DrugBank ID: db11017
DrugCentral: yeast
Synonymous :saccharomyces cerevisiae/saccharomyces boulardii | yeast, dried | yeast, unspecified | yeasts

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Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of yeast gene in 13 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32365353 Here we show the full functionality of a yeast-based synthetic genomics platform to genetically reconstruct diverse RNA viruses, including members of the Coronaviridae, Flaviviridae and Paramyxoviridae families. […] Viral subgenomic fragments were generated using viral isolates, cloned viral DNA, clinical samples, or synthetic DNA, and reassembled in one step in Saccharomyces cerevisiae using transformation associated recombination (TAR) cloning to maintain the genome as a yeast artificial chromosome (YAC).
32486534 In the cohort, a large number of bacteria (cocci) were detected in 1 case and a large number of fungi (yeast type) were detected in 1 case.
32502901 This research proposes RPs extracted from bacillus sp. and yeast as new forum for the advancement of antiviral therapy.
32503663 Patients were excluded from the trial in case of (1) known serious allergic reactions to yeast-derived products, (2) lithium carbonate therapy, (3) mechanical ventilation prior to randomization, (4) peripheral white blood cell count above 25.000/μL and/or active myeloid malignancy, (5) high dose systemic steroid therapy (> 20 mg methylprednisolone or equivalent), (6) enrolment in another investigational study, (7) pregnant or breastfeeding or (8) ferritin levels > 2000 μg/mL.
32603803 A low yield of positive respiratory cultures was identified; Staphylococcus aureus was the most common respiratory pathogen isolated in community-acquired coinfection (4/24; 16.7%), with pseudomonas and yeast identified in late-onset infection.
32650197 Concurrent use of certain nutraceuticals - yeast beta-glucan, zinc, vitamin D, spirulina, phase 2 inducers, N-acetylcysteine, glucosamine, quercetin, and magnesium - might also improve therapeutic outcomes in COVID-19.
32673355 We investigated UVA effects on human cells in vitro, mouse colonic tissue in vivo, and UVA efficacy against bacteria, yeast, coxsackievirus group B and coronavirus-229E.
32784463 In addition to in vitro assays, we monitored antioxidative and antiaging signals in Schizosaccharomyces pombe (yeast) and mouse melanoma B16F10 cells. […] The A. lavenia extracts and 11αOH-KA conferred resistance to H2O2 to S. pombe and B16F10 cells and extended the yeast lifespan in a concentration-dependent manner. […] These materials maintained the yeast mitochondrial activity, even in a high-glucose medium, and induced an antioxidant gene program, the transcriptional factor pap1+ and its downstream ctt1+. […] These results suggest that 11αOH-KA and A. lavenia extracts may protect yeast and mammalian cells from oxidative stress and aging.
32860682 The incidence was 26.7% (14.1% aspergillosis, 12·6% yeast infections).
32867260 Due to the diversity of bacteria and yeast strains, strict approaches have been designed to assess for side effects and post-market surveillance.
32879484 Here we engineered baker’s yeast to produce the medicinal alkaloids hyoscyamine and scopolamine, starting from simple sugars and amino acids. […] Our integrated system positions more than twenty proteins adapted from yeast, bacteria, plants and animals across six sub-cellular locations to recapitulate the spatial organization of tropane alkaloid biosynthesis in plants.
32907757 In addition, recombinant S-protein presenting multiple α-gal epitopes on the glycan-shield may be produced in glycoengineered yeast or bacteria expression systems containing the corresponding glycosyltransferases.
32954998 Additionally, the plant lectins can be used as potential therapeutics against bacteria, fungus, yeast and protozoa.
32998303 This article reflects on a history of yeast research to indicate the potential that arises from advances in science, and how this can contribute to the ongoing recovery and development of human society.
33019591 The tertiary structure was resolved for the Tom70 of yeast, showing 26 α-helices, most of them participating in the formation of 11 tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR) motifs. […] In yeast, Tom70 additionally mediates ER-mitochondria contacts via binding to sterol transporter Lam6/Ltc1.
33039209 We developed a severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) subunit recombinant protein vaccine candidate based on a high-yielding, yeast-engineered, receptor-binding domain (RBD219-N1) of the SARS beta-coronavirus (SARS-CoV) spike (S) protein.
33045618 Pubmed, Google scholar and Web of Science were searched extensively for articles using search terms: SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, coronavirus, Lipids, Statin, Fibrates, Ezetimibe, PCSK9 monoclonal antibodies, nicotinic acid, bile acid sequestrants, nutraceuticals, red yeast rice, Omega-3-Fatty acids, Lomitapide, hypercholesterolaemia, dyslipidaemia and Volanesorsen.