DrugBank ID: db02498
DrugCentral: carba-nicotinamide-adenine-dinucleotide
Synonymous : None

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of carba-nicotinamide-adenine-dinucleotide gene in 1 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32741322 DB02498 (Carba-nicotinamide-adenine-dinucleotide) is an approved drug which has been used since the late 1960s in intravenous form to significantly lessen withdrawal symptoms from a variety of drugs and alcohol addicts and it has the best MM-PBSA binding free energy of-12.83 ± 0.52 kcal/mol. […] We propose Carba-nicotinamide-adenine-dinucleotide and Galuteolin as the potential inhibitors of NSP16.