DrugBank ID: db14317
DrugCentral: pomegranate
Synonymous :ae-pomegrante | allergenic extract- pomegranate punica granatum | dadima fruit | pomegranate extract | pomegranate fruit | pomegranate fruit polyphenol extract | pomegranates, raw | pomegranates,raw | punica granatum fruit | punica granatum fruit extract | shi liu fruit

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of pomegranate gene in 1 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32365556 In addition to the pharmacological agonists, also nutritional ligands of PPAR-γ, like curcuma, lemongrass, and pomegranate, possess anti-inflammatory properties through PPAR-γ activation.
32703209 Analyses were performed to investigate the pathological basis of four imaging features(“feather sign”,“dandelion sign”,“pomegranate sign”, and “rime sign”) and to summarize the follow-up results. […] There were 22 patients (65.2%) with typical “feather sign”and 18 (52.9%) with “dandelion sign”, while few patients had “pomegranate sign” and “rime sign”. […] The “pomegranate sign” was characterized as follows: the increased range of GGO, the significant thickening of the interlobular septum, complicated with a small amount of punctate alveolar hemorrhage. […] “Feather sign” and “dandelion sign” were typical chest CT features in patients withCOVID-19; “pomegranate sign” was an atypical feature, and “rime sign” was a severe feature.