DrugBank ID: db06196
DrugCentral: icatibant
Synonymous :icatibant

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of icatibant gene in 5 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32359101 Through our hypothesis, we make the prediction that the FDA-approved molecule, icatibant, might be able to interrupt this feedback loop and, thereby, improve the clinical outcomes.
32534506 Thereby, we speculated that inhibition of bradykinin synthesis and/or blockade of bradykinin B2 receptor using Aprotinin/ecallantide and Icatibant, respectively, may hold therapeutic promise in severe cases and these molecules can be advanced to clinical trials.
32608329 Among the top five hits, Nafarelin and Icatibant affirmed the binding energy (g_MMPBSA) of -712.94 kJ/mol and -851.74 kJ/mol, respectively.
32967280 Presently, icatibant is the only bradykinin antagonist drug approved.
33191206 These drugs include fingolimod, colchicine, N4-hydroxycytidine, remdesivir, methylprednisone, oseltamivir, icatibant, perphanizine, viracept, emetine, homoharringtonine, aloxistatin, ribavirin, valrubicin, famotidine, almitrine, amprenavir, hesperidin, biorobin, cromolyn sodium, and antibodies- tocilzumab and sarilumab.
33254484 Therein the possible role of Icatibant, Ecallantide and Aprotinin in the treatment of this disease has been raised.
33472675 One hundred eighty eligible patients will be randomly assigned in a 1:1:1 ratio to receive either the inhibitor of C1e/kallikrein 20 U/kg intravenously on day 1 and day 4 plus standard care; or icatibant 30 mg subcutaneously, three doses/day for 4 days plus standard care; or standard care alone, as recommended in the clinical trials published to date, which includes supplemental oxygen, non-invasive and invasive ventilation, antibiotic agents, anti-inflammatory agents, prophylactic antithrombotic therapy, vasopressor support, and renal replacement therapy.