DrugBank ID: db00009
DrugCentral: alteplase
Synonymous :alteplasa | alteplase (genetical recombination) | alteplase, recombinant | alteplase,recombinant | plasminogen activator (human tissue-type protein moiety) | rt-pa | t-pa | t-plasminogen activator | tissue plasminogen activator | tissue plasminogen activator alteplase | tissue plasminogen activator, recombinant | tpa

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of alteplase gene in 1 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32414622 These may further bring challenges in the management and administration of Intravenous (IV) Alteplase in eligible patients.
32425320 He subsequently developed hypotension and severe hypoxia, found to have a saddle pulmonary embolus (PE) with right heart strain requiring alteplase (tPA).
32427773 Here we report a case series of five patients suffering from profound, medically refractory COVID-19 associated respiratory failure who were treated with fibrinolytic therapy using tissue plasminogen activator (tPA, Alteplase).
32466736 Five received intravenous alteplase.