DrugBank ID: db01183
DrugCentral: naloxone
Synonymous :(−)-naloxone | 1-n-allyl-14-hydroxynordihydromorphinone | 17-allyl-3,14-dihydroxy-4,5α-epoxymorphinan-6-one | nalossone | naloxona | naloxone | naloxonum

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of naloxone gene in 6 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32375887 Ensuring ready access to take-home naloxone for patients is crucial to reduce overdose risks.
32433364 The patient completed a community buprenorphine/naloxone initiation and self-titrated to his prior dose, 8/2 mg twice daily. […] He had been trying to connect to a community buprenorphine/naloxone provider, but access was limited due to COVID-19, so he was using diverted buprenorphine/naloxone to reduce opioid use.
32660776 In parallel, the French addictovigilance network continued its communications efforts in the period, issuing a newsletter on tramadol, a press release on methadone and naloxone, and participating in the COVID-19 frequently asked questions (FAQs) of the French Society of Pharmacology and Therapeutic website (
32773878 These patients are pharmacologically dependent on the OST medication (buprenorphine, buprenorphine-naloxone combination [BNX], and methadone) for their healthy functioning and recovery.
32926681 The patient was lethargic and hypoxic with improvement from naloxone.
33005988 Data was collected from Marion County, Indiana (Indianapolis), including EMS calls for service (CFS) for suspected overdose, CFS in which naloxone was administered, and fatal overdose data from the County Coroner’s Office. […] With two sample t tests and ARIMA time series forecasting, we showed changes in the daily rates of calls (all EMS CFS, overdose CFS, and CFS in which naloxone was administered) before and after the stay-at-home order in Indianapolis. […] Overdose CFS and EMS naloxone administration showed an increase with the social isolation of the Indiana stay-at-home order, but a continued increase after the stay-at-home order was terminated. […] Despite a mild 4% increase in all EMS CFS, overdose CFS increased 43% and CFS with naloxone administration increased 61% after the stay-at-home order.
33031212 Emergency medical services (EMS) clinicians may limit their use of intranasal naloxone due to concerns of novel coronavirus infection. […] We sought to determine changes in overdose events and naloxone administration practices by EMS clinicians. […] Between April 29, 2020 and May 15, 2020, we surveyed directors of EMS fellowship programs across the US about how overdose events and naloxone administration practices had changed in their catchment areas since March 2020. […] Based on 60 respondents across all regions of the country, one fifth of surveyed communities have experienced an increase in opioid overdoses and events during which naloxone was administered, and 40% have experienced a decrease. […] Eighteen percent of respondents have discouraged or prohibited the use of intranasal naloxone with 10% encouraging the use of intramuscular naloxone.