major histocompatibility complex, class I, G

Gene Context Sentence

Table 2. Analysis of context sentence of HLA-G gene in 2 abstracts.

PMID Gene Context Sentence
32399213 We report the dynamics of peripheral immune cells, cytokines, and human leucocyte antigen-G (HLA-G) and its receptor expressions in a patient suffering from critical COVID-19 pneumonia to convalescence. […] The expressions of HLA-G and receptors ILT2, ILT4 and KIR2DL4 in peripheral immune cells were measured with flow cytometry. […] Moreover, the percentage of HLA-G+ T cells, B cells and monocytes follows high-low-high pattern, while the percentage of receptors ILT2-, ILT4- and KIR2DL4-expressing cells remained relatively stable. […] CD4+ and CD8+ T cells, cytokines and HLA-G+ immune cells are associated with the natural history of the critical COVID-19 patient; however, future studies are necessary.
33046268 I suggest HLA-G and HLA-E, non classical HLA class I molecules, in the core of COVID-19 complications. […] I recommend also developing new SARS-CoV2 therapies based on the use of HLA-G and HLA-E or their specific receptors antibodies in combination with FDA approved therapeutics to combat efficiently COVID-19.