DrugBank ID: db00009
DrugCentral: alteplase
Synonymous :alteplasa | alteplase (genetical recombination) | alteplase, recombinant | alteplase,recombinant | plasminogen activator (human tissue-type protein moiety) | rt-pa | t-pa | t-plasminogen activator | tissue plasminogen activator | tissue plasminogen activator alteplase | tissue plasminogen activator, recombinant | tpa

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of alteplase gene in 29 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32414622 These may further bring challenges in the management and administration of Intravenous (IV) Alteplase in eligible patients.
32425320 He subsequently developed hypotension and severe hypoxia, found to have a saddle pulmonary embolus (PE) with right heart strain requiring alteplase (tPA).
32427773 Here we report a case series of five patients suffering from profound, medically refractory COVID-19 associated respiratory failure who were treated with fibrinolytic therapy using tissue plasminogen activator (tPA, Alteplase).
32466736 Five received intravenous alteplase.
32753143 The percentage of patients for whom we recommended urgent stroke treatment with intravenous alteplase, mechanical thrombectomy, or both decreased from 44.4% (28 of 63) to 33.3% (11 of 33).
32763101 Intravenous alteplase (100 mg over 2 h) was administered as rescue therapy.
32780853 Successful use of alteplase and argatroban to treat a patient with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)-associated massive pulmonary embolism with cardiac arrest is reported. […] Administration of two 50-mg doses of intravenous alteplase resulted in return of spontaneous circulation, and low-dose argatroban was used as follow-up anticoagulation therapy without complications.
32807471 A total of 754 patients (pandemic-120; pre-pandemic-634) were admitted with a principal diagnosis of AIS; 198 (26.3%) received alteplase and/or mechanical thrombectomy. […] Despite longer median door to head CT times (16 vs 12 minutes; p = 0.05) and a trend towards longer door to groin puncture times (79.5 vs. 71 min, p = 0.06), the time to alteplase administration (36 vs 35 min; p = 0.83), door to reperfusion times (103 vs 97 min, p = 0.18) and defect-free care (95.2% vs 94.7%; p = 0.84) were similar in the pandemic and pre-pandemic groups.
32838109 A follow-up trial using the widely available tissue-plasminogen activator (alteplase) is now needed to assess optimal dosing and safety in this critically ill patient population. […] To describe the design and rationale of a Phase IIa trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of alteplase treatment for moderate/severe COVID-19-induced ARDS. […] A rapidly adaptive, pragmatic, open label, randomized, controlled, phase IIa clinical trial will be conducted with three groups: intravenous(IV) alteplase 50mg, IV alteplase 100mg, and control (standard-of-care). […] Alteplase will be delivered through an initial bolus of 50mg or 100mg followed by heparin infusion for systemic anticoagulation, with alteplase re-dosing if there is a >20% PaO2/FiO2 improvement not sustained by 24 hours.
32853267 Three patients were treated with alteplase and anticoagulation (n = 3/16, 19%) while the 13 others (n = 13/16, 81%) were treated with anticoagulation alone.
32893248 Accordingly, intravenous thrombolysis with alteplase (0.6 mg/kg, the dose approved in Japan) was administered at 1,660 minutes after the last known well and 116 minutes after the symptom recognition.
32917441 The patient was admitted to the intensive care unit and successfully treated with unfractionated heparin, alteplase 50 mg, and argatroban 2 μg/kg/min.
32973116 Intravenous alteplase was administered in four patients (20%) and mechanical thrombectomy was performed in five patients (25%).
32973666 A trend toward less alteplase administration was noted in the COVID-19 stroke patients compared to the non-COVID group from 2020 and 2019 (7.1 vs. 
32984828 Measurement of thromboelastography (n = 10) and thrombolysis with alteplase (n = 4).
33045450 A 71-year-old man with hAIS caused by severe ICS was treated via intravenous alteplase infusion. […] The LAMP result was obtained within 90 minutes, during intravenous alteplase infusion, and turned out to be negative. […] The symptom of hemiplegia worsened during alteplase infusion, and he, therefore, underwent eCAS after administration of aspirin (200 mg). […] This case report suggests that eCAS for hAIS due to ICS following intravenous alteplase can be an effective treatment, along with appropriate antiplatelet medication and management in select patients.
33222101 The adoption of the mothership model (4) did not delay alteplase infusion (median call-to-needle p = .126, median door-to-needle p = .142) but led to (5) a significant reduction in median call-to-groin (p = .018) and door-to-groin times (p = .010).
33310595 IS-COVID, versus IS controls, were less likely to receive alteplase (1.8% vs 5.6%, p<0.001), mechanical thrombectomy (4.4% vs. 
33588592 We examined trends in patient demographics, stroke severity, timeliness, diagnoses including large vessel occlusion, alteplase use, and endovascular thrombectomy among eligible subjects. […] We found no change in alteplase administration at telestroke spoke hospitals but did note a decrease in both alteplase use and thrombectomy at our comprehensive stroke center.