DrugBank ID: db00512
DrugCentral: vancomycin
Synonymous :vancomicina | vancomycin | vancomycine | vancomycinum

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of vancomycin gene in 1 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32405454 The medications used for treatment of pneumonia were Meropenem, Ciprofloxacin, Vancomycin.
32562159 According to the drug regimen, the patients were divided into two groups; group I who received regimen I consisting azithromycin, prednisolone, naproxen, and lopinavir/ritonavir and group II who received regimen II including meropenem, levofloxacin, vancomycin, hydroxychloroquine, and oseltamivir.