DrugBank ID: db01221
DrugCentral: ketamine
Synonymous :(+-)-ketamine | (±)-ketamine | 2-(2-chloro-phenyl)-2-methylamino-cyclohexanone | 2-(methylamino)-2-(2-chlorophenyl)cyclohexanone | 2-(o-chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)-cyclohexanone | dl-ketamine | ketamina | ketamine | kétamine | ketaminum | nmda | special k

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of ketamine gene in 11 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32712675 The net quantity of drug charge units per day for midazolam, propofol, ketamine, cisatracurium, and fentanyl also increased during the study period. […] This analysis describes the increased use, beginning in mid-March 2020, of hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine, midazolam, propofol, ketamine, cisatracurium, and fentanyl in 47 hospitals in New York State.
32861536 33.7% used illegal drugs during virtual happy hours and the most frequently used drugs were cannabis (29.2%), cocaine (3.4%), and ketamine (3.4%).
32890975 Sexual interactions may also increase COVID-19 risk.This study compared marijuana use, other illegal drugs use (i.e. cocaine/crack, methamphetamine, MDMA/ecstasy, GHB, and ketamine) and sexual behavior with casual partners among sexual minority cismen active on social networking and dating applications before and during the COVID-19 epidemic.
33226658 Ketamine is a remarkably safe anesthetic, providing sedation and analgesia as adjunct to or substitute for more traditional sedative medications. […] Although prior reports of recreational ketamine abuse have been associated with findings of secondary sclerosing cholangitis (SSC; 2,3), we report here a novel presentation of the syndrome in association with prolonged ketamine use in the intensive care unit.
33463598 The aim of this work was to study the safety profile of combined ketamine and regional anesthesia in pediatric ocular surgeries during the COVID-19 pandemic. […] Children were premedicated with oral midazolam (0.25-0.50 mg/kg) or intramuscular ketamine (7-10 mg/kg), ondensetron (0.1 mg/kg) and atropine (0.02 mg/kg). […] Anesthesia was achieved with intravenous ketamine (4-5 mg/kg) and local anesthesia (peribulbar block or local infiltration). […] Dose of ketamine needed ranged from 30 to 120 mg (66.67 ± 30.45). […] Incidence of postoperative nausea and vomiting was not affected by age, duration of surgery or dose of ketamine used (P > 0.05). […] There was no correlation between increase in pulse and dose of ketamine. […] Combined ketamine and regional anesthesia is a safe and effective alternative to administer anesthesia in a child during ocular surgeries.
33496087 Ketamine is a unique and safe drug that enables well-controlled sedation and anesthesia, attenuates depression and mitigates suicidal thoughts, without depressing respiratory or cardiovascular mechanics. […] This brief communication highlights the benefits potentially provided by ketamine to patients hospitalized for COVID-19 infection.