DrugBank ID: db00220
DrugCentral: nelfinavir
Synonymous :nelfinavir

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Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of nelfinavir gene in 20 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32363219 The current study, aims to predict theoretical structure for protease of COVID-19 and to explore further whether this protein can serve as a target for protease inhibitor drugs such as remdesivir, nelfinavir, lopinavir, ritonavir and α-ketoamide.
32374457 A systematic screening of several drugs including cardiac glycosides and kinase inhibitors and inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) entry revealed that only the FDA-approved HIV protease inhibitor, nelfinavir mesylate (Viracept) drastically inhibited S-n- and S-o-mediated cell fusion with complete inhibition at a 10-μM concentration. […] In-silico docking experiments suggested the possibility that nelfinavir may bind inside the S trimer structure, proximal to the S2 amino terminus directly inhibiting S-n- and S-o-mediated membrane fusion. […] Also, it is possible that nelfinavir may act to inhibit S proteolytic processing within cells. […] These results warrant further investigations of the potential of nelfinavir mesylate to inhibit virus spread at early times after SARS CoV-2 symptoms appear.
32396769 However, based on control (N3 and 13b), we have identified six potential molecules, Leupeptin Hemisulphate, Pepstatin A, Nelfinavir, Birinapant, Lypression and Octreotide which have shown the reasonably significant MM-GBSA score.
32399094 SARS-CoV-2 Mpro was docked with all statins, while antiviral and antiretroviral drugs - favipiravir, nelfinavir, and lopinavir - were used as standards for comparison. […] The binding energies obtained from the docking of 6LU7 with native ligand favipiravir, nelfinavir, lopinavir, simvastatin, rosuvastatin, pravastatin, pitavastatin, lovastatin, fluvastatin, and atorvastatin were -6.8, -5.8, -7.9, -7.9, -7.0, -7.7, -6.6, -8.2, -7.4, -7.7, and -6.8 kcal/mol, respectively.
32406687 Along with the highly potent drugs and/or molecules (such as nelfinavir) revealed in this study, the newly discovered binding mechanism paves the way for further optimizations and designs of Mpro’s inhibitors with a high binding affinity.
32438446 A more in-depth assessment demonstrated that only nitazoxanide, nelfinavir, tipranavir (ritonavir-boosted) and sulfadoxine achieved plasma concentrations above their reported anti-SARS-CoV-2 activity across their entire approved dosing interval.
32545799 We also screened 136 safe-in-man broad-spectrum antivirals against the SARS-CoV-2 infection in Vero-E6 cells and identified nelfinavir, salinomycin, amodiaquine, obatoclax, emetine and homoharringtonine. […] We found that a combination of orally available virus-directed nelfinavir and host-directed amodiaquine exhibited the highest synergy.
32546446 A recent in silico study has shown that the fluoroquinolones, ciprofloxacin and moxifloxacin, may inhibit SARS-CoV-2 replication by exhibiting stronger capacity for binding to its main protease than chloroquine and nelfinavir, a protease inhibitor antiretroviral drug.
32698693 Among them are nelfinavir, tipranavir and licochalcone-D, which has shown better binding characteristics with both the proteases compared to lopinavir.
32705942 Amongst these drugs, Ritonavir has been used in clinical trials with patients affected by COVID-19 and Nelfinavir showed anti-SARS-CoV-2 activity.
32720578 Compound A38 has the highest G-score (-7.83) when compared to all the standard compounds which are proposed for COVID-19 treatment such as ritonavir (-7.48), lopinavir (-6.94), nelfinavir (-5.93), hydroxychloroquine (-5.47) and mataquine (-5.37).
32737681 From the screening of approved drug library, three antiviral agents ritonavir, nelfinavir and saquinavir were predicted to be the most potent Mpro inhibitors.
32752938 Tetracycline, dihydroergotamine, ergotamine, dutasteride, nelfinavir, and paliperidone formed stable interactions with 3CLpro based on MD simulation results.
32820005 No significant anti-SARS-CoV-2 activity was found for several compounds reportedly active against SARS-CoV-2 such as lopinavir, nelfinavir, nitazoxanide, favipiravir, and hydroxychroloquine.
32863430 The in silico data demonstrated that, despite their molecular differences, all HPIs presented a similar behavior for the parameters analyzed, with the exception of Nelfinavir that showed better results for most of the molecular dynamics parameters in comparison with the N3 inhibitor.
32948420 Our obtained results has uncovered khainaoside C, 6-O-Caffeoylarbutin, khainaoside B, khainaoside C and vitexfolin A as potent modulators of COVID-19 possessing more binding energies than nelfinavir against COVID-19 Mpro, Nsp15, SARS-CoV-2 spike S2 subunit, spike open state and closed state structure respectively.
33015628 Classification of eight drug molecules (atazanavir, darunavir, fosamprenavir (amprenavir-metabolised product), saquinavir, lopinavir, ritonavir, nelfinavir, and indinavir) based on their molecular structures was completed and reported. […] The binding scores of the drugs on protease followed the order saquinavir > nelfinavir > lopinavir = indinavir > darunavir > amprenavir > ritonavir > atazanavir.
33022567 We report these two compounds (ZINC000621278586 and ZINC000621285995) as potent SARS-CoV-2 Mpro inhibitors with high affinity (
33036293 The average binding affinities of the compounds 3a, 3b, and 3c (-8.1 ± 0.33 kcal/mol, -8.0 ± 0.35 kcal/mol, and -8.2 ± 0.21 kcal/mol, respectively) are better than that of the positive control Nelfinavir (-6.9 ± 0.51 kcal/mol).
33046764 Seven HIV inhibitors, darunavir, indinavir, lopinavir, nelfinavir, ritonavir, saquinavir, and tipranavir, were used as the potential lead drugs to investigate access to the drug binding sites in Mpro.