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32117569 While vaccine research should be pursued intensely, there exists today no therapy to treat 2019-nCoV upon infection, despite an urgent need to find options to help these patients and preclude potential death. […] The sequence of the ACE2-Fc protein is provided to investigators, allowing its possible use in recombinant protein expression systems to start producing drug today to treat patients under compassionate use, while formal clinical trials are later undertaken.
32119961 Until today >2700 deaths from the 80,000 confirmed cases reported mainly in China and 40 other countries.
32213081 Today, the world is experiencing a pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus.
32213476 Although the world today must “flatten the curve” of spread of the virus, we argue that now is the time to “accelerate and bend the curve” on digital health. […] Increased investments in digital health today will yield unprecedented access to high-quality mental health care.
32231348 The emergency that the world faces today demands that we develop urgent and effective measures to protect people at high risk of transmission.
32238978 Today’s avalanche of conflicting news on how to deal with the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) brings to mind the Trinity nuclear bomb test with Enrico Fermi estimating its strength by releasing small pieces of paper into the air and measuring their displacement by the shock wave.
32246879 Even today, many hemophilia patients and their families still retain painful and indelible memories of HIV and hepatitis C infections or are confronted with the progressive health consequences of these infections.
32274794 No person living today has ever witnessed such a crisis.
32279686 As Osler recognized, his concept of “one medicine, one health” defines what global public health is today.
32291351 As of today (7 April 2020), more than 81,000 people around the world have died from the coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) pandemic.
32292847 But act today we must, and understanding the multiplicity of mechanisms of myocardial injury in COVID-19 infection will help us meet our mission unsupported by the comfort of strong data.
32293743 In general, respiratory viral co-infections are recognized more commonly today with the use of respiratory multiplex molecular diagnostic panels.
32298981 Innovations like telemedicine are useful to treat patients with diabetes in today’s times.
32317202 As of today, more than one million people across the world have been reported infected with this virus, and more than 65,000 people have died of this disease.
32324640 It is the responsibility of leaders in medical education to have a vision for and then implement an improved continuum of education that maintains the core values of the field and fits the health care delivery needs of today and the future.
32329522 Today’s report (5th April 2020; daily updates in the prepared website) shows that the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States, Spain, Italy, and Germany are 308850, 126168, 124632, and 96092, respectively.
32330291 Indubitably quantitative serological testing provides greater advantages than qualitative tests but today there is still little known about serological diagnostics and what the most appropriate role quantitative tests might play.
32342242 Our network model predicts that-without the massive political mitigation strategies that are in place today-the United States would have faced a basic reproduction number of 5.30 ± 0.95 and a nationwide peak of the outbreak on May 10, 2020 with 3 million infections.
32351831 As of today, the countries with more confirmed cases in South America are Brazil and Ecuador.
32355509 Deferring hospitalization and non-urgent surgeries has become a priority for surgeons today in order to relieve the health care system.It is obviously not simple to reduce emergency surgery without altering the quality of care or leading to a loss of chance for the patient.
32361715 For his experiment Galen used the random allocation of treatment, today’s prospective randomised clinical trial, implemented in the evaluation of novel therapies, widely used internationally, particularly in cancer research!
32362368 Deferring hospitalization and non-urgent surgeries has become a priority for surgeons today in order to relieve the health care system.
32365212 Therefore, today, the most reliable source for monitoring and comparing mortality from Covid-19 is total mortality.
32372827 The Resident Evil 3 remake was in development long before the coronavirus outbreak, but it holds up a mirror to the strange times we live in today, says Jacob Aron.
32374537 A limitation of the propagation, the understanding of the functioning of the virus and its clinical manifestations, the administration of specific treatments, rapid and reliable diagnostic tools are the basis of the fight against this germ, which is still little known today.
32376004 The 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic (SARS-CoV-2; severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2) has dramatic consequences on populations in terms of morbidity and mortality and in social terms, the general confinement of almost half of the world’s population being a situation unprecedented in history, which is difficult today to measure the impact at the individual and collective levels. […] Specific knowledge on COVID-19 remains poor today, but we must recommend rigor in this context in the use of psychotropic drugs, to avoid adding, in patients suffering from psychiatric disorders, potentially vulnerable in the epidemic context, an iatrogenic risk or loss of efficiency.
32379882 Restrictions by state governments and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have resulted in a rapidly changing and evolving learning environment for today’s fellows.
32392431 Today, in the United States, we have a health care system that is designed to treat symptoms, not people-and to do so as cheaply as possible with the dual goals of minimizing costs and preventing hospital visits.
32394467 So far, there are no specific treatments for patients with coronavirus disease-19 (COVID-19), and the treatments available today are based on previous experience with similar viruses such as severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus (SARS-CoV), Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), and Influenza virus.
32395038 Everywhere around the globe, the hot topic of discussion today is the ongoing and fast-spreading coronavirus disease (COVID-19), which is caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-COV-2).
32404230 Even today, a full century after the Spanish flu pandemic, people with mental illness remain at increased risk of poor physical health, so it is imperative that multi-disciplinary care continues during the current outbreak of COVID-19, despite the manifest difficulties involved.
32407155 Today, the focus is on the rapid publication of research related to the COVID-19 outbreak.
32412679 Till today, no convincing evidence is available to confirm that the SARS-CoV-2 virus directly affects nerves system in humans.
32415341 Does it have an impact on cancer care today?
32415992 Today the modern world is facing an unprecedented health crisis.
32420928 The theme of the humanization of care, understood as attention to the person as a whole, is a highly topical issue today.
32420956 Italy, as well as the rest of Europe, has often been affected by these phenomena and, Lombardy, due to his position, was, as today by COVID-19, severely stroked in Italy that is, after China, the second most affected country [3].
32422664 The aim of this paper is to summarize the results of a consensus process and a European webinar of the two societies, European Association of Societies of Aesthetic Surgery (EASAPS) and the European Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Societies (ESPRAS) on what is considered safe practice based on the scientific knowledge we have today.
32423324 As of today, 3 April 2020, 972,640 people affected and 50,325 people died from Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-Coronavirus 2.
32427167 In light of today’s COVID-19 crisis, it is argued that new ways to collaborate among all nations for pandemic preparedness may be the next big thing.
32429249 All recommendations during the current extremely rapid development of knowledge must be evaluated on a daily basis, as suggestions made today may be out-dated with the new evidence available tomorrow.
32430279 Covid-19 is a major pandemic facing the world today caused by SARS-CoV-2 which has implications on our understanding of infectious diseases.
32441573 Enhanced federal support is urgent not only to cope with the virus today but also to meet the long-term care needs of the nation’s aging population in the years to come.
32441805 Today, it is a pandemic infection, and even if several compounds are used as curative or supportive treatment, there is not a definitive treatment. […] In particular, antiviral treatment used for the treatment of several viral infections (eg, hepatitis C, HIV, Ebola, severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus) are today used with a mild or moderate effect on the lung injury.
32446982 Never in history has the fabric of African Neurosurgery been challenged as it is today with the advent of covid-19.
32452046 The Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has unveiled the stark racial disparities that are present in United States (US) and other developed countries today.
32453154 An expert in resiliency psychology discusses stress and resilience in nursing today, including advice on bolstering resilience and recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic.
32467432 For today, we need to address the current pandemic from the point of view of both control and suppression.
32471707 The COVID-19 pandemic affected today more than 3,000,000 worldwide, and more than half of humanity has been placed in quarantine.
32468151 Potential interventions for SARS-CoV2-associated pneumonia are being tested, some of which holding promise, but as of today none of these has yet demonstrated outstanding efficacy in treating COVID-19.
32478707 Today, it is a PAHO-WHO Collaborating Center for the Study of Dengue and Its Vector, and for the Elimination of Tuberculosis. […] The institution was responsible for training the Cuban doctors who served in West Africa during the 2014-2016 Ebola outbreaks and for those going abroad to assist in the COVID-19 response today, and its professionals offer an internationally-recognized biennial course on dengue.
32478709 Today, his is the voice and the face on the 11:00 AM briefing carried daily by Cuban television, reporting the latest data on the un-folding COVID-19 pandemic globally, in the Americas and.
32479893 IVM’s versatile nature could serve as a powerful tool to tackle the multiple overlapping endemic and emergent diseases that affect Venezuela today.
32492203 The challenge for today is building the assessment of genomic susceptibility to COVID-19 in lung cancer, requiring detailed experimental laboratory studies, in addition to in silico analyses, as a way of assessing the mechanism of novel virus invasion that can be used in the development of effective SARS-CoV-2 therapy.
32495336 Written 150 years ago, Nightingale’s advice on infection control, addressing the importance of hand washing, environmental sanitation, ventilation, sunshine, statistical data, and health literacy, remains highly relevant in today’s global fight against the coronavirus.
32496988 This work is a deep learning-based model to distinguish between cases of COVID-19 from other chest diseases which is need of today.
32501303 Today’s organizations have to remain alert and adaptive to unforeseen events, such as external crises, which create increased uncertainty among their workforce and pose immediate threats to the organizations’ performance and viability.
32501313 With today’s world revolving around online interaction, dating applications (apps) are a prime example of how people are able to discover and converse with others that may share similar interests or lifestyles, including during the recent COVID-19 lockdowns.
32510821 In early December 2019, the acute respiratory illness began in the Wuhan, China, which quickly spread around the world, that today known as COVID-19.
32515383 As of today, we have >350 RCTs happening with different agents.
32518317 As of today, there is no antiviral for the treatment of the SARS-CoV-2 infection, and the development of a vaccine might take several months or even years.
32522223 How the similarities between these two conditions can help us cope with the emergency effort represented by the management of cancer patients in the COVID-19 era, today and in the future?
32538857 Finally, we propose a basic “NeuroCovid” classification scheme that integrates these concepts and highlights some of the short-term challenges for the practice of neurology today and the long-term sequalae of COVID-19 such as depression, OCD, insomnia, cognitive decline, accelerated aging, Parkinson’s disease, or Alzheimer’s disease in the future.
32550054 However, there is no vaccination or drug developed for the treatment of this disease up to today.
32550056 Today the world is facing one of the deadliest pandemics caused by COVID-19.
32557207 Recently, Italy has been heavily hit by COVID-19 pandemic and today it is still one of the most affected countries in the world.
32561157 Today, five years after the AACN’s deadline, nursing has not yet adopted a universal DNP standard for APRN practice entry. […] This paper describes the DNP’s standing in today’s professional environment and advances the conversation on key barriers to its adoption.
32568157 Theoretical and practical implications for safety are discussed in light of the globally increasing emotional pressure and concerns of income- and employment-related economic stress in today’s workplace, particularly given the recent pandemic spread of Corona virus disease (COVID-19).
32570888 Today, the world is facing the challenge of a major pandemic due to COVID-19, which has caused more than 6.1 million cases of infection and nearly 370,000 deaths so far.
32574277 With today’s severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-COV-2) pandemic, more than ever, the question resurfaces with added factors tilting the already shaky therapeutic balance.
32580396 Korea, located adjacent to China, was exposed to COVID-19 from a relatively early stage, and today it is evaluated to have been successful in controlling this disease. “The COVID-19 telemedicine center of Korean medicine” has treated more than 20% of the confirmed COVID-19 patients in Korea with telemedicine since 9 March 2020.
32581986 Today, we are all called to rebuild a sense of community and the ties that bind us together as human beings.
32589718 The evidence-based role of non-invasive interventions (non-pharmacologic/non-surgical) that hallmark physical therapist practice has emerged as being highly relevant today in addressing COVID-19 in two primary ways.
32590324 The most serious health issue today is the rapid outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).
32592268 Today, the mask has become a semi-permanent accessory to the face, blocking our ability to express and perceive each other’s facial expressions by dividing it into a visible top-half and invisible bottom-half.