Gene Context Sentence

Table 2. Analysis of context sentence of INS gene in 13 abstracts.

PMID Gene Context Sentence
32330565 The support of our faculty and trainees remains essential. […] Local leadership can encourage well-being by frequent team check-ins and by fostering trainee development through remote learning.
32396683 There is a need for public health systems in both developed and developing countries to improve awareness, implement proper strategies of triage, acute treatment, well-defined rehabilitation plans, telemedicine services, and virtual check-ins.
32553562 In general, intranasal steroid (INS) and oral steroid for short time help improve the recovery of the olfactory function in case of olfactory dysfunction after virus infection.
32656017 The implementation is done within an Excel (Microsoft, Redmond, WA) workbook without the use of add-ins or macro programming. […] The output of the model is nearly instantaneous, producing an estimate of the census and the number of ventilators required in one, three, and seven days following the date on which the simulation is run.
32754206 The basic clinical characteristics of the first 100 fatal cases from COVID-19 in Colombia were analyzed based on reports from the National Institute of Health (INS) since the beginning of the pandemic. […] Since the INS records do not include clinical variables of comorbidity in the total number of cases reported as positive, but only in patients with fatal outcome, comorbidities, age and sex available in the daily INS reports were reviewed.
32807424 The adapted protocol has 3 categories of Acute monitoring (neurological observations, blood pressure and input-output monitoring, investigations and specific post-reperfusion issues), Stroke complications (focusing on 5 common complications) and Unified team (describing daily check-ins, patient education, communication, discharge planning and post-discharge support).
32820989 Through virtual visits and check-ins, trusted health care providers can serve as a source of emotional support and psychosocial buffering for families under stress.
32978341 Other assistance included advisory messages posted in WhatsApp groups to raise awareness, dispel myths and mitigate violence, and regular, discreet phone check-ins to follow up on the well-being of members.
32981944 We offer evidence-based recommendations for collecting PPS information for individuals, workgroups, and other collectives, computing a Net Performance Promoter Score (NPPS); using multiple sources of performance data, and using PPS for administrative and developmental purposes as well as to provide more frequent performance check-ins.
33093428 A retrospective analysis was made of the characteristics of a cohort of 5062 patients <18 years of age, until June 16, 2020, reported at the National Institute of Health-INS (
33235671 The System Director of Medical Education implemented eight actionable items to remotely train the new program coordinators, consisting of creating a virtual workday, planning for purposeful learning, developing spreadsheets for process flow, engaging other staff for mini-tutorials, scheduling remote meet and greets, assigning supplemental self-learning modules, establishing standard virtual meeting formats, and conducting regular one to one check-ins.
33389438 About a quarter of the members said that regular check-ins were important but some said they were not receiving enough of them.
33591653 The information throw-ins of fake-news about danger of vaccine and harm of vaccination undermine population trust to health care and vaccine prevention.