pyruvate carboxylase

Gene Context Sentence

Table 2. Analysis of context sentence of PC gene in 12 abstracts.

PMID Gene Context Sentence
32209118 To capture the key information of the spike protein, three feature encoding algorithms (amino acid composition, AAC; parallel correlation-based pseudo-amino-acid composition, PC-PseAAC and G-gap dipeptide composition, GGAP) were used to train 41 random forest models.
32249102 To discuss community pharmacists’ role and the content of pharmaceutical care (PC) during the novel coronavirus pandemic to promote effective prevention and control and safe drug use of the community patient population. […] Collect and summarize the experience Chinese community pharmacies gained from providing pharmacy services during the COVID-19 outbreak, and taking patients’ PC needs into consideration, analyze and discuss the methods and strategies that community pharmacies and pharmacists shall use to provide PC during the pandemic. […] Community pharmacy management teams shall support PC services by providing adequate supply of COVID-19 related medications and preventative products, following environment regulations, and providing sufficient staff trainings. […] Pharmacists shall use various approaches to provide PC services in drug dispensing, consulting and referrals, chronic disease management, safe use of infusions, patient education, home care guidance and psychological support to promote the COVID-19 pandemic control and ensure safe medication use of community patients during the pandemic. […] PC services in communities during the COVID-19 shall possess different properties due to disease characteristics and related change in patients’ need. […] Community pharmacists shall be prepared to provide skilled and effective PC services for community patient population to ensure medication safety and promote the overall COVID-19 pandemic control.
32267139 Human pulmonary adenocarcinoma brain metastasis cell line PC-14/B were incubated and treated with constructed lentiviral plasmids expressing miR-217 and/or SIRT1. […] PC-14/B cells expressed higher SIRT1 and lower p53 and KAI1 compared with BEAS-2B control cells (P<0.05). […] MiR-217 expression suppressed PC-14/B cell invasion (P=0.004), migration (P=0.001) and proliferation (P<0.05), whereas SIRT1 overexpression reversed all processes.
32356508 This is a retrospective review of men with intermediate and high-risk prostate cancer (PC) in the National Cancer Database (NCDB) underdoing radical prostatectomy from 2010-2016. […] We identified 128,062 men with intermediate- and high-risk PC treated with RP. […] Subgroup analysis of men with Grade group 4 and 5 PC did not demonstrate an association between delayed RP and worse oncological outcomes.
32425655 We compared diagnostic and therapeutic elective procedures requested and performed for PC management from our multidisciplinary team (MDT) during 1 month activity in the highest national level of COVID-19 infection (March 2020) and under restrictions for all the population, with the management performed in a no-COVID-19 month (March 2019) 1 year ago. […] The only management that did not received a significant reduction are medical therapies for advanced hormone sensitive (HS) or castration resistant (CR) PC. […] We describe our MDT identifications of elective undeferrable PC management in this COVID-19 time.
32439516 Given the significant overlap between the core tenets of TIC and accepted guidelines for the provision of quality palliative care (PC), PC teams are particularly well poised to both incorporate such practices into routine care and to argue for their integration across health systems. […] We outline this intersection in order to highlight the uniquely powerful role PC teams can play to reduce the long-term psychological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
32471812 In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many healthcare systems are experiencing an increased demand for palliative care (PC). […] To meet this challenge, the PC team at Cleveland Clinic designed an enterprise-wide response plan organized around 4 domains: staff (educational resources and tools), stuff (medications and supplies), space (recommendations for optimizing physical space and facilities), and systems to facilitate high-quality PC delivery to patients.
32479861 The coronavirus disease 2019 surge in New York City created an increased demand for palliative care (PC) services. […] The volunteers completed 109 PC consults in the pilot period. […] Survey feedback from TPMVs and on-site PC providers was largely positive, with areas of improvement identified around electronic health record navigation and continuity of care. […] This was a successful, proof of concept, and quality improvement initiative leveraging TPMVs from across the nation for a PC pandemic response in a safety net system.
32501023 Given that the disease is likely to be holoendemic, the role of primary care (PC) with its features of comprehensiveness, accessibility, coordination and continuity, functioning at the heart of a primary healthcare (PHC) approach, will be important. […] The elements of PC are applicable in the epidemic preparation, case finding and management, follow-up and post-epidemic phases of responding to this pandemic.
32519594 Few TNP studies have done in-home assessments and most studies rely on a PC or laptop.Conclusions: Overall, there appears to be good support for TNP assessments in older adults.
32538806 The objective of this publicationis to provide recommendations in the management of prostate cancer (PC) in a new reality framework based on the presence of COVID-19 disease. […] The authors defined different priorities for the different clinical situations in PC. […] According to this classification, the working panel agreed on the distribution of the different diagnostic, therapeutic and follow-up scenarios for PC. […] The risk of severe morbidity as a result of SARS-CoV-2 infection may out weigh the risk of PC morbidity/mortalityin many men; therefore, in the short term it is unlikely that delays in diagnosis or treatment can led to worse cancer outcomes. […] The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a challenge for our health system, which raises several considerations in the treatment of patients with PC.
32544647 In the setting of the COVID-19 pandemic, new strategies are needed to address the unique and significant palliative care (PC) needs of patients with COVID-19 and their families, particularly when health systems are stressed by patient surges. […] Many PC teams rely on referral-based consultation methods that can result in needs going unidentified and/or unmet. […] Here we describe a novel system to proactively identify and meet the PC needs of all patients with COVID-19 being cared for in our hospital’s ICUs. […] Patients were screened through a combination of chart review and brief provider interview, and PC consultations were provided via telemedicine for those with unmet needs identified. […] In the first six weeks of operation, our pilot program of proactive screening and outreach resulted in PC consultation for 12 of the 29 (41%) adult patients admitted to the ICU with COVID-19 at our institution. […] Consultations were most commonly for patient and family support as well as for goals of care and advance care planning, consistent with identified PC needs within this unique patient population.