
32531620 A systematic review of the literature was performed in accordance with PRISMA (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses) guidelines to gain insight into pediatric COVID-19 epidemiology. […] All articles that met criteria where analyzed for demographics, clinical, laboratory, radiographic, treatment and outcomes data. […] Extra precautions need to be taken with personal protective equipment for these cases, as aerosolizing procedures may be a method of viral transmission.
32532703 Our systematic review was conducted according to the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses (PRISMA) statement. […] Of 366 titles identified, 15 guidelines met our criteria.
32534175 This is especially important in patients on ventilators who have met certain sepsis induced coagulopathy (SIC) criteria.
32537771 Out of the total 210 videos, 137 met our inclusion criteria and were evaluated.
32539942 Between March 26 and April 12, 2020, 200 patients with COVID-19 and thoracic cancers from eight countries were identified and included in the TERAVOLT registry; median age was 68·0 years (61·8-75·0) and the majority had an Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group performance status of 0-1 (142 [72%] of 196 patients), were current or former smokers (159 [81%] of 196), had non-small-cell lung cancer (151 [76%] of 200), and were on therapy at the time of COVID-19 diagnosis (147 [74%] of 199), with 112 (57%) of 197 on first-line treatment. 152 (76%) patients were hospitalised and 66 (33%) died. 13 (10%) of 134 patients who met criteria for ICU admission were admitted to ICU; the remaining 121 were hospitalised, but were not admitted to ICU.
32540264 Since the outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China [1], a large number of confirmed cases met the discharge criteria (one of which is two consecutive negative nucleic acid tests with an interval of at least 24 h) [2].
32541534 While there are innumerable ways that this virus is currently changing plastic surgeons’ practices, it is crucial to remember that these changes are temporary, and they will be best met by being confronted head-on.
32544034 Methods This was a retrospective study of patients evaluated from March 23th, 2020 to April 27th, 2020 at 16 hospitals. […] Results Thirty men (81%) and 7 women (19%) met inclusion criteria, with a mean age of 61+/- 12 years (range: 8-78).
32544144 Ninety-nine percent of respondents reported that their needs were met during their audio-only virtual visits.
32550140 Patients who met the current standards of discharge could still carry the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
32552178 In this study, we aimed to achieve a better understanding of pathological alterations that take place during the novel coronavirus infection in most presumed affected organs. Methods. […] None of our heart biopsy samples met the criteria for myocarditis.
32553051 Here, we have characterized the first 1352 cases of COVID-19 in UKB participants, of whom 895 met our working definition of severe COVID-19 as inpatients hospitalized on or after 16 March 2020.
32553606 Once established, programs should then focus on ensuring that quality indicators are met and care processes are protocolized.
32554345 Our objective was to identify, from international literature, the most common symptoms met in older adults infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. […] The analysis of methodological quality used a method dedicated to case series and case reports.
32554832 This study aimed to summarize the blood biochemistry characteristics of COVID-19 patients by performing a systemic review and meta-analysis of published studies. […] Methods Comprehensive studies were screened from PubMed, Embase, and Cochrane Library through March 11, 2020. […] The statistical software R3.6.3 was used for meta-analysis. […] Results Ten studies including 1745 COVID-19 patients met the inclusion criteria for our meta-analysis. […] Meta-analysis showed that 16% and 20% of patients with COVID-19 had alanine transaminase (ALT) and aspartate aminotransferase (AST) levels higher than the normal range, respectively. […] In addition, six studies met the inclusion criteria for the systemic review evaluating the relevance between LDH levels and the severity of COVID-19, and all six studies showed a positive association between these two factors.
32555034 Throughout the delivery hospitalization, 26.5% of women met World Health Organization criteria for mild COVID-19, 26.1% for severe, and 5% for critical.
32559451 In a scenario where 1000 new symptomatic cases that met the definition to trigger contact tracing occurred per day, we estimated that, in most contact tracing strategies, 15 000-41 000 contacts would be newly quarantined each day.
32560322 A literature review was made according to Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses Protocols (PRISMA-P) guidelines. […] Randomized clinical trials, cross sectional, observational, and case-control studies were evaluated with the Mixed Methods Appraisal Tool for quality assessment and study limitations. […] The aim set by dental teleassistance was met as it reduced patients’ office visits whilst maintaining regular monitoring, without compromising the results.
32563013 We present a very close clinical interaction with a subclinical COVID-19 subject that met the “standard screening criteria” and is unique in several ways.
32563951 In our sample, 19.1% met the diagnostic criteria of clinical insomnia, which was twice lower than that reported in the study by Voitsidis et al., but close to those found among Chinese and Italian populations.
32564028 In this situation, the oxygen therapy can be escalated to CPAP or NIV when the criteria for endotracheal intubation are not met.
32566556 Six studies met our inclusion criteria.
32566562 A total of 1,519 articles were identified by initial literature search, and finally six studies met our inclusion criteria, included one randomized controlled trial (RCT), four case series and one case report involving 198 patients.
32566603 Five studies with 5,328 patients confirmed with COVID-19 met the inclusion criteria.
32573106 The likelihood of decision for surgery did not differ between the mometasone and budesonide groups (p=0.3094), comorbid asthma status (p=0.3585), smoking status (p=0.2256), polyp status (p=0.7288), or history of prior ESS (p=0.5803). […] After a trial of NSI, 64.4% of patients with CRS no longer met candidacy for ESS and had a significant improvement in SNOT-22 scores.
32574244 The mean SAS score was 40.53 (SD = 10.15), significantly higher than the national norm (Mean = 29.78, SD = 10.07, and p ≤ .001), and there were still 557 (15.43%, Mean = 58.75, and SD = 8.9) students met the cutoff of 50 and were screened positive.
32574433 Each met at least one of the following criteria: shortness of breath; respiratory rate (RR) ≥30 breaths/minute; finger pulse oxygen saturation (SpO2) ≤93% at rest; and oxygen index (P/F ratio: PaO2/FiO2 ≤300 mmHg).
32576321 A modified snowball method was used for survey distribution. […] A total of 384 respondent surveys were included in the final analysis: 86.1% (329/382) met at least one of the criteria for burnout, 58% (217/374) scored minimal to none on the PHQ-9 screening tool for depression, 14.3% (53/371) had contemplated suicide during their staff career in EM, and of those, 5.9% (22/371) had actively considered suicide in the past year.
32579236 To perform a meta-analysis regarding the chest CT manifestations of COVID-19 pneumonia patients. […] Among the 9736 searched results, fifteen articles describing 1453 common patients and 697 severe patients met the inclusion criteria.
32580925 Six articles from the 1788 records met the inclusion criteria and were analyzed.
32582873 A modification of the American Society for Testing and Materials standard quantitative carrier disk test method (ASTM E-2197-11) was used to examine the effectiveness of UV-C light for rapid decontamination of plastic airport security bins inoculated at 3 sites with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and bacteriophages MS2, PhiX174, and Phi6, an enveloped RNA virus used as a surrogate for coronaviruses. […] The 30-second cycle met criteria for decontamination of all 3 test sites for all the test organisms except bacteriophage MS2 which was reduced by greater than 2 log10 PFU at each site. […] Further work is needed to evaluate the utility of UV-C light in real-world settings and to develop methods to provide automated movement of bins through a UV-C decontamination process.
32583751 Local, regional, and national government actions taken to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 have thus served, in part, to shield older adults from the virus, though not without adverse side effects, including increased social isolation, enhanced economic risk, revealed ageism, delayed medical treatment, and challenges getting basic needs met.
32587154 A group of sub-specialists and anesthetists met virtually and arrived at a consensus with regard to practice and general anesthesia protocols pertaining to these subspecialties of ophthalmology.
32589456 We conducted separate meta-analyses using a random-effects model for mortality and hospital admissions for a specific health outcome and assessed pooled estimates for each lag when at least three studies were available for a specific lag. […] We identified 89 studies that met our inclusion criteria for the systematic review, and 21 studies were included in the meta-analysis. […] However, the number of studies included in the meta-analysis was not large and further evidences are merited to strengthen our conclusions.
32591704 Seventy-six percent of patients attending met the agreed local criteria for urgent treatment, with the most common presentation being irreversible pulpitis.
32593341 During this period, the platforms received notification of 153 unique cases that met the clinical case definitions by clinicians in the UK, with an exponential growth in reported cases that was similar to overall COVID-19 data from UK Government public health bodies.
32593563 Using telehealth, we avoided exposure to a COVID-19-positive patient who would not have met criteria for testing or droplet precautions.
32594572 Totally, 44 articles met the inclusion criteria.
32596068 Due to the high demand for PPEs all around the world, it is important to optimize the use of protective gear and ration the supplies so that the demand are met.
32598830 We carried out descriptive analyses that summarized the clinical presentation, complications, and outcomes of patients who met the NYSDOH case definition for MIS-C between March 1 and May 10, 2020. […] Of 95 patients with confirmed MIS-C (laboratory-confirmed acute or recent severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 [SARS-CoV-2] infection) and 4 with suspected MIS-C (met clinical and epidemiologic criteria), 53 (54%) were male; 31 of 78 (40%) were black, and 31 of 85 (36%) were Hispanic.
32602262 All 3 patients who met criteria but did not receive anakinra required MV.
32602404 Our New York consortia and organ procurement organizations met online 3 times a week and shared creative strategies to address clinical care and work processes.
32602676 Compared with the patients who did not meet the primary outcome, patients who met the primary outcome were more likely to be having at least 1 underlying comorbidity (p-0.03), diabetes (p-0.003) and hypertension (p-0.03). […] The patients who met the primary outcome were older in age (56.5 years vs 50 years), had significantly higher SOFA scores (6 vs 3.5), were in shock (41.7% vs 5%), in higher respiratory distress (66.7% vs 10%), had lower mean arterial oxygen saturation (85% vs 89.5%), had higher CK-MB values (66 vs 26)U/L [6(54.5%) vs 2(9.5%)], had hypoalbuminemia (100% vs 50%) and acute kidney injury 8(72.7%) vs 5(23.8%) on admission. […] Of the 50 non-COVID-19 SARI patients in our study cohort, 13 (26%) patients met the primary composite outcome.
32604585 Over 6,000 adult patients tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 infection at the Mount Sinai Health System in New York, USA met the inclusion criteria for analysis. […] Patients’ diagnoses were mapped onto chronicity and one of the 18 body systems, and the optimal number of clusters was determined using K-means algorithm and the elbow method. 4 clusters were identified; the most frequently associated comorbidities involved infectious, respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine, and genitourinary disorders, as well as socioeconomic factors that influence health status and contact with health services.
32611247 The objective of this review was to summarize the current evidence on the vertical transmission potential of COVID-19 infection in the third trimester and its effects on the neonate.Methods: OVID MEDLINE, EMBASE, and Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trial (CENTRAL) were searched from January 2020 to May 2020, with continuous surveillance.Results: 18 studies met the inclusion criteria, consisting of 157 mothers and 160 neonates.
32613133 The questionnaire measured the total weekly physical activity energy expenditure before and during quarantine (i.e. the sum of walking, moderate-intensity physical activities, and vigorous-intensity physical activities) in Metabolic Equivalent Task minutes per week (MET-min/wk) using an adapted version of International Physical Activity Questionnaire and their psychological well-being using the Psychological General Well Being Index. […] 1577 MET-min/wk, ∗∗∗∗p < 0.0001), in all age groups and especially in men (Female, mean: 1994 vs. […] 1443 MET-min/wk, ∗∗∗∗p < 0.0001; Male, mean: 2998 vs. […] 1754 MET-min/wk, ∗∗∗∗p < 0.0001).
32615987 A relaxed and perforated ischemic gangrenous gallbladder, with a local tissue inflammation and perihepatic fluid, was intraoperatively met.
32618914 This is a retrospective chart review of 1,270 patients treated with CRPP of a supracondylar humeral fracture at 2 metropolitan pediatric centers by 10 fellowship-trained pediatric orthopaedic surgeons. […] In this study, 1,270 patients who underwent CRPP of a supracondylar humeral fracture and met inclusion criteria were identified.
32619327 In this viewpoint, we argue for a more thorough exploration of potential adverse impacts of school closures in low- and middle-income countries and recommend actions to ensure that the health and learning needs of vulnerable populations are met in this time of crisis.
32619510 Through social media and our reviewer networks, we met some early-career stem cell investigators impacted by the closures.
32623571 Remedies that were instituted, especially inoculations, were met with opposition and even violence when first introduced.
32626853 Therefore, the purpose of this study is to systematically assess the prevalence of self-reported altered sense of smell or taste in patients with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection, overcoming the limitations of individual studies by meta-analysis of pooled data. […] This study was conducted following the PRISMA checklist. 18 studies met the eligibility criteria out of the 171 initially screened citations. […] Based on this meta-analysis, we recommend self-isolation and testing, where possible, for patients complaining smell or taste impairment during COVID-19 pandemic in order to prevent spread of disease and propose the inclusion of loss of smell and taste as recognized symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 in the World Health Organization and other relevant regulatory body’s lists.
32631724 The technique was fast, easy and safe and met safety requirements for patient and staff.
32638344 Patients who met the criteria for clinical diagnosis with negative virus test results were assigned to the clinical diagnosis group, whereas those with positive virus test results were assigned to the microbiological diagnosis group.
32646771 Several filtering and scanning stages were performed according to the inclusion/exclusion criteria to screen the 36 studies obtained; however, only 11 studies met the criteria. […] Moreover, this study proposes a detailed methodology for the evaluation and benchmarking of AI techniques used in all classification tasks of COVID-19 medical images as future directions; such methodology is presented on the basis of three sequential phases. […] Secondly, the development of the MCDA approach for benchmarking AI classification techniques is provided on the basis of the integrated analytic hierarchy process and VlseKriterijumska Optimizacija I Kompromisno Resenje methods.
32653432 Seven studies met eligibility criteria: one evaluated the effects of heat and chemical interventions applied after mask use on mask performance, and six evaluated interventions applied prior to mask use to enhance antimicrobial properties and/or mask performance. […] Given the heterogeneous methods used in studies to date, we are unable to draw conclusions on the most efficacious and safe intervention for decontaminating surgical masks.
32658132 All countries around the world were initially considered in this study, but only 9 oculoplastic societies met the inclusion criteria: (1) publicly available guidelines displayed on the oculoplastic society’s website, or (2) guidelines received from the oculoplastic society after contacting them twice using the contact information on their website.
32658868 A systematic review and meta-analysis was conducted in an attempt to systematically collect and evaluate the associations of epidemiological, comorbidity factors with the severity and prognosis of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). […] The systematic review and meta-analysis was conducted according to the guidelines proposed by the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA). […] Sixty nine publications met our study criteria, and 61 studies with more than 10,000 COVID-19 cases were eligible for the quantitative synthesis.
32659475 During the 2-month study period, 867 of 13,489 (6.4%) patients met the criteria leading to swab testing.
32661716 Hence, the aim of this study was to estimate the levels of PA, measured as energy expenditure (MET-minute/week), among patients with neuromuscular disease (NMD) before and during the last week of quarantine.
32662303 A total of 68.4% of youth in the clinical sample and 39.9% in the community sample met screening criteria for an internalizing disorder. […] Substance use declined in both clinical and community samples (P < 0.001), although 23.2% of youth in the clinical sample and 3.0% in the community sample met screening criteria for a substance use disorder. […] Participants across samples report substantial mental health service disruptions (48.7% and 10.8%) and unmet support needs (44.1% and 16.2%).
32662333 In doing so, the X77-mimetic candidates were predicted based on the crystal X77-MPro structure by a public web-oriented virtual screening platform Pharmit. […] Mechanism of binding of these compounds to MPro is mainly provided by van der Waals interactions with the functionally important residues of the enzyme, such as His-41, Met-49, Cys-145, Met-165, and Gln-189 that play a role of the binding hot spots assisting the predicted molecules to effectively interact with the MPro active site. […] The data obtained show that the identified X77-mimetic candidates may serve as good scaffolds for the design of novel antiviral agents able to target the active site of SARS-CoV-2 MPro.
32662571 In this article, clinical perspectives are shared to clearly define emerging healthcare needs that can be met by biomaterials solutions.
32663494 Retrospective descriptive study of cases that met COVID-19 clinical diagnosis criteria or had a positive PCR test from February 27 to June 29, 2020.
32665526 Eighteen studies (16 retrospective and two prospective) with a total of 3,682 patients met the inclusion criteria. […] Our meta-analysis demonstrates that patients with COVID-19 infection presenting with elevated D-dimer levels have an increased risk of severe disease and mortality.
32671974 We assessed the proportion of patients who met testing criteria; self-reported symptom severity; reasons why they came to the ED for screening and views on community-based care.
32674815 Among SARS-CoV-2-positive residents, only 26.6% (n = 118) met the fever threshold of 38.0°C during the survey period.
32677875 Methods This was a cross-sectional study conducted between March 23 and May 7, 2020 at the Pitié-Salpêtrière University Hospital, a reference center for COVID-19 in the Paris area. […] Out of 308 patients with acute neurological symptoms, 73 patients met the inclusion criteria (23.7%) and were included: 35 ICU patients (47.9%) and 38 non-ICU patients (52.1%).
32680914 Rapid review of papers discussing benefits and risks of preprint server use from the researcher, publisher, or end user perspective identified 53 papers that met criteria.
32681409 With the premise that psychiatric care is essential healthcare, a panel of physician and non-physician leaders representing Region 5, met and developed recommendations, and feedback iteratively, using an adaptive modified Delphi methodology.
32681989 Twelve patients (17%) met severe sepsis criteria; 14 (20%) required vasopressor support; 21 (30%) developed acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS); 9 (12.9%) met acute kidney injury criteria; 1 (1.4%) required renal-replacement therapy, and 2 (2.8%) had cardiac arrest.
32682993 The selection criteria were met by 26 articles (including 21 case reports, and 5 cohort studies).
32683967 The following manuscript describes how this challenge was met in a large tertiary care teaching hospital located in rural West Virginia.
32684209 Stata 14.0 software was used to perform a single-group Meta-analysis of TCM syndromes. […] Subgroup analysis showed that there were 6 types of TCM syndromes that met the above conditions in cross-sectional studies, namely cold and damp lung syndrome (200 cases, incidence rate was 20.9%, 95%CI was 12.6%-29.2%), damp heat syndrome (221 cases, incidence rate was 41.8%, 95%CI was 9.4%-74.2%), dampness-disease lung syndrome (120 cases, incidence rate was 41.4%, 95%CI was 8.6%-74.3%), lung and spleen Qi deficiency syndrome (115 cases, incidence rate was 19.2%, 95%CI was 6.8%-31.7%), heat-fever lung syndrome (76 cases, incidence rate was 31.1%, 95%CI was 25.3%-36.9%) and Qi-Yin deficiency syndrome (53 cases, incidence rate was 13.7%, 95%CI was 2.7%-24.8%).
32689815 RANZCP registrars engaged in the Psychotherapy Written Case are met with new challenges in navigating the psychodynamic processes that can occur when transitioning from in-person to videoconferencing psychotherapy.
32689925 We found 154 studies, and out of which 10 met our criteria.
32690310 Most agreed that the curriculum was efficient to a greater extent and had met their expectations and desired objectives.
32701511 The clinical and immunologic spectrum of MIS-C and its relationship to other inflammatory conditions of childhood have not been studied in detail.METHODSWe retrospectively studied confirmed cases of MIS-C at our institution from March to June 2020. […] Seven patients (25%) met criteria for complete or incomplete KD, and coronary abnormalities were found in 6 cases.
32703743 A group of international experts with various backgrounds from health and aging disciplines met to discuss the evidence case for adult immunization and crucial knowledge gaps that must be filled in order to implement effective policies and programs for older adult immunization.
32704471 Based on the 6th edition of the COVID-19 treatment plan, the patient met the discharge standards after treatment and was discharged after consultation with the expert panel.
32706885 Amidst the unfolding COVID-19 crisis, associated knowledge and skills surrounding older adulthood will be critical to assuring the needs of older adults incarcerated in prisons are met during their detention, while undergoing off-site intervention in community settings, and when preparing for release.
32707142 This review was guided by specific methodological framework and reporting items (PRISMA-ScR). […] Of 453 identified studies, 24 (5%) studies met our inclusion criteria. […] There were four prone resuscitation-relevant studies examining: blood and tidal volumes generated by prone compressions; prone compression quality metrics on a manikin; and chest computed tomography scans for compression landmarking.
32710178 15 International publications met inclusion criteria.
32713047 Supporting these nurses’ capacity to deliver quality care ensures that ongoing health needs can be met.
32715280 The COVID-19 pandemic has been met with studies on risk factors, characteristics, and clinical course.
32715498 Of these, 10 studies met the inclusion criteria, including 5 nested case-control studies, 2 population-based case-control studies, and 3 cohort studies. […] These results should not be extrapolated as evidence of harm for NSAIDs, including ibuprofen, in respiratory ailments but highlight the need for more methodologically robust studies to evaluate this potential relationship.
32716089 Twenty-four publications met criteria for inclusion, with nearly half published in 2019.
32717771 We conducted a systematic review using Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis (PRISMA) guidelines. […] A total of 25 articles met the inclusion criteria of this systematic review.
32718896 We performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of studies comparing respiratory sampling strategies for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA. […] The percentage positive tests were compared between sampling modalities by constructing a Z-test assuming independence and using the standard errors obtained from the random effects meta-analysis. […] From 1039 total studies, we identified 11 studies that met our inclusion criteria, with SARS-CoV-2 testing results from a total of 3442 respiratory tract specimens. […] Earlier sampling after symptom onset was associated with improved detection rates, but the differences in SARS-CoV-2 RNA detection by sampling method was consistent regardless of the duration of symptoms. […] The results support sputum sampling as a valuable method of COVID-19 diagnosis and monitoring, and highlight the importance of early testing after symptom onset to increase the rates of COVID-19 diagnosis.
32720256 Our initial database search resulted in five articles that met inclusion criteria, with 26 articles added from the expanded search. […] Other investigated decontamination methods lacked comprehensive scientific evidence for all three of these key criteria.
32728438 A lower proportion of patients receiving COX-2 inhibitors met the primary endpoint: 4 (18.2%) versus 57 (39.0%), P = 0.062.
32728473 Kidney physician specialists met via teleconference and exchanged e-mails to refine and agree on the proposed suggestions in this document. […] A systematic review or meta-analysis was not conducted.
32732744 The patient was discharged from our hospital on day 34 as he met the physical function milestones.
32736493 Sixty-one patients met the audit criteria: the commonest problem was shortness of breath (57.5%), which was generally controlled with conservative doses of morphine (10-20 mg/24 h via a syringe pump).
32736494 Rapid systematic review using modified systematic review methods, with narrative synthesis of the evidence. […] Only five studies met the inclusion criteria, highlighting a striking lack of evidence base for the response of primary healthcare services in palliative care during epidemics and pandemics.
32738884 Eight studies met the inclusion out of the 142 search results.
32739397 Seven patients met inclusion criteria (5 females, 71%). […] Provoking factors for seizures in patients with COVID-19 may include metabolic factors, systemic illness, and possibly direct effects of the virus.
32740433 We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis to investigate the relationship between ACI and mortality risk in COVID-19 patients. […] Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses guidelines were followed in abstracting data and assessing validity. […] Eight studies, enrolling 1686 patients (mean age 59.5 years), met the inclusion criteria and were included in the final analysis.
32740498 Our preliminary data suggest that the model adopted met the immediate needs with a good outcome without increased mortality, nor COVID-19 exposure for the patients who underwent procedures.
32746750 Methodology: Literature was systematically searched without language restriction and publication status between January 1 and May 25, 2020, to describe e-health’s support on the person-centered health care to control the COVID-19 pandemic. […] The systematic review was conducted in accordance with preferred reporting items for systematic reviews and meta-analyses guidelines. […] Results: We identified 60 articles and selected 8 studies that met the inclusion criteria.
32748634 Twelve studies with a total of 16,101 patients met the inclusion criteria.
32750131 A total of 2378 records were retrieved from, which yielded 249 drugs that met inclusion criteria. […] Experimental therapies for COVID-19 present a risk of drug-drug interactions, with lopinavir/ritonavir (10% RED, 41% AMBER; mainly a perpetrator of pharmacokinetic interactions but also risk of QT prolongation particularly when given with concomitant drugs that can prolong QT), chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine (both 7% RED and 27% AMBER, victims of some interactions due to metabolic profile but also perpetrators of QT prolongation) posing the greatest risk.
32750442 Thirty-five patients (31.5%) met criteria of severe Covid-19.
32753338 A total of 126 subjects were included in the study, the mean scores of PTSD-SS, SDS, and SAS were 45.5 ± 18.9, 47.3 ± 13.1, and 43.2 ± 10.2, respectively, meanwhile, 9 (31.0%), 28 (22.2%), and 48 (38.1%) of the survivors met the cut-score for clinical significant symptoms of stress response, anxiety, and depression, respectively.
32753537 The challenge of continuing education of medical personnel while maintaining readiness for deployment and adhering to the Government’s social distancing measures was perceived to have been met within our study sample.
32756189 Clinical data and data on changes in coagulation parameters were collected, verified, and characterized. […] Three patients had an ISTH DIC score of 5 and met the criteria for overt DIC.
32758307 In both months, 100 per cent of patients met the 31- and 62-day targets, with similar 14-day wait time success (97.83 per cent for January vs 98.33 per cent for April).
32758869 Thus we leverage docking analysis (HEX and Z-DOCK) between viral S protein and epidermal growth factor receptors (EGFR), vascular endothelial growth factor receptors (VEGFR) and hepatocyte growth factor receptors (HGFR/c-MET) to investigate the oncogenic potential of COVID-19.
32759894 We did not find any studies that met our inclusion criteria, and hence there is no evidence to support or refute the use of vitamin C in the treatment of patients with COVID-19.
32761248 The study was of cross-sectional design, comprising a mixed-methods, English language, anonymous, online survey posted from April 09 to April 21 to social media. […] Deductive coding grouped themes from each question into meta-themes related to cognitive stress and coping theory. […] Data saturation was achieved with all open-text questions, with 33 broad themes identified and four meta-themes linked to components of the cognitive stress and coping theory. […] This goal can be met proactively by setting up transparent processes for COVID-19 eventualities and signposting to information and coping resources.
32763182 Through social media and our reviewer networks, we met some early-career stem cell investigators impacted by the closures.
32763496 We performed random-effects pairwise meta-analyses for proportions and relative risks, I2, T2, and Cochrane Q, sensitivity analyses, and assessed publication bias. 148 studies met the inclusion criteria for the systematic review and meta-analysis with 12’149 patients (5’739 female) and a median age of 47.0 [35.0-64.6] years. 617 patients died from COVID-19 and its complication. 297 patients were reported as asymptomatic. […] Our meta-analyses revealed important risk factors that are associated with severity and mortality of COVID-19.
32763754 Twenty two studies met the inclusion criteria.
32764257 We critically assessed 42 peer-reviewed and 80 preprint publications that met qualifying criteria.
32765133 The participants were 17 health professionals who were responsible for COVID-19 patients and met the inclusion criteria. […] The collected data were analyzed using the conventional content analysis method.
32766538 From 29/02 to 10/03 611 patients with a suspected diagnosis of COVID-19 infection were evaluated in our ED; 320 (52%) met the criteria for hospital admission and 99 (31%) needed to be immediately started on ventilatory support (81% CPAP, 7% NIPPV, 12% Invasive Mechanical Ventilation).
32766542 Seven deaths were reported (0·09%) and 11 children (0·14%) met inclusion for multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children.
32768693 Patients who died had more severe sepsis and respiratory failure and met COVID-CS laboratory criteria longer (median = 3 days) compared to those extubated/never intubated (median = 1 day).
32768807 Our results revealed that, although an overall median compliance rate of 94.6% for 39 criteria, only four of 89 labs met all of them. […] Criteria in personnel training and protection have been most satisfactorily met, followed by lab environmental disinfection, emergency plans and accident handling.
32768975 Both groups met the discharge criteria after a similar length of hospitalization.
32769230 We report 19 children with a median age of 6 year (IQR: 13 months - 16 years), who met the case definition of PIMS-TS.
32769798 Only three of the tested filter material configurations met N95 parameters with regard to filtration efficiency and pressure drop across the filter material-the: True-high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, four-layer MERV 13 and 14 HVAC filters.
32769822 Within our institution, many critically ill COVID-19 positive patients suffered major thrombotic events, prompting our clinicians to evaluate hypercoagulability outside of traditional coagulation testing.We determined the prevalence of fibrinolysis shutdown via rotational thromboelastometry (ROTEM, Instrumentation Laboratories, Bedford, MA) in patients admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) over a period of 3 weeks. […] In 21 patients who had a ROTEM test, we found that eleven (52.4%) met the criteria for fibrinolysis shutdown. […] Eight of 9 (89%) of the VTE patients met criteria for fibrinolysis shutdown.Given the high rate of fibrinolysis shutdown in these patients, our data support using viscoelastic testing to evaluate for the presence of impaired fibrinolysis.
32770277 A total of eight publications met inclusion criteria, and together described 20 patients.
32770348 A total of 196 patients met our inclusion criteria and were ultimately included in the final analysis.
32770687 Among the 70 patients with COVID-19 (22 women and 48 men; mean age ± SD, 68 ± 13 years), the LUS score before discharge was still frankly pathologic and higher in patients who had more severe disease during the acute phase compared to patients with milder disease (median [interquartile range], 8.0 [5.5-13.5] versus 2.0 [1.0-7.0]; P < .001), even when both categories met internationally defined discharge criteria.
32770832 Residents of nursing homes that met COVID-19 reporting requirements.
32771632 Among 10,237 patients (mean [SD] age, 45.0 [19.8] years; 60.1% female) who met the eligibility criteria for the study, 6,350 (62.0%) patients were asymptomatic, and 3,887(38.0%) patients were symptomatic.
32772069 The efficacy and safety of methylprednisolone in mechanically ventilated patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome due to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) are unclear. […] In this study, we evaluated the association between use of methylprednisolone and key clinical outcomes. […] Clinical outcomes associated with the use of methylprednisolone were assessed in an unmatched, case-control study; a subset of patients also underwent propensity-score matching. […] A total of 117 patients met inclusion criteria. […] Groups were similar except for hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin use, which were more common in patients who did not receive methylprednisolone. […] Mean ventilator free-days were significantly higher in patients treated with methylprednisolone (6.21±7.45 versus 3.14±6.22; P = 0.044). […] The probability of extubation was also increased in patients receiving methylprednisolone (45% versus 21%; P = 0.021), and there were no significant differences in mortality (19% versus 36%; P = 0.087). […] In a multivariable linear regression analysis, only methylprednisolone use was associated with higher number of ventilator-free days (P = 0.045). […] Methylprednisolone was associated with increased ventilator-free days and higher probability of extubation in a propensity-score matched cohort. […] Randomized, controlled studies are needed to further define methylprednisolone use in patients with COVID-19.
32773853 DOPS included 16 point score, in which 23 trainees (88.4%) met the expectations and above expectations as per training objectives.
32775778 Patient characteristics and metrics describing the extent of lung irradiation were tabulated. […] For the study, 107 patients met the inclusion criteria.
32775783 The enrollment cap was met during the first virtual clerkship period (April 27 through May 8, 2020), with a total of 12 students enrolling.
32775814 Clinical information was extracted and examined from 20 cohorts that met inclusion criteria, covering 13,137 mostly hospitalized patients confirmed to have COVID-19.
32776551 To determine the utility of admission laboratory markers in the assessment and prognostication of coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19), a systematic review and meta-analysis were conducted on the association between admission laboratory values in hospitalized COVID-19 patients and subsequent disease severity and mortality. […] A random effects meta-analysis was used to calculate the weighted mean difference (WMD) and 95% confidence interval (95% CI) for each of 27 laboratory markers. […] The impact of age and sex on WMDs was estimated using meta-regression techniques for 11 markers. […] In total, 64 studies met the inclusion criteria. […] There were no statistically significant associations between age or sex and WMD for any of the markers included in the meta-regression.
32777550 Twenty-three studies met our inclusion criteria, including 243,760 IBD patients.
32778160 The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) epidemic met coincidentally with massive migration before Lunar New Year in China in early 2020.
32785570 The aim of this study was to perform a structured systematic review and meta-analysis to evaluate the diagnostic characteristics of serological-based COVID-19 testing. […] Five studies (n=1,166 individual tests) met inclusion criteria. […] This meta-analysis demonstrates suboptimal sensitivity and specificity of serologic-based diagnostic testing for SARS-CoV-2 and suggests that antibody testing alone, in its current form, is unlikely to be an adequate solution to the difficulties posed by COVID-19 and in guiding future policy decisions regarding social distancing and reopening of the economy worldwide.
32789449 All key steps of the registry development best practices framework were met, though with the need for adaptation in some areas.
32790662 According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which regulates alcohol-based hand sanitizers as an over-the-counter drug, methanol (methyl alcohol) is not an acceptable ingredient. […] On June 30, 2020, CDC received notification from public health partners in Arizona and New Mexico of cases of methanol poisoning associated with ingestion of alcohol-based hand sanitizers. […] The case reports followed an FDA consumer alert issued on June 19, 2020, warning about specific hand sanitizers that contain methanol. […] Whereas early clinical effects of methanol and ethanol poisoning are similar (e.g., headache, blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, loss of coordination, and decreased level of consciousness), persons with methanol poisoning might develop severe anion-gap metabolic acidosis, seizures, and blindness. […] If left untreated methanol poisoning can be fatal (5). […] Survivors of methanol poisoning might have permanent visual impairment, including complete vision loss; data suggest that vision loss results from the direct toxic effect of formate, a toxic anion metabolite of methanol, on the optic nerve (6). […] CDC and state partners established a case definition of alcohol-based hand sanitizer-associated methanol poisoning and reviewed 62 poison center call records from May 1 through June 30, 2020, to characterize reported cases. […] During this period, 15 adult patients met the case definition, including persons who were American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN). […] Persons should never ingest alcohol-based hand sanitizer, avoid use of specific imported products found to contain methanol, and continue to monitor FDA guidance (7). […] Clinicians should maintain a high index of suspicion for methanol poisoning when evaluating adult or pediatric patients with reported swallowing of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer product or with symptoms, signs, and laboratory findings (e.g., elevated anion-gap metabolic acidosis) compatible with methanol poisoning. […] Treatment of methanol poisoning includes supportive care, correction of acidosis, administration of an alcohol dehydrogenase inhibitor (e.g., fomepizole), and frequently, hemodialysis.
32790663 MIS-C patients who met the case definition had been reported to CDC.
32790918 None of the patients met HLH-2004 diagnostic criteria.
32794298 Regression methods were used to determine the independent association between ED isolation and LOS. […] There were 447 patients who met inclusion criteria, of which 123 (28%) were managed in isolation.
32795131 Previously, discharged patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) patients met the criteria of China’s pneumonia diagnosis and treatment program of novel coronavirus infection (trial version 7) for cure of viral infection.
32795424 We present herein the results of an interim analysis of 316 patients enrolled at Houston Methodist hospitals from March 28 to July 6, 2020. […] Of the 316 transfused patients, 136 met a 28-day outcome and were matched to 251 non-transfused control COVID-19 patients.
32795898 The methodology met the criteria of a novel, promising approach to treat successfully elderly COVID-19 patients, particularly when hospitalized in intensive care units (ICUs) Experimental design: We investigated the therapeutic effect of 4 cycles of O2-O3 in 50 hospitalized COVID-19 subjects suffering from acute respiratory disease syndrome (ARDS), aged more than 60 years, all males and undergoing non invasive mechanical ventilation in ICUs. […] It leads patients to a fast recovery from ARDS via the improvement of major respiratory indexes and blood gas parameters, following a relatively short time of dispensed forced ventilation (about one to two weeks). […] This study may encourage the scientific community to further investigate and evaluate the proposed method for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.
32798142 Thus, evaluating the effectiveness of existing vaccines like Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) has attracted attention. […] Nine studies met the inclusion criteria.
32804431 Nine additional patients either met the definition of suspect case or presented with at least two of the most common symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 infection.
32805143 Among 1,117 ARDS patients who met inclusion criteria, the median Crs was 30 [interquartile range, 23-40] ml/cmH2O. 136 (12%) patients had preserved Crs (≥50 ml/cmH2O, “phenotype L”) and 827 (74%) patients had poor Crs (<40 ml/cmH2O, “phenotype H”).
32810855 However, on an individual-respondent level, 10% experienced a clinically significant increase in psychopathological symptoms and 15% met cut-off criteria for COVID-19-related traumatic distress.
32811228 We used a mixed-methods study design to evaluate the conversion of a large foundational interprofessional course, at our university, to an asynchronous online learning environment. […] The COVID-19 discussion board presented evidence that students met all Interprofessional Education Collaborative core competencies for IPCP, shared knowledge of their and other health professions, and expressed the value and essentiality of IPCP.
32811325 These are mainly met by overtime and additional effort, especially on the part of leaders.
32811328 The increased need for care brought on by the pandemic was able to be met by the knowledge provided in the nursing phone consultations.
32812051 Sixty-two subjects met the inclusion criteria, with 35 enrolled in the sofosbuvir/daclatasvir arm and 27 in the ribavirin arm.
32812187 In fact, this systematic review-meta-analysis was directly pertained to estimation at the efficient value of some clinical managements to confront the COVID-19 infection. […] A random-effects model meta-analysis was performed to calculate the relative risk (RR) with 95% confidence intervals (CI). […] A number of 45 articles met the eligibility criteria (out of 6793 articles).
32816230 The following outcomes were considered: sample origin (animal versus human); detection method; anatomical location and cell types. […] Of the 24 identified studies, 17 met our inclusion criteria. […] There was an important heterogeneity between studies in the methods used to detect ACE2 and TMPRSS2, leading to a potential identification bias.
32817606 No counties met hotspot criteria during January 22-March 7, 2020. […] During March 8-July 15, 2020, 818 counties met hotspot criteria for ≥1 day; these counties included 80% of the U.S. population.
32820086 All respondents met with their supervisor within the first month of the placement and 90.7% of the trainees found it easy to meet with their supervisor.
32821909 Nine studies with 975 patients met our inclusion criteria. […] Productivity outcomes included reports of cost-effectiveness, savings on transport, and improved waiting list metrics.
32824596 After adjusting for important age-related risk factors, the isolated effect of age was estimated using meta-regression. […] Twelve studies met our inclusion criteria: four studies for COVID-19 disease severity, seven for mortality, and one for admission to ICU.
32825892 A group of senior doctors with vast clinical experience met on 19th July’20 under the aegis of Academy of Advanced Medical Education.
32826620 : Methadone regulations have changed minimally since 1974, despite advances in the understanding of the nature of opioid use disorder (OUD) and the role of medications in its treatment. […] Take home medications are not allowed unless rigid and formulaic conditions are met. […] Although addiction medicine has rejected the “criminal” paradigm in favor of OUD as a treatable medical disorder, methadone regulations have not kept pace with the science.Pregnancy is characterized by an ultra-rapid metabolic state, but regulations prevent the use of daily divided doses of methadone to maintain stability. […] Interference with dose regimen adjustments prevents optimal outcomes.Further, methadone clinics are mostly urban, leaving patients in rural areas without access. […] Pregnant women (and parents with children) were forced to negotiate dosing in dangerous conditions.A revised methadone system must provide treatment that is local, flexible, and limited in size to manage viral contagion risks.
32827525 Forty-nine children (26%) were diagnosed with acute SARS-CoV-2 infection; an additional 18 children (9%) met the criteria for MIS-C.
32831142 We parameterize the model by using the Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) method and estimate the control reproduction number (Rc), as well as the effective daily reproduction ratio- Re(t), of the disease transmission in the mainland of China excluding Hubei province. […] If all the above conditions are met, the outbreak is expected to be ended by April in the mainland of China apart from Hubei province.
32832308 Materials and methods A postal survey was administered to all patients who had received at least one telemedicine session during the months January to May 2020 for the management of hyperthyroidism. […] The telemedicine service was time saving and met their needs.
32833297 There were 52 (1.6% of all ED presentations) patients who met inclusion criteria during the SOE period and 57 (1.0%) patients in the comparator period.
32834595 However, the prediction may deviate particularly for longer dates, as assumptions of model cannot be met always in a real scenario. […] In view of this, a real time application (COV-IND Predictor) has been developed which automatically syncs the latest data from the national COVID19 dash board on daily basis and updates the model input parameters and predictions instantaneously.
32835299 This study aims to examine compliance with basic methodological quality criteria and open scientific research practices on the mental health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. […] Most of them met the requirements related to reporting key methodological and statistical information.
32837253 Users may only be willing to disclose their locations when some condition is met, for instance in proximity of a disaster area or an event of interest. […] We also propose an heuristic that brings down the computational overhead through enlarging an alert zone by a small factor (given as system parameter), therefore trading off a small and controlled amount of privacy for significant performance gains.
32837361 These criteria are met by many of the legislator trades. […] Our results help to both parameterize concerns about this case of legislator trading; as well as provide insight into the reactions and expectations of investors toward COVID-19.
32837434 The main objective of this study was to analyze the psychometric properties of the Spanish-translated version of the Fear of COVID-19 Scale (FCV-19S) using a sample of population in Peru. […] Data were collected by a convenience sampling method, resulting in a total of 832 participants, and the collection took place over 1 week, April 17-23, 2020. […] Invariance between healthcare workers and age groups was reached (ΔCFI < 0.01), but the invariance between men and women was not met (ΔCFI = 0.02). […] The study found the Spanish-translated version of the FCV-19S has good psychometric properties and presents evidence of validity and reliability.
32837660 In the past twenty years, the growing demand for food has increasingly been met through the destruction of Earth’s natural environment, and much less through progress in agricultural productivity generated by scientific research, as was the case during the two previous decades.
32837730 The reported results were controversial, so the objective of the present study was to assess the relationship between different blood groups and the onset and mortality of COVID-19 infection using a meta-analysis method. […] We screened articles on the bases of titles, abstracts and full text, and articles that met the inclusion criteria were selected. […] This meta-analysis showed that individuals with blood group A are at higher risk for COVID-19 infection while those with blood group O are at lower risk.
32837748 Due to the huge mask demand-supply gap all over the world, the development of user-friendly technologies and methods is urgently needed to effectively extend the service time of masks. […] Used masks were soaked in hot water at a temperature greater than 56 °C for 30 min, based on a recommended method to kill COVID-19 virus by the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China. […] The masks were then dried using an ordinary household hair dryer to recharge the masks with electrostatic charge to recover their filtration function (the so-called “hot water decontamination + charge regeneration” method). […] The filtration efficiencies of the regenerated masks were almost maintained and met the requirements of the respective standards. […] The performance evolution of masks during human wear was further studied, and a company (Zhejiang Runtu Co., Ltd.) applied this method to enable their workers to extend the use of masks. […] Furthermore, a new method for detection of faulty masks based on the penetrant inspection of fluorescent nanoparticles was established, which may provide scientific guidance and technical methods for the future development of reusable masks, structural optimization, and the formulation of comprehensive performance evaluation standards.
32837905 After screening, 15 articles that met the inclusion criteria were finally included. […] However, this result was not reliable due to low methodological quality and irrational outcomes.
32838062 Total physical activity before and during COVID-19 lockdown period were 7809.7 (3849.7-11769.8) MET-min/week and 4135.7 (867.2-7404.1) MET-min/week; p < 0.0001.
32838090 To allow for all these requirements to be met for under $1000, the Cerberus - an open source three-headed self-replicating rapid prototyper (RepRap) was designed and tested with the following capabilities: i) 200 °C-capable heated bed, ii) 500 °C-capable hot end, iii) isolated heated chamber with 1 kW space heater core and iv) mains voltage chamber and bed heating for rapid start.
32838186 Care needs were met for 83.2%.
32838274 Bivariable analysis, and non-parametric tests of trend were used for analyses. […] During the study period, 1,418 women met inclusion criteria, of whom 101 (7.1%) tested positive for SARS-CoV2.
32839753 A total of 17 pregnant patients with anomalous fetuses who met criteria for fetal intervention were included; 8 from 2019 and 9 from 2020.
32840833 The working party met five times over the following week and then submitted a draft Framework for consideration by two groups of intensivists and one group of academic ethicists.
32841152 A total of 406 adult US participants with moderate to severe (≥10) GAD-7 scores met the inclusion criteria and completed the survey.
32847476 Objective: To describe the challenges related to COVID-19 affecting pediatric neuropsychologists practicing in inpatient brain injury rehabilitation settings, and offer solutions focused on face-to-face care and telehealth.Methods: A group of pediatric neuropsychologists from 12 pediatric rehabilitation units in North America and 2 in South America have met regularly since COVID-19 stay-at-home orders were initiated in many parts of the world. […] Solutions during the pandemic for the first two areas focus on the varying service provision models that include 1) face-to-face care with personal protective equipment (PPE) and social distancing and 2) provision of care via remote methods, with a focus on telehealth.
32847947 Of the 445 patients with COVID-19, 104 met our inclusion criteria.
32848328 The surge in demand for digital medical solutions has been accelerated by the need for new diagnostic and therapeutic methods in the current coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic. […] Despite the great potential associated with the application of MHAs and MAs in gastroenterology and health care in general, there are numerous challenges to be met in the future, including both the ethical and legal aspects of applying this technology.
32851596 The purpose of this short communication is to describe the ethical aspects of this type of testing, RESULTS: Deliberate infection of volunteers with a dangerous virus such as SARS-CoV-2 was initially considered unethical by researchers; but the current pandemic is so different from previous ones that these studies are considered ethical if certain criteria are met.
32852868 Cardiac monitoring is recommended for at risk patients; however, the availability of telemetry capable hospital beds is limited. […] We sought to evaluate a patch-based mobile telemetry system for inpatient cardiac monitoring during the pandemic. […] A prospective cohort study was performed of inpatients hospitalized during the pandemic who had mobile telemetry devices placed; patients were studied up until the time of discharge or death. […] Other clinical outcomes and performance characteristics of the mobile telemetry system were studied. […] Eighty-two patients underwent mobile telemetry device placement, of which 31 (37.8%) met the primary outcome, which consisted of 24 (29.3%) with new arrhythmias detected and 18 (22.2%) with management changes. […] A mobile telemetry system was successfully implemented for inpatient use during the COVID-19 pandemic and was shown to be useful to inform patient management, detect occult arrhythmias, and monitor the QT-interval.
32853011 Method: A cross-sectional study was conducted via an online survey from April 10 until April 13, 2020. […] The survey included sociodemographic questions and the following psychometric tools: the Peritraumatic Distress Inventory, the Posttraumatic Stress Disorder-8 questionnaire, the Brief Patient Health Questionnaire Depression scale, the Athens Insomnia Scale, and 3 questions about negative perceptions of COVID-19. […] Criteria for a probable posttraumatic stress disorder diagnosis were met by a total of 16.7% (21.7% of women; 5.1% of men).
32853901 To conduct a systematic literature review and analyze the demographic/biochemical parameters and clinical outcomes of COVID-19 patients with diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) and combined DKA/HHS (hyperglycemic hyperosmolar syndrome). […] A total of 19 articles reporting 110 patients met the eligibility criteria.
32854812 In conclusion, this is a first large case series of hospitalised children who met criteria for MIS-C in Iran.
32856214 The screening tool met a number of essential criteria: (1) simple and easy to use, (2) included the most common signs and symptoms as knowledge of COVID-19 infection changed, (3) was congruent with the overall screening procedures of the medical center, (4) included questions about risk factors for and environmental exposures related to COVID-19, and (5) assessed patient’s current cancer history and treatment status.
32860962 The aim of this systematic review and meta-analysis was to assess whether chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine with or without azithromycin decreased COVID-19 mortality compared with the standard of care. […] The initial search yielded 839 articles, of which 29 met our inclusion criteria. […] After excluding studies with critical risk of bias, the meta-analysis included 11 932 participants for the hydroxychloroquine group, 8081 for the hydroxychloroquine with azithromycin group and 12 930 for the control group. […] We found similar results with a Bayesian meta-analysis.
32861276 We enrolled consecutive, mechanically ventilated patients with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 and who met Berlin criteria for ARDS, who were admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) between March 9 and March 22, 2020. […] Between March 9 and March 22, 2020, 301 patients with COVID-19 met the Berlin criteria for ARDS at participating hospitals.
32861461 The PubMed and EMBASE databases were searched until 1 May 2020, for studies examining the proportion of positive chest imaging findings in asymptomatic cases diagnosed with COVID-19 and a random-effects meta-analysis of proportions was performed. […] Among 858 non-duplicate studies, seven studies with a total of 231 asymptomatic cases met the inclusion criteria.
32862107 Over one-fourth of them met the criteria for probable clinical depression (31.5%) and generalized anxiety disorder (27.9%).
32864250 We conducted a meta-analysis to derive generalizable, well-powered estimates of liver injury prevalence in COVID-19 patients. […] Materials and Methods Electronic databases (PubMed and Scopus) were systematically searched in June 2020 for studies reporting the prevalence of baseline CLD and current liver injury in hospitalized COVID-19 patients. […] A random-effects model was used for meta-analysis. […] After removal of duplicates and reviewing the full-texts of potential studies, a total of 27 studies met the inclusion criteria.
32864590 Patients with COVID-19 who met discharge criteria could still test positive for SARS-CoV-2 RNA.
32864628 Of the whole cohort, 90 (33%) patients met the COV-HI criteria at admission. […] Among the 178 patients who were eligible for full respiratory support, 65 (37%) met the definition for COV-HI at admission, and 67 (74%) of the 90 patients whose respiratory care was escalated met the criteria by the day of escalation.
32865183 However, there was a lack of well-organized information about the level of risk, effects, prevention and control methods of the disease. […] Therefore the aim of this study was to identify and review a published level of risk, effects response to potential health emergencies, prevention, and control methods of Coronavirus Disease 2019 at the global level. […] Twenty published articles with reputable journals met the inclusion criteria, representing 20 articles analyses. […] The overall structures were most commonly described as being Markov (n= 27) but, the methods were heterogeneous.
32868977 Of six critically ill patients with COVID-19 who had tracheostomy placement at our facility, three met inclusion criteria: patient 1, a 33-year-old woman; patient 2, an 84-year-old man; and patient 3, an 81-year-old man.
32869011 Symptomatic patients aged 35 years and older who were tested for SARS-CoV-2 between March 8 and May 13, 2020 were included. 15,586 individuals tested for COVID-19 at the Cleveland Clinic between March 8, 2020 and May 13, 2020 met our inclusion criteria.
32870978 Ninety-seven studies (All published in 2020), including 230,398 HCW, met the inclusion criteria.
32873357 One hundred and sixty-four cases (15.6% of patients) met the inclusion criteria during the defined period.
32876207 A cross-sectional study was carried out including patients hospitalized for COVID-19 in 3 hospitals, health workers exposed to the infection and outpatients who met suspicious case criteria, all of which underwent the molecular test (RT-PCR) and the rapid serological test.
32876697 However, the trial was stopped early and no treatment strategy met prespecified criteria for statistical superiority, precluding definitive conclusions.
32876786 The CWC and each subgroup met by several virtual meetings, and two rounds of voting were conducted on the drafted statements of recommendations.
32879095 To propose the architectural layout for the big general hospital in the face of public health emergencies, we analyzed the conditions, methods, problems and countermeasures for the reconstruction of the isolation ward from the existing medical building layout of a general hospital. […] The affected areas met the requirements of isolation ward in the reconstruction, and realized the corresponding partition and separation of people.
32879833 A functional polymorphism of the catechol O-methyltransferase (COMT) gene, designated rs4680 or Val158Met, has been associated with anxiety-related behaviours and the so-called “worrier” phenotype. […] Methods In this exploratory study, an analysis of the correlation between the frequencies of the Met allele of the COMT gene across 28 countries, obtained from the public domain Allele Frequency Database (ALFRED), and the COVID-19 prevalence and mortality rates in these countries, obtained from the Johns Hopkins Medical University web-based dashboard, was carried out while controlling for population size and median age in each country. […] Met allele frequency was positively correlated with COVID-19 prevalence (ρ = 0.527, p = 0.004) and mortality rate (ρ = 0.542, p = 0.003) across nations. […] Conclusions These preliminary results suggest that there may be a relationship between the COMT Val158Met or rs4680 functional polymorphism and the impact of COVID-19 across nations, which could plausibly be mediated by maladaptive anxiety-related behaviours.
32882350 A total of 21 patients with acute thrombotic events met our inclusion and exclusion criteria.
32888424 Through social media and our reviewer networks, we met some early-career stem cell investigators impacted by the closures.
32892107 A total of 689 responses from radiologists across 44 different states met the criteria for inclusion in the analysis. […] By contrast, participants who reported needing no coping methods were more likely to self-report lower anxiety scores (RR 0.4; 95% CI: 0.3-0.53, p < 0.01).
32893415 Families impacted by paediatric cancer are met with logistical, financial and psychological impacts, with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus two creating additional barriers and stressors for these families. […] Sixteen studies met inclusion criteria.
32902237 Of those determined to be COVID-19 patients, 91% met one or more of the diagnostic criteria with these blood biomarkers, and of the NON-COVID-19 patients, 47% did not met any diagnostic criteria.
32907371 Stable parameters in overall and subgroup models were used to construct a cluster model for phenotyping of patients. […] Of 1207 COVID-19-positive patients, 157 met the study criteria (80≤55 and 77>55 years of age).
32907638 In addition, as an exploratory objective, to compare the baseline clinical and biological parameters, including serum IL-6 levels, of the intervention population against controls of the same pandemic outbreak (using a propensity score) to search for markers that identify the best candidates for the treatment with subcutaneous IL-6R inhibitors and to attempt an approximation in the temporal frame of the “window of opportunity” TRIAL DESIGN: SARCOVID is an investigator-initiated single center randomised proof of concept study. […] Documented interstitial pneumonia requiring admission and at least two of the following parameters: 1) Fever ≥ 37.8°C (tympanic) 2) IL-6 in serum ≥ 25 pg/mL (in the absence of a previous dose of prednisone or equivalent> 1 mg / kg) or PCR> 5mg/dL 3) Lymphocytes <600 cells/mm3 4) Ferritin> 300 μg/L that doubles in 24 hours 5) Ferritin> 600 μg/L in the first determination and LDH> 250 U/L 6) D-dimer (> 1 mg/L) d. […] After checking that all inclusion criteria are met and none of the exclusion criteria, CRCTU will communicate the recruiting investigator the assigned treatment.
32907668 We systematically reviewed the medical and engineering literature according to Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) guidelines. […] For detailed review, we selected six models that met our pre-defined criteria. […] Half of the models did not include age-stratified parameters, and only one included the option to represent a second wave.
32908713 This was met with a moderate increase of troponin T-hs, an escalating need for vasopressors, and a progressive decrease in her P/F ratio despite preserved lung static compliance.
32909171 Of the 6617 search results, 48 studies met final inclusion criteria, including 8 pre-prints and 7 ongoing studies from online registries.
32909174 Patients who met their surgeon for the first time were more likely to have a good experience (OR = 1.2 [95% CI 1.1‒1.5], p = 0.03).
32910943 Variables of interest included patient age, exposure to COVID-19, past medical history, clinical symptoms, SARS-CoV-2 testing, laboratory findings, clinical course, and disposition. 38 publications met inclusion criteria, including 23 single case reports, 14 case series, and 1 cohort study, describing 63 infants under 3 months of age with laboratory confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection.
32911234 Structured literature searches found 50 studies that met the inclusion criteria.
32914217 Nineteen patients (6.48%) met the inclusion criteria to be categorized as a nosocomial infection with SARS-CoV-2.
32915271 We identified sarcoidosis patients who met diagnostic criteria for sarcoidosis according to accepted guidelines.
32915650 A total of 38 animal studies and 7 human studies met inclusion criteria and were analyzed.
32920162 Patients with liver disease, hematological and solid organ malignancy with liver metastases were excluded, resulting in 554 patients who met our inclusion criteria.
32921540 Of the YouTube videos that met inclusion criteria, 27% discussed the use of at least 96% ethanol or 99.8% isopropyl alcohol, 4.1% incorporated 3% hydrogen peroxide, 82% used glycerol or an alternative humectant, and 4.1% specified the need for distilled or previously boiled water.
32921733 In Italy, the immunization coverage targets set in the 2017-19 National Immunization Prevention Plan (PNPV) have been met only partially.
32923356 The tourism industry was one of the world’s greatest markets; until the world met a pandemic in the 21st century, COVID-19.
32925154 A mixed group of six researchers from Sweden, Finland, and the United States met for a three-day retreat consisting of self-selected nature and art-related activities.
32926160 Moderate PA, vigorous PA, and PA measured in metabolic equivalent of task (MET) minutes per week decreased during lockdown (all p < .01). […] Controlling for PA before lockdown and individuals’ PA intentions, PA app use was positively related to overall change in PA, measured in MET minutes per week (β = 15.68, standard error = 7.84, p < .05).
32926871 Millions of smartphones contain a photoplethysmography (PPG) bio-sensor (Maxim Integrated, San Jose CA) that accurately measures pulse oximetry. […] No clinical use of these embedded sensors is currently being made, despite the relevance of remote clinical pulse oximetry to the management of chronic cardiopulmonary disease, and the triage, initial management and remote monitoring of persons effected by respiratory viral pandemics, such as SARS-CoV-2 or Influenza. […] To be used for clinical pulse oximetry the embedded PPG system must be paired with an App and meet FDA and ISO requirements. […] We evaluated whether this smartphone sensor with App met FDA/ISO requirements and how measurements obtained using this system compared to hospital reference devices across a wide range of persons. […] Subsequently, we performed an open label clinical study on 320 participants with widely varying characteristics, to compare accuracy and precision of readings obtained by patients, to hospital reference devices using a rigorous statistical methodology. […] Our findings support the application for full FDA/ISO approval of the smartphone sensor with App tested for use in clinical pulse oximetry. […] Given the immense and immediate practical medical importance of remote intermittent clinical pulse oximetry to both chronic disease management and the global ability to respond to respiratory viral pandemics, the smartphone sensor with APP should be prioritized and fast tracked for FDA/ ISO approval to allow clinical use.
32933836 A significant portion of U.S. youth are experiencing unmet needs and negative emotions due to COVID-19 suggesting additional youth outreach is necessary to ensure basic needs, including socialization, are met.
32934972 Energy expenditure (EE) was calculated (MET-min/week; see Supplementary file 2_Data) in four main different domains (daily occupation activities, means of transportation to and from daily occupation, leisure time and regular sporting activities; see Supplementary file 3_Corresponding MET values).
32936034 Materials and Methods: All patients with a proven diagnosis of COVID-19 and PM between March 18, 2020 and May 5, 2020 were identified through hospital records. […] Results: Thirty-six patients met inclusion criteria.
32936372 During the period of maximum incidence of the global pandemic in one of the most affected regions of Spain, there were 145 patients that met inclusion and exclusion criteria and were included in the study.
32939042 The objective is to bring objective answers to the most frequently met issues to help the clinical nutrition caregivers to promote nutritional care in the hospitalized Covid-19 patient.
32939636 The number, size, and weight of the tissue cores met expectation of the research group and tissue histology quality was excellent.
32941086 Between 42.0 and 51.4 percent of all school employees met the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) definition for having increased risk or potentially having increased risk of severe COVID-19.
32942296 We further calculate the important binding site residues at the active site and demonstrate that the MET 165 and HIE 163 contribute the most for 13b, while the MET 165 and GLN 189 for Chloroquine, based on residual energy decomposition analysis.
32945888 Children were categorized as having multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) if they met criteria for the disorder. […] We evaluated all imaging for acute/chronic abnormalities including chest radiographs for interstitial or alveolar opacities, distribution/symmetry of disease, zonal predominance, and pleural abnormalities.
32946453 After examination of the full texts, seventeen studies met the review’s eligibility criteria.
32946531 In this meta-analysis we investigate this association and determine SARS-CoV-2 positive individuals’ odds of having a specific blood group compared to controls. […] Seven studies met inclusion criteria for meta-analysis, including a total of 13 subgroups of populations (7503 SARS-CoV-2 positive cases and 2962160 controls). […] The results of our meta-analysis indicate that SARS-CoV-2 positive individuals are more likely to have blood group A (pooled OR 1.23, 95%CI: 1.09-1.40) and less likely to have blood group O (pooled OR = 0.77, 95%CI: 0.67-0.88).
32948623 Thromboembolism and cytokine storm flags were met in the ED for 342 (37.1%) patients.
32950602 An anonymous post-interview Likert and free text survey was sent to candidates with questions regarding feasibility, appropriateness, and acceptability of this method. […] The majority (53%) stated the virtual interviews exceeded or met expectations. […] The use of a remote teleconferencing platform provides a favorable method for conducting fellowship interviews and results in a high degree of candidate satisfaction.
32950749 Of the 978 patients in our cohort, 867 patients (mean age 56.9±14.5 years, 55% male) met inclusion criteria.
32952467 Of 111 patients (64% of those identified) who met inclusion criteria and completed the survey, 96% said they felt that they were treated fairly and 90% said that the surgical delay was in their best interest; 68% reported emotional distress from the delay, but 45% reported a desire to wait longer for the pandemic to subside.
32952711 As building an epidemiological model that is reliable enough and suits the current epidemiological situation within a country or region, certain criteria must be met in the modelling process.
32952739 In this short communication, we use data from official UK air-quality sensors (DEFRA AURN) and the UK Met Office stations to show how lockdown measures affected air quality in the UK. […] These changes, driven by a complex balance in the air chemistry near the surface, may reflect the influence of low humidity as suggested by Met Office data, and potentially, the reduction of nitrogen oxides and their interactions with multiple pollutants.
32957366 However, the methodological quality of these SRs is unclear. […] We will extract the data and assess the methodological quality using the Assessment of Multiple Systematic Reviews-2 (AMSTAR-2) measurement tool and the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) statement. […] Using the draft search strategy of databases, 8 SRs met the a priori criteria and were included.
32957803 Absolute differences of 18% (95% CI, 12% to 23%) and 17% (95% CI, 12% to 22%) were observed in the prevalence of GAD-2 scores of 3 and higher between workers whose perceived PPE needs and ICP needs were met compared to those who needs were not met.
32958987 This rapid scoping review was conducted according to the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic reviews and Meta-Analyses extension for Scoping Reviews protocol. […] A simple objective tool to assess the quality of rapidly emerging guidelines including evidence, methodology, ease, resource optimization, geography, and the economy was constructed. […] Twenty studies met the inclusion criteria.
32959497 All adult patients who met criteria for ‘suspected COVID-19’ and underwent testing for SARS-CoV-2 in the ED were eligible for inclusion.
32960186 Six (1%) of 627 patients died in hospital, all of whom had profound comorbidity. 11% (52/456) met the WHO MIS-C criteria, with the first patient developing symptoms in mid-March.
32960646 Method A review of publications available in the PubMed database and official guidelines of international groups was performed on May 23, 2020. […] Following title, abstract, and full-text review, only three publications met inclusion criteria: two reviews and one narrative report. […] Instrumental assessments were often considered aerosol generating, especially transnasal procedures such as endoscopy and manometry.
32961539 The purpose of this systematic review and meta-analysis was to explore the literature and collate data comparing the mortality of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) patients with and without asthma. […] Five retrospective studies met the inclusion criteria. […] A meta-analysis of data from 744 asthmatic patients and 8,151 nonasthmatic patients indicated that the presence of asthma had no significant effect on mortality (OR = 0.96; 95% CI 0.70-1.30; I2 = 0%; p = 0.79).
32961660 National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Disaster Research Response (DR2) working group, we used a modified Delphi method to identify and prioritize environmental health sciences Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) and associated Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) research questions. […] Fourteen questions met consensus as high priority in round 2, and an additional 14 questions met consensus as high priority in round 3.
32962844 Using qualitative research methods, semistructured interviews were conducted with 12 emergency nurses who met the inclusion criteria, and Colaizzi analysis was used for data analysis, summary, and induction.
32963091 We conducted systematic reviews of the literature, screened studies, extracted data, and summarized findings following published EXTRIP methods. […] A total of 44 studies (three in vitro studies, two animal studies, 28 patient reports or patient series, and 11 pharmacokinetic studies) met inclusion criteria regarding the effect of extracorporeal treatments. […] On the basis of our systematic review and analysis, the EXTRIP workgroup recommends against using extracorporeal methods to enhance elimination of these drugs in patients with severe chloroquine or quinine poisoning.
32963563 Forty-two studies involving 3793 subjects met the qualification criteria.
32964528 The interventions that enabled these needs to be met are detailed in this paper alongside a review of international recommendations and how they have been adapted to meet local pressures.
32964627 A protocol based on Cochrane rapid review methodology was adhered to and databases were searched from 1/1/2000 until 26/5/2020. […] Of 4744 citations retrieved, 102 studies met our inclusion criteria.
32965372 The search period for the articles comprised the last 10 years (2010 to 2020). 840 articles with potential for inclusion were retrieved, one of which met the inclusion criteria and the guiding question that consisted of evaluating the association of Kawasaki disease and COVID-19 in children.
32969089 Developing an ACS from ground zero was met with many challenges, and throughout the process important lessons were learned.
32969396 473 HCWs responded to the questionnaire, out of which 426 responses met inclusion criteria which is 90% of the total responses.
32969400 Although the Government of Nepal and partners have committed to ensuring the continuity of SRH services during the pandemic, this comment aims to illustrate the potential impacts to SRH if these commitments are not met.
32970023 Included patients met the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention criteria for MIS-C (inflammation, fever, involvement of 2 organ systems, lack of alternative diagnoses).
32970559 Participants that met the MPS on pretest were exempt from the educational intervention.
32971254 During hospitalization, 166 patients (34%) met the criteria of the primary outcome (60/170, 35% in the corticosteroid group and 106/343, 31% in the noncorticosteroid group).
32972430 We have conducted this systematic review and meta-analysis on efficacy and safety of the drug FVP as a treatment for COVID-19. […] Nine in the qualitative studies and four studies in the quantitative synthesis met the criteria. […] The meta-analysis showed no significant differences between the two groups on viral clearance (day 14: RR 1.06, 95% CI 0.84-1.33), non-invasive ventilation or oxygen requirement (OR 0.76, 95% CI 0.42-1.39), and adverse effects (OR 0.69, 0.13-3.57).
32975552 Random-effects meta-analysis was undertaken. […] A total of 32 studies comprising 41 640 children and adolescents and 268 945 adults met inclusion criteria, including 18 contact-tracing studies and 14 population screening studies. […] Findings from population screening studies were heterogenous and were not suitable for meta-analysis. […] In this meta-analysis, there is preliminary evidence that children and adolescents have lower susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2, with an odds ratio of 0.56 for being an infected contact compared with adults.
32978307 We tested 22 candidate prognostic models among 411 participants with COVID-19, of whom 180 (43.8%) and 115 (28.0%) met the endpoints of clinical deterioration and mortality, respectively.
32980137 This study was exempt from requiring specific Institutional Review Board approval, but met all the criteria required by our institution for this type of study and report including consent from the patient.
32982720 Still, the pathogenic mechanisms behind SARS-CoV-2 have been partially deciphered and the current therapies have not yet met the initial enthusiastic expectations.
32982806 Fifty-five (2.68%) participants met the criterion for addictive Internet use (IAT≥70), while 684 (33.37%) participants were classified as problematic Internet users (69≥IAT≥40).
32983694 Methods This was a retrospective review of prospectively collected data from our stroke registry to assess the impact of the SARS2-CoV-2 induced pandemic on the volume of stroke patients presenting to our facility. […] Strategies to minimize delays in care and maximize functional recovery must continue to evolve as new challenges are met during the COVID-19 pandemic.
32983702 This meta-analysis was performed to assess the effects of HCQ on patients with COVID-19. […] Methods This meta-analysis adheres to the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRIMA) guidelines. […] Two independent physician reviewers screened eligible articles that met the inclusion and exclusion criteria of the analysis. […] Six out of 14 studies that met the study’s eligibility criteria were selected and further analyzed, with a total of 381 participants (n= 381).
32985262 This article is the work product of the Continuous Glucose Monitor and Automated Insulin Dosing Systems in the Hospital Consensus Guideline Panel, which was organized by Diabetes Technology Society and met virtually on April 23, 2020.
32986248 In this study, 112 patients were evaluated from February to May 2020 and 80 patients met the inclusion criteria. […] Tocilizumab was administered, followed by methylprednisolone to patients with pneumonia severity index score ≤130 and computerized tomography scan changes. […] A total of 80 patients: 45 males (56.25%) and 35 females (43.75%) met the study inclusion criteria.
32986289 Our search returned 169 articles, 25 of which met inclusion criteria.
32988991 Themes were identified and included if they met one of three criteria: demonstrating a consistency of experience between EDs, demonstrating a conflict of approach between emergency departments or encapsulating a unique solution to a common barrier. […] Common themes centred around the importance of flexibility when reacting to an ever-changing clinical challenge, clear leadership and robust methods of communication.
32992538 Four studies conducted in China met the eligibility criteria.
32995051 Eleven studies met the inclusion criteria.
32998403 In this narrative review, we share our experience and measures that were implemented in our clinic to ensure that the oral health needs of cancer patients were met in a timely manner and in a safe environment.
33001856 We included eight studies that met the inclusion criteria, representing 10,966 cases distributed in 15 countries around the world until July 20, 2020.
33004206 We must be prepared to organize our healthcare workers in such a way that the needs of both inpatients and outpatients are met.
33006943 A best fit framework was constructed for all programs that met the inclusion criteria by collating information collected from each into a table for easy comparison.
33007141 In a recently published study in this journal that used a population-based sample in the Republic of Ireland (Karatzias et al., 2020), we concluded that 17.7% of the sample met the diagnostic requirements for COVID-19-related posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
33007233 Through social media and our reviewer networks, we met some early-career stem cell investigators impacted by the closures.
33007453 Sixteen trials including fourteen randomized and two non-randomized trials met the inclusion criteria. […] None of the clinical trials met the CONSORT criteria in full for reporting harms data in clinical trials.
33007683 In the full sample, 11.1% of women met screening criteria for anxiety and 9.9% met criteria for depression.
33008854 The analysis determined that CGPP CMs met the basic level of functioning (level 3) for 6 of the 10 components of the AIM tool.
33009231 In this systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized trials, we asked: (1) What are the levels of patient and surgeon satisfaction with the use of telemedicine as a tool for orthopaedic care delivery? […] In accordance with the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses guidelines, we conducted a systematic review with the primary objective to determine patient and surgeon satisfaction with telemedicine, and secondary objectives to determine differences in patient-reported outcomes and time commitment. […] Methodological quality of included trials was assessed using the Cochrane Risk of Bias tool, which uniformly rated the trials at high risk of bias within the blinding categories (blinding of providers, patients, and outcome assessors). […] We screened 133 published articles; 12 articles (representing eight randomized controlled trials) met the inclusion criteria.
33010411 A total of 1992 patients across 36 centers met eligibility criteria and were included.
33012377 We also found evidence of worsening rates of hypoxemia among respiratory patients treated by EMS, suggesting a possible increase in silent hypoxemia, which should be met with increased detection and clinical management efforts.
33012378 Of the remaining 1,172 admitted patients, 144 (12.3%) met the composite endpoint within the first 24 hours of hospitalization.
33012884 We consulted eight web pages of transnational organizations, 17 of international media, 99 of government institutions in the 19 countries included, and besides, we included nine studies (out of 34 identified) that met inclusion criteria.
33015645 Unadjusted discrimination of the maximum daily cHIS score was 0·81 (95% CI 0·74-0·88) for in-hospital mortality and 0·92 (0·88-0·96) for mechanical ventilation; these results remained significant in multivariable analysis (odds ratio 1·6 [95% CI 1·2-2·1], p=0·0020, for mortality and 4·3 [3·0-6·0], p<0·0001, for mechanical ventilation). 161 (54%) of 299 patients met two or more cHIS criteria during their hospital admission; these patients had higher risk of mortality than patients with a score of less than 2 (24 [15%] of 138 vs one [1%] of 161) and for mechanical ventilation (73 [45%] vs three [2%]).
33015712 The sensitivities and false-negative rates of the 239 specimens that met inclusion criteria were, respectively, as follows: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2019 nCoV Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel, 100% and 0%; TIB MOLBIOL/Roche z 480 Assay, 96.5% and 3.5%; Xpert Xpress SARS-CoV-2 (Cepheid), 97.6% and 2.4%; Simplexa COVID-19 Direct Kit (DiaSorin), 88.1% and 11.9%; and ID Now COVID-19 (Abbott), 83.3% and 16.7%.
33017364 Eighteen studies (16 retrospective and 2 prospective) with a total of 3682 patients met the inclusion criteria. […] Our meta-analysis demonstrates that patients with COVID-19 infection presenting with elevated D-dimer levels have an increased risk of severe disease and mortality.
33017527 Studies that met the inclusion criteria were reviewed by two authors separately.
33017599 The electronic search yielded 2480 articles, of which 9 met the inclusion criteria.
33019676 Although the eHealth intervention met the criteria for a small treatment effect in improving the overall SPADE cluster score (SMD = 0.24; p= 0.23) and anxiety (SMD = 0.24; p = 0.23), and for a small-to-medium treatment effect in improving depression (SMD = 0.37; p = 0.06) and back-related disability (SMD = 0.36; p = 0.07), none of these results achieved statistical significance because of limited sample size.
33020114 This was a retrospective analysis of all adults hospitalised with COVID-19 from 9 March to 18 May 2020. 1173 patients met the study criteria. 837 patients never smoked whereas 336 patients were either current smokers or past smoker and were grouped together in smokers group.
33020338 This case series report two confirmed COVID-19 patients who had met criteria of intubation and mechanical ventilation, but not performed to them.
33021102 These effects need to be carefully considered especially in relation to long-term outcomes.In 2019, a group of clinicians, clinical scientists, engineers, physical and life scientists from academia and industry, together with funding agency stakeholders, met to consider how the UK should address new technologies for RT, especially the use of heavier charged particles such as helium and carbon and new modes of delivery such as FLASH and spatially fractionated radiotherapy (SFRT).
33022124 Twenty-nine patients (17%) died during hospital stay, and 51 (31%) met the combined endpoint.
33023604 Thirteen peer-reviewed studies and 14 preprints met the inclusion criteria.
33023911 Objectives The clinical performance of the BD Veritor™ System for Rapid Detection of SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid antigen (Veritor), a chromatographic immunoassay used for SARS-CoV-2 point-of-care testing, was evaluated using nasal specimens from individuals with COVID-19 symptoms.Methods: Two studies were completed to determine clinical performance. […] Discordant analysis showed one Lyra positive missed by Veritor and five Lyra positives missed by Sofia 2; one Veritor positive result was negative by Lyra.Conclusions: Veritor met FDA-EUA acceptance criteria for SARS-CoV-2 antigen testing (≥80% PPA point estimate) for the 0-5 and 0-6 DSO ranges.
33025949 At the 56th Global Annual Meeting of the Drug Information Association (DIA), attendees met virtually during the height of the global COVID-19 pandemic for “rapid cross-stakeholder, cross-border collaboration” to support health worldwide.
33031427 We conducted a systematic review and meta-analyses of the secondary attack rate (SAR) in household and healthcare settings. […] Publication bias was assessed by funnel plots and Egger’s meta-regression test. 43 studies met the inclusion criteria for household SAR, 18 for healthcare SAR, and 17 for other settings.
33031764 Eligible and consenting patients were randomly allocated to either usual standard of care alone or usual standard of care plus lopinavir-ritonavir (400 mg and 100 mg, respectively) by mouth for 10 days or until discharge (or one of the other RECOVERY treatment groups: hydroxychloroquine, dexamethasone, or azithromycin) using web-based simple (unstratified) randomisation with allocation concealment. […] Among patients not on invasive mechanical ventilation at baseline, there was no significant difference in the proportion who met the composite endpoint of invasive mechanical ventilation or death (risk ratio 1·09, 95% CI 0·99-1·20; p=0·092).
33032575 Clusters caused by imported cases from other provinces accounted for 73.13%; familial clusters accounted for 68.66%; the average attack rate was 8.54%, and the average secondary attack rate was 6.11%; the median incubation period was 8.5 d; a total of 28 cases met the criteria for incubation period determination, and in the 28 cases, the incubation period was > 14 d in 21.43% (6/28). a total of 226 confirmed cases were reported in the 67 clusters.
33032650 This exceptional adaptation of the Italian National Healthcare System has also been felt by non-frontline settings such as Pediatric Orthopaedic Units, where the limitation or temporary suspension of most routine care activities met with a need to maintain continuity of care and avoid secondary issues due to the delay or suspension of the routine clinical practice.
33033405 Of 193 patients admitted with COVID-19, 64 met the inclusion criteria.
33036482 A total of 20 patients met the inclusion criteria and gave their signed informed consent.
33037446 Transferring what was known from experimental animal models to humans was met with many challenges, the atomic bomb research, and many deaths.
33040021 We performed a rapid systematic review using preferred reporting items for systematic reviews and meta-analyses standards. […] We determined the level of agreement across different guidelines for each procedure group, in terms of its classification as aerosol generating, possibly aerosol-generating, or nonaerosol-generating. 128 documents met our inclusion criteria; they contained 1248 mentions of procedures that we categorised into 39 procedure groups.
33040198 The tRNAs carrying the initiation Methionine (iMet) recognize the start codon termed initiation ATG (iATG). […] Other normal Met-carrying tRNAs recognize the internal ATGs. […] In the human genome, the abundance of iMet-tRNAs to Met-tRNAs is five times higher than the iATG to ATG ratio. […] However, when SARS-CoV-2 infects human cells, the iMet has an 8.5-time enrichment to iATG. […] We collected 58 virus species and found that the enrichment of iMet is higher in all viruses compared to human. […] Our study indicates that the genome sequences of viruses like SARS-CoV-2 have the advantage of competing for the iMet-tRNAs with host mRNAs. […] The capture of iMet-tRNAs allows the fast translation initiation and the reproduction of virus itself, which compensates the lower tAI of viral genes.
33041111 Results included peer-reviewed studies published in English. 15 peer-reviewed articles met study inclusion criteria, of which 14 were RCTs and one was a systematic review with meta-analysis. […] Also, dexamethasone significantly reduced mortality in those requiring respiratory support.
33041902 As I focused on research published exclusively this year, only 104 various types of articles met the eligibility criteria.
33047335 A total of 188 patients met the inclusion criteria.
33047495 Many participants with physical health concerns met screening criteria for an internalizing disorder, which was significantly higher than the rate found among participants without physical health conditions.
33047608 Most respondents agreed that objectives were being met for knowledge and interpretation but less so for case volumes and technical skills. […] Most respondents felt these changes were met with enthusiasm by both faculty and residents.
33049250 Women who tested positive for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay and who met the National Institute of Health (NIH) criteria for severe or critical illness5 were included. […] A total of 31 women met inclusion criteria; 20 (65%) had cardiac biomarkers measured during hospitalization (Table).
33049807 The late COVID-19 infection is met with acute respiratory distress syndrome and cancer.
33050203 Of the 175 articles found, 50 papers met the predefined inclusion criteria. […] The included papers were classified concerning the following dimensions: the source of publication, hospitality industry domain, and methodology.
33050487 A total of 54 Mexican adult patients with Covid-19 that met hospitalization criteria were retrospectively enrolled, followed-up daily until hospital discharge or death, and then assigned to survival or non-survival groups. […] Clinical, demographic, and laboratory parameters were recorded at admission.
33050800 Primary needs such as sleep which are determinants of quality of life, life satisfaction and psychological resilience should be met.
33051285 From 1112 references identified, 32 articles met our inclusion criteria, which detail 37 initiatives.
33052813 We reviewed 77 charts; 49 met inclusion criteria.
33054818 In this case report we present a Caucasian patient with COVID-19 who developed a marked elevation of inflammatory parameters with ferritin 36,023 μg/L, but also elevated C-reactive protein 334 mg/L and lactate dehydrogenase 1074 U/L, 1 week after admission to the intensive care unit. […] He met five of eight criteria for hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, but he lacked the high fever and cytopenia seen in the majority of cases.
33057355 Eleven single-layer materials met the standard of pressure difference (≤49 Pa), of which 3 met the standard of resistance to surface wetting (≥3), 1 met the standard of particle filtration efficiency (≥30%), but none met the standard of bacterial filtration efficiency (≥95%).
33057894 Twenty seven met the inclusion criteria.
33058941 After reading titles and abstracts, no article met the eligibility criteria.
33059300 One fourth (24%) met any physician for diabetes care at least once during lockdown.
33060186 When reciprocal obligations are not met, doctors are further justified in opting out of specific tasks, as long as this is proportionate to the unmet obligation.
33063117 Three clinical trials comparing sofosbuvir/daclatasvir-based regimens with a comparator in hospitalized COVID-19 patients were combined in a meta-analysis. […] Our search identified eight studies of which three met the inclusion criteria (n = 176 patients); two studies were randomized and one was non-randomized.
33069725 In this systematic review and meta-analysis Medline, Embase, and the Cochrane library were searched up to August 1, 2020. […] Studies that reported in-hospital mortality rate of adult patients (age >18 years) with confirmed COVID-19 admitted to an ICU met study eligibility criteria.
33071436 In this process of structural transformation, societies evolve from having a surplus to a shortage of domestic farm labor, typically met by foreign agricultural wage workers.
33073061 A total of 41 apps met eligibility criteria and were included in this study.
33073552 From 708 identified studies or clinical trials, 16 studies and 16 case reports met our eligibility criteria. […] Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) has shown no significant improvement in negative seroconversion rate which is also seen in our meta-analysis (p=0.68). […] Lopinavir-ritonavir has shown no improvement in time to clinical improvement which is seen in our meta-analyses (p=0.1).
33075284 Challenges relating to the implementation of immunity passports ought to be met with targeted solutions so as to maximise their benefit.
33075378 Five thousand seven hundred seventy-six patients met the inclusion criteria. […] Patients most frequently met criteria with high LDH (76.2%) alone or in combination, followed by ferritin (63.2%) and CRP (8.4%).
33087382 Twenty-nine per cent of respondents met the criteria for being a probable case due to reported COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test.
33089455 Due to COVID-19, an annual interactive statistics and research methodology workshop for radiation oncology trainees was adapted at short notice into a live virtual format. […] For five pre-specified learning outcomes (LO), 58 to 69% of trainees agreed that the LO was completely or largely met (Likert scores 6 and 7 on a scale 1 = not met at all; 7 = completely met). […] With regard to opportunities for interaction and suitability for small-group ‘break-out’ sessions, the majority felt that interaction could be adequately maintained whilst just under a quarter felt the delivery method was not fit for the purpose.
33090050 We prospectively recruited 1096 consecutive patients of whom 643 met the inclusion criterion with COVID-19 from Jaber Hospital, a COVID-19 facility in Kuwait, between 24 February and 20 April 2020.
33090535 About 517 studies were pooled, where 33 articles (5.8%) met the inclusion criteria such as infection prevention and control measures at birth.
33091701 Between April 6th and May 3rd, we enrolled 60 consecutive adult patients with confirmed COVID-19 from the ED, regular ward and ICU who met the pre-specified criteria for respiratory deterioration.
33092053 Methods-Based on data envelopment analysis (DEA), this article used community worker data to evaluate the matching of service supply and demand during the epidemic period and used co-word analysis to analyze the content and the residents’ demands for community service from the threshold period to the normal period of the epidemic. […] The results of public opinion analysis showed that from the threshold to the normal period of the epidemic, the emphasis on community service gradually transformed from epidemic prevention to an integrated service, which effectively met the composite service needs of community residents for both prevention and life.
33092568 Since the time of declaration of global pandemic of COVID-19 by World Health Organization (WHO), falsified hand sanitizers surfaced regularly in markets, posing possible harm to public due to unlisted inclusion of methanol. […] The instrument demonstrated that every item met the IIC correlation standard ≥0.40.
33092971 We saw 580 patients across the three sites, 302 of whom met criteria for COVID-19 testing.
33094263 By formulating a ‘pandemic PDP’ early and considering methods to maximise learning, training needs can be met even in these extraordinary times.
33104873 Of the 36 patients engaged in the remote programming, 32 patients met the inclusion criteria. […] Four of the 32 patients set initiated stimulation parameters, and the other 28 patients had significant improvement in UPDRS-III.
33105634 Up to 28 July, 39 reported children met the inclusion criteria.
33108314 A total of 969 participants met the inclusion criteria.
33109449 The purpose of this study was to assess the implementation of a virtual teaching method using available technology and its role in the continuity of education of practicing radiologists and trainees during the pandemic. […] Essentially all attendees felt that the webinar sessions met (43%) or exceeded (57%) their expectations.
33112892 Routinely collected clinical data were extracted and analysed for 645 patients who met the study inclusion criteria.
33114116 The pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which produces COVID-19 disease, has revealed to political and social circles a series of needs that have not yet been met.
33117002 Study participants who met our inclusion criteria were selected using a simple random sampling technique.
33117157 All observed subjects met the criteria for hospital discharge and were in quarantine.
33117550 No patients met our regional criteria for being “at-risk” and no patients reported cough, sore throat or fever at the time of swab.
33119558 Seventy-eight (51%) attendees received positive RT-PCR results (confirmed cases), and 38 (25%) met clinical criteria for COVID-19 without a positive RT-PCR result (probable cases).
33123514 A total of 794 articles from four databases were extracted and a three-step screening phase resulted in 15 studies that met our threshold criterion for thematic synthesis.
33124648 Responses were analyzed qualitatively and via nonparametric comparisons based on demographic factors. […] Given options of “Not Satisfied,” “Somewhat Satisfied,” “Satisfied,” or “Very Satisfied,” 97.7% of patients reported satisfaction with their visit as well as the visit length, and 80% felt the visit met their needs (“Good” + “Very Good”).
33125905 Internal consistency of svQOD-NS measured with Cronbach α. 40 patients met the inclusion criteria. 41 ± 153 (range 21-82), and 32 (80%) were female. 20 patients (57,1%) were male and 15 (42,9%) were female.
33126219 Out of 1463 references from the initial search results, 12 studies met the inclusion criteria.
33127010 Overall, 782 records were identified, of which 14 studies met the inclusion criteria.
33129179 Lesson 2: While resistance to change was the norm, the COVID-19 crisis motivated improvements to four major internal operational workflows (scheduling, appointment conversions, patient support and Virtual Rooming Assistants) for video visits, which were met with acceptance by both clinical and non-clinical staff.
33132103 Pharmacists are the most accessible and essential health care providers willing to take on critically important roles during the COVID-19 pandemic provided appropriate safety measures can be met.
33132334 Methods This was a retrospective, observational, and single-centered study conducted in the National Center for Global Health and Medicine (NCGM), Tokyo, Japan. […] Patients Patients who met the following clinical criteria visited the fever clinic in the NCGM: (1) body temperature >37.5°C, (2) any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or (3) referral from local healthcare facilities. […] In the fever clinic, all patients who met the above criteria had severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 polymerase chain reaction test with nasopharyngeal swab specimens.
33132558 They were evaluated for CRS, and 22 patients who met the criterion were given tocilizumab.
33132629 A total of 52 patients with 59 open fractures in 2020 and 89 patients with 101 open fractures in 2019 met the inclusion criteria.
33134951 Patients 18 to 70 years old who met Chinese criteria for severe coronavirus disease 2019 pneumonia and required supplemental oxygen but not on mechanical ventilator at screening.
33138047 Among university students, 43% were engaged in PA ≥ 150 min weekly, 24% met the criteria of GAD, and 32% met the criteria of depression.
33144785 Papers that met the inclusion criteria were analyzed and discussed in this review.
33145663 Twenty out of 25 patients met the inclusion criteria.
33146395 Meta-analyses were performed on frequencies of etiological diagnoses. 10 064 studies were identified; 541 underwent full-text review; 30 met criteria for data extraction.
33146723 A total of 270 patients met the inclusion criteria and divided into pre-pandemic (n = 120) and pandemic groups (n = 150).
33148089 Five patients showed signs of Kawasaki disease but none met the criteria for the classic form.
33148994 Mental health symptoms were endorsed in 45% with PHQ-2 and 43% with GAD-2, although threshold for major depression was met in only 4% and for GAD in 14%.
33150129 Using random-effects models, we pooled relative risk (RR) estimates and conducted meta-regression analyses. […] Of the 661 publications identified in our search, 25 papers met our inclusion criteria, with 76,638 COVID-19 patients including 11,766 severe cases. […] For the other three factors, meta-regression analyses suggested confounding by age.
33150393 Five infectious diseases met the inclusion criteria: chickenpox, mumps, invasive pneumococcal disease, scarlet fever, and pertussis.
33152974 Of 514 patients reviewed virtually over a 3-month period, 225 (45%) were randomly selected to participate, of which 200 met our inclusion criteria.
33153634 Of the 27 patients who met the inclusion criteria, one had a history of normal ventricular function who developed COVID-19 myocarditis with rapid clinical decline.
33156807 Such official naming efforts against the infodemic should be met with a fair share of identification in scientific conventions and sociocultural paradigms.
33157046 Through social media and our reviewer networks, we met some early-career stem cell investigators impacted by the closures.
33161046 These participants spent a total of 48 days locked at home, a period during which a significant worsening in all the variables assessed except for the risk of developing eating disorders, was observed: weight (kg), 67.3 ± 14.8 vs 67.7 ± 15.1, p = 0.012; physical activity (MET minutes per week), 8515.7 ± 10260.0 vs 5053.5 ± 5502.0, p < 0.001; sleep problems (total score), 6.2 ± 3.5 vs 7.2 ± 3.9, p < 0.001; self-perceived well-being (score), 4 (3-4) vs 3 (3-4), p < 0.001.
33163303 Methods This was a retrospective, single-center study that was conducted between April 7, 2020, and May 26, 2020, of adult patients from a primary facility admitted to an ACS, labeled Staten Island University Hospital East (SIUH-E). […] These select patients met specific inclusion criteria for SIUH-E before transfer.
33163638 Our study aimed to compare the levels of physical activity levels (expressed as MET-minute/week), among Qom city (Iran) adults in pre and during the COVID-19 pandemic (January 2020 and 20 to 29 May 2020, respectively). 670 adults were included in this study and grouped based on age and gender.
33163666 The prevalence rates of physical inactivity (<600 MET-minutes/week) and high sedentary behaviors (≥8 h/day) among Bangladeshi people were 37.9% and 20.9%, respectively.
33166525 A modified Delphi methodology was utilized, with 3 electronic voting rounds. […] After the third round, 64 statements (97%) met criteria.
33167515 Past public health crises (e.g., tobacco, alcohol, opioids, cholera, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), lead, pollution, venereal disease, even coronavirus (COVID-19) have been met with interventions targeted both at the individual and all of society.
33167682 Consequently, in order to have their needs met, patients either have to engage with two or more separate services or they receive good management for some problems and sub-optimal management for other problems.
33169560 We report the first Korean child who met all the criteria of MIS-C with features of incomplete KD or KD shock syndrome.
33170741 Finally, the panel met to review and discuss consensus findings, resolve remaining differences, and generate guidance regarding conducting HEM studies. […] The panel generated a checklist of recommendations regarding stakeholder engagement: HEM modeling, including model structure, scope and scale, demographics, time horizons, counterfactuals, health response functions, and metrics; parameterization and reporting; approaches to uncertainty and sensitivity analysis; accounting for policy uptake; and discounting.
33171466 Three hundred patients met the inclusion criteria for the study cohort.
33172405 We obtained a full report of the papers that met our inclusion criteria and screened the full texts.
33172515 A systematic review was executed using the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis (PRISMA) guidelines. […] A total of 12 articles met the inclusion criteria and were included for analysis in this systematic review.
33172950 Meta-analysis. […] A total of 79 research articles, including 49 692 patients with COVID-19, met the systemic evaluation criteria.
33173949 Thematic analysis was used to identify themes from open questions. n = 142. 52% did not worry about their health; 76% rated their health as “good”, “very good” or “excellent”. < 10% met the criteria indicative of depression (PHQ-8), or anxiety (GAD-2). 42% were less active than before lockdown. 27% were lonely at least some of the time.
33176077 An additional 60 crew members had suspected Covid-19 (i.e., illness that met Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists clinical criteria for Covid-19 without a positive test result).
33176927 To ensure that these new needs were met, the staff had to be trained and distributed into different areas and working groups; moreover, new protective measures and protocols had to be adopted in the working environment.
33179039 These goals to date have been met.
  • During January 17-September 13, 2020, a total of 766,044 travelers were screened, 298 (0.04%) of whom met criteria for public health assessment; 35 (0.005%) were tested for SARS-CoV-2, and nine (0.001%) had a positive test result.
33183387 Creativity and flexibility are needed to ensure that learners’ needs are met and efforts are made to involve those who may not be naturally drawn to online environments.
33184022 The 35-item mixed-method survey asked nurses to rate the degree of challenges faced in meeting the care needs of people with DD. […] DD nurses must be involved in public health planning and policy development to ensure that basic care needs of persons with DD are met, and the disproportionate burden of COVID-19 in this vulnerable population is reduced.
33184170 Thirty-two patients met inclusion criteria.
33186239 The primary end point was met by 19 (9.0%) patients in 2020 versus 10 (4.8%) in 2019 (P = 0.09).
33186512 Patients from 1 month to 19 years who met the MIS-C diagnostic criteria were included consecutively.
33187242 Residents met other residents from the three care homes to build new friendships and participate in a thirty-minute quiz session facilitated by eight staff.
33189515 Searches identified 6489 studies and 123 met criteria for inclusion (k = 0.81 title/abstract, k = 0.77 full-text).
33190794 Preprints and reports were also included if they met the inclusion criteria.
33192855 Data on 53 items was collected from 208 female nurses who had participated in both the time phases and met the eligibility protocols of the study (such as being certified female nurses who have a registration number (RN) through the Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC), having 4 years of a generic nursing degree, and 2 years of nursing experience).
33194118 A brief survey was sent via email to our 149 residents to obtain their evaluation of how well their needs were being met by this response. 92 (62%) residents completed the survey. 88% indicated their well-being needs were well met.
33195821 The review demonstrates a gap in the literature as none of the 29 papers selected for full-paper review from 1973 abstracts identified from searches met the inclusion criteria.
33201001 Therefore, we systematically reviewed the literature and performed a meta-analysis of the association between prior use of ACEIs and ARBs and mortality due to COVID-19 disease. […] Nine studies with a total of 18,833 patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 met our eligibility criteria. […] Our meta-analysis suggests that use of ACEIs/ARBs is associated with a decreased risk of death among SARS-CoV-2-infected patients.
33201872 The AI-calculated CT severity score and total opacity percentage showed good diagnostic accuracy for mortality and met MV criteria.
33201912 Among 457 patients with COVID-19 pneumonia between 3/31/2020-4/10/2020, we identified 42 patients who met the inclusion criteria.
33204751 Of 707 articles reviewed, 22 met the inclusion criteria.
33205046 = 46) admitted to our 34-bed ICU between March 24, 2020, and May 25, 2020, and identified six patients that met the diagnosis of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis according to previously established definitions.
33207130 Using a snowball sampling strategy, we invited community leaders to complete the survey and share the link with others who met inclusion criteria (English proficient, aged ≥18, currently living in the United States).
33210487 The cleaning and disinfection effects of the protective hoods after treatment were examined by magnifying glass method, residual protein detection method, real-time PCR, and agar pour plate method. […] After sterilizing, all the protective hoods met sterility requirement.
33212126 Forty-nine studies including 127,480 HCWs met the inclusion criteria. […] Meta-regression showed that increased sensitivity of antibody tests was associated with increased seroprevalence.
33213264 The 3473 online consultations were divided into pre-pandemic and pandemic period groups with Chi-square test as statistical analysis method. […] The increased online consultations met the increased demand of the relevant clinical services and reduced the overwhelming hospital presentations, thus decreasing the potential COVID-19 spread inside the major tertiary hospital and sparing the resources for acute crisis management.
33213570 The latest major challenge to society (COVID-19) met with a very different response, and only history will reveal whether ‘Stay home and worry’ will be equally effective.
33214421 The aim of this study was to systematically review and meta-analyze all literature reporting the basic reproductive number (R0), effective reproductive number (Re or Rt), and the serial interval (SI) values of severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection. […] One of the parameters which influence the calculations is the SI, the period between symptom onset in an infector and an infectee. […] A continuous random-effect model was applied using the DerSimonian-Laird (inverse variance) method. […] A total of 39 articles met the eligibility criteria. […] As an essential objective metrics implied in risk assessment for this emerging pandemic, monitoring R0 and Re is necessary to indicate the effectiveness or failures of mitigation efforts.
33214962 Criteria for Kawasaki disease were met in all of them (100%), with a complete presentation in five (50%).
33215091 Radiological parameters including radial height, radial inclination, intra-articular step-off, and volar tilt from post-reduction or post-application of cast radiographs were measured. […] The assumption was that if one radiological parameter exceeds the acceptable criteria, the patient would have been considered for an operative intervention in pre-COVID times. […] In total, 54% (n = 50) of patients met at least one radiological indication for operative intervention with a mean age of 68 years (21 to 96).
33215138 The first 100 consecutive patients that met the Phase 1 criteria and underwent surgery were included.
33221298 Therefore, we developed our own prototypes and evaluated whether they met regulatory standards. […] As it was not previously reported, we developed and performed differential pressure and synthetic blood penetration resistance experiments in accordance with official methodology. […] Both prototypes met regulatory standards for synthetic blood resistance, whilst only our thinner mask fulfilled acceptable differential pressure (‘breathability’) thresholds. […] Therefore, this may be a reasonable method to supplement stock if required.
33227532 Twenty-six studies of economic evaluations met our inclusion criteria.
33229967 Criteria of medium priority included patients that remained with anisometropia and patients with glaucoma or low to moderate risk of chronic angle closure. […] A total of 158 patients (22.0%) met the highest priority; 61 patients (8.5%) met the medium priority criteria.
33232897 Like oncology care, patients who require epilepsy care face socioeconomic and healthcare system barriers and are at significant risk of morbidity and mortality if their care needs are not met.
33234640 The serial interval and the generation time are key parameters for assessing the dynamics of a disease. […] Conduct a review of available evidence to advise on appropriate parameter values for serial interval and generation time in national COVID-19 transmission models for Ireland and on methodological issues relating to those parameters. […] Forty scientific papers met our inclusion criteria and were included in the review. […] Careful consideration should be given to the methodology that is used.
33235831 There have been classic clinical cases that have met the case definition of COVID-19 but real-time reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (rRT-PCR) tests of nasopharyngeal swabs were negative.
33239381 Only three of the tests evaluated met French health authorities’ thresholds for SARS-CoV-2 serological tests (≥90% sensitivity and ≥98% specificity).
33242148 Among the studies, 184 met the initial inclusion criteria, with a total of 114,046 patients.
33243303 Sixty-one percent met MIS-C definition.
33244788 Thirty participants who met the inclusion criteria were enrolled in the study between April and May 2020. […] Additionally, participant’s demographics, semen parameters and serum sex hormone levels were compared between the groups.
33250561 The control and prevention of COVID-19 in informal urban settlements starts with organizing community infrastructure for diagnosis and treatment and assuring that basic needs (food, water, sanitation, health care and public transport) are met during quarantine.
33250597 The mass exodus of India’s internal migrant workers, from urban areas, back to their villages during the Covid-19 lockdown was met with an outpouring of public empathy.
33252101 This scoping review adopted methods from the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) manual for evidence synthesis and preferred reporting items for systematic reviews and meta-analyses extension for scoping reviews (PRISMA-ScR) guidelines. […] Of 417 studies identified, 57 met inclusion criteria, accounting for 875 patients from 15 countries.
33252701 Which qualitative requirements have to be met by these contents and which potentials and opportunities, but also risks, do online disseminated and received information entail?
33256955 Burnout thresholds in Disengagement and Exhaustion were met by 79.7% and 75.3% of respondents, respectively.
33258088 Overall, 40.3% of participants met screening criteria for GAD and 49.3%, 62.6%, and 55.4% reported that their work, social life, and family life were interrupted by anxious feelings, respectively.
33259258 Thirty-three studies published in the period 2011-2019 met inclusion criteria, for a total of 12,860 patients (age 46.3 ± 17.4 years).
33259278 The learning community met during Spring 2020, and due to the global coronavirus pandemic, it moved online midsemester.
33259825 A total of 141 (97%) PEMs met inclusion criteria and were analyzed for readability, content, and quality.
33260124 Social distancing policies have resulted in the rapid adoption of virtual learning (VL) by neurosurgeons as a method to exchange knowledge, but it has been met with variable acceptance.
33262918 Methods Outpatient video telemedicine was introduced over a 14-day period including the provision of equipment, systems integration and stakeholder communication. […] All (100%) patients thought that the video telemedicine solution met their needs, but 25% of clinicians believed that the patient experience of a video consultation was worse than a face-to-face clinic appointment.
33263159 A total of 953 patients met inclusion criteria.
33264055 However, these shortcomings were met with innovative solutions that provided the next best options.
33265901 All the mentioned properties are met by aptasensors in which the detection elements are specific aptamers. […] Aptasensor operation is based on the measurement of changes in electric impedance, fluorescence or electric signal (impedimetric, fluorescence and electrochemical aptasensors, respectively); it allows both qualitative and quantitative determinations. […] The particularly high advancement for detecting of influenza virus concerns impedimetric aptasensors.
33269881 Student’s PA levels were significantly different before (1676.37 ± 20.6 MET-min/week) and after (1774.50 ± 33.93 MET-min/week) the governmental restrictions (TIME effect: F=3.49; ηp 2 = 0.005 p=0.03). […] In particular, only highly active students (>2520 MET-min/week) increased their PA during (3467.48 ± 55.85 MET-min/week) and after (3515.73 ± 65.75 MET-min/week) the lockdown measures with respect to their baseline levels (3151.43 ± 42.41 MET-min/week).
33270132 To examine the implications of US state CSC guidelines for patients with cancer, including allocation methods, cancer-related categorical exclusions and deprioritizations, and provisions for blood products and palliative care. […] Thirty-one states had health care resource allocation guidelines that met inclusion criteria, of which 17 had been published or updated since the first US case of COVID-19. […] The most frequent primary methods of prioritization were the Sequential Organ Failure Assessment score (27 states [87%]) and deprioritizing persons with worse long-term prognoses (22 states [71%]). […] Seventeen states’ (55%) allocation methods included cancer-related deprioritizations, and 8 states (26%) included cancer-related categorical exclusions.
33271151 Although scientists have been searching for methods to manage SARS-CoV-2, there is no specific medication against COVID-19 as of yet. […] The structure of the peptides was characterized by the liquid chromatography quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry (LC-Q-TOF/MS), and six beta-lactoglobulin derived peptides were selected as candidate peptides. […] According to the results of this in silico analysis, Ala-Leu-Pro-Met-His-Ile-Arg (ALMPHIR) and Ile-Pro-Ala-Val-Phe-Lys (IPAVFK) peptides were evaluated as potential candidates to be used in the treatment of SARS-CoV-2 after the future in vitro and in vivo studies.
33274414 Of 2059 patients with COVID-19, 1326 met inclusion.
33275266 Twenty-one COVID-19 patients who met the national clinical discharge criteria were discharged from the hospital and tested daily for the presence of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) nucleic acid in their pharyngeal swabs and every other day for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in their induced sputum.
33275897 Through social media and our reviewer networks, we met some early-career stem cell investigators impacted by the closures.
33276520 More than half of the students met the diagnostic criteria of GAD (52%) and depression (63%).
33277149 Non-ICU patients whose energy and protein needs were not met were older (P = 0.01) and had a higher death rate than patients whose needs were met (P < 0.001).
33277229 The general trauma consultations, OR = 0.34, postoperative control, OR = 0.49, and specific unit ones, OR = 0.40, were the ones that better met this requirement.
33277292 We report how the challenge of managing a huge influx of patients and redeployed staff was met by deconstructing ICU care into its constituent parts.
33278717 Intervention programs to prevent e-cigarette initiation administered by authority figures are met with more resistance from youth compared to peer-led programs.
33281415 A literature search for studies detailing COVID-19 infected patients with limb or digit ischemia was performed, identifying 157 articles, 12 of which met inclusion criteria, accounting for 47 patients.
33284825 Data were analyzed by fixed-effects meta-analysis using Shore’s adjusted confidence intervals to address heterogeneity. […] Seventy-seven studies comprising 38906 hospitalized patients met inclusion criteria; 21468 from the US-Europe and 9740 from China.
33284974 Families whose financial needs were met (OR = 0.38, 95% CI: 0.239, 0.598) or those with schooling upto at least secondary school (OR = 0.442, 95% CI: 0.260, 0.752) (P =0.002) were less likely to stop prescription drugs.
33285346 We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis to estimate the pooled prevalence of depression, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, and Psychological distress (PD) related to COVID-19 among affected populations. […] Random-effects meta-analyses on the proportions of individuals with symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, and PD were generated and between-group differences for gender, healthcare workers (HCWs), and regions where studies were conducted. […] Fifty-five peer-reviewed studies met inclusion criteria for the meta-analysis (N=189,159).
33287545 A project to benchmark the consensus statements, guidelines, and recommendations on surgical management in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic was developed to assess the methodology used. […] Nine guidelines that met the inclusion criteria were assessed. […] Evaluated by the Appraisal of Guidelines for Research and Evaluation II, the methodological characteristic of consensus statements, guidelines, and recommendations on surgical management during COVID-19 pandemic was relatively low. […] International development should be recommended as a model for the development of best methodological quality guidelines.
33290402 We rated the certainty of evidence according to Cochrane methods and the GRADE approach. […] Of 41,138 papers found, 17 studies met the inclusion criteria in various settings in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs).
33290544 Of the 19 patients for whom complete clinical criteria were available, 17 (89%) met criteria for TMA. […] A high proportion of tested children with SARS-CoV-2 infection had evidence of complement activation and met clinical and diagnostic criteria for TMA.
33291511 A subgroup analysis by region, gender, quality of study, assessment methods, healthcare profession, and exposure was performed. […] Sixty-five studies met the inclusion criteria and the total sample constituted 79,437 participants.
33294621 Students met daily for 2 weeks in groups of 15 to 18 with a process facilitator.
33295562 Four patients met criteria for classic Kawasaki Disease. […] Four patients met criteria for Macrophage Activation Syndrome.
33295957 A retrospective case series was conducted of 35 children admitted to 2 hospitals in New York City between April 1 and July 14, 2020, who met Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and/or epidemiologic criteria for MIS-C. […] Laboratory and clinical characteristics, with emphasis on mucocutaneous findings, of children who met criteria for MIS-C. […] Twenty-five children (11 girls [44%]; median age, 3 years [range, 0.7-17 years]) were identified who met definitional criteria for MIS-C; an additional 10 children (5 girls [50%]; median age, 1.7 years [range, 0.2-15 years]) were included as probable MIS-C cases (patients met all criteria with the exception of laboratory test evidence of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 [SARS-CoV-2] infection or known exposure).
33297697 Seroprevalence studies represent a very important tool to find out what fraction of population has already met with the new type of coronavirus (e.g. […] In the Strakonice and Písek regions, the ELISA method was used to test the prevalence of IgA and IgG antibodies in 2011 subjects, volunteers from general public and selected professions working in areas with a higher exposure to the infection. […] Second, an appropriate test must be selected with known parameters.
33297986 The median age was 62 years. 69 patients (22.8%) met the primary outcome and were defined as Group 2.
33299364 Depression significantly negatively correlated with MET-minutes/week in moderate-intensity PA but not vigorous and walking scores.
33301457 Methods that require data from after time t, such as Wallinga and Teunis, are conceptually and methodologically less suited for near real-time estimation, but may be appropriate for retrospective analyses of how individuals infected at different time points contributed to the spread. […] We advise caution when using methods derived from the approach of Bettencourt and Ribeiro, as the resulting Rt estimates may be biased if the underlying structural assumptions are not met.
33301928 In our main analysis, characteristics of patients at baseline (i.e., time when patients met all inclusion criteria) were balanced by using propensity-score inverse probability of treatment weighting.
33308662 Novel solutions will need to be urgently devised or else TB control targets will never be met and indeed may be set back by 5-8 years.
33308876 The records of 150 consecutive patients were reviewed and 135 met inclusion criteria.
33309815 However, historical efforts to advance antiviral monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) for the treatment of other respiratory infections have been met with categorical failures in the clinic.
33313670 Respondents were classified as either: working remotely; site-based workers with 100% of their ICP/PPE needs met; site-based workers with 50-99% of ICP/PPE needs met; site-based workers with 1-49% of ICP/PPE needs met; site-based workers with none of ICP/PPE needs met; or no longer employed. […] When adequacy of ICP and PPE was taken into account, the lowest prevalence of anxiety and depressive symptoms was observed among site-based workers with all of their ICP needs being met (29.8% prevalence for GAD-2 scores of 3 and higher, and 23.0% prevalence for PHQ-2 scores of 3 and higher), while the highest prevalence was observed among site-based workers with none of their ICP needs being met (52.3% for GAD-2 scores of 3 and higher, and 45.8% for PHQ-2 scores of 3 and higher).
33313731 The study balances pragmatic with explanatory methodological features. […] Early trial enrollment targets were met across sites.
33315112 The proportion of patients who met initial criteria for the lowest level of priority for mechanical ventilation using each set of criteria and their characteristics and outcomes were assessed.
33315310 All adult patients who met the criteria for ‘suspected COVID-19’ and underwent testing for SARS-CoV-2 in the ED were eligible for inclusion.
33316223 Prospective descriptive study of new patients who met the inclusion criteria.
33317261 To assess the impact of corticosteroids on inflammatory and respiratory parameters of patients with COVID-19 and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). […] Baseline characteristics, data on SARS-CoV-2 infection, treatment received, evolution of respiratory and inflammatory parameters, and ICU and hospital stay and mortality were analyzed. […] All patients met ARDS criteria and received MV and corticosteroids.
33317760 A total of 1189 records were identified, of which 11 studies fully met the eligibility criteria.
33318145 Included tweets were analysed using the Wiig knowledge management cycle framework (building knowledge, holding knowledge, pooling knowledge and using knowledge). 1379 tweets contained the #FOAMed hashtag, of which 265 met the inclusion criteria and were included in the analysis.
33320823 Overall, virtual visits met or exceeded expectations for the majority of users.
33320847 Therefore, the goal of the present study was to review the relevant and available published RCTs with the aid of the increased power of meta-analytic methods in order to assess the effectiveness of medical masks and N95 respirators in reducing the risk of respiratory infections. […] This meta-analysis follows the recommendations of the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) statement for conducting and reporting results. […] Two authors (JRL and LS) independently assessed the methodological quality of the included RCTs using the Cochrane Collaboration’s tool for assessing risk of bias. […] Six articles met the inclusion criteria. […] Our meta-analysis suggests that there are insufficient data to definitively determine whether N95 respirators are superior to medical masks in protection against transmissible acute respiratory infections. […] Further randomized trials are necessary to compare the above methods of respiratory protection in the context of COVID-19 incidence.
33323343 None of the MIS-C patients met criteria for Kawasaki disease.
33324286 Out of identified 178 literature sources, 124 met the inclusion criteria of identified keywords.
33324972 Epidemiology’s social contract reflecting a dual commitment to science and health could arguably be entirely met by producing research results under conditions variously described as objective, impartial, neutral, independent and handing such results to decision makers and the public at large.
33326409 A total of 42 studies met the inclusion criteria.
33334700 The first clinical assessment of the vertiginous patient via teleconsultation can only be successful if the following conditions are met: initial contact to verify the feasibility of the assessment at a distance, the presence of a caregiver in order to assist the patient, the possibility of making video recordings.
33335125 With that, when symptomatic cases are not prioritised for testing, a high rate of app users can generate an extensive increase in the demand for testing, which, if not met with adequate supply, may render the app counterproductive.
33344477 One significant example of this integration is the deployment of proximity tracking apps on smartphones to enhance traditional contact tracing methods. […] Further, the concept of a mandatory policy-forcing individuals to use the apps-has been met with ethical concerns (e.g., privacy and liberty).
33344544 The patients were diagnosed according to the World Health Organization interim guidance and critical cases met any one of the following criteria: Respiratory failure and required mechanical ventilation, the occurrence of shock, and the combined failure of other organs that required intensive care unit monitoring and treatments, according to the diagnostic criteria of critical COVID-19.
33345279 The other ANSI requirements/recommendations were also met.
33347637 The application of moist heat is one decontamination method that has shown promise and is the approach approved in the Steris Steam Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). […] This effort examines the use of multicookers to apply moist heat, as they are available in retail stores and more affordable than methods requiring more sophisticated equipment. […] Four of five multicooker models examined met the acceptance criteria for the test and one model was selected for inactivation testing.
33349095 Of 783 articles retrieved from the initial search, 11 (8 cohort and 3 cross-sectional studies) met our eligibility criteria.
33354066 Tele-rehabilitation also poses challenges - not all needs can be met; access and privacy can be a problem in resource-scarce settings; liaison with existing services is required; and organisations need to plan appropriately and re-allocate resources.
33355811 The research was carried out according to the recommendations of the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyzes (PRISMA). […] Two hundred and thirty-three scientific productions were found, however only 18 did not met the exclusion criteria and could be included in this study, amouting to a total of 911 patients - 624 (68.5%) men, 261 (28.6%) women, and 26 (2.8%) without sex information.
33357088 Among 392 COVID-19 hospitalizations meeting inclusion criteria, 103 (26%) met the composite outcome. […] When exploring clinically-relevant thresholds of the EDI, we found patients who met or exceeded an EDI of 68.8 made up 14% of the study cohort and had a 74% probability of experiencing the composite outcome during their hospitalization with a sensitivity of 39% and a median lead time of 24 hours from when this threshold was first exceeded.
33359043 A total eighty-three studies met the inclusion criteria and covered: ultrasonic scaling (USS, n = 44), highspeed air-rotor (HSAR, n = 31); oral surgery (n = 11), slow-speed handpiece (n = 4); air-water (triple) syringe (n = 4), air-polishing (n = 4), prophylaxis (n = 2) and hand-scaling (n = 2). […] A hierarchy of contamination from procedures is proposed for challenge/verification by future research which should consider standardised methodologies to facilitate research synthesis.
33360329 Therefore, the aim of this systematic review and meta-analysis to ascertain the present impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the prevalence of stress, anxiety, depression and sleep disturbance among nurses. ) statistics. […] A total of 93 studies (n = 93,112), published between January 2020 and September 2020, met the inclusion criteria. […] This meta-analysis found that approximately one third of nurses working during the COVID-19 epidemic were suffering from psychological symptoms.
33362654 Fourteen studies met the selection criteria, most of which were recommendations.
33363453 The isolation required to fight this pandemic makes it impossible for such patients to adjust the parameters or configuration of the device on site. […] Thirteen of the 16 patients required programming for parameter optimization. […] Eleven of the 16 (68.8%) patients reported that the system was user-friendly and met their needs.
33364371 We met these challenges as an international collaboration by adapting a collection of virtual patients for clinical reasoning training to this novel context.
33365394 Resulting articles were imported into a systematic review software and screened for appropriateness.To be eligible for inclusion in the analysis, the studies and case reports should have met the following criteria:Description of otologic dysfunction in COVID-19 patientspeer review Studies were excluded if:the description of the specific dysfunction was inadequatethere were no original case descriptions Data that met the inclusion criteria was extracted and analyzed. […] A total of 62 articles were identified and screened, seven articles met the inclusion criteria and were analyzed. […] All patients presented with hearing loss, 27 of whom had audiometry.
33367606 A total of 28 studies met our inclusion criteria.
33368577 Nurses in the community are well positioned to serve young Hispanic fathers to ensure their needs are met.
33369824 Analgesic treatment and MET for distal ureteral stones were begun in 11 (78.6%) of the patients. […] Pain control was achieved in nine patients (64.2%) with analgesic treatment and MET, and the stone was removed without invasive intervention. […] In most COVID-19 infected patients with renal colic and a distal ureteral stone, results can be obtained using MET.
33370304 No patients met ISTH DIC criteria. […] Any parameter was statistically significant or clinically relevant except for D-Dimer when comparing both groups.
33374322 A total of 964 publications were identified, and 13 studies met all inclusion criteria.
33374802 For lower dose saRNA vaccines, global demand can be met using a production process at a scale of below 10 L bioreactor working volume.
33378057 Eleven studies met the inclusion and exclusion criteria of this search. […] These previous parameters could safely enhance immune functions without producing any exhaustion.
33378357 Numerous clinical trials and observational studies have investigated various pharmacological agents as potential treatment for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), but the results are heterogeneous and sometimes even contradictory to one another, making it difficult for clinicians to determine which treatments are truly effective. […] We carried out a systematic review and network meta-analysis (NMA) to systematically evaluate the comparative efficacy and safety of pharmacological interventions and the level of evidence behind each treatment regimen in different clinical settings. […] Both published and unpublished randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and confounding-adjusted observational studies which met our predefined eligibility criteria were collected.
33378401 In the prospective cohort, a total of 250 hospitalized patients were screened and inclusion/exclusion criteria were met in 16/250 patients and in the retrospective cohort, a total of 317 hospitalized patients were screened and inclusion/exclusion criteria were met in 14/317 patients. […] We also demonstrate the feasibility of patient recruitment and the appropriate parameters to assess the outcomes and safety of losartan initiation or continuation, which provides a framework for future randomized clinical trials.
33380850 On the IES-R, 28.0% of the participants met the criteria for psychological distress.
33382060 We did not find any studies that met our inclusion criteria, and hence there is no evidence to support or refute the use of cell-based therapies for treating patients with COVID-19.
33382519 Outcomes were compared to a NDD cohort from July 2018 through July 2020 that would have met SDD criteria. […] Twenty nine patients were discharged via the SDD pathway after TAVR. 128 prior NDD patients were identified who met all criteria for SDD.
33384154 Between March 1 and August 15, 2020, 449 COVID-19 positive and 51,238 negative patients met inclusion criteria.
33384244 A total of 112 (78%) participants had telephone consultation (83% met needs), and 57 (40%) had radiologic scan results discussed over the phone (96% met needs).
33386406 This report details the preparations and challenges faced by the CSF-L pharmacy team in this endeavor, including identifying a pharmacy location that met regulatory requirements, obtaining proper licenses, coordinating drug procurement, filling staffing requirements, developing a formulary, defining the pharmacy and medication management workflow, and ensuring safety protocols were followed.
33387252 Of the 106 patients treated with chloroquine, 70 met the inclusion criteria.
33389725 A more thorough understanding was met by virtual embodiment of the drug structure and realizable viral targets using artificial intelligence (AI)-based and molecular dynamics (MD)-simulation-based study. […] In silico-based analysis of ivermectin’s molecular interaction specificity using AI and classical mechanics simulation-based methods indicates positive interaction of ivermectin with viral protein targets, which is leading for SARS-CoV 2 N-protein NTD (nucleocapsid protein N-terminal domain).
33391099 The present review includes an actualized to date bibliography, articles for which were methodologically analyzed to verify they met the standards of quality and scientific accuracy.
33392037 The present study aimed to investigate the factors affecting the detection of ground-glass nodules and exudative lesions in chest CT among COVID-19 patients and to find an appropriate combination of imaging parameters that optimize detection while effectively reducing the radiation dose. […] The anthropomorphic thorax phantom, with 9 spherical nodules of different diameters and CT values of -800, -630, and 100 HU, was used to simulate the lesions of COVID-19 patients. […] All images were subjectively evaluated by 2 radiologists to determine whether the nodules were detectable and if the overall image quality met diagnostic requirements. […] CNRs and subjective evaluation scores increased with increasing parameter values for each imaging iteration. […] The CNRs of 4 -800 HU nodules in the qualified images at the thresholds of scanning parameters of 120 kV/20 mAs, 100 kV/40 mAs, and 80 kV/80 mAs, had statistical differences (P=0.038), but the FOMs had no statistical differences (P=0.085).
33392133 We argue that dauntingly complex public health problems, such as the challenge of protecting flight crews from COVID-19, must be met with interdisciplinary research teams that include epidemiologists, engineers, and mechanistic biologists.
33395576 To better understand the relative performance characteristics of saliva and upper airway samples, I performed a rapid systematic review (registered on PROSPERO as CRD42020205035), focusing on studies that included at least 20 subjects who provided diagnostic saliva and upper airway samples on the same day, which were tested by nucleic acid amplification methods and for which a confusion matrix could be constructed for based on a composite reference standard. […] Nineteen studies comprising 21 cohorts that met predetermined acceptance criteria were identified following a search of PubMed, medRxiv, and bioRxiv. […] Seven of these cohorts were incorporated into a meta-analysis using a random effects model, which suggests that nasopharyngeal swabs are somewhat more sensitive than saliva samples for the diagnosis of early disease in ambulatory patients, such as in drive-through centers or community health centers.
33397292 Among the 11,452 publications identified, 10,516 met the inclusion criteria, among which 7468 (71.0%) were peer-reviewed articles.
33399169 In this study, we investigated 1022 patients who met our criteria.
33399201 The anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgG level met the US Food and Drug Administration criteria for “high-titer” CCP in 39% of participants confirmed by PCR, as measured by the Ortho VITROS IgG assay.
33400983 Representatives of the Teaching Commission of the Anatomical Society met virtually, exchanged experiences and summarized them in writing and answered a short questionnaire.
33402523 Inflammation/coagulation parameters were assessed. […] D-Dimer values were higher in those who met the composite endpoint.
33404786 We performed a retrospective case series review of children ages 0 to 18 years who were hospitalized at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta from March to May 2020 and who either met the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) case definition for MIS-C (n=11) or who had symptomatic, laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 (n=16).
33404809 A total of 285 caregivers met eligibility, and most were nonHispanic white (72.3%) and female (59.6%).
33406138 We identified four RCTs (n = 4921) that met our eligibility criteria.
33406478 In all, 126 videos met the study inclusion and exclusion criteria.
33408084 Unbiased multivariate logistic regression analysis was performed to determine variables that were independently and significantly associated with increased risk of death and/or intensive care unit (ICU) admission within 30 days of COVID-19 diagnosis. 62% of patients in our cohort were of non-white ethnic background and the prevalence of diabetes was 38%. 323 (36%) patients met the primary outcome of death/admission to the ICU within 30 days of COVID-19 diagnosis.
33409247 Among 623 studies, only 14 studies met our criteria.
33411655 On 19 March 2020, I last met with a group of women from a neighbourhood of Monterrey, Mexico where I have spent the past year conducting ethnographic research.
33412795 to describe and compare the effectiveness of national and local lockdowns in controlling the spread of COVID-19. a rapid review of published and grey literature on COVID-19 pandemic was conducted following predefined eligibility criteria by searching electronic databases, repositories of pre-print articles, websites and databases of international health, and research related institutions and organisations. of 584 initially identified records up to 5 July 2020, 19 articles met the inclusion criteria and were included in the review.
33413026 Reduced distance covered was associated with frailty and length of inpatient stay. 95 (62%) felt that they had not returned to full health, while 47% met the case definition for fatigue.
33415694 A convenience sample of 3816 participants (2692 = female) from 94 countries (47.4% USA) met criteria for inclusion in the analyses.
33416734 Linguistic barriers are a recognized source of health inequities for ethnic minority communities whose health communication needs cannot be adequately met in the majority language.
33417604 The study predicted a number of peptide-based drugs, including Sar9 Met (O2)11-Substance P and BV2, that might bind sufficiently to the hACE2 receptor to modulate the protein-protein interaction required for infection by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. […] Furthermore, these predicted drug hits may be used as a basis to design new peptide or peptidomimetic drugs with better affinity and specificity for the hACE2 receptor that may prevent interaction between SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and hACE2 that is prerequisite to the infection by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
33417696 32.7%/79.5% (PRNT90/PRNT50) of donations met a 1:80 titer initially but only 14.0%/48.8% (PRNT90/PRNT50) met this cut-off ≥85 DPID.
33417867 Through social media and our reviewer networks, we met some early-career stem cell investigators impacted by the closures.
33422034 The systematic literature search identified 1289 records, 32 of which met the inclusion criteria and 4 records from the reference lists.
33424496 A working group consisting of pharmacy management, clinical pharmacists, and pharmacy buyers met regularly at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.
33424655 Overall, 264 subjects (26.8%) met the criteria for an anxiety disorder based on a GAD-7 cutoff of 10; a cutoff of 7 yielded 416 subjects (41.4%), meeting the clinical criteria for anxiety. […] Two hundred thirty-two subjects (23.6%) met the criteria for clinical depression.
33426483 Student surveys revealed that all learning objectives were met during the telemedicine clerkship experience.
33430050 These criteria, however, may not be met during the early stages of an outbreak. […] Following this, the birth-death model outperforms the coalescent exponential model in estimating epidemiological parameters, when faced with low diversity sequence data due to explicitly exploiting the sampling times.
33431393 Nine studies met inclusion criteria.
33434920 Over half (59%) reported good well-being; however, 45% met the threshold for probable clinical significance on at least one of the following measures: severe depression (6%), PTSD (40%), severe anxiety (11%) or problem drinking (7%).
33436263 The present article meta-analyzed mental health outcomes (anxiety, depression, etc.) from a previous coronavirus outbreak in China (2002). […] Main outcome measures include SCL-90, SAS, SDS, and IES-R scales. 29 papers met the inclusion criteria. […] The systematic meta-analysis indicated that mental health problems were most serious before or at hospital discharge and declined significantly during the first 12 months after hospital discharge.
33437559 Patient records from four providers were used for this study to compare pre-and post-intervention rates. 984 patients met inclusion criteria, with a normal distribution of ages (18-80), race, and sex.
33439694 Polymerase chain reaction swab tests performed for patients and staff who met defined criteria for testing of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection were tracked.
33443334 We recruited COVID-19 recovering patients who met our defined inclusion criteria for whole blood donation.
33443550 The coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic illustrates the increasingly important role of telemedicine as a method of clinician-patient interaction. […] On iPhones, 10 apps met inclusion criteria, with mean errors ranging from 0.2% to 109.9%. […] On the iPads, 9 apps met inclusion criteria, with mean errors ranging from 0.2% to 398.1%. […] Six apps met criteria and worked on both iPhone and iPad, with mean errors from 0.2% to 249.5%. […] Of the 6 apps that worked across devices, the top 3 most accurate apps were Visual Acuity Charts (mean [SD] error, 0.2% [0.0%]), Kay iSight Test Professional (mean [SD] error, 3.5% [0.7%]), and Smart Optometry (mean [SD] error, 15.9% [4.3%]).
33444156 They have a strong demand for remote healthcare that despite the great potential of artificial intelligence are not met in the current (e)-health services.
33444539 We further validated the final model in held-out data from an additional NHS region (London). 74 944 participants (recruited between Feb 6 and Aug 26, 2020) were included, of whom 31 924 (43·2%) of 73 948 with available outcomes met the composite clinical deterioration outcome.
33446334 Imaging parameters were optimized using a phantom and scatter radiation was measured. […] Three reviewers independently evaluated 100 conventionally obtained and 100 through-glass pCXRs from March 13, 2020 to April 30, 2020 on patients with suspected COVID-19, using criteria for positioning and sharpness/contrast on a 1 (confident criteria not met) to 5 (confident criteria met) scale. […] Imaging parameters, including deviation index (DI) were recorded for all radiographs. […] The through-glass method was rapidly adopted and conserved one isolation gown per interaction.
33447639 The definition of bacterial community-acquired pneumonia (bCAP) included proven (clinical, laboratory, and radiographic criteria plus microbiologic diagnosis), probable (clinical, laboratory, and radiographic criteria without microbiologic diagnosis), and possible (not all clinical, laboratory, and radiographic criteria met) categories.
33448402 The neutralizing activity of CP met minimum FDA criteria with neutralizing antibody titers >1:80 in 100% of randomly selected samples, using a conservative approach that excluded non-specific binding.
33448683 This is a descriptive cross-sectional study, whose demographic, anthropometric, and laboratory data (arterial lactate, bicarbonate, and plasma thiamine) were obtained in the first hours of admission to the intensive care unit. […] Overall, 270 patients met the inclusion criteria; 51.1% were men, and the median age was 74 years (66.8-81).
33449336 However, studies on the link between microorganisms or infections and thrombotic or thromboembolic events met fluctuating interest in the past.
33449607 Overall, PA levels declined by a mean (SD) of 112 (1,460) MET minutes/week during the COVID-19 shutdown; however, changes in PA were heterogeneous, with 55% of the participants reporting increases in or maintenance of PA during that time. […] Several social and demographic factors were significantly related to declines in PA, including high pre-pandemic PA levels, living alone (difference=118 MET minutes/week), low household income (difference between the highest and lowest income group=363 MET minutes/week), COVID-19-related changes in income (difference=110 MET minutes/week), and loss of employment (difference=168 MET minutes/week).
33449864 Only 10% met the guidelines for physical activity while 30% met the guidelines for sedentary behaviour during the pandemic.
33452828 ). titer of at least 80, and 61% had a titer of at least 160, which met the FDA’s criteria for acceptable CCP units.
33453121 Almost all had a sense of secured privacy (n = 171, 96%), the majority of patients affirmed that their concerns were met (n = 166, 93%) and perceived that eye contact with the treating physician was perceived (n = 156, 87%).
33455825 Only four resources met best practices for patient-centered communication.
33456461 The global crisis situation caused by SARS-CoV-2 has created an explosive demand for ventilators, which cannot be met even in developed countries.
33457322 For eligibility, we assessed 27 full-text articles which met inclusion criteria. […] Neurological manifestations of COVID-19 are not rare, especially meningoencephalitis; the hypoxic/metabolic changes produced by the inflammatory response against the virus cytokine storm can lead to encephalopathy, and the presence of comorbidities and other neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, predispose to these metabolic changes.
33460507 The aim of this study was to investigate the perceptions, feelings and unmet needs of Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients who experienced the 2-month lockdown in a “red zone” in the northern part of Italy during the COVID-19 outbreak. […] The study had a descriptive design that used a cross-sectional online survey which included open-ended questions to elicit responses on the participant’s feelings concerning their risk of contracting coronavirus, how their physical activity had changed, and their personal needs, dictated by their condition, which were not met in this pandemic period as compared to previous periods. […] The perceptions of unmet needs appeared to be greater than the actual experience, particularly for the reduction in physical activity and the interruption of contacts with the neurologist and other specialists.
33461516 As regards the JAMA benchmarks results, a mean score of 2.08 ± 1.05 was achieved by the websites; however, only four (11.1%) met all the JAMA criteria.
33463126 For introducing a factor as a diagnostic/prognostic biomarker, diagnostic test accuracy (DTA) systematic review and meta-analysis are recommended. […] For the first time, we aimed to determine the accuracies of white blood cell counts and inflammatory biomarkers for prognosis of COVID-19 patient’s outcome by a DTA meta-analysis. […] Six biomarkers containing leukocytosis, neutrophilia, lymphopenia, increased level of C-reactive protein, procalcitonin (PCT), and ferritin met the inclusion criteria.
33463486 Among the 117 COVID-19 patients who met the discharge criteria, there were 49 males and 68 females with an average age of (49.00±11.88) years old, and the average length of hospital stay was (17±6) days.
33463923 Materials and Methods - A literature research was conducted via PubMed to detect articles featuring the potential protective role of surgical masks when they were worn by healthcare workers or by the general public. […] Results - Among 114 articles, only 31 met the inclusion criteria.
33467399 Preschoolers who met the World Health Organization recommendations for PA had lower internalizing scores than non-active peers (MD = -1.28, 95% CI -2.53 to -0.03).
33468431 Thirty four patients met the inclusion criteria for analysis.
33469065 We anticipate that optimized and affordable reagents for RT-LAMP will facilitate the expansion of SARS-CoV-2 testing globally, especially in sites and settings where the need for large scale testing cannot be met by commercial alternatives.
33469298 According to the PRISMA flowchart of the search, only 12 applications met the inclusion criterion. […] The 12 mobile applications that met the inclusion criterion were: Mawid, Tabaud, Tawakkalna, Sehha, Aarogya setu, TraceTogether, COVID safe, Immuni, COVID symptom study, COVID watch, NHS COVID-19, and PathCheck.
33470932 Home page design, navigation, content layout and quality, language, and readability were explored through direct observation and task completion using the think-aloud method. […] Target end users should always be involved early and throughout the design process to ensure their needs are met.
33471776 Further, 24.6% (n=15) and 26.2% (n=16) met the GAD-2 and PHQ-2 criteria for clinical anxiety and depression, respectively.
33472855 The primary outcome, clinical status measured at 15 days using a seven level ordinal scale, was analysed as a composite of death or mechanical ventilation because the assumption of odds proportionality was not met.
33475906 During the audit period, 83 patients attending for anti-VEGF injections were screened, of whom 40 met the abovementioned criteria and were included for analysis.
33482590 To better understand SARS-CoV-2 infection in ocrelizumab-treated people with MS. de-identified COVID-19 electronic health record (EHR) database. database included EHRs for almost 1.2 million patients with suspected COVID-19, 130,500 of whom met the criteria for confirmed/clinically diagnosed COVID-19.
33482680 A total of seven studies met our inclusion criteria, totaling 2,398 patients (1,075 taking statins, i.e., 44.8%).
33483314 Among patients with SARS, 26% met the primary endpoint versus 5.3% of those with COVID-19.
33483744 The group met several times online and communicated via email over a 9-day period to develop the criteria.
33484240 Methods: A national online convenience sample of individuals with self-reported non-malignant low back pain > 6 months duration and with average pain intensity > 4/10 was enrolled and randomized 1:1 to one of two daily (56-day) VR programs: (1) EaseVRx (immersive pain relief skills VR program); or (2) Sham VR (2D nature content delivered in a VR headset). […] Analytic methods included intention-to-treat and a mixed-model framework. […] For EaseVRx, large pre-post effect sizes ranged from 1.17-1.3 and met moderate to substantial clinical importance for reduced pain intensity and pain-related interference with activity, mood, and stress.
33487146 Aim To analyze survival of patients with COVID-19 based on echocardiographic (EchoCG) criteria for evaluation of the right ventricular (RV) systolic function.Material and methods Data of patients were retrospectively evaluated at the Center for Medical Care of Patients with Coronavirus Infection. […] Among 142 primarily evaluated patients with documented COVID-19, 110 patients (men/women, 63/47; mean age, 62.3 ± 15.3 years) met inclusion/exclusion criteria. […] More than 30 EchoCG parameters were analyzed, and baseline data (comorbidities, oxygen saturation, laboratory data, complications, outcomes, etc.) were evaluated. […] ROC-analysis was used for evaluating the diagnostic significance of different EchoCG parameters for prediction of a specific outcome and its probability. […] Dependence of the overall survival of patients on different EchoCG parameters was analyzed with the Cox proportional hazards model. […] For assessing the predictive value of EchoCG parameters for patient stratification by risk of an adverse outcome, a predictive model was developed using the CHAID method.Results The in-hospital death rate of patients included into the study was 15.5 %, and the death rate for this period of in-hospital observation was 12 %. […] Based on the single-factor analysis of EchoCG parameters, a multifactor model was developed using the method of Cox regression. […] Conclusion The presented models for statistical treatment of EchoCG parameters reflect the requirement for a comprehensive analysis of EchoCG parameters based on a combination of standard methods for EchoCG evaluation and current technologies of noninvasive visualization.
33488517 The therapeutic effect of dexamethasone may be related to its ability to improve cortical function. […] Recent study showed that dexamethasone can reduce COVID-19 deaths by up to one third in critically ill patients. […] Six of the nine COVID-19 critically ill patients had random plasma cortisol concentrations below 10 µg/dl, which met the criteria for the diagnosis of CIRCI.
33492919 A systematic review and meta-analysis of the efficacy of transforaminal injections. […] Eighteen randomized controlled trials met the inclusion criteria. […] A meta-analysis showed that at both 3 and 6 months, there was highly statistically significant improvement in both pain and function with both particulate and nonparticulate steroids.
33498051 In this prospective study, the levels of peripheral lymphocyte subsets including CD4+, CD8+, CD4+CD25+FOXP3+, CD38+, CD3+HLA-DR+, CD19+, CD20+, and CD16+CD56+ cells were measured by flow cytometry in 52 confirmed hospitalized patients with COVID-19 at the day of admission and after 7 days of care. […] Clinical response was defined as improvement in symptoms (fever, dyspnea, and cough as well as blood oxygen saturation), and patients who met these criteria after 1 week of admission were classified as early responders; others who survived and finally discharged from the hospital were classified as late responders and patients who died were categorized as nonresponders.
33500422 Twelve studies met all criteria for inclusion.
33501430 These organizations around the world exist to address unmet needs for patients and caregivers they serve. […] Innovative approaches are required to ensure organizations remain viable so that needs of brain tumor community at large are met.
33502666 A total of 400 healthcare providers completed the questionnaire, 383 of them met the inclusion criteria.
33502773 We used standard Cochrane methodological procedures. […] We identified no RCTs or quasi-RCTs that met the inclusion criteria.
33504366 When the traditional BLS-TOR rules and KoCARC TOR rule II were applied to our registry, one patient met the TOR criteria but survived at hospital discharge.
33506495 We point out the need for incentivising developers to participate in collaborative evidence-generation initiatives when a positive return on investment is not met.
33507958 Test whether high dose corticosteroid pulse therapy (HDCPT) with either methylprednisolone or dexamethasone is associated with increased survival in COVID-19 patients at risk of hyper-inflammatory response. […] This is a prospective observational study, 318 met the inclusion criteria. 64 patients (20.1%) were treated with HDCPT by using at least 1.5mg/kg/24h of methylprednisolone or dexamethasone equivalent. […] As diagnostic criteria to define the patients at risk of developing a COVID-19 hyper-inflammatory response, we propose the following parameters (IL-6 > = 40 pg/ml, and/or two of the following: C-reactive protein > = 100 mg/L, D-dimer > = 1000 ng/ml, ferritin > = 500 ng/ml and lactate dehydrogenase > = 300 U/L).
33508592 Twenty-nine participants (64.4%) had audio-video visits while 16 (35.6%) had audio visits. 36 (80%) patients stated that their needs were met during their telemedicine visit while 32 (71.1%) patients felt that nothing was missed or not addressed during the virtual visit.
33508989 Among the 1178 initially found articles, 66 met the inclusion criteria and were considered.
33511052 Inclusion criteria were met in 17 out of 24 patients.
33512891 A total of 78 boys met inclusion criteria, group 1 (n = 57) and group 2 (n = 21).
33514805 From April 14, 2020 to April 27, 2020, the algorithm was used to match 83,136 items of PPE to 135 healthcare facilities in need across the United States with a median of 214.3 miles traveled, 100% of available donations matched, met the full quantity of requested PPE for 67% of recipients matched, and with 46% matches under 30 miles traveled.
33517126 These crises were met with both a counterproductive and inadequate response from the federal government.
33519277 The donors were males and met the requirements for blood donation during the COVID-19 pandemic period in Saudi Arabia.
33519653 Physical activity levels were assessed by means of questionnaires (10 studies) and accelerometer (1 study). […] Despite of the reductions, those who met the current minimum PA recommendations before the lockdown generally met the recommendations also during the confinements.
33520099 Findings showed that participants favorably perceived this service delivery model met their therapy needs and they would recommend it to others.
33520334 The Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) guidelines were followed. […] A total of 41 papers met inclusion criteria and were organized into 5 categories (‘General Recommendations for Otolaryngologic Surgery’, ‘Equipment Shortage Solutions’, ‘Airway Procedures’, ‘Nasal Endoscopy and Skull Base Procedures’, and ‘Otologic Procedures’).
33520919 This study highlights how the COVID-19 is met by health inequity triggers, such as global trade inequality, ageist social regulations, and the existing social inequity.
33525225 Articles that met the following inclusion criteria were included: studies conducted on human adult subjects with COVID-19 infection, undergoing rehabilitation in any hospitalization setting.
33526160 Health records for positive screens were reviewed and classified as symptomatic if they met either criteria: (1) screen performed due to presence of COVID-19 symptoms; (2) documentation of symptoms at the time of the screen.
33526996 However, to leverage the benefits of such resources for the widest demographic groups, Web accessibility requirements should be met at an acceptable level (e.g., WCAG 2.0, Level AA).
33529266 We performed a cross-sectional bibliometric study of published studies in four high-impact medical journals to identify differences in the characteristics of COVID-19 related publications compared to non-pandemic studies. […] Extracted data included publication characteristics, study characteristics, author characteristics, and impact metrics. […] Our primary measure was principal component analysis (PCA) of publication characteristics and impact metrics across groups. […] We identified 402 publications that met inclusion criteria: 76 were related to COVID-19; 154 and 172 were non-COVID publications over the same period in 2020 and 2019, respectively. […] PCA utilizing the collected bibliometric data revealed segregation of the COVID-19 literature subset from both groups of non-COVID literature (2019 and 2020). […] In this cross-sectional study of publications in four general medical journals, COVID-related articles were significantly different from non-COVID articles based on article characteristics and impact metrics.
33529622 Among 2672 adults with BHVs and AF who met the inclusion criteria, 439 were exposed to a DOAC and 2233 were exposed to warfarin.
33529638 In addition, patients enrolled met the severe defined by the guidelines released by the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China. […] The WM group received antiviral therapy (including abidor capsule 0.2 g po, tid; Lopinavir-Ritonavir tablets, 500 mg po, bid), antibiotics (such as cefoperazone, 2 g iv, bid; moxifloxacin hydrochloride tablets, 0.4 g po, qd) or corticosteroid therapy (such as methylprednisolone succinate sodium, 40mg, iv, 40 mg, qd; prednisone, 30 mg po, qd).
33535513 Finally, 28 articles met the inclusion criteria and were included in the review. […] Notwithstanding the variability of the solutions identified, psychometric information points to considering available technologies as promising supports in clinical practice to detect early sign of ASD in young children.
33535716 This is an unprecedented operation that is also met with a loud response from anti-vaccine communities-currently using all available channels to manipulate public opinion.
33535916 After review, 35 met the inclusion criteria.
33537281 YouTube was searched, and 28 songs met the study inclusion criteria. […] Eight themes emerged from the analysis: public health guidelines, COVID-19 is real and not a hoax, COVID-19 is infectious, prayer as method to stop the virus, emotional reaction and disruption of “everyday” activities; verbally expelling the virus, call for unity and collective efforts, and inspiring hope. […] We show that songs have the potential as a method for rapidly sharing information about emerging public health crises.
33537687 Methionine (Met), an essential amino acid in the human body, possesses versatile features based on its chemical modification, cell metabolism and metabolic derivatives. […] Benefitting from its multifunctional properties, Met holds immense potential for biomedical applications. […] In this review, we systematically summarize the recent progress in Met-based strategies for biomedical applications. […] First, given the unique structural characteristics of Met, two chemical modification methods are briefly introduced. […] Subsequently, due to the disordered metabolic state of tumor cells, applications of Met in cancer treatment and diagnosis are summarized in detail. […] Furthermore, the efficacy of S-adenosylmethionine (SAM), as the most important metabolic derivative of Met, for treating liver diseases is mentioned. […] Finally, we analyze the current challenges and development trends of Met in the biomedical field, and suggest that Met-restriction therapy might be a promising approach to treat COVID-19.
33544388 Thirty-three patients met the inclusion criteria.
33544772 Of the 87 articles retrieved, only 13 met the inclusion criteria for this meta-analysis. […] After heterogeneity, influence, and publication bias analysis, our meta-analysis pooled proportion effects estimates showed a moderate to a high prevalence of anxiety (14%; 99% CI: 0.05-0.30), depression (15%; 99% CI: 0.11-0.21), and insomnia (22%; 99% CI: 0.13-0.36). […] Our study provided the first-ever meta-analysis evidence of anxiety, depression, and insomnia symptoms among EVD survivors, and suggest that the predominant biomedical health response to regional and global health disasters should be complemented with trauma-related mental health services.
33544910 The purpose of this systematic review and meta-analysis was to examine clinical outcomes associated with convalescent plasma therapy in COVID-19 patients. […] We screened 859 studies that met the search criteria, performed full-text reviews of 56 articles, and identified 15 articles that fulfilled inclusion criteria for meta-analysis.
33545077 Through social media and our reviewer networks, we met some early-career stem cell investigators impacted by the closures.
33545083 We included 782 patients (398 in the pandemic period cohort and 384 in the historical control cohort) who met the Truelove and Witts criteria for acute severe ulcerative colitis.
33546624 One thousand sixty-three women met the inclusion criteria, of which three (0.28, 95% CI 0.0 to 0.6) had arterial and/or venous thrombosis, seven (0.66, 95% CI 0.17 to 1.1) had DIC, and a further three (0.28, 95% CI 0.0 to 0.6) had coagulopathy without meeting the definition of DIC.
33548660 Overall, 64.8% met the level of clinical concern for posttraumatic stress disorder and 51.3% met the level of probable posttraumatic stress disorder diagnosis.
33549696 Though uncommon, EL is still occasionally diagnosed today when a patient presents with an acute or subacute encephalitic illness, where all other known causes of encephalitis have been excluded and criteria for EL are met.
33551509 The World Health Organization has advised against the implementation of immunity certification at present because of uncertainty about whether long-term immunity truly exists for those who have recovered from COVID-19 and concerns over the reliability of the proposed serological test method for determining immunity. […] Immunity certification can only be considered if scientific thresholds for assuring immunity are met, whether based on antibodies or other criteria.
33555933 Method We conducted a rapid systematized review to identify telehealth adaptations during COVID-19, according to peer-reviewed articles published from January to August 2020. […] Of the 40 articles identified, 11 met the inclusion criteria.
33556030 We followed the guidelines for the preferred reporting items for systematic reviews and meta-analyses (PRISMA). […] Eleven articles met inclusion criteria and were included in this review.
33556319 Two individuals met the threshold of grade 3 increase, one in each group, and no other grade 3 or 4 laboratory adverse events were reported.
33558073 The purpose of this pandemic disaster practice improvement project was to measure changes in pulse oximetry associated with prone positioning of patients with coronavirus disease 2019 infection in adult acute respiratory distress or adult respiratory distress syndrome, who are awake, alert, spontaneously breathing, and nonintubated. […] A retrospective chart review of patients who were coronavirus disease 2019 positive in the emergency department from March 30, 2020 to April 30, 2020 was conducted for patients with a room air pulse oximetry <90% and a preprone position pulse oximetry ≤94% who tolerated prone positioning for at least 30 minutes. […] The primary outcome was the change in pulse oximetry associated with prone positioning, measured on room air, with supplemental oxygen, and approximately 30 minutes after initiating prone positioning. […] Of the 440 patients with coronavirus disease 2019, 31 met inclusion criteria. […] Median pulse oximetry increased as 83% (interquartile range, 75%-86%) on room air, 90% (interquartile range, 89%-93%) with supplemental oxygen, and 96% (interquartile range, 94%-98%) with prone positioning (z = -4.48, P < .001). […] In patients with coronavirus disease 2019 who are awake, alert, and spontaneously breathing, an initially low pulse oximetry reading improved with prone positioning.
33560054 In total, 34 (31 cohort-based and three case-control) studies met our eligibility criteria.
33560344 Metformin, the most commonly prescribed glucose-lowering agent, has been proposed to influence susceptibility to and outcomes of COVID-19 via multiple mechanisms. […] We investigated whether, in patients with diabetes, metformin is associated with susceptibility to COVID-19 and its outcomes. […] Adults with type 2 diabetes patients and a current prescription for metformin and other glucose lowering agents (MF+) were compared to those with a current prescription for glucose-lowering agents that did not include metformin (MF-). […] There were 29,558 and 10,271 patients in the MF+ and MF- groups respectively who met the inclusion criteria. […] Current prescription of metformin was not associated with the risk of COVID-19 or COVID-19 related mortality. […] It is safe to continue prescribing metformin to improve glycaemic control in patients with diabetes, despite concerns about an impending second wave of COVID-19.
33560530 Two authors independently screened the titles and abstracts, assessed full-texts to select the studies that met the inclusion criteria, extracted data, and appraised the risk of bias of each included systematic review. […] Our search yielded 1132 references. 52 systematic reviews met inclusion criteria and were included in this overview.
33560545 11/146(7.5%) patients met BSTI criteria for COVID-19 in 2020 compared with 0/14 in 2019(p=0.008). 3/39 patients tested had detectable COVID-19 antibodies (2 with parenchymal changes and 1 with normal parenchyma) however 0/6 patients whose CTPA met BSTI criteria “likely/suspicious for COVID-19” and attended antibody testing were SARS-CoV-2 antibody positive CONCLUSIONS: 32.8% ambulatory patients with suspected PE in 2020 had parenchymal changes with 7.5% diagnosed as COVID-19 infection by imaging criteria, despite absence of other COVID-19 symptoms.
33564474 Baseline factors that are associated with hospital mortality were identified via semiparametric and parametric survival analyses. […] Our study included 429 patients: 18% of them were admitted to the ICU, 52% met criteria for ICU outreach team activation, and 61% had treatment limitations placed during their admission.
33566704 Of the 50 articles reviewed, 26 met the criteria for analysis and were included in the study.
33567179 Almost 1,500 articles were found, but only 18 met criteria.
33570347 The purpose of this study was to establish the level of physical activity (PA), expressed as energy expenditure (MET-minute/week) in a Southern Italian population before and during the COVID-19 lockdown. […] The decreased energy expenditure (MET-minute/week) during the lockdown had a negative impact in both genders, especially on the young adults and adults’ groups.
33573530 Of the 130 studies found, 12 met the inclusion criteria.
33577162 After the second interruption, there were increased weekly long-term visit trends for the proportion of patients reporting “excellent” as to how well their visit needs were met for all visits (β5 = 0.17; P < .01), telephone-based visits (β5 = 0.34; P < .01), and video-based visits (β5 = 0.32; P < .01). […] Video-based visits had the highest proportion of respondents rating “excellent” as to how well their scheduling and visit needs were met.
33578019 Overall 96 families (44.9%) met the criteria of a familial cluster, which is at least one confirmed case in addition to the index patient in the same household.
33578206 After eliminating duplicates and unrelated research papers, a total of 84 articles met the final inclusion criteria in our study.
33579904 Respondents reported a 25.1% increase in use of telemedicine during the pandemic (35% used it before; 60.1% during), though over 60% felt the technology incompletely met their patients’ needs.
33583487 ObjectiveThis study examined Gold Coast staff and patient experiences with the rapid expansion of a virtual model of chronic disease management during the COVID-19 pandemic.MethodsThe study undertook a survey of enrolled patients (n=24) and focus groups with clinical and administrative staff (n=44) delivering chronic disease programs at Gold Coast Health in Queensland. […] Most patients were satisfied with their virtual care experiences and felt that their health care needs were met.ConclusionsThe COVID-19 response provided an opportunity to learn and further develop models of virtual care.
33583489 Patients attending telehealth appointments during COVID-19 between 11 May 2020 and 7 August 2020 reported that telehealth lessened their concerns and met their needs to varying degrees.
33584872 Initially active children and adolescents decreased their PA more than those initially inactive (p>0.001), while those who met the sitting time recommendations increased more their sitting time during lockdown (p<0.001).
33586790 After highlighting the benefits of telemedicine, I provide four criteria that must be met for the telemedical imperative to arise.