hepatocyte growth factor

Gene Context Sentence

Table 2. Analysis of context sentence of HGF gene in 6 abstracts.

PMID Gene Context Sentence
32292697 In China, a considerable number of convalescent SARS patients with steroid-associated ONFH had undergone conservative treatment by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and this study aims to evaluate the long-term results of a spleen-invigorating Huo-Gu Formula (HGF) therapy in these patients. and methods: A total of 33 convalescent SARS patients (nine males and 24 females) with bilateral steroid-associated ONFH (66 hips) were enrolled in this study. […] All patients received oral HGF therapy for six months when they were confirmed the diagnosis of steroid-associated ONFH. […] Based on average 14 years of follow-up of HGF therapy (ranging from six to 16 years), 38 hips (57%) among the 66 hips developed definite osteoarthritis, and 14 hips (26%) in 53 pre-collapse hips (ARCO stage I or II) progressed to femoral head collapse(ARCO stage III or IV). […] Chinese herbal HGF therapy demonstrates beneficial effects on preventing femoral head collapse, delaying total hip arthroplasty (THA)surgery, and maintaining physical function in the treatment of steroid-associated ONFH. […] HGF therapy might be therefore a good alternative for the treatment of steroid-associated ONFH secondary to rheumatologic and infection diseases.
32360286 Moreover, expression levels of IP-10, MCP-3, HGF, MIG and MIP-1α, which were shown to be highly associated with disease severity during disease progression, were remarkably higher in critically ill patients, followed by severe and then the moderate patients.
32856707 Levels of IP-10, HGF, IL-6, MCP-1, MIP-1α, IL-12p70, IL-18, VEGF-A, PDGF-BB and IL-1RA significantly correlated with disease severity.
32883116 When β-CoV infects the respiratory tract, it can cause mild and/or severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) with consequent release of cytokines/mediators, including interleukin (IL)-1β, IL-2, IL-4, IL-5, IL-6, IL-7, IL-8 (CXCL8), IL-10, IP10, IL-12, IL-13, IL-17, IL-33, IL-25, IL-37, IL-38, GCSF, GM-CSF, HGF, IP-10, MCP-1, MIP-1α (also known as CCL3), IFN-γ, IFN-α, TRAIL, MCSF, and TNF-α.
33239683 In addition, there was consistent and sustained upregulation of apoptosis-associated proteins CASP8, TNFSF14, HGF, and TGFB1, with HGF discriminating between ICU and non-ICU cohorts.
33493861 The following cytokines were analysed: interleukin (IL)-6, IL-1α, IL-18, tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-β, macrophage colony-stimulating factor (M-CSF), macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF), soluble IL-2 receptor alpha (sIL-2Rα; CD25), IL-12β, IL-3, interferon (IFN) α2a, monokine induced by gamma interferon (MIG), monocyte-chemotactic protein 3 (MCP3) and hepatocyte growth factor (HGF). […] P/F strongly correlated with IL-6 (r = -0.62, P < 0.0001), M-CSF (r = -0.63, P < 0.0001), sIL-2Rα (r = -0.54, P < 0.0001), and HGF (r = -0.53, P < 0.0001). […] ROC curve analyses for IL-6 (AUC 0.83, 95% CI 0.73-0.93, P < 0.0001), M-CSF (AUC 0.87, 95% CI 0.79-0.96, P < 0.0001), HGF (AUC 0.81, 95% CI 0.70-0.93, P < 0.0001), and sIL-2Rα (AUC 0.80, 95% CI, 0.69-0.90, P < 0.0001) showed that these four soluble factors were highly significant. […] IL-6, M-CSF, sIL-2Rα, and HGF are possibly involved in the main biological processes of severe COVID-19, mirroring the level of systemic hyperinflammatory state, the level of lung inflammation, and the severity of organ damage.