DrugBank ID: db00151
DrugCentral: cysteine
Synonymous :(2r)-2-amino-3-mercaptopropanoic acid | (2r)-2-amino-3-sulfanylpropanoic acid | (r)-2-amino-3-mercaptopropanoic acid | cisteina | cisteinum | cys | cysteine | cysteinum | free cysteine | l-2-amino-3-mercaptopropionic acid | l-cys | l-cystein | l-zystein

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of cysteine gene in 4 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32266873 3CLpro is a cysteine protease responsible for the proteolysis of replicase polyproteins resulting in the formation of various functional proteins, whereas 2’-O-MTase methylates the ribose 2’-O position of the first and second nucleotide of viral mRNA, which sequesters it from the host immune system.
32296570 The viral 3-chymotrypsin-like cysteine protease (3CLpro) enzyme controls coronavirus replication and is essential for its life cycle.
32322478 Oral and IV glutathione, glutathione precursors (N-acetyl-cysteine) and alpha lipoic acid may represent a novel treatment approach for blocking NFKappaB and addressing “cytokine storm syndrome” and respiratory distress in patients with COVID-19 pneumonia.
32391184 Coronavirus 3C-like protease (3CLPro) is a highly conserved cysteine protease employing a catalytic dyad for its functions.
32402186 An attractive therapeutic target for CoVs is the main protease (Mpro) or 3-chymotrypsin-like cysteine protease (3CLpro), as this enzyme plays a key role in polyprotein processing and is active in a dimeric form.
32429099 First, PLP is one of the two viral cysteine proteases, along with 3-chymotripsin-like protease, that is responsible for the production of the replicase proteins required for viral replication.
32470470 Cathepsin L (CatL) is an endosomal cysteine protease.
32534175 A randomized controlled trial of blocking NF-κB and cytokine formation using glutathione precursors (N-acetyl-cysteine [NAC] and alpha lipoic acid) and PO/IV glutathione with associated anti-viral effects should be performed, along with an evaluation of Nrf2 activators (curcumin, sulforaphane glucosinolate) which have been scientifically proven to lower inflammation.
32551639 The crystal structure for the main protease (Mpro) of SARS-CoV-2, 3-chymotrypsin-like cysteine protease (3CLpro), was recently made available and is considerably similar to the previously reported SARS-CoV. […] Molecular docking of 13 antivirals against the 3-chymotrypsin-like cysteine protease (3CLpro) enzyme was accomplished, and indinavir was described as a lead drug with a docking score of -8.824 and a XP Gscore of -9.466 kcal/mol.
32561291 SARS-CoV-2 enters the cells through endocytosis process, which is possibly facilitated, via a pH dependent endosomal cysteine protease cathepsins.