COPI coat complex subunit epsilon

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Table 2. Analysis of context sentence of COPE gene in 528 abstracts.

PMID Gene Context Sentence
32087820 Many countries in Africa are stepping up their preparedness to detect and cope with COVID-19 importations.
32098019 In the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, health authorities must cope with the uncertainty in the risk of death from COVID-19, and high-risk individuals should be identified using approaches that can address the abovementioned three problems.
32193904 It could be implemented in other countries to cope with the global COVID-19 outbreak and transformed according to their own situations.
32220020 Here, we reported what dermatologists could do to cope with novel coronavirus from a Chinese dermatologist’s perspective.
32240770 Many hospitals, healthcare networks, and specifically Departments of Surgery are asking the same questions of how to cope and plan for surge capacity, personnel attrition, novel infrastructure utilization, and resource exhaustion.
32244841 The overburdened healthcare systems and poor disease surveillance systems in resource-limited settings may struggle to cope with this COVID-19 outbreak and this calls for a tailored strategic response for these settings.
32249952 Therefore, the Chinese government should strengthen the prevention and control efforts in a targeted manner to cope with a highly changeable situation.
32257431 We also discuss the approaches for developing effective vaccines and therapeutic combinations to cope with this viral outbreak.
32280058 However, to cope with the current emergency crisis, its aim is to promptly and pragmatically implement nutritional care in patients with COVID-19, which might be overlooked despite being potentially beneficial to clinical outcomes and effective in preventing the consequences of malnutrition in this patient population.
32301300 A WT center can be implemented in other institutions and countries and modified depending on local needs to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.
32301734 By considering multiple perspectives, this study showed that country differences in Europe are major, and this will have an impact on how countries will cope with the ongoing crisis in the following months.
32303025 This work gives an overview of the methods of scenic expression which can be used to help cope with the crisis caused by the global threat of the coronavirus pandemic.
32303589 We provide some tips for how research teams can cope with physical distancing, some of which require a change in how we define productivity.
32304737 Since February 20, 2020, the SARS-COV2 infection has spread in Lombardy, and in the rest of the Italian regions, forcing our government to impose a national lockdown.1 Hospitals have been forced to adapt and to restructure their units to cope with this urgent new critical situation.2 Alternative solutions have been found to manage patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), including remote monitoring, drug home delivery, limitations for infusion units, and patient education on measures to prevent infection3 to maintain high-quality care.4.
32305384 Rapid modification of hospital settings, a certain “flexibility” of the medical personnel, a stepwise shutdown of vascular surgical and office activity, and the necessity of a strong leadership are mandatory to cope with the tsunami of the COVID-19 outbreak.
32306015 Ehealth is useful and helpful for the health care system to rapidly cope with health demand during instantaneous and post epidemic time.
32306118 Otolaryngologists are of great risk of becoming infected with SARS-CoV-2 as they cope with URT.
32312567 At the end of hospitalization, in particular for the population of patients in compulsory ambulatory care situations, specific case-management should be organized with the possibility of home visits, in order to support them when they get back home and to help them to cope with the experience of confinement, which is at risk to induce recurrences of mental disorders.
32313181 Preventive and control measures specifically undertaken to cope with the emergency within hemato-oncology, transplant, and outpatient unit in the pediatric department have been described.
32313587 The objective of this article is to detail the measures taken in public institutions to cope with the COVID-19 epidemic.
32314058 The organisational measures that can be taken within radiology departments in order to cope with the influx of patients, while continuing to manage other emergency and time-sensitive activity (e.g. oncology, other infectious diseases etc.), will be discussed.
32316718 The outbreak of Covid-19 epidemics has challenged the provision of health care worldwide, highlighting the main flaws of some national health systems with respect to their capacity to cope with the needs of frail subjects. […] Main messages included: 1) early rehabilitation should be granted to inpatients with Covid-19; 2) people with restricted mobility due to quarantine or lockdown should receive exercise programs to reduce the risk of frailty, sarcopenia, cognitive decline and depression; 3) telerehabilitation may represent the first option for people at home.
32317558 Telerehabilitation provided an opportunity to continue with hand rehabilitation after tendon transfer surgery, perform an ad-hoc online evaluation, and advise the patient how to prevent the spread of infection and cope with restrictions limiting outpatient visits.
32320091 Learning from experience may help to cope with future major societal changes.
32328850 However, there are still many deficiencies in the study of drug safety during pregnancy, and broad-spectrum, effective and fetal-safe drugs for pregnant women need to be developed so as to cope with more infectious diseases in the future.
32340566 The Government has put in a number of strategies to cope with this pandemic, which includes increasing funding for the NHS.
32342019 On the basis of some indirect evidence, it seems that moderate physical activity can be recommended as a non-pharmacological, inexpensive, and viable way to cope with corona.
32344853 A number of nations were forced to declare a total shutdown due to COVID-19 infection, as extreme measure to cope with dramatic impact of the pandemic, with remarkable consequences both in terms of negative health outcomes and economic loses.
32347566 A ‘closed-off management’ protocol has been launched nationwide in China to cope with this major public health emergency.
32352480 Departments of Mental Health need to be equipped with appropriate e-health technologies and procedures to cope with situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic.
32361714 Hellenic Journal of Nuclear Medicine will remain true to the set principles, values and past and prepared to cope with future challenges in the scientific and clinical setting.
32364028 While healthcare systems need to cope with the need to treat a large number of people with different degrees of respiratory failure, actions to preserve aliquots of the healthcare system to guarantee treatment to patients are mandatory.
32364242 The developed e-mental health intervention ‘CoPE It’ offers manualized, evidence-based psychotherapeutic/psychological support to overcome psychological distress in times of COVID-19.
32370766 The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has led to a global struggle to cope with the sheer numbers of infected persons, many of whom require intensive care support or eventually succumb to the illness.
32370982 At the end of hospitalization, in particular for the population of patients in compulsory ambulatory care situations, specific case-management are organized with the possibility of home visits, in order to support patients when they get back home and to help them cope with the experience of confinement, which is liable to induce recurrences of mental disorders.
32371477 We established the COronavirus Pandemic Epidemiology (COPE) consortium to bring together scientists with expertise in big data research and epidemiology to develop a COVID-19 Symptom Tracker mobile application that we launched in the UK on March 24, 2020 and the US on March 29, 2020 garnering more than 2.8 million users as of May 2, 2020.
32371551 We established the COronavirus Pandemic Epidemiology (COPE) consortium to address this unprecedented crisis on behalf of the epidemiology research community.
32371559 There are ways to help young people cope with the current situation including establishing an open dialogue, creating a structured daily routine with a schedule with assigned roles, and using social media and video conferencing to remain socially connected.
32375011 To cope with the situation, the exergame appears to be an enjoyable easy-to-use tool for reducing social isolation, as well as an interesting mode of home-based exercise for tackling anxiety disorders and sedentary behavior.
32382162 The COVID-19 pandemic has become a significant global crisis that requires individuals, organizations and nations to take necessary steps to cope.
32389755 In addition to making practice changes to cope with the adverse realities, oncologists should also work together to raise pragmatic suggestions to policy makers and be strong advocates to protect our patients from the detrimental effect of delay or compromised treatment.
32389940 Based on the comparison of systems and practical experience, countries around the world should further improve the reserve and supply system of emergency medical supplies, and improve the coordination and cooperation mechanism for emergency supplies for international public health emergencies, so as to cope with increasingly severe public health emergencies in the context of globalization.
32392759 Activities of antioxidants against viruses can be exploited to cope with human viral infection, from single individual infections to protection of populations.
32395419 The recent pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2; SARS-CoV-2) worldwide caught the health care systems in every country around the world by storm and without a proper defense mechanism to cope and control such a pandemic.
32406513 OHS may have had to change their pattern of operation, operating times, services offered, etc. to cope with the pandemic. […] There was a change in the behaviour of the OHS to cope with the pandemic.
32408730 We hope these guidelines help healthcare workers and hemodialysis patients around the world cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.
32415305 Consequently, specific adjustments for their treatment need to be made to cope with this situation.
32417194 The objective of this article is to detail the measures taken in public institutions to cope with the COVID-19 epidemic.
32419218 As a result, hospitals in Europe, North America, and the United Kingdom have had to alter the services offered to patients to be able to cope with service provision for COVID infected patients.
32420921 During these few months the National Health Service have made a great effort to cope with the increasing request of intensive care beds and all the elective activities in hospital have been suspended.
32425475 With increased COVID-19 related demand, the ability of the RFDS to cope will be driven by the number of aircraft available.
32426070 The demand for intensive care unit capacity in particular has increased significantly and hospitals in most affected regions have struggled to cope.
32434207 Restructuring of hospitals and clinics is mandatory to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic; however, the healthcare system should continue to provide adequate levels of care also to patients with other conditions.
32434400 This perspective gives a technical view of the pandemic focusing on the main actions taken by regulatory agencies to cope with the shortage of devices.
32438622 Different actions to cope with this situation are being developed, including confinement, different treatments to improve symptoms, and the creation of the first vaccines.
32441573 Enhanced federal support is urgent not only to cope with the virus today but also to meet the long-term care needs of the nation’s aging population in the years to come.
32443944 Fourth, medical technology and resources to cope with pandemic should be produced and distributed in an equitable manner, acknowledging differential vulnerability and susceptibility.
32446705 Resilience is pivotal to cope with stress and vital to stay in balance.
32450943 At the same time, it is crucial to maintain social connections with each other, especially with older persons, to help cope and reduce the negative consequences of loneliness and social isolation.
32459175 As the world attempts to cope with the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers about to start PhDs and postdocs face particular challenges.
32472454 Structural and functional changes are under way to better cope with the expected future restrictions.
32478538 The present commentary describes the main care services implemented by the clinical psychology unit of an Italian hospital to cope with the COVID-19 emergency outbreak.
32484123 In a country where a robust health care system and economic prosperity have allowed it to cope with the medical sequelae, the mental health consequences may have been less anticipated but more problematic.
32484443 Whether rich or poor, all nations are struggling to cope with this new global health crisis.
32485487 Italy is among the most severely hit nations in terms of hospital patients’ overload, and its healthcare workforce is struggling to cope with challenges that could threaten their own wellbeing.
32486055 Its rapid spreading has sent billions of people into lockdown as health services struggle to cope up.
32488564 The lockdown imposed in France to cope with the COronaVIrus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak has led to major changes in the lifestyle of French citizens.
32488828 Each of these institutions provides ways to cope with this worldwide pandemic but they can exercise a much greater impact if they operate in unison for the common good and well-being of all.
32492764 In order to cope with the exponentially increasing number of patients infected with SARS-CoV-2, European countries made enormous efforts to reorganize medical assistance and several diseases, including stroke, were particularly impacted.
32495280 In the absence of vaccines or effective drug treatments, its timeline remains uncertain and it cannot be forecast how long healthcare systems will need to cope with it in managing inpatient and outpatient services.
32498152 The second is to suggest a strategy to cope with future epidemic threats similar to COVID-19 having an accelerated viral infectivity in society. […] Lessons learned for COVID-19 in the case study here suggest that a proactive strategy to cope with future epidemics is also to apply especially an environmental and sustainable policy based on reduction of levels of air pollution mainly in hinterland and polluting cities- (having low wind speed, high percentage of moisture and number of fog days) -that seem to have an environment that foster a fast transmission dynamics of viral infectivity in society.
32499910 Organizational problems also emerged, although an official 2007 document from the Ministry of Health had planned not only what measures had to be taken during an epidemic caused by respiratory viruses, but also what had to be done in the inter-epidemic period (including the establishment of DPIs stocks and ventilators), vast areas of Italy were totally unprepared to cope with the disease, as a line of that document was not implemented.
32501303 In this article, we discusses some of these challenges, focusing on the implications COVID-19 has for human resource management (HRM) as organizations help their workforce cope with and adjust to their newly altered work environment.
32506724 To cope with the emergency from COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) and to increase the supply of intensive care beds, all over the world it was necessary to remodel or suspend the deferred and non-urgent inpatient and outpatient activities, including those provided by the dental clinics.
32507006 We then collated the number of arthroplasties that we were able to cope with on a weekly basis and charted it against the number of new COVID-19 cases admitted to our institution and the prevalence of COVID-19 within the Singapore population.Results - During the COVID-19 pandemic period, a significant decrease in the volume of arthroplasties was seen. 47 arthroplasties were performed during the pandemic period from February to April, with a weekly average of 5 cases.
32516070 We developed the COVID-19 virtual clinic (CVC) in conjunction with drive through testing to cope with this situation. […] This article could serve as a model to guide other practices to cope with this and future pandemics.
32516750 Citizens need to cope with guidelines on social interaction, work, home isolation, and symptom recognition. […] Additionally, health care providers and policy makers have to cope with unprecedented and unpredictable pressure on the health care system they need to manage.
32517210 Logistic regression was used to model the associations among HDDS, participants’ characteristics, approaches to purchase or obtain food, and behaviors adopted to cope with COVID-19. […] We also identified a total of 37.7% participants who consumed certain foods or nutritional supplements to cope with COVID-19, which included vitamin C, probiotics, other dietary supplements, alcohol, and vinegar.
32518743 Consequently, this paper aims to explore how refugees cope with risks associated with environmental hazards in the Kutupalong Rohingya Camp in CBD.
32518768 Patient education, effective and efficient means of communication, close monitoring for signs of distress and anxiety, and early intervention could help patients cope better with the whole isolation experience.
32519842 Based on an abundance of engineered materials identifiable by their useful physicochemical properties through versatile chemical functionalization, nanotechnology offers a number of approaches to cope with this emergency.
32522223 How the similarities between these two conditions can help us cope with the emergency effort represented by the management of cancer patients in the COVID-19 era, today and in the future?
32525290 In our experience, the net integration of different local centers has permitted for each of them to effectively cope the crisis, managing the local cases requiring a prompt surgery and keeping the care continuity with already discharged patients.
32525373 Indeed, the pandemic has challenged us to cope with an ambiguous, invisible threat that has changed our way of life and made our futures, both near and far, less certain.
32525386 Using substances to cope may contribute to the development of problematic substance use over time.
32529595 The aim of this article is to describe the importance of the interdisciplinary approach–coordinated by geriatrician–to cope the potential post-acute care needs of recovered COVID-19 patients.
32530814 Relaxation practices may represent helpful exercises to cope with anxiety and stressful sensations.
32536735 New habits will also emerge by technology advances, changing demographics and innovative ways consumers have learned to cope with blurring the work, leisure, and education boundaries.
32545991 The health care system of Nepal is fragile, and the country is not having the necessary infrastructure to cope with an increasing number of infections and pandemic situations.
32566803 In this review, we focused on the origins of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), origin, pathogenesis, immune responses, genes and genetic variations, phylogenetic analyses, and potential therapeutic strategies to summarize approaches for developing broadly effective preventions and vaccines to cope COVID-19. […] There are no clinically approved vaccines or antiviral drugs available for either of new or old corona infections; thus, the development of effective therapeutic and preventive strategies that can be readily available to cope with these strains.
32572297 Despite the fact that many technology firms are reaping massive profits in the wake of ‘shelter in place’ orders, many Silicon Valley workers have lost their jobs and are struggling to cope with the consequences of Covid-19.
32572300 In this article, the author examines the Portuguese context, discussing the ways that the urgency and fear of contagion highlighted, once more, the inability of prisons to cope with the needs of both those they confine and those they intend to protect.
32573443 Health-care providers identified many sources of social support and used self-management strategies to cope with the situation.
32574081 Perspectives on how biosensors, vaccines, and antiviral nanosystems can be implemented to fight COVID-19 are envisioned; identifying the approaches that can be implemented in the short term and those that deserve long term research to cope with respiratory viruses-related pandemics in the future.
32574693 In addition, a third-degree polynomial regression model for deaths showed an increasing trend recently, indicating that subsequent measures taken to cope with the outbreak have been insufficient and ineffective.
32578027 Hence, there is a critical need to discover alternative techniques to cope with the current scenario.
32578839 Public health measures to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, imposed also a shutdown of sports facilities and swimming pools.
32579602 Concern has been expressed over how well Africa is prepared to cope with the pandemic of Covid-19.
32582137 The recent outbreak in severe acute respiratory syndrome - coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) has demonstrated the complete inability of nations across the world to cope with the pressures of a global pandemic, especially one in which the only current feasible treatments are those which deal with the symptoms alone and not the viral cause.
32583465 In this article, we discuss the process changes we instituted for cellular therapy clinical care, collection, processing, and cryopreservation to cope with the rapidly evolving pandemic.
32585497 COVID-19 has spread around the planet, sending billions of people into lockdown as health services struggle to cope.
32589265 Couples, families, and communities and individual persons in those relationships have struggled to cope with emerging depression, anxiety, and trauma, and the rise of relational conflict.
32595580 Psychological interventions are very important to help infected staff members in ALDs cope with psychological distress.
32607397 The hospital had to change many routine operations to cope with the situation and during this journey, we used published leadership principles and reached to some new experiences.
32610334 To cope with the present pandemic, better collaboration is required between international organizations along with more research funding, and tools in order to detect, treat, and prevent future epidemics.
32610613 As well as an in-house questionnaire, the study used: The Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT), General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-28), Perceived Stress Scale (PSS-10), and the Brief COPE Inventory (Mini COPE). […] Amongst the stress-related coping strategies, it was found that current alcohol drinkers were significantly less able to find anything positive about the pandemic situation (positive reframing) and were mentally less able to cope.
32619408 In the COVID-19 in Older PEople (COPE) study we aimed to establish the prevalence of frailty in patients with COVID-19 who were admitted to hospital and investigate its association with mortality and duration of hospital stay.
32621527 The COVID-19 pandemic poses unprecedented operational challenges to nephrology divisions in every country as they cope with COVID-19-related kidney disease in addition to regular patient care.
32621761 In March, after lockdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic, W2W pivoted to focus on handouts and webinars addressing how to cope with distress and moral injury, maintaining resilience, coping with grief, and dealing with multiple losses caused by the pandemic.
32623176 Till date no medication or vaccine is available to cope with the COVID-19 infection and infection rate is increasing drastically across the globe.
32634111 Because gaming can be used to cope with the psychological stress from the outbreak, therefore mental health professionals should be aware of how increased gaming during the pandemic may contribute to risk of gaming disorder, especially if the pandemic persists.
32640752 With the rapid development of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries are trying to cope with increasing medical demands, and, at the same time, to reduce the increase of infected numbers by implementing a number of public health measures, namely non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs).
32640852 The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is a global health emergency requiring clinicians to be prepared to cope with the increase in the future incidence of trauma and stress-related psychopathological symptoms. […] Here we provide a brief overview of how VR can help to cope with the potential short-term and long-term mental health consequences related to this global emergency.
32645559 In times of uncertainty and given the lack of specific guidelines directed at Anatomic Pathology services to better deal with the global COVID-19 public-health emergency, it is essential to share with the community rigorous methodologies that will enable us to better cope with probable novel waves of COVID-19 infection and other viruses that will possibly arise in the near future.
32652385 Our results suggest that continued monitoring, particularly among women, should be conducted as this pandemic continues to evolve to identify the long-term public health impacts of drinking to cope with COVID-19 distress.
32657669 The SDH that serve to reduce morbidity will forestall or substantially reduce the pressure on many weak health systems in developing countries that cannot cope with increased hospitalisation and intensive health care.
32660503 In the first month of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Sweden took the same strategy as most other countries, working to “flatten the curve,” by slowing transmission so that the healthcare system could cope with the disease.
32660662 The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic overwhelmed health services in France during March 2020 and, to cope, service delivery was reduced in most disciplines.
32660876 Psychiatry departments in medical centers need to develop support systems to help our colleagues cope with this stress. […] Clinicians were helped to cope with these issues through group processes such as ventilation of feelings, peer support, consensual validation, peer-learning, and interventions by group facilitators.
32665722 Administrators and programs have worked to help external preceptors, faculty members, and students cope with the new realities of virtual or remote experiences and new or increased use of telemedicine. […] The full scope of the impact of the pandemic on experiential education in pharmacy is still unclear, but this situation should serve as a stimulus for innovation and rethinking the paradigm of how pharmacy programs educate and prepare students for pharmacy practice.
32666004 However, the United States and many hard-hit European countries, like Ireland, Italy, Spain, France and the United Kingdom, currently appear content to merely flatten the curve of their epidemic trajectories so that transmission persists at rates their critical care services can cope with.
32667576 to identify prevalence and factors associated with anxiety and depression in nursing professionals who work to cope with COVID-19 at a university hospital. a cross-sectional observational study using a sociodemographic questionnaire and Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, with 88 nursing professionals.
32668513 We hope these guidelines help healthcare workers and cardiovascular disease patients around the world cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.
32671352 Given the high utilization of continuous renal replacement therapy by critically ill patients with coronavirus disease 2019, there may be an urgent need to mobilize inpatient dialysis resources to cope with the anticipated increase in the demand.
32672399 In the UK, the key message from the Government was to ‘Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives’, sending out a clear warning that failing to stay at home would put other lives and the ability of the NHS to cope at risk.
32677111 Years of cost containments had eroded the ability of the healthcare sector to cope with the surge in cases.
32681578 The psychological impact on adolescents is likely going to be uneven across different societies, as cultures vary in terms of their dominant learning style that may influence how people cope with uncertainty and perceive their sense of control.
32683344 In the early stages of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak in Wuhan, many cross-infections occurred due to the limited number of wards and insufficient medical staff, which could not cope with the large number of patients visiting the hospital.
32686566 To guarantee the best possible care under the given conditions, we developed the CoPE (Coping with Corona: Extended Psychosomatic care in Essen) concept. […] CoPE is delivered by telephone or video calls as well as online contents. […] The materials presented at our webpage aim to easily reach citizens affected by symptoms such as worries, depression or anger and let them receive readily understandable expert knowledge and training in basic self-help methods.
32695687 The medical fraternity across the world, including India, is facing unprecedented challenges in striving to cope up with this catastrophic outbreak.
32696720 In addition, an extraction protocol for artemisinin from Artemisia annua L. is proposed in order to cope with the potential urgent global demand.
32696967 However, although this is a very important approach in terms of public health, a question is raised: how to promote spiritual care and help spiritual/religious individuals to cope with their problems while maintaining compliance with social isolation?
32699612 In conclusion, PD should be preferred to the other modalities of RRT during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak because it can be a solution to cope with the increased number of infected patients worldwide.
32700231 Public health education is warranted to keep the population well informed about the importance of sleep and healthy sleep practices in order to cope with the pandemic and prevent or minimize long-term adverse outcomes.
32700410 To cope with the upsurge of COVID-19 in Pakistan, the regulators need to re-examine and recognize deficiencies in the healthcare system, and thereafter reinforce core capacities in workforce and monetary resources, surveillance, laboratory services, and hospital preparedness for isolation and ventilation of patients.
32702463 The COPE-Nosocomial Study was an observational cohort study.
32703914 In this paper, I would like to explore the issues related to COVID-19 in the gastroenterology and share the experiences of domestic and overseas gastroenterologists, and ultimately to seek ways to effectively prepare for and cope with the pandemic era of COVID-19.
32704366 To cope with the pandemic, substantial changes were introduced to surgical practice and education all over the world.
  1. Conclusions: Many U.S. states had too few beds to cope with a major Covid-19 epidemic, but this was averted by low population density in many states, which seemed to limit the spread of the virus.
32710969 From the beginning, a variety of pharmacological treatments has been empirically used to cope with the life-threatening complications associated with Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).
32729281 Now, we are entering the second phase of the pandemics in which the spread of the virus needs to be contained within the limits that national health systems can cope with.
32734311 (“Promoting Resilience Among College Student Veterans Through an Acceptance-and-Commitment-Therapy App: An Intervention Refinement Study”, 2020) the importance of repurposing their app to help these users to improve their emotional resilience and subsequently their ability to cope with the trauma of their experience.
32736195 Furthermore, external support from the Chinese government helped them cope with the quarantine effectively.
32740128 In order to cope with the gas blender shortage, we describe a back-up system set up in our French tertiary referral ECMO center using air and oxygen flowmeters.
32746637 Currently, researches to develop vaccines and treatments is going on globally to cope with this disastrous disease. […] This study suggests important scaffolds to design 3CLpro inhibitors to develop antiviral agents or health-foods and dietary supplements to cope with SARS-CoV-2.
32754345 COVID-19 has taken the world by surprise; even the most sophisticated healthcare systems have been unable to cope with the volume of patients and lack of resources.
32759457 The critical care model, developed in Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham to cope with the surge of COVID-19 patients, is based on early implementation of an interdisciplinary approach and extensive cooperation between the branches of practice, allowing to address both challenges.
32760168 We sincerely hope that this editorial is useful to our readers in their practice to cope up with this unforeseen crisis situation.
32761248 Clinic closure was appraised as stressful due to uncertainty and threat to the attainability of the parenthood goal but patients were able to cope using strategies that fit the uncertainty of the situation. […] The survey comprised quantitative questions about the intensity of cognitive appraisals and emotions about clinic closure, and ability to cope with clinic closure. […] Most reported a slight to moderate ability to cope with closure. […] Third, closure taxed personal coping resources but most were able to cope using thought-management (e.g., distraction, focusing on positives), getting mentally and physically fit for next treatments, strengthening their social network, and keeping up-to-date. […] Overall, 11.9% were not at all able to cope, with reports of intense feelings of hopelessness and deteriorating wellbeing and mental health.
32763552 To cope with Covid-19 and limits its spread among residents, retirement homes have prohibited physical contact between residents and families and friend and, in some cases, even between residents or between residents and caregivers.
32768113 The legal and rights-related dilemmas are centred around whether States have the right to impinge on individual autonomy on the grounds of public health, the capacity of the health systems to provide appropriate services to cope with those who will struggle with the unavailability of alcohol, the constitutionality of the Central government’s impinging on jurisdiction of states under the guise of a health emergency caused by the pandemic, and the ability of the State to make unbiased decisions about this issue when it is highly dependent on the revenue from the sale of alcohol and associated industries.
32790205 Finally, because reproduction is a human right and infertility is considered a health disease, we will discuss how assisted reproductive clinics can cope with the pandemic and what guidelines they should follow to minimise the risk of viral transmission.
32790653 Overall, 40.9% of respondents reported at least one adverse mental or behavioral health condition, including symptoms of anxiety disorder or depressive disorder (30.9%), symptoms of a trauma- and stressor-related disorder (TSRD) related to the pandemic† (26.3%), and having started or increased substance use to cope with stress or emotions related to COVID-19 (13.3%).
32792322 Countries around the globe have responded to pandemic preparedness and developed strategies to cope with the COVID-19 crisis.
32792455 The e-mental health intervention ‘CoPE It’ has been developed to offer manualised and evidence-based psychotherapeutic support adapted to COVID-19-related issues in order to overcome psychological distress. […] In our study, we aim to assess the efficacy of the e-mental health intervention ‘CoPE It’ in terms of reducing distress (primary outcome), depression and anxiety symptoms as well as improving self-efficacy, quality of life and mindfulness (secondary outcomes). […] Furthermore, we want to evaluate the programme’s usability, feasibility and participants’ satisfaction with ‘CoPE It’ (tertiary outcome). […] The e-mental health intervention ‘CoPE It’ consists of four 30 min modules, conducted every other day, involving psychotherapeutic techniques of mindfulness-based stress reduction and cognitive-behavioural therapy.
32795092 It is a daunting challenge to cope with a surge of suspected infectious patients in hospitals.
32796793 We need to learn more about psychological and psychiatric features of COVID-19 from the perceptions of public and global mental health in order to cope up the present deteriorating situation caused by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.
32796796 This work gives an overview of the multi-dimensional and trans-disciplinary techniques, which can be helpful to cope up with the crises that emerged from the threat of COVID-19 Outbreak for victims, survivors, health care practitioners and community.
32798932 A total of 595 healthcare professionals enrolled in the study and completed the measures of socio-demographical and professional data, perceived stress (PSS) and coping strategies (COPE- NVI-25).
32805704 To cope with stress and anxiety, participants have sought support from others and helped themselves by adopting either negative or positive coping mechanisms.
32811325 Aim: In light of the dynamic developments and consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic for the care of people in need of long-term care the following questions arise: How do leaders of care facilities perceive the challenges, how burdened are they and how do they cope with these? […] Around 40 % of respondents are uncertain whether they can cope with these.
32816516 Many professionals living in Haiti with whom we have conversed believe that Haitians were better prepared to cope with the social distancing and mental health outcomes associated with the pandemic because of their 3-month exposure to the effects of Peyi Lòk (“country in lockdown”) as well as previous major natural disasters. […] For the past 3 months, Haitians have naturally adopted a practical posture to cope with the pandemic where only school buildings are closed.
32818071 We propose a pathway integrating the VFC model, whilst having senior orthopaedic decision makers available in the ED, during normal working hours, to cope with the pandemic.
32818775 This COVID-19 outbreak imposes psychological consequences on people to a great extent which requires attention from the concerned authorities to cope with this situation mentally.
32821955 This leads to an unpredictable situation for many hospitals, leaving the question of how many bed resources are needed to cope with the surge of COVID-19 patients.
32824827 The protocol has been designed to rely on widely available reagents and devices, to cope with heterogeneous clinical specimens, to guarantee nucleic acid extraction from very scarce biological material, and to minimize the rate of false-negative results.
32834169 In order to cope with this crisis, many expect strong state intervention.
32834481 •Digital tools and innovative models provided valuable solutions to cope with the crisis in China, which can be further developed and contribute to the “New Normal”.
32834520 To cope with the outbreak, Chinese governments have strictly controlled urban traffic at all levels, especially in Wuhan.
32834970 We conclude that psychological flexibility represents a promising candidate process for understanding and predicting how an individual may be affected by, and cope with, both the acute and longer-term challenges of the pandemic.
32835036 In a big effort to cope with this outbreak, two Uruguayan institutions, Institut Pasteur de Montevideo and Universidad de la República, have developed and implemented a diagnosis pipeline based on qRT-PCR using entirely local resources.
32836299 The health systems of each country are reorganizing to cope with an influx of patients.
32836456 The COVID-19 pandemic poses unprecedented challenges to public healthcare systems and demands intergovernmental coordination to cope with the resulting medical surge.
32836630 To cope with the pandemic, we have retreated to the digital world and drastically changed the way we work.
32837388 As hospitals cope with the influx of patients with COVID-19, new challenges have arisen as health-care systems care for patients with COVID-19 while still providing essential emergency care for patients with acute strokes and acute myocardial infarction.
32837688 They often require immediate dental treatment for severe pain and greater precautions are needed to cope with COVID-19.
32837927 It is important for researchers to pay close attention to how these conflicts are affected by the pandemic, in order to help Indigenous communities develop strategies to cope with changes in industry-Indigenous relations.
32837951 Otolaryngologists are at higher risk for SARS-CoV-2 infection as they cope with URT symptoms in OPD and while performing surgery in COVID-19 positive patients.
32837975 To reveal factors that might help employees cope with pandemic, the respondents filled out established questionnaires measuring servant leadership of their supervisor, perceived organizational support, social support provided by colleagues, their own occupational self-efficacy, resilience, job crafting and readiness for change.
32838000 This study identifies the need to provide the free professional and psychological services to help cope with stress during the disease-enforced lockdown.
32838815 We would like to share the sentinel roadmap for screening and diagnosis of COVID-19 to medical healthcare workers around the world, especially countries who are facing great challenges to cope with COVID-19 and meanwhile with limited medical resources.
32839647 Our modelling and scenario analysis results suggest that point-to-point ULH services, with access to a strong domestic feeder system, will not only require minimal adjustments to cope with COVID-19, but will simultaneously produce higher seat-load factors and yields, heightened network flexibility, and unique health benefits tied to its ability to bypass densely populated hub airports.
32839753 To cope with the changing healthcare services in the era of SARS-CoV-2 pandemic; we share the institutional framework for the management of anomalous fetuses requiring fetal intervention at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota.
32841413 One-hundred and fifty-nine patients with AN-discharged from inpatient treatment in 2019-completed an online survey on contact history with COVID-19, changes in ED symptoms and other psychological aspects, health care utilization, and strategies patients employed to cope during the pandemic.
32845618 While specific aspects of the coronavirus infectivity, spread, and routes of transmission are still under rigorous investigation, it seems that a recollection of knowledge from the literature can provide useful lessons to cope with this new situation.
32847134 In this article, we present variations of IT as possible alternatives to cope physical inactivity during COVID-19 pandemics with a focus on its practical applications.
32848958 A significant proportion of young adults exhibit clinically relevant posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxious or depressive symptoms, but a larger portion of individuals showed to effectively cope with COVID-19 pandemic.
32850608 Conclusions: The healthcare facilities in Yemen are unprepared and lack the most basic resources and capabilities to cope with or tackle a COVID-19 outbreak.
32853046 Applying the 5-phase crisis management model of Pearson and Mitroff, we report our experience at one of Scotland’s largest centres for rehabilitation, in planning to cope with COVID-19.
32855212 The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in prioritisation of National Health Service (NHS) resources to cope with the surge in infected patients.
32856215 During the current pandemic scenario, maxillofacial rehabilitation specialists involved with supportive care in cancer must transform its practice to cope with COVID-19 and improve protocols that could quickly return the oral function of complex cancer patients who cannot wait for surgical complex rehabilitation.
32856807 The reduction of hospital beds and the number of infectious diseases doctors in order to increase the average salary in healthcare has led to the inability of the Russian healthcare system to cope with the spread of coronavirus infection without involving residents, professors, teachers and students of medical organizations.
32860395 There are several issued guidance from national and international organizations, trying to help to cope with suspected or verified COVID-19 patients.
32870516 Some people may turn to alcohol to cope with stress during the pandemic, which may put them at risk for heavy drinking and alcohol-related harms. […] Findings provide insight into coping-motivated drinking early in the COVID-19 pandemic and highlight the need for longitudinal research to establish longer term outcomes of drinking to cope during the pandemic.
32871151 Reproduction number does not provide information to cope with future epidemics or pandemic.
32874973 Consequently, they will be able to cope better with outbreaks of infectious diseases in the future, to reduce the psychological pressure of the front-line medical staff, and to improve the treatment level.
32878678 Finally, the paper examines possible ways to cope at times of increased stress and how we can try to protect ourselves from long-term mental health sequelae of chronic stress.
32881134 Our findings may help to understand how shadowing periods as a learning programme for nurses, continuing professional development, evidence-based apps and better planning are needed to ensure both novice nurses’ confidence in emergency departments and expert emergency room nurses’ ability to cope with complications in critical situations.
32881946 Qualitative findings suggested that LGBT adults likely used pornography and masturbation to cope with the lockdown, given the limited physical access to sexual partners in a society that stigmatizes homosexuality.
32884821 We concluded that proper management must be undertaken to improve the quarantine system, and the World Health Organization guidelines must be closely followed to cope with COVID-19.
32889042 Eleven codes were used to describe interview segments; the most commonly used codes were change in support, no effect, familiarity with uncertainty/ability to cope, and change in contact with care/research team. […] Many parents commented on feeling more isolated because of the inability to connect with family or attend in-person support groups, whereas others acknowledged their experience has made them uniquely positioned to cope with the uncertainty of the current situation.
32894968 Establishing a national maternal health network, relying on mechanisms for timely reporting, monitoring, and following-up, preparing guidelines and protocols required for COVID-19 management in pregnant women though a multidisciplinary team working approach, and embedding the precautions of reducing transmission in maternity care were the main measures taken to cope with COVID-19 in pregnancy.
32895631 Reporting on the experiences of artisanal and small-scale gold miners (garimpeiros, in Brazilian Portuguese), we show how, on the one hand, the pandemic challenges an already precarious working system that could lead garimpeiros, often invisible to public policies, to positions of further vulnerability; and, on the other hand, highlights the capacity of garimpeiros to self-organize and navigate the difficulties by finding alternative solutions to cope with the crisis.
32897868 Less than half of the participants (n=882, 43.25%) indicated that they were able to cope adequately with the stress related to the current situation.
32905100 Having little access to their social networks and support systems, people have had to turn to digital tools and spaces to cope with their experiences of anxiety and loss.
32908697 In addition, illness perceptions and relevant strategies to cope with the stress of the epidemic may have played a role in complying with the restrictions. […] Coping strategies were assessed with selected items of the Brief COPE questionnaire, while illness beliefs were assessed with items from the revised Illness Perception Questionnaire (IPQ-R). […] Participants showed high levels of personal control and used more often positive strategies to cope with the stress of the epidemic.
32909031 Weight stigma reported by participants in 2018 was examined as a predictor of binge eating, eating to cope, physical activity, depressive symptoms, and stress during COVID-19.
32911161 SARS-CoV-2 faecal-oral transmission could be particularly high in developing countries due to several risk factors, including; (1) poor drinking water, wastewater and sanitation infrastructure, (2) poor hygiene and food handling practices, (3) unhygienic and rudimentary funeral practices, including home burials close to drinking water sources, and (4) poor social security and health care systems with low capacity to cope with disease outbreaks.
32912400 The construction of TCM mobile cabin hospitals was an innovation of organization form that might offset the constraints in technology and scale of simple community isolation or simple hospital treatment, exploring a new way for TCM to cope with public health emergencies.
32916996 The level of perceived stress, traumatic stress, stigma, and coping responses were assessed using the Perceived Stress Scale, Impact of Event-Revised, Healthcare Workers Stigma Scale, and Brief Coping Orientation to Problems Experienced (COPE) Inventory, respectively.
32917849 CONCLUSIONS Students should continue the going-to-school rhythm at home to cope with changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
32918640 As communities struggle with how to cope with the health and social consequences of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), sexual and gender minority men living with or affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic have important insights into how to cope with uncertainty, public health protocols, and grief. […] Of the 437 participants who completed the survey, 155 (35%) indicated that HIV/AIDS had helped them cope with COVID-19.
32921732 To date, it is only clear that no drug can alone cope with all the problems posed by SARS-CoV-2 infection and effective antivirals and inflammatory drugs must be given together to reduce COVID-19 clinical manifestations.
32922334 Given the vulnerable situation of children, the aim of this research is to understand how they represent and emotionally cope with the COVID-19 crisis.
32923671 Is the Indian medical education system being able to cope with the challenges imposed by the increasing burden of COVID-19?
32937659 As teaching hospitals institute social distancing and defer non-emergent procedures to cope with the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, the need for daily onsite presence, unless necessary has been reduced for all medical staff including trainees.
32938009 The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic found Italy unprepared to cope with the large concentrated numbers of patients infected with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) who often required hospital admission and in many cases intensive care.
32939844 However, some patients were also able to find positive impacts in this experience and problem-focused and emotional strategies were identified to cope with the demands of COVID-19.
32946479 However, these findings point to several protective psychosocial factors that can be fostered in the future to help women cope.
32947955 Finally, through the analysis of 402 employees’ questionnaires, the hypotheses were verified; that is, in the process of Chinese enterprises returning to work to cope with COVID-19, the psychological contract has a positive role in promoting employees’ safety behavior, while job burnout plays a weakened mediating role, and perceived insider status plays a strengthening mediating role.
32952388 According to TMT, to cope with death anxiety, people are predisposed to ideological defense, resulting in cohesion with individuals who validate their beliefs and hostility toward those who threaten them.
32954369 In order to cope with potential fluctuations in supply chain and testing demands and to enable expedient adaptation of reagents and assays on hand, we include details for three parallel methodologies (one- and two-step singleplex and one-step multiplex assays).
32955373 An example of this phenomenon can be found in the gene that causes sickle-cell disease, which, as a non-dominant gene, helps cope with infection from malaria.
32962759 Currently, hospitals have been forced to divert substantial resources to cope with the ongoing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.
32964313 The concept includes professional medical as well as psychological support to convey constructive coping strategies and the provision of adequate tools such as the low-threshold online training program (CoPE It), which is accessible via the webpage .
32964930 The patients were referred through a dedicated Web-based referral portal to cope with increasing demand. […] We have demonstrated that an ECMO retrieval service can be reorganized swiftly and successfully to cope with the sudden increase in demand by spending cardiac surgeons services to supplement the anaesthetic-intensivist roles.
32969629 In the next future, dermatologists, endocrinologist and physicians may cope with the impact of extent SARS-CoV-2 (COVID 19) infection over chronic inflammatory skin diseases and their treatment.
32973373 The COVID-19 pandemic led to a rapid transformation of the health care system to cope with the risk of contamination and of developing a severe form of the infection.
32977816 As countries emerge from lockdown, those working in global mental health will need to redouble their efforts not only to make up for lost time and help individuals cope with the added stressors of Covid-19 in their communities, but also to regain lost ground in mental health care reform and in broader conversations about mental health in low-resource settings.
32979101 Resilience is defined as “the capacity of individuals to cope successfully with significant change or adversity”.
32979272 A majority of the 1329 participants reported feeling down (56%), lonely (59%), irritable (62%), and worried (71%) to some extent since lockdown began, but 70% felt able to cope.
32979601 The risk of acquiring SARS-CoV-2 in a hospital setting and the need of reorganizing the Emergency Departments (EDs) to cope with infected patients have led to a reduction of ED attendances for non-infectious acute conditions and to a different management of chronic disorders.
32980318 Information about the impact of epidemics on parents and children is relevant to policy makers to aid them in developing strategies to help families cope with epidemic/pandemic-driven adversity and ensure their children’s healthy development.
32980318 Information about the impact of epidemics on parents and children is relevant to policy makers to aid them in developing strategies to help families cope with epidemic/pandemic-driven adversity and ensure their children’s healthy development.
32980318 Information about the impact of epidemics on parents and children is relevant to policy makers to aid them in developing strategies to help families cope with epidemic/pandemic-driven adversity and ensure their children’s healthy development.
32980318 Information about the impact of epidemics on parents and children is relevant to policy makers to aid them in developing strategies to help families cope with epidemic/pandemic-driven adversity and ensure their children’s healthy development.
32980557 Other continuities included the reliance on technology for clinical and social connectivity, and capitalizing on natural settings to cope with isolation and confinement.
32984015 This review will discuss facing the challenges and the current approaches that cancer centers in Italy and United States are adopting in order to cope with clinical and research activities.
32984642 We have critically elaborated key role of biosensors to cope the outbreak situation.
32985278 The pandemic presents important lessons to strengthen health systems through better connection between public health, primary care, and secondary care to cope better with future waves of this and other pandemics.
32985971 The ability of health systems to cope with coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases is of major concern.
32986604 This can be also useful to cope with future pandemics.
32986671 To describe the ad-hoc strategic plan developed to cope with this crisis and to share its outcomes.
32991303 The Whitu: 7 Ways in 7 Days well-being app was recently developed by our group to address the urgent need for innovative approaches to reach young New Zealanders who are struggling to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.
32991604 Patient isolation, lockdown, quarantine, social distancing, changes in health care provision, and mass screening are the most common non-pharmaceutical PHIs to cope with the epidemic. […] At the realist review, we will identify and explore Context-Mechanism-Outcome configurations to provide a robust explanation on the effectiveness of the interventions in different contexts using Pawson’s 5-step realist review template including: “clarify scope; search for evidence; appraise primary studies and extract data; synthesize evidence and draw conclusions; and disseminate, implement and evaluate”.
32992807 Methods: In the study, the General Health Questionnaire-28 (GHQ-18), The Perceived Stress Scale (PSS-10), and Mini-Cope were used.
32993152 Practical implications include the necessity for haute cuisine restaurants to innovate to cope with increasing competition in several regions.
32994663 One could view the COVID-19 pandemic as a rapid learning experiment about how to cope more effectively with climate change and develop actions for reducing its impacts before it is too late.
32996415 In order to cope and help limit contagion, numerous institutions recognised the need to adjust clinical practice quickly yet safely.
32996856 The initial lack of protective equipment has now decreased, but the facilities still have to cope with additional corona-related care needs with reduced staff.
33004737 Although the control of COVID-19 has been in the forefront of interventional practice, most interventional radiologists (IRs) are not equipped adequately to cope with such a crisis.
33006753 It will explore how the physical closure of Black Churches during this period of increased mental stress, as caused by healthcare inequities revealed by the COVID-19 epidemic, is likely to be uniquely taxing to the mental health of African Americans, particularly older African Americans, who must cope with American racism without physical access to the Black Church for the first time in history.
33012020 The achievements of vaccine research and development bring a hope to our societies that we may cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.
33013066 To start with, government of India had adviced stoppage of “elective” surgeries so as to cope with resources and manpower for COVID-19 patients.
33016171 A sample of 1,495 adults, residing in Australia between April 3rd and May 3rd 2020, completed an online survey which measured psychological distress (Impact of Events Scale-Revised), depression, anxiety, stress (DASS-21), as well as coping strategies (Brief COPE). 47% of the respondents were experiencing some degree of psychological distress.
33019914 The survey evaluated the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on vascular surgeons’ lives by assessing COVID-19-related stressors, anxiety using theGeneral Anxiety Disorder (GAD)-7 scale, and coping strategies using the Brief Coping Orientation to Problems Experienced (Brief-COPE) inventory.
33024411 In multi-region areas such as Italy, where the contagion peak has been reached, it is crucial to find targeted and coordinated optimal exit and restarting strategies on a regional basis to effectively cope with possible onset of further epidemic waves, while efficiently returning the economic activities to their standard level of intensity.
33025071 The concept integrates innovative and sustainable ideas, e.g. telemedicine-based approaches and highlights the importance of multidisciplinary collaboration to cope with challenges in the healthcare system.
33028615 These include questions focused on (1) the non-virus impacts of preparing health and social care systems to cope with COVID-19 and (2) the health effects mediated by the educational, economic and social injuries sustained during the pandemic.
33029315 It is important to pay attention to the possible negative impact of boredom and media use during COVID-19, and find more ways to cope with boredom, especially those with high presence of meaning in life.
33030200 In order to cope with the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, we introduced on our in-house high-throughput molecular diagnostic platform (MDx Platform) a real-time reverse transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR) to detect the SARS-CoV-2 from any clinical specimens.
33030322 Since there is no adequate treatment for COVID-19, prevention of the transmission of SARS-CoV2 is the best way to cope with the pandemic.
33030591 It can be shown that even during the pandemic, such favorable changes can be used to support patients to cope with their headache.
33031864 Such interventions are crucial to sustain workers in their ability to cope throughout the duration of the pandemic.
33035300 After taking the advice of a team of international experts, the Hong Kong Government implemented comprehensive preventive measures to cope with the future epidemics.
33044893 This is particularly concerning given that isolation and loneliness are associated with increased cannabis use, as well as using cannabis to cope with negative affect. […] Objective: We investigated whether self-isolation due to COVID-19 and using cannabis to cope with depression were unique and/or interactive predictors of cannabis use during the pandemic, after controlling for pre-pandemic levels of cannabis use.
33045477 This is the experience of our radiology department’s protocols during the outbreak, we used this protocol to cope with the COVID-19 in Sichuan Province, besides,there is zero infection for health workers during the whole epidemic.
33050885 We found that Israeli anesthesia departments are generally highly involved in the health system efforts to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.
33051994 Fangcang shelter (Cabin) hospitals were set up in order to cope with the rapid growth of confirmed cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Wuhan, China at a time when there were insufficient beds in designated hospitals.
33052727 Healthcare workers, on the front lines of the epidemic, are facing major and potentially traumatic stressful events, overwhelming their ability to cope and their resources.
33054562 In Medellín (Colombia), it is a challenge to cope with this crisis, especially when the resources and aid provided by the government and institutions are limited.
33054860 This review specifically addresses the effects of mammalian and human coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2, on the digestive tract, helping to cope with the new virus infection-induced disease, COVID-19.
33061695 University students experience extremely high stress and anxiety during quarantine period and they need professional help to cope with COVID-19 pandemic.
33063776 The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect most aspects of daily life, and looking for ways to cope and adapt in this altered state is a priority. […] COVID-19 has disrupted societies across the world, with a global scope that is unprecedented, ongoing, and without a demarcated end.
33064983 The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has revealed that Africa needs a new public health order to be resilient, to adapt, and to cope with 21st-century disease threats.
33068025 The paper argues that outbreaks such as that of Covid-19 involve special circumstances that change how age should influence our prioritization decisions, and that while this shift in circumstances poses a problem for consequentialist views such as utilitarianism and age-weighted consequentialism, contractualism is better equipped to cope with it.
33069961 We are historians, social scientists and biomedical researchers who study how societies cope with infectious disease.
33070044 Comprehensive screening and intervention programs should be in place to help reserve medics cope with mental health challenges and build resilience during the COVID 19 pandemic.
33071022 Several measures have been undertaken in the societal and professional field, and the healthcare systems have been reorganized to limit the virus spread, and to cope with the surge of hospital admissions for COVID-19.
33071025 Although they expressed frustration at the lack of contact with family members, they acknowledged the resources they had access to in a residential care facility, which enabled them to cope and which ensured their safety.
33071413 In addition, results confirmed that this influence via future anxiety is moderated by resilience, a personality trait that enables individuals to cope better with stressful or traumatic events.
33071425 Yet little is known about how hospitality employees cope with it.
33071895 The conclusions offer future avenues for researchers and practitioners when attempting to evaluate and cope with this global phenomenon.
33073333 72.5% of respondents reported that their programs provided them with increased wellness resources to cope with the additional stress during the pandemic.
33076514 In the period of pandemics, it is important to research various areas that allow to us accumulate a critical mass of information and cope with the next global disease.
33081856 In relevance to the COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) pandemic crisis, viral infections in general and RNA viruses in particular are known to induce and promote oxidative stress, consequently increasing the body’s demand for micronutrients, especially those related to antioxidant enzymic systems, thus draining the body of micronutrients, and so hindering the human body’s ability to cope optimally with oxidative stress. […] Common polymorphisms in major antioxidant enzymes, with world population minor allele frequencies ranging from 0·5 to 50 %, are related to altered enzymic function, with substantial potential effects on the body’s ability to cope with viral infection-induced oxidative stress. […] We delineate functional polymorphisms in several human antioxidant enzymes that require, especially during a viral crisis, adequate and potentially additional nutritional support to cope with the pathological consequences of disease.
33082198 Assess the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on service delivery by frontline healthcare providers in acute care medical and emergency department settings and identify strategies used to cope with pandemic-related physical and mental health demands.
33083516 COPE (COVID-19 in Older People) is a multicenter observational study including adults of all ages admitted with either laboratory or clinically confirmed COVID-19.
33087172 Although many therapeutic approaches are under study, more research is urgently needed to identify effective vaccine or safer chemotherapeutic drugs, including epigenetic drugs, to cope with this viral outbreak and to develop pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis against COVID-19.
33087206 Google Forms were used to disseminate the online questionnaire to assess anxiety (Generalized Anxiety Disorder-7), depression (Patient Health Questionnaire-9), and coping strategies (Brief-COPE).
33088090 However, it is also important to find the ways to provide direct home-based support to patients and families at this time so that they feel less alone, cope better, and experience meaningful support to build their resilience.
33088096 They face many challenges while caring for these patients, yet they are expected to cope with it and deliver their duties for the betterment of humankind. […] Connectedness and communication with family and friends, word of appreciation, music, and TV were few strategies to cope up with these challenges.
33088098 About 80.6% of participants selected support from family and friends helped them cope during the institutional quarantine. 57% maintained a daily routine, 70% selected praying, and 45% used music as a coping strategy. […] Only 2% felt that they were unable to cope.
33088995 The global coronavirus disease (COVID)-19 pandemic has led to an international shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), with traditional supply chains unable to cope with the significant demand leading to critical shortfalls.
33091020 This assessment might also help in future to keep targeted services in place, to cope up with the psychological distress of the quarantined population.
33092606 In addition to proactive measures addressing physical survival needs and health protection, China has launched a mental health support system to cope with the widespread psychological stress during the pandemic and its aftermath.
33092649 These results should be factored in when discussing the mental health of adults and communities to cope with quarantine.
33095253 To cope with the continuing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, state and local officials need information on the effectiveness of policies aimed at curbing disease spread, as well as state-specific characteristics, like the racial mix, associated with increased risks related to the disease.
33095265 They are struggling to cope with the loss of the normalcy of their lives and the resulting sense of grief. […] For children, hearing stories is a rich avenue to gain insight, resources, and approaches to cope with these unprecedented times.
33099049 Given the important role of parent-child discussions, open communication between parents and children about the pandemic should be encouraged to help children and adolescents cope with mental health problems in public health crisis.
33100353 Manufacturers experienced significant disruptions in their operations and demand in 2020, as businesses struggled to cope with COVID-19 and its implications.
33114499 People in China have gradually returned to normal life; however, in the protracted pandemic, people may still follow certain dietary behaviors to cope with COVID-19. […] In line with the first stage of the survey, the current dietary behaviors used to cope with COVID-19 and ways of purchasing food were determined. […] Compared to the data from stage 1, the proportion of people choosing healthy products to cope with COVID-19 did not greatly change and those people had a higher HDDS (adjusted OR (95%CI) = 0.31 (0.19, 0.42)). […] In conclusion, during the post-lockdown period, people still followed certain dietary behaviors to cope with COVID-19.
33117534 Recommendations go from public hand hygiene stations, making face masks use obligatory, testing, and index finding which together with national closure of borders have been used to limit the disease so the countries’ health care system can cope with the challenges.
33118332 We hope these guidelines help healthcare workers and cardiovascular disease patients around the world cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.
33118469 Ensuring sufficient levels of physical activity and reducing sedentary time can play a vital role in helping people to cope with a major stressful event, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.
33126270 COVID-19 inflamed the crisis; telemedicine helps Texas physicians cope with the fallout.
33131451 We aim to share the challenges that Hematology Oncology Pharmacy (HOP) residents faced during the quarantine period and provide recommendations on how to cope with the residency journey. […] The group agreed that the need for HOP services during this pandemic is beyond the scope of oncology pharmacists’ normal daily practice.
33132535 We have to consider the uncertain nature of the current COVID-19 pandemic and the growing inter-connected and complex world, that are ultimately demanding flexibility, robustness and resilience to cope with the unexpected future events and scenarios.
33136144 Yet, older adults may be uniquely able to cope given their life experiences and coping mechanisms.
33136591 To cope with the gas blender shortage, we describe a back-up system set up in our French tertiary referral ECMO center using air and oxygen flowmeters.
33138270 It is possible to assume that the regular practice of physical activity could positively impact health status and quality of life and be a tool in the field of public health to cope (from a physical and mental point of view) with disease scenarios that require quarantine.
33138522 However, LUS is currently performed with standard ultrasound imaging, which is not designed to cope with the high air content present in lung tissues.
33141860 Limited by medical resources shortage and uneven facilities distribution, online help-seeking becomes an essential approach to cope with public health emergencies for many ordinaries.
33142072 The authors share these guiding principles in the hope that colleagues at other medical schools will find them to be a useful framework as we all continue to cope with the impact of COVID-19 on the future of medical education.
33145830 Extraordinary measures have been adopted by different nations to cope with the rapid diffusion of COVID-19 all over the world. […] As with other medical fields, cytopathology laboratories have also drastically modified their activities to cope with the COVID-19 healthcare emergency.
33150970 The mental health and resilience (ability to cope with the negative effects of stress) of frontline health and social care professionals (‘frontline workers’ in this review) could be supported during disease epidemics by workplace interventions, interventions to support basic daily needs, psychological support interventions, pharmacological interventions, or a combination of any or all of these.
33155463 Most of the participants used self-medication and spiritual resources to cope with the disease.
33160398 Instead, frontline workers and average citizens are having to cope with extensive mixed messaging regarding mask usage and social distancing from the highest levels of government.
33162572 Addressing risk factors identified during this study with targeted interventions and psychosocial support will help them to cope better with the stress.
33162724 It is suggested that stress, loneliness, and the emotional toll of the pandemic will result in increased numbers of those who will seek psychological intervention, need support, and guidance on how to cope with a time period that none of us were prepared for.
33164554 To better position the biobanking community to cope with current and future challenges, the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) COVID-19 Response Task Force was convened to identify needs and gaps in biobanking tools (existing resources that support good practice), for example, standards, best practices, business, etc. and to make recommendations to benefit the community.
33165237 Despite a dramatic decrease of donation and transplantation activities during the critical early weeks of the outbreak, the program has recovered and is learning to cope with COVID-19.
33167918 It is currently unknown that how pregnant women cope with this global pandemic and its ramifications.
33170976 A reported increase in consumption among those experiencing more stress suggests that some people may have been drinking to cope during the epidemic.
33172022 Participants filled out the Physical Activity (IPAQ-SF), Sense of Coherence (SOC-13), Resilience Scale (ER-14) and coping (COPE-28) questionnaires.
33173507 However, not all health care services might be ready to cope with this public health demand.
33173821 The research reported investigates how information practices enable people to mitigate risks and build the resilience to cope with ongoing uncertainty.
33175701 However, hospital staff should be periodically given sufficient training to effectively cope with such outbreaks in the future.
33175702 The basic objective of this article is to analyze the preparedness of Bangladesh, given its constraints and limitations, to cope with the rapid spread of COVID-19 infection.
33176775 To cope with shortages of equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic, we established a nonprofit end-to-end system to identify, validate, regulate, manufacture, and distribute 3D-printed medical equipment.
33177148 A new ‘appointment-triage-disinfection’ work pattern was adopted to cope with the COVID-19 outbreak in the mission.
33178081 In this paper, we argue that life crafting could offer a way to help people cope with the situation and renew their sense of meaning. […] Since having a clear purpose or meaning in life has been shown to have many benefits, we propose that it can also help people to cope with the psychological effects of the pandemic.
33178200 Although hospitals have been forced to change their usual workflows to cope with the saturation of health services by hospitalized patients, we recommend centers to continue offering this potentially curative treatment for patients with relapsed/refractory hematologic malignancies.
33181872 The ‘Hospital of Hope’ at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) was established as an intermediate care facility specifically to cope with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Cape Town metropole.
33185488 Based on the mood management theory, the current study examines if social media are beneficial for adolescents to cope with feelings of anxiety and loneliness during the quarantine. […] Participants who were feeling lonely were more inclined to use social media to cope with lacking social contact.
33186367 Parallel to research focused on risk factors, it could be useful to investigate the factors that help to cope with such crises at an emotional level.
33190926 Our results, drawn from 7554 respondents, indicate that self-confidence in the ability to carry out these behaviors, confidence in the ability of social institutions such as the government, hospitals, health workers and the media to cope with the pandemic crisis, and risk perceptions are associated with the adoption of preventive behaviors.
33192703 A further point of interest was how these perceived changes could be predicted, either by meaning in life, spirituality as a resource to cope, perceived fears and worries, or particularly by their wellbeing. […] Online survey with standardized questionnaires (i.e., WHO-Five Well-being Index (WHO5), Meaning in Life Questionnaire (MLQ), Spiritual and Religious Attitudes to cope with illness (SpREUK-15), Gratitude/Awe scale (GrAw-7)) among 292 tumor patients (72% men; mean age 66.7 ± 10.8 years; 25% < 60 years, 33% 60-70 years, 41% > 70 years) from Germany between May 6 to June 10, 2020.
33193945 At the same time, health care providers have to cope with local cultural conceptions of death and absence of advance care directives.
33195601 The lockdown imposed to cope with the health issues caused by the outbreak of the disease has dramatically challenged and negatively affected all the economic sectors of the modern global economy.
33196449 The central mechanism of action will be to investigate the effectiveness of an intervention based on positive psychology through a web platform that can be delivered through computers and tablets, with content that has been rigorously contextualized to the Mexican culture to provide functional strategies to help the target users cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.
33200035 It is concluded resource-crunch countries in South Asia are unable to cope with the disproportionate demand of capital and skilled health care workforce at the time of the pandemic.
33203637 Although most informal home care providers felt competent to provide routine care, 49.5% felt inadequately prepared to cope with the additional health risks of COVID-19.
33213570 Unstressed, their productive capacities and abilities to avoid and, when necessary, cope with physiological and pathological challenges are maximised.
33219683 As the pandemic progressed, most countries established an emergency task force, developed communication channels to citizens, organized health services to cope and put in place appropriate measures (e.g. pathways for COVID-19 patients, and testing, screening and tracing procedures).
33227029 In the core is the need to broaden the perspective on the determinants of a country’s ability to cope with the spread of the virus.
33227077 The following principles underlie the method: a person can cope with his/her conditions; the accumulation of unconscious feelings, sensations, images leads to the development of problem states; self-awareness of them through the conscious observation leads to their attenuation and extinction.
33228329 To cope with this emergency, the COVID-19 Lombardy intensive care units (ICU) network was created.
33230041 Examination of the extant literature indicated that populations around the world rely often on support from their loved-ones, closed significant others, outdoor and physical activities, and spirituality to cope with the COVID-19-related distress.
33230399 IT issues and care responsibilities made it harder for individuals to cope, but good communication and signposting of support helped.
33233750 Teachers who participated in the training program evaluated it positively and showed significant differences compared to the control group in their abilities to cope with stress and avoid burnout, their ICT competency, and their introduction of EI in the classroom.
33234166 To cope with this dynamic environment, various parts of the system have had to adopt appropriate management behaviors and business styles. […] Hospitals that already faced many challenges have had to cope with an unfamiliar medical crisis and a reduction of elective medical activity, causing them various types of damage, especially in term of economic stability.
33234664 Poorer mental health was mainly related to fear of COVID-19 infection, with higher anxiety levels especially in women (adjusted ordinal OR (aOR): 4.23, 95% CI 3.68 to 4.87) and worsened economy with higher levels of depression in women (aOR: 1.51, 95% CI 1.24 to 1.84), and perceived inadequate housing to cope with lockdown was especially associated with anxiety in men (aOR: 2.53, 95% CI 1.93 to 3.44).
33237325 The FunFam generation pipeline has been re-engineered to cope with the increased influx of data.
33238523 Due to these challenges, the care of several chronic conditions was in many cases discontinued and patients and healthcare professionals treating these conditions had to cope with this new scenario.
33240149 This is one of the first studies to apply an emotional network approach to study the psychological effects of pandemics and might offer some clues to psychologists and health administrators to help people cope with and adjust to this critical situation.
33240166 Researchers are now forced to look for resources to cope with negative experiences linked to this health emergency.
33250658 emissions is meaningful to cope with the emerging air pollution problems in China.
33251007 Health care was mainly directed to cope with COVID-19 cases.
33251825 People are trying to cope with the double whammy of spiking infections and economic instability due to halted businesses.
33253274 Neuroscience and psychology agree that dreaming helps people to cope with negative emotions and to learn from experience, but can dreaming effectively reveal mental suffering and changes in social behavior?
33256755 During the COVID-19 pandemic, most people had to cope with the restrictions of the lockdown, leaving them to their fears, insecurity and isolation.
33259326 The five principal research questions are whether this intervention will have an impact in terms of (Q1) personal-civic recovery and (Q2) clinical recovery, (Q3) how these recovery potentials can be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, (Q4) how the lived experience of persons in recovery can be mobilized to cope with such a situation, and (Q5) how sex and gender considerations can be taken into account for the pairing of PSWs with service users beyond considerations based solely on psychiatric diagnoses or specific MHPIs.
33259673 Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, dermatology units had to shift towards remote methods (telephone/video) to cope with pressures on services.
33260390 Resilience is defined as the capacity to cope successfully with change or adversity.
33263205 Coinciding opinions suggested adopting a future dynamic hybrid strategy analysis that combines online distant learning, virtual simulation, and haptic labs together with traditional direct clinical training on real patients CONCLUSION: The future of dental education will have far-reaching changes in strategies and tools to cope with COVID-19 pandemic and the postpandemic requirements of an effective, yet safe, dental learning environment.
33264677 Various coping strategies were reported; respondents who avoided thinking about the pandemic or seemed unsure of coping strategies and those struggling to cope had significantly greater anxiety and depression.
33269881 These drastic changes raised the question on how to cope and exploit the residual opportunities of PA under circumstances of home confinement.
33277006 Based on 5218 responses from 9 countries, we found that lockdown severity significantly affected mental health, while contact with nature helped people to cope with these impacts, especially for those under strict lockdown. […] People under strict lockdown in Spain (3403 responses), perceived that nature helped them to cope with lockdown measures; and emotions were more positive among individuals with accessible outdoor spaces and blue-green elements in their views.
33277234 A team, comprised of an associate medical director, trust chief pharmacist and senior pharmacists iteratively developed a framework to convert the large non-hospital setting into a functioning NHS field hospital with standardised MM processes adjusted appropriately to cope with operational constraints in the pandemic situation.
33278517 Possible treatment options to cope up with the severe clinical manifestations of COVID-19 are also discussed.
33281217 While it is still too early to assess the relative success of national strategies to cope with the pandemic and to revitalise the labour market as well as to evaluate the medium-term fiscal viability of different support measures, a few policy directions become apparent.
33283100 Although both formulas suggested multifunctionality in virus infection and inflammation, LHQW was inclined to cope with virus infection, while DHJS was inclined to cope with inflammation.
33283835 Hope is believed to act as a motivation to enable one to cope with the anxiety. […] Therefore, health policymakers can introduce appropriate social interventions to enable the community to cope with stress and anxiety.
33287564 As the world struggles to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical that the psychosocial aspects related to health are attended to in addition to biological aspects.
33288456 Some young adults may engage in unhealthy eating practices to cope with social distancing and isolation during the pandemic, which could increase incidental weight gain. […] The purpose of this study was to examine the association of eating to cope with the pandemic with body weight change in young adults before versus after spread of COVID-19. […] A diverse sample of participants (54% Hispanic; age = 19.72[.47] years; N = 1,820) completed online self-report measures of weight at baseline and follow-up and were given a checklist of pandemic coping behaviors including overeating (yes/no) and eating high fat or sugary foods (yes/no) to cope with social distancing and isolation during the pandemic. […] With and without adjusting for confounders, young adults who did versus did not report overeating to cope with the pandemic gained more weight from baseline to follow-up (5.55 vs. […] Unhealthy food intake to cope with the pandemic was not associated with weight change. […] Baseline weight moderated the association of eating coping practices with weight change such that individuals with higher baseline weight gained more weight if they engaged in eating to cope behaviors versus not (p’s≤.001). […] Unhealthy eating behavior to cope with the pandemic and corresponding body weight increases may be occurring in young adults.
33291200 To tackle the potential hazards from this virus, our Department restructured the services that not only helped us to cope with the pandemic, but also provided an example to copy for other contemporary institutes.
33293904 Consequently, in the fight against COVID-19, individuals who are resistant to stress and have a belief that they can find a way to cope can help prevent the fear of COVID-19 and so enhance good mental health.
33294384 Thus, even the best hospital system could not cope with the demand.
33302744 Our protocol changed in the face of COVID-19, where procedures were alternatively performed under local anesthesia (LA) in the clinic, to cope with lack of elective theater capacity during the pandemic, while still allowing a nasal fracture service to take place.
33308780 Reorganising their activities to protect patients from contamination, they have also been able to pool their equipment to cope with the shortage.
33309464 The use of sex to cope with negative affective states during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic may be influenced by various sociodemographic and psychological characteristics. […] Participants self-reported their use of sex to cope over a 14-day period during lockdown, as well as retrospectively for a 14-day period immediately preceding lockdown. […] A proportion of participants used sex to cope more often during lockdown compared with before. […] Less adherence to social distancing advice and emotion dysregulation were associated with using sex to cope during lockdown. […] Participants who had difficulty regulating emotions were more likely to use sex to cope.
33310732 The Chatbot tool has had approximately 50 consults/day.Setting up an OFTT should be considered as part of local strategies to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.
33312747 Although SPAR Scores and GHS Index have evaluated the national core capacities for preparedness and response, the actions to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the fact that most countries still do not build resilient health systems in response to public health emergencies.
33313653 We reviewed the processes and good practices that were undertaken in contexts of emergency such as in Italy and the UK and then adapted them within the Systems Engineering Initiative for Patient Safety (SEIPS) framework to provide an assessment of how to reorganize the services in order to cope with an unexpected situation.
33315579 Individuals need to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic with guidelines on symptom recognition, home isolation, and maintain mental health.
33315583 Among the total sample, 2.0% (n=59) of participants reported accessing AVMH resources in the prior 2 weeks to cope with stress related to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the highest rates of use among individuals who reported self-harm (n=5, 10.4%) and those who reported coping “not well” with COVID-19-related stress (n=22, 5.5%).
33315760 Morale has been adversely affected, but a variety of personal and collegial efforts have helped faculty cope and preserve a sense of normalcy during this devastating pandemic.
33318720 Over the longer term, the coronavirus crisis may affect the mental health of undergraduate students who are required to cope with remote options and forgo the usual campus life.
33322367 In turn, negative affect was associated with eating to cope and unhealthy snack choices, like salty or sweet treats.
33322462 These substantial measures were criticized due to their impact on individual rights including freedom and autonomy, but were justified by the awareness that hospitals would have been unable to cope with the surge of infected people who needed treatment for COVID-19.
33324304 The rebooting of activities highlighted the need to cope with new behaviors and routines, such as wearing a face mask while exercising.
33327967 Policymakers must apply novel and locally relevant prevention and management strategies to cope with this growing disaster.
33328931 This solution may guide and encourage researchers to cope with restrictions and has the potential to help expanding international collaborations by lowering travel time and costs.
33329941 We hope that being present in our physicians’ lives when they are exposed to COVID-related stress or trauma will keep them safe, help them cope with difficult experiences and losses, and ultimately facilitate both recovery and post-traumatic growth.
33331498 A cross-sectional online study was conducted with a non-probabilistic sample of 5,938 Mexican healthcare workers who completed brief screening measures of mental health problems and ad hoc questions about sociodemographic professional characteristics, conditions related to increased risk of COVID-19 infection, life stressors during the COVID-19 emergency, and perceived need to cope with COVID-19.
33334143 Individual antecedents hardly vary in the presence of significant contextual antecedents, but HWS may leave users with fewer resources to cope with the negative effects of technology use.
33334344 People intersectionally disadvantaged by their social identity experienced high levels of mental distress during the COVID-19 crisis, yet did not collapse, and instead described diverse and innovative strategies which enabled them to cope through the COVID-19 lockdown.
33336409 Moreover, urgent measures need to be taken to help the at-risk population cope with the ongoing stressors to help decrease the incidence of this cardiomyopathy.
33336583 Implications for supporting smoking cessation are discussed, including maintaining quitting in those “social smokers” who quit during lockdown, and support on stress-management and emotion regulation in those who use smoking as a way to cope with stress, anger, and boredom.
33341771 Strategies need to be developed to cope with shortages during pandemics, and these should take into consideration a WRRF’s size and disinfection equipment available. […] We recommend that WRRFs work closely with disinfection technology manufacturers, mask providers, health and safety staff and inspectors to develop suitable programs to cope with N95 mask shortages during pandemics.
33345163 Additionally, several of the athletes expressed that they struggled to cope with and manage the training at home during lockdown, and that they deeply missed training and competing as usual.
33347423 Specific information targeted at pregnant women, including information on how to cope in an emergency or major disease outbreak, developed and disseminated by health care institutions via social media platforms could be an effective way to mitigate mental health challenges and ensure epidemic preparedness and response in the future.
33350187 To cope with this shortage, the government introduced a severity scoring system for patients with COVID-19 and designed a new type of quarantine facility for treating and isolating patients with mild symptoms out of the hospital, namely, the Residential Treatment Center (RTC).
33354246 During these unprecedented and difficult times, people provide financial assistance to those who are in need and have to cope with falls in their living standards.
33356578 People may also choose to share COVID-19 information from news media, social media, and family as they cope with anxiety, anger, and fear.
33362327 To support and ensure the effectiveness of CMTs, we need to understand how CMT members can successfully cope with these multiple demands.
33362541 This unprecedented circumstance has challenged hospitals’ response capacity, requiring significant structural and organizational changes to cope with the surge in healthcare demand and to minimize in-hospital risk of transmission.
33364225 The same solution cannot be granted to all patients, given the difficulty in assessing the responsibility of the doctor not only during an emergency but with insufficient instruments to cope with it as well.
33364325 Most participants reported smoking cigarillos and blunts in higher frequency and quantity to cope with COVID-19-induced stress, anxiety, loneliness, and boredom due to economic losses and physical isolation.
33364351 The results indicate that while students feel substantially burdened by the situation and the majority worries about the impact of the pandemic on their studies, they also seem to cope well with the digital course format.
33364987 Bibliotherapy is a systematic intervention regarding the use of carefully selected reading materials in order to help persons to cope with stress and personal problems.
33368236 In child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS), such organizational envisioning is needed to cope with the foreseeable psychological effects of prolonged social isolation induced by nation-wide public health measures such as school closure.
33375444 These results may support healthcare workers to cope with mental health problems associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.
33382862 Mental health monitoring of students attempting to cope with the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak may be useful and feasible.
33383745 The COPE Study enrolled 491 women residing in the United States from May to June of 2020; women completed an online survey of COVID-19 experiences and prevention behaviors.
33386788 Two main strategies to cope with the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic-lockdown (social restriction) and non-lockdown (herd immunity plan)-have been implemented in several countries.
33390638 Although some participants reported difficulties to cope with children’s behavior during social distancing, others valued the opportunity of spending more time with their children.
33391048 Alcohol use, especially drinking to cope with stress, is a concern, as an increase in its sales has been reported in some countries during the quarantine.
33391136 This situation can be hard to cope with due to separation from loved ones, prohibition of regular activities, fear of infection, loss of freedom, and so on.
33395916 Nonetheless, as Ecuador was hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic to cope with the respiratory patients, surgeries were delayed or canceled.
33398753 Although these vital results of the first wave of the COVID-19 from February to August 2020, policymakers have had a low organizational capacity to plan effective policy responses for crisis management to cope with COVID-19 pandemic that is generating recurring waves with again negative effects, déjà vu, on public health and of course economic systems.
33400353 According to the Conservation of Resources theory from Hobfoll (1989, American Psychologist, 44, 513), those people who have a good supply of resources will be able to cope better with the adversities and will show less distress.
33401090 As society navigates through the pandemic, it is essential to implement public health strategies to help individuals cope with the concerns and fears about COVID-19.
33403158 All students reported that mindfulness practice helped them cope by improving specific mindfulness skills (focus, appreciation, cognitive de-centering, non-reactivity).
33404813 Quantitative data were collected using the Brief-COPE questionnaire. […] Participants’ Brief-COPE responses indicated that they commonly used acceptance (n = 29, 96.7%), self-distraction (n = 28, 93.3%), and taking action (n = 28, 93.3%) coping strategies.
33405969 Inactive participants reported greater sleeping and eating to cope; active participants used active stress management strategies.
33407110 Evaluating the expression profile of key genes in large single-cell datasets can facilitate testing for diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccine targets, as the world struggles to cope with the on-going spread of COVID-19 infections.
33408543 Finally, this paper proposes suggestions for policy formulation to improve the ability of the cultural tourism industry to cope with crisis events.
33408676 Student-athletes of the COVID-19 group showed better perception of whether their sport career could help them cope with their academic career and better general perception of remote learning and the use of tasks and videoconferencing as learning support tools.
33410243 Age and the capacity to adapt to a new environment and to cope with illness were negatively associated with all symptoms of psychopathology.
33411827 The compliance of the general public with the advice and regulations of the health authorities and the adoption of effective health behavior regimens are currently the only weapons to effectively cope with the disease.
33412806 The hypothesis that these findings are a consequence not only of high probabilities of exposure, but also of high doses (as a product of both intensity and duration, with possible autonomous effects of peaks of exposure) deserves to be systematically tested, in order to reconstruct the web of causation of COVID-19 individual and clustered cases and to cope with situations at critical risk for SARS-CoV-2, needing to be identified, mapped, and dealt with at the right time.
33412812 the emergency due to SARS-CoV-2 pandemic struck the national and regional health system that needed an effort to reorganise and increase resources to cope with a sudden, uncertain, and previously unknown situation.
33417236 Overall, they are intended to improve caregivers’ knowledge about the disease and its care; to increase caregivers’ sense of competence and their ability to cope with difficult situations; to relieve feelings of isolation and allow caregivers to attend to their own emotional and physical needs.
33423054 Here, we explore how Dutch older adults view this crisis and cope with measures to contribute to our understanding of coping of older adults in general and during disaster situations more specifically.
33432979 The wave of the emergency found our country unprepared to cope with the surge of patients going to first aid departments to seek assistance in the almost complete paralysis of community health. […] In Italy, HFE expertise has been able to provide our healthcare systems with some easy-to-realize solutions (particularly dedicated to improving communication, team work and situational awareness) in order to cope with the need for rapid adaptations to new and unknown scenarios: ensuring information and communication continuity in the different levels of the healthcare system; identifying hazard opportunity through risk management tool; providing training through simulation; organizing regular briefing and debriefing; enhancing the reporting and learning system as an informal way of communicating adverse events and supporting information campaign and education initiatives for the public.
33435701 The shutting down of special education systems meant that parents lost a vital support network and had to be the sole full-time caregivers despite often lacking the skills to cope with this new and daunting situation. […] The children’s success or failure was directly related to how their parents coped.
33436064 While some participants described employing positive coping strategies (such as limiting social media exposure), many reported using ED behaviours (among other maladaptive strategies, like alcohol use) to cope with the pandemic.
33436478 Special strategies are needed to cope with changing measures during the COVID-19 pandemic.
33437753 Unfortunately, there is no clear solution for how to cope with such an epidemic. […] Moreover, the results inform the Saudi community what strategies were used to cope so far with the pandemic.
33439990 Since late 2019, biomedical labs all over the world have been struggling to cope with the ‘new normal’ and to find ways in which they can contribute to the fight against COVID-19.
33444413 Here, we demonstrate the importance of providing a robust and specific serologic assay for generating new information about antibody kinetics in infected individuals and mitigation policies to cope with pandemic needs.
33446625 The medical community is struggling to cope with the critical illness associated with the disease.
33447107 Therefore, maintaining appropriate levels of Vitamin D through supplementation or natural methods, eg, sunlight on the skin, is recommended for the public to be able to cope with the pandemic.
33448868 Thus, long-term mitigation policies should be strengthened to cope with the undesirable deterioration of the environment.
33450714 A health system analysis was used to identify strategies to cope, adapt, and transform for the future, at the levels of individuals, teams, and the whole system.
33451039 To cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare system requires a combination of various types of laboratory diagnostic testing techniques, whodse sensitivity and specificity increases with the progress in the SARS-CoV-2 research.
33451305 This research aims to identify, describe and assess the empirical background on online strategies and recommendations developed by international organizations and governments to cope with the psychological impact of COVID-19 at a very early stage of the pandemic. […] Strong relationships between questions were identified, such as psychological tips for maintaining good mental health and coping with COVID-19 (question n° 4), describing some psychological skills to help people cope with anxiety and worry about COVID-19 (question n° 6) and promoting social connection at home (question n° 8). […] The results obtained from the proposed analytical procedure can be relevant to a) classify documents according to their complexity in structuring the information provided on how to cope with the psychological impact of COVID-19, b) develop new documents according to specific objectives matching population needs, c) improve document design to face unforeseen events, and d) adapt new documents to local situations.
33456093 Spousal support serves a critical role in helping officers cope with occupational stressors.
33456209 All over the world, urban communities take initiative in order to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.
33456424 COVID-19 has led to the closure of various schools in Japan to cope with the pandemic.
33456647 The provision of personal adequate protective equipment and stress management measures could enable front-line workers to cope with this pandemic in complete serenity.
33460503 The findings highlight the importance of developing psychological preventive and rehabilitative interventions to help people cope with these risk factors.
33461641 Commonly used forms of psychological therapy improve mental health by teaching psychotherapeutic strategies that assist people to better manage their symptoms and cope with life stressors.
33461897 Knowing the routes to both distress and well-being may help maternity services to effectively cope with the pandemic.
33464401 Patients who have recently developed smell loss may be offered a combination of the problem- and emotion-focused strategies to cope with their condition.
33466778 The COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the world in the year 2020 has put a strain on our ability to cope with events and revolutionized our daily habits.
33472610 In Iran, one of the common motives for alcohol consumption is to scape problems and cope with stresses.
33472627 The lockdowns in Nigeria may have inadvertently placed women already experiencing partner violence at risk for experiencing more severe violence, new challenges to cope with violent experiences, and other forms of violence, including violence that used the lockdown as a way to threaten women’s security and ability to protect themselves from the virus.
33477947 Owners valued having more time than usual with their dog(s) but also recognised that spending extra time with their dog(s) may negatively impact on the dog’s future ability to cope when left alone. […] Based on these findings, we suggest intervention strategies to best support dog welfare that include helping dog owners to teach dogs to cope with being alone, even if owners do not need to leave their dogs alone.
33478203 Dear Editor, There is an increasing pressure on healthcare systems around the globe since the onset of the current coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic to cope up with the increasing workload…
33480349 Multiple challenges were present in clinical trials as recruitment, retention, safety of trial subjects, protocol compliance, and this made the world to re-think to incorporate newer strategies and to cope with this untoward situation.
33480484 In addition to demographic data, a list of COVID-19 pandemic-related questions, the Brief COPE, the 9-item Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9), and the 7-item Generalized Anxiety Disorder Questionnaire (GAD-7) were also utilized.
33480661 Health systems must be well-prepared to cope with large and sudden changes in demand by implementing interventions to ensure adequate access to care.
33486262 The methods for detecting biomarkers in different diseases usually share similar principles and can conveniently be adapted to cope with arising health challenges.
33489531 Methods This cross-sectional questionnaire survey was conducted using Google Forms (Google LLC, Mountain View, CA), which included demographic characteristics, perceived stressors, and validated scales: the Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale - 21 Items (DASS-21), Insomnia Severity Index, and the Brief Coping Orientation to Problems Experienced (Brief COPE) scale.
33490361 The reduced ability to cope with sudden changes to social environments places patients with FTD at increased vulnerability to COVID-19 infection as well as to poorer clinical and social outcomes.
33493462 Trauma-informed care is a framework that takes into account the effect that past trauma can have on current behavior and the ability to cope and can help to minimize retraumatization during health care encounters.
33495666 Overall, countries in which individuals look after each other and the environment, creating sustainable societies, are better able to cope with climate and public health emergencies.
33498834 While stress increased for many, those who quit found ways to cope with stress.
33498999 To cope with these issues, in this paper we propose a fully automated and efficient deep learning-based method, called LungINFseg, to segment the COVID-19 infections in lung CT images.
33500687 Thus, positive social support may increase one’s ability to cope actively, adaptively, and efficiently.
33502941 Common emotional responses were fear, sadness and anger but despite negative emotions and uncertainty appraisals, participants described efforts to cope and maintain their mental wellbeing. […] This study builds on a growing number of qualitative accounts of how mental health service users and carers experienced and coped with extreme social distancing measures early in the COVID-19 pandemic.
33504279 Facilities in Southeast Michigan have served as the frontline of the pandemic in the Midwest and in order to cope with the surge, rapid, and in some cases, complete restructuring of care was mandatory to effect change and attempt to deal with the emerging crisis.
33509687 Sleep health should be incorporated into public health messages aimed at helping people cope with the effects of a pandemic to maintain optimal mental and physical health.
33510681 The participants also reported using music to cope with the lockdown, finding that it helped them to relax, escape, raise their mood or keep them company.
33511096 Israel, similar to all other nations, was forced to cope with the unknown. […] Coping was measured by the short version of the COPE.
33512323 Participants in the control group received an automatic weekly newsletter via email containing self-help information and tips to cope with distress associated with COVID-19.
33514301 While additional support is needed to better cope with increased job stressors, little is known about what types of hospital resources have been provided and how nursing staff perceive them.
33515386 Yet, despite specific contexts, we can see patterns and recurring concerns in the history of pandemics: (1) pandemics and disease crises in the past, along with public health responses to them, have had implications for civil liberties and government authority; (2) disease crises have acted as a sort of stress test on society, revealing, amplifying or widening existing social fissures and health disparities; (3) pandemics have forced people to cope with uncertain knowledge about the origin and nature of disease, the best sources of therapies, and what the future will hold after the crisis.
33516718 These teams, made up of one pharmacist and one or two hospital pharmacy technicians, who notably manage the medicine cabinets in care units.The close collaboration with doctors and nurses developed over the years was a determining factor when it became necessary to provide the newly created additional intensive care units with drugs and medical devices (MDs) in order to cope with the crisis triggered by the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic.
33518819 The findings show the relevance of solidarity with certain stakeholders during the pandemic, but also reveal the fragility of PFCs due to their financial structure and underdeveloped managerial and entrepreneurial strategies to cope with the crisis.
33518865 These findings not only provide novel evidence for meaning making model but also shed light on the underlying mechanism, suggesting an effective strategy to cope with stressful events such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
33518866 According to appraisal theory, individuals cope with perceived threats in different ways.
33518867 An online sample of 2860 Croatian adults filled in questionnaires on socio-demographic characteristics, distress (the Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale 21), coping (the Brief COPE), personality (the International Personality Item Pool), and social support (the Duke-UNC Functional Social Support Questionnaire) during the COVID-19 lockdown and after the capital was hit by an earthquake.
33519017 In this study, we propose a broad conceptual model that incorporates social capital dimensions and problem-solving routines to understand the determinants behind hotel managements’ perception of and ability to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic-and thus, to innovate their service offering.
33519318 Over one-third of the sample reported utilizing alcohol and substances as a means to cope during the pandemic.
33519580 One hundred and fifty-four female patients with breast cancer completed the Walsh’s Family Resilience Questionnaire, the Perceived Ability to Cope With Trauma Scale, the Positive-Negative Affect Schedule, and the Mini Locus of Control Scale.
33520883 Therefore, greater attention should be paid to providing social support for caregivers of CKD children and to improving the ability of these caregivers to cope with loneliness.
33521076 In the current situation, the Human Biosecurity Emergency (HBE) may be the only way to cope effectively with the novel SARS-CoV-2 strain.
33522892 The current study tested whether difficulty with emotion regulation was related to greater estimated blood alcohol content (eBAC) during a typical week in the past month and if this was due to COVID-related distress and drinking to cope with the pandemic. […] Difficulty with engaging in goal-directed behaviors was related to greater past-month eBAC and this relation was mediated by the sequential effects of COVID-related worry and drinking to cope with the pandemic. […] Results indicate that individuals with difficulty engaging in goal-directed behaviors are especially vulnerable to greater eBAC during the COVID-19 pandemic which may be due in part to their vulnerability to more COVID-related worry which may lead to more drinking to cope with the pandemic.
33525390 Uncertainty is inherent to the rare diseases (RD) area, where research and healthcare have to cope with knowledge gaps due to the rarity of the conditions; yet a systematic approach toward uncertainties is not usually undertaken.
33526952 We explore how COVID-19 has forced the authors to alter their teaching practice, cope with uncertainties, and respond with loving kindness to the shifting needs of students.
33527000 To cope with the smaller size of the training dataset, Keras’ ImageDataGenerator class is used to generate ten thousand augmented images.
33527854 The lessons were offered with the intent of providing a healthy and engaging environment to help students and others in the community cope with lockdown stress, depression, and anxiety throughout spring and summer 2020.
33527904 The system must also continue to evolve to cope with an ageing population, an increase of chronic diseases and the development of new technologies.
33529216 However, 82% of our participants had to cope with the negative impacts of COVID-19.
33531724 Policy interventions intended to fight COVID-19 forced people to cope with several restrictions on their personal freedom.
33531775 To cope with this critical situation, it is necessary to strengthen the awareness programs targeting the mental health issues of the people.
33532385 Using secondary source of data from specific website and search engine a review was done for existing guidelines and literature focusing on the various components of self-care management (patient-centered care) and highlights the importance of self-care management education to cope up with twin pandemic of COVID-19 and NCDs.
33533806 to know the strategies to cope with domestic violence against women disseminated by digital media at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. a documentary study with a qualitative approach.
33534786 Interventions to enable people to better cope with such distress should be based on the best available evidence. […] There is preliminary evidence for beneficial effects of interventions to enable people to better cope with the distress of highly contagious emerging disease outbreaks.
33534852 Improved understanding and new strategies to cope with novel coronaviruses are urgently needed.
33536999 The thematic synthesis identified 25 themes where PwP need to be supported in order to cope with consequences of the pandemic, and to adapt their daily and health-related activities.
33539336 In April and May 2020, opt-in Internet panel surveys of English-speaking U.S. adults aged ≥18 years were conducted to assess the prevalence of self-reported mental health conditions and initiation of or increases in substance use to cope with stress, psychosocial stressors, and social determinants of health.
33544405 Our findings suggest that helping HCW cope with COVID-19 related deaths might reduce their risk of posttraumatic stress.
33551627 Besides, these findings provide insights into developing information campaigns to instruct the population to cope with the pandemic, producing behavioral change at societal and individual levels.
33552408 It is to underline that the logistic and methodological reality was not planned to cope with this emergency.
33562619 The need to cope with the medical, social, and economic storm due to the new coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic as quickly as possible has led to the very rapid development of a huge number of vaccines.
33566919 For healthy people in quarantine, lifestyle changes, fear of becoming infected, young age, female gender, history of mental illness and reduced ability to cope with stress appear to be risk factors for insomnia.
33566956 to reflect on empathic listening use as a welcoming strategy for nursing professionals to cope with the challenges during the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus. this is a reflection study based on updated data surveys and theoretical-conceptual aspects of Non-Violent Communication and empathic listening. in the performance during the COVID-19 pandemic, nursing professionals are exposed to violence of different natures related to occupational stress, work overload, anguishes and silenced suffering, with implications for the workers’ health, who can be benefited and strengthened with empathetic listening. the health crisis has highlighted the weaknesses of the health system.
33567067 Our findings show that night-to-night changes in sleep quality predict how individuals cope the next day with daily challenges induced by home confinement.
33569023 The Perceived Stress Scale was used to measure healthcare workers’ stress levels, and the Brief COPE Scale and Coping Humor Scale were used to assess participants’ avoidant or approach coping style and verify the degree to which they relied on humor to cope with stress.
33570883 In the midst of the pandemic, nurses were supported to cope with stress, focus on self-care and wellness goals, and address challenges to their well-being.
33572380 The costs in the model are set as fuzzy to cope up with the uncertain conditions created by lasting pandemic. […] The optimal results provide support for the industrial managers based on the proactive plan by the optimal utilization of the resources and controllable production rate to cope with the emergencies in a pandemic.
33574025 We describe here the profound regional, provincial and municipal changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to cope with the numbers of patients presenting with COVID-19 illness, as well as coping with the ongoing need to care for patients presenting with non-COVID-19 emergencies.
33574445 In the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic, households throughout the world have to cope with negative shocks.
33575239 This study suggests the importance of monitoring medical students’ depressive state during the COVID-19 outbreak, and universities are encouraged to institute policies and programs to provide educational counseling and psychological support to help students to cope with these problems.
33581957 Thanks to the experience gained during the previous wave of infections, the purpose of this study was to present a reorganization of clinical services for oral and maxillofacial surgery in order to help cope with the latest COVID-19 resurgence.
33583984 Overall, caregivers and early career researchers faced the most difficulties, and personality traits had a major impact on the ability to cope with the changes caused by the pandemic.
33584091 In order to cope with the resultant threats to identity, some individuals concealed their sexual identity, which could undermine their sense of identity authenticity, and some reported engaging in casual sexual encounters as a means of coping with identity threat.
33585026 Hospitals quickly reorganized the activity to cope with the emergency.
33585302 People react in different ways to traumatic events, and how people react may say a lot about how they cope with the event and the extent to which the event plays a role in the future.
33587985 Average levels of eating to cope and food addiction symptoms did not appear to shift during the early stages of the pandemic; however, U.S. adults ate about 14% more added sugars. […] Moreover, greater stress in response to the pandemic was associated with greater eating to cope, added sugars intake, food addiction symptoms, drinking to cope, and drinking frequency.
33588446 In times of crisis, individuals with a psychiatric history require ongoing support from mental health services, in particular those supporting every-day lifestyle in order to better cope with the consequences of a drastically changed environment.
33589305 Innovative coping strategies can help other young people cope during and after lockdowns, with digital and school promotion and application.
33595772 African American women with breast cancer generally rely on their spirituality to cope with psychosocial issues encountered during survivorship.