DrugBank ID: db06151
DrugCentral: acetylcysteine
Synonymous :(2r)-2-acetylamino-3-sulfanylpropanoic acid | (r)-2-acetylamino-3-mercaptopropanoic acid | (r)-mercapturic acid | acetilcisteina | acetylcysteine | acetylcysteinum | l-acetylcysteine | l-α-acetamido-β-mercaptopropionic acid | mercapturic acid | n-acetyl-l-(+)-cysteine | n-acetyl-l-cysteine | n-acetylcysteine | nac

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of acetylcysteine gene in 5 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32503814 The results support the combination of copper, N-acetylcysteine (NAC), colchicine and nitric oxide (NO) with candidate antiviral agents, remdesivir or EIDD-2801, as a treatment for patients positive for SARS-CoV-2.
32504923 In vivo, in vitro, and human clinical trials have demonstrated N-acetylcysteine (NAC) as an effective method of improving redox status, especially when under oxidative stress.
32513807 Because of their potential to influence immune response, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), zinc, vitamin D, and N-acetylcysteine have been hypothesized to be useful for prevention or treatment of COVID-19.
32560665 These strategies include nebulized heparin, N-acetylcysteine, plasma exchange and/or fresh frozen plasma, plasma derivatives to increase the level of endogenous anticoagulants (tissue factor pathway inhibitor, activated protein C, thrombomodulin, antithrombin), dipyridamole, complement blockers, different types of stem cells, and extracellular vesicles.
32607398 Therefore, to avoid the increment of OS, we suggest using Leucomethylene Blue through the following protocol: The IV cocktail contains 50 mg MB (1mg/kg, 50-kg weight), 1000-2000 mg vitamin C, 500-1000 mg N-Acetylcysteine (or glutathione or cysteine or α-lipoic acid) and 10-20 gr urea (optional) in 100 ml dextrose 5%.
32650197 Concurrent use of certain nutraceuticals - yeast beta-glucan, zinc, vitamin D, spirulina, phase 2 inducers, N-acetylcysteine, glucosamine, quercetin, and magnesium - might also improve therapeutic outcomes in COVID-19.
32707089 However, glutathione depletion is reversible by N-acetylcysteine (NAC) administration.
32758904 N-acetylcysteine is one such drug with potency to scavenge Reactive Oxygen Species, least side effects, and an effective precursor of glutathione. […] Consequently we hypothesize that N-acetylcysteine along with the conventional treatment may be treated as a potential therapeutic solution in cases of COVID-19 patients.
32764275 Selected agents were immune transfer factor (oligo- and polypeptides from porcine spleen, ultrafiltered at <10 kDa; Imuno TF®), anti-inflammatory natural blend (Uncaria tomentosa, Endopleura uchi and Haematoccocus pluvialis; Miodesin®), zinc, selenium, ascorbic acid, cholecalciferol, ferulic acid, spirulina, N-acetylcysteine, glucosamine sulfate potassium hydrochloride, trans-resveratrol, and maltodextrin-stabilized orthosilicic acid (SiliciuMax®).
32886632 Other therapies tested until now, like mesna, acetylcysteine, or hypertonic saline solution, are valid alternatives, although they have not shown great efficacy for this specific procedure in the past.
32964918 We hypothesized that N-acetylcysteine (NAC) administration could restore this redox homeostasis and suppress unfavorable evolution in Covid-19 patients.
33006138 Here we present two cases of suspected remdesivir-associated acute liver failure (ALF) in which the liver failure improved following continuous infusion acetylcysteine and withdrawal of remdesivir. […] After initiation of continuous infusion acetylcysteine, the transaminases of both patients rapidly improved. […] Additionally, the data for the use of acetylcysteine to manage non-acetaminophen-induced ALF is limited. […] It is important to consider the risk of remdesivir-associated ALF when weighing the risk vs. benefits of use, and acetylcysteine may have a role in its management.