DrugBank ID: db01396
DrugCentral: digitoxin
Synonymous :digitoksin | digitoxin | digitoxina | digitoxine | digitoxinum | digitoxoside

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of digitoxin gene in 7 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32740825 It was found that digitoxin, a cardiac glycoside in DrugBank and bisindigotin in TCMSP had the highest docking scores.
32961360 Our example is a randomized and double-blind clinical trial comparing digitoxin and placebo in patients with advanced chronic heart failure.
32969333 Among the previously approved drugs, Diammonium Glycyrrhizinate, Digitoxin, Ivermectin, Rapamycin, Rifaximin, and Amphotericin B represented the most desirable features, and can be possible candidates for Covid-19 therapies.
33144490 Based on our in vivo experience with digitoxin as an inhibitor of TNFα-driven NFĸB signaling for cytokine expression in prostate cancer in rats and in cystic fibrosis in humans, we hypothesize that this drug will also block a virally-activated cytokine storm. […] Materials Methods: Digitoxin was administered intraperitoneally to cotton rats, followed by intranasal infection with 107TCID50/100 g of cotton rat with influenza strain A/Wuhan/H3N2/359/95. […] Daily digitoxin treatment continued until harvest on day 4 of the experiment. […] The cardiac glycoside digitoxin significantly and differentially suppressed levels of the cytokines TNFα, GRO/KC, MIP2, MCP1, and IFNγ, in the cotton rat lung in the presence of influenza virus. […] Since cytokine storm is a host response, we suggest that digitoxin may have a therapeutic potential not only for influenza and but also for coronavirus infections.