ES cell expressed Ras

Gene Context Sentence

Table 2. Analysis of context sentence of ERAS gene in 14 abstracts.

PMID Gene Context Sentence
32472811 The aim of this work is to elucidate psychosocial reactions to plagues by analyzing three landmark descriptions from different eras: Thucydides’ description of the plague of Athens (430 BC) in The History of the Peloponnesian War, Giovanni Boccaccio’s description of the plague in Florence (1348) in The Decameron, and Albert Camus’ description in The Plague (1947).
32799566 The coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) disease pandemic can be characterized as the most critical and changeable hazard to healthcare systems in eras.
32838454 Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) represents a paradigm shift in perioperative care, aimed at achieving early recovery for surgical patients, reducing length of hospital stay, and complications. […] The purpose of this study was to provide an insight of the impact of the COVID-19 on ERAS protocols for knee arthroplasty patients in a tertiary hospital and potential strategy changes for postpandemic practice. […] We retrospectively reviewed all cases that underwent surgery utilizing ERAS protocols in the quarter prior to the pandemic (fourth quarter of 2019) and during the first quarter of 2020 when the pandemic started. […] A review of the literature on ERAS protocols for knee arthroplasty during the COVID-19 pandemic was also performed and discussed. […] ERAS protocols appear to reduce hospital lengths of stay for patients undergoing knee arthroplasty without increasing the risk of short-term complications and readmissions. […] The beneficial effects of ERAS appear to be amplified by and are synchronous with the requirements of operating in the era of a pandemic.
33022254 In this essay, I reflect on the evolution of microbe hunting, beginning with the history of pre-germ theory epidemiological studies, through the microbiological and molecular eras.
33072312 The total number of trauma procedures and elective procedures were compared in both eras.
33141805 The preceding 6 months of the pandemic can be divided into 2 main therapeutic eras: the early era and the later era.
33141810 Weekly changes in waitlist inactivations (COVID-19 precautions or not), waitlist additions, transplant volume, and donor recovery were examined across eras and changes across era were correlated.
33154845 However, as the pandemic eras tend to recur over time and epidemics will continue to break out, medical students and healthcare workers will remain susceptible to contagion.
33224384 There were 30 and 62 patients who presented with NSTEMI in the pandemic and pre-pandemic eras, respectively. […] There were 24 (80%) and 25 (42%) patients who presented after 12 h of pain onset in pandemic and pre-pandemic eras, respectively (P = 0.0006). […] There were 22 (47%) and 14 (24%) patients who presented after 12 h of pain onset in the pandemic and pre-pandemic eras, respectively (P = 0.0127). […] There were no differences in in-hospital death, stroke, or length of hospitalization between early and late presenters, as well as between pandemic and pre-pandemic eras.
33235717 This study population was divided into pre-COVID and COVID eras (6 weeks each). […] The data included patient demographic parameters like age, gender and site of injury, mechanism of injury, diagnosis and procedure performed and carrying out of COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test in the COVID-era.
33367967 This conclusion is based on analyzing the results of (non-overlapping) forecasting routines (viz., complex exponential smoothing, auto-regressive fractionally integrated moving average, extreme learning machine, and multi-layer perceptron) performed on longitudinal (1939-present) FDA (CDER) drug approvals taking into regard pre- and extant-COVID-19 eras.
33455439 With delays in the 2021 Electronic Residency Applications Service (ERAS) timeline, students and programs have had more time to interact prior to the formal application process.
33477852 Strategies to reduce the associated risks of surgery and to accelerate recovery will be needed, and so Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) should be promoted as the model of care. […] ERAS protocols are proven to reduce hospital stay safely; however, ERAS pathways may require adaption to ensure both patient and staff safety. […] Also, units should be reminded that ERAS protocols are multi-modal, and every component is vital to minimise the surgical stress response. […] Units should learn from the past in order to expedite the implementation of or adaption of existing ERAS protocols.
33502698 Using the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) list of child and adolescent fellowship programs for 2020, 139 child and adolescent fellowship training websites were compiled. […] A list provided by ERAS and a Google search identified child and adolescent fellowship program websites.