DrugBank ID: db13172
DrugCentral: tunicamycin
Synonymous : None

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of tunicamycin gene in 1 abstracts.

pmid sentence
33091582 Tunicamycin an anticancer drug inhibit the N- linked glycans. […] Our study aimed to find out the mechanism action of tunicamycin on the viral glycoproteins. […] The growth of coronavirus in the presence inhibitor tunicamycin resulted in the production of spikeless, non-infectious virions which were devoid of S protein. […] We concluded that tunicamycin inhibits E2, S, and M glycoproteins of coronaviruses. […] Tunicamycin is also diminished glycosylation of PTMs such as HE, and 8 ab of SARS-CoV.