DrugBank ID: db00693
DrugCentral: fluorescein
Synonymous :3,6-fluorandiol | 3’,6’-dihydroxyfluoran | 9-(o-carboxyphenyl)-6-hydroxy-3-isoxanthenone | 9-(o-carboxyphenyl)-6-hydroxy-3h-xanthen-3-one | c.i. solvent yellow 94 | d and c yellow no. 7 | d&c yellow no. 7 | fluoresceina | fluoresceína | fluoresceine | fluoreszein | japan yellow 201 | resorcinolphthalein | solvent yellow 94 | yellow fluorescein

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of fluorescein gene in 7 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32243678 Aerosolization was simulated in a cadaver using fluorescein solution (0.2mg/10ml) and quantified using a blue-light filter and digital image processing. […] Surgical aerosolization was simulated during non-powered instrumentation, suction microdebrider, and high-speed drilling following nasal fluorescein application.
32358853 Fluorescein was applied to the surgical field. […] Black light examination of fluorescein-treated operative fields revealed minimal contamination distant to the surgical field.
32384377 Mastoidectomy with a high-speed drill was simulated using fresh-frozen cadaveric heads with fluorescein solution injected into the mastoid air cells.
32423283 After instilling cadaver head specimens (n = 2) with fluorescein solution, endoscopic endonasal procedures were systematically performed to evaluate the quantity, size, and distance of droplets and splatter following each experimental condition. […] There were no observable fluorescein droplets or splatter noted in the measured surgical field in any direction after nasal endoscopy, septoplasty with microdebrider-assisted turbinoplasty, cold-steel functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), and all experimental conditions using an ultrasonic aspirator.
32423287 Fluorescein was instilled through a 4-mm burr hole drilled into the middle cranial fossa floor, and presence in the middle ear was confirmed via microscopic ear examination. […] There were no fluorescein droplets or splatter contamination observed in the measured surgical field in any direction after myringotomy and insertion of ventilation tube.
32457134 A fluorescein dye experiment was used to demonstrate the reduction in aerosol emission output from the bottle with our described technique, allowing an antiviral filter to be attached to a pleural underwater seal drainage bottle for added protection of patients and staff in the local environment.
32497852 Intranasal local application of fluorescein aided in the detection of the direction of flow of the CSF leakage.
32513045 A series of simulated coughs were created with bursts of fluorescein dye through an atomizer tip placed within the test participant’s mouth. […] Fluorescein dye is easily aerosolized along the lateral inferior aspect of a standard shield with significant contamination of the surrounds.
32591652 Spread of patient secretions and droplet formation was evaluated using 1% fluorescein dye in 10 ml of normal saline and ultraviolet light. […] Presence of fluorescein was identified around the patients’ nares; on the chest wipe and instrument tray in all four patients.