DrugBank ID: db00341
DrugCentral: cetirizine
Synonymous :cetirizin | cetirizina | cetirizine | cetirizinum

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of cetirizine gene in 2 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32571115 We report cases of palmoplantar among health care workers who were on prophylactic doses of hydroxychloroquine and their management with cetirizine and methylprednisolone.
32871242 A physician-sponsored cohort study of cetirizine and famotidine was performed in hospitalized patients with severe to critical pulmonary symptoms. […] Pulmonologists led the inpatient care in a single medical center of 110 high-acuity patients that were treated with cetirizine 10 mg b.i.d. and famotidine 20 mg b.i.d. plus standard-of-care. […] This physician-sponsored cohort study of cetirizine and famotidine provides proof-of-concept of a safe and effective method to reduce the progression in symptom severity, presumably by minimizing the histamine-mediated cytokine storm.
33465426 Between March and April 2020, 84 elderly patients with suspected COVID-19 living in two nursing homes of Yepes, Toledo (Spain) were treated early with antihistamines (dexchlorpheniramine, cetirizine or loratadine), adding azithromycin in the 25 symptomatic cases.