DrugBank ID: db00127
DrugCentral: spermine
Synonymous :4,9-diaza-1,12-dodecanediamine | 4,9-diazadodecane-1,12-diamine | musculamine | n,n’-bis(3-aminopropyl)-1,4-butanediamine | spermina | spermine

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of spermine gene in 3 abstracts.

pmid sentence
33043128 This study aims to investigate if inserting theophylline, when ion-paired to the polyamine transporter substrate spermine, into a cyclodextrin (CD), to form a triplex, could direct the bronchodilator to the lungs selectively after intravenous administration. […] NMR demonstrates that upon the formation of the triplex spermine protruded from the CD cavity and this results in energy-dependent uptake in A549 cells (1.8-fold enhancement), which persists for more than 20 min.