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Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of sojourn gene in 6 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32213270 In the 366 epidemic clusters , the clusters in which the first confirmed cases with the history of sojourn in Wuhan or Hubei accounted for 47.0%(172/366). […] From 19 January to 3 February, 2020, the first confirmed cases with Wuhan or Hubei sojourn history accounted for 66.5%. […] From 4 to 25 February, the first confirmed cases who had Wuhan or Hubei sojourn history accounted for only 18.2%.
32346663 The model incorporates an Erlang distribution of times of sojourn in incubating, symptomatically and asymptomatically infectious compartments.
32351037 148 (44.4%) cases once had contact with confirmed cases before onset, while 103 (30.9%) cases had never contacted confirmed cases but they had a sojourn history in Wuhan.
32781984 These estimates can then be used to quantify average sojourn times of clinically important states such as intensive care and invasive ventilation.
32796810 Nineteen cases (27.5%) had a history of sojourn in Hubei Province, and none of the cases reported after February 6, 2020 had a history of exposure in Hubei Province.