DrugBank ID: db12965
DrugCentral: silver
Synonymous :argentum metallicum | colloidal silver | nanosilver | silver colloidal | silver nanoparticles | silver, colloidal

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of silver gene in 1 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32277598 For many courses and programs however, it is not the long-term silver bullet solution to all learning provision and has consequences that must be considered.
32299148 In the interest of personal and public health, we caution decision- and policy makers alike not to pin all hope on a proverbial “silver bullet.” Until further breakthroughs emerge, we should remember that modifiable lifestyle factors such as diet and physical activity should not be marginalized.
32396382 Here, we review theoretical mechanisms and evidence related to efficacy and safety of select supplements in the setting of COVID-19, including vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, elderberry, and silver.
32560875 Embedding safety netting within physiotherapy best practice could be a silver lining in this pandemic black cloud.
32578981 The presence of the silver nanoparticles can provide additional protection via the silver ion’s disinfection toward microbes.