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Tissue Sentence Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of soft tissue tissue in 35 abstracts.

PMID Senteces
32455058 The printed simulator was layered with foam in order to replicate soft tissue structures.
32482348 Most trauma cases were minor soft tissue injury related to slip, trip or fall at home.
32549298 Regarding oncologic orthopedics, priority was given to bone and soft tissue sarcomas, metastases and aggressive benign tumors at risk of impending or pathologic fracture.
32571690 These data were used to create replaceable hand and wrist bones and reusable silicone molds for a replica of the soft tissue envelope.
32617984 We operated on 10 biopsy patients, 15 primary bone sarcomas, 9 soft tissue sarcomas, and 82 trauma patients within this time frame.
32618418 We, therefore, evaluated facial soft tissue exposures to sustained mechanical loads in a prone position, with versus without multi-layered silicone foam dressings applied as tissue protectors at the forehead and chin. […] Specifically, with respect to the forehead, the application of a dressing resulted in 52% and 71% reductions in soft tissue exposures to effective stresses and strain energy densities, respectively. […] Likewise, a chin dressing lowered the soft tissue exposures to stresses and strain energy densities by 78% and 92%, respectively.
32654849 There was a significant reduction in the number of referrals for simple fractures, native joint dislocations, wounds and soft tissue injuries.
32657340 Dermatological, soft tissue and musculoskeletal, general malaise and motion sickness were the four most common presentations.
32674173 Surgical cases were categorized into fracture or dislocation, acute soft tissue or nerve injury, infection, oncology, and elective or nonurgent.
32676776 Our centre had to adapt daily practices to continue to take care of bone and soft tissue tumours and emergencies. […] During the lockdown period, there were 199 procedures of three types of procedures in our centre: 79 traumatology procedures (39.7%), 76 of bone and soft tissues tumours (38.2%), and 44 procedures related to infection (22.1%).
32728926 During the COVID-19 pandemic, departmental reorganisation and adherence to evolving guidelines enabled provision of uninterrupted surgical care to patients with bone and soft tissue tumours (BST) in need of surgery.
32774004 Our new model of modus operandi during this global crisis was effective in delivering high standard of care to patients and might serve as a guide to similar units managing bone and soft tissue tumours.
32835183 Indications for surgery included high-energy closed fracture (60%), traumatic nerve injury (19%), severe soft tissue infection (15%), and revascularization of the arm, hand, or digit(s) (15%).
32836364 This will act as a reference point for tracking future trends in bone and soft tissue tumor management guidelines, as the COVID-19 scenario unfolds globally and particularly in India.
32838155 Limb salvage surgeries in bone and soft tissue sarcomas cannot be delayed beyond a certain time-period and constitute an orthopaedic emergency in certain situations.
32868736 The DTIs progressed over the course of the admission in the ICU and evolved to thick adherent eschar that appeared to be unstageable pressure injuries, which extended beyond the soft tissue directly over the bony prominence.
32874025 The use of a SCAIF during the current COVID-19 pandemic has significant advantages and is a reliable alternative to a soft tissue free flap.
32970595 Ultrasound elastography (US-E) is a noninvasive, safe, cost-effective and reliable technique to assess the mechanical properties of soft tissue and provide imaging biomarkers for pathological processes.
33008440 Patients were subdivided into gangrene, traumatic infection, and other types of soft tissue infection wound (including bedsores, gout ruptures, stab wounds, and so on) according to the causes of wound, and their disease-related information were compared group by group. […] Among the total 81 patients with chronic infective wounds, 60% were male, with a mean age of 60.8 years (SD 18.6), including 38 (47%) patients with traumatic infection, 29 (36%) gangrene cases, and 14 (17%) other soft tissue infection wounds.
33022754 By revisiting available treatment options, this review provides surgical oncologists with an evidence-based framework for treating patients with gastrointestinal stromal tumor, extremity/truncal soft tissue sarcoma, and retroperitoneal sarcoma to rapidly adapt their decision-making to the constant evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic.
33023681 Matrix Gla protein (MGP) is a vitamin K-dependent inhibitor of soft tissue calcification and elastic fibre degradation.
33045426 Further, fat accumulation in the soft tissue of the pharynx can increase inspiratory resistance.
33145132 Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain, orbits, and paranasal sinuses, revealed soft tissue swelling in the right preseptal, malar, premaxillary and retrobulbar regions with paranasal sinusitis.
33186853 The soft tissue of the bilateral mandible and midface of two fresh frozen cadaveric specimens was infiltrated using a 0.1% fluorescein solution.
33196585 This retrospective, observational study analyzed patients with musculoskeletal tumors who underwent surgery in one of eight specialist centers in the United Kingdom, which included the five designated cancer centers in England, one specialist soft tissue sarcoma center, and two centers from Scotland between March 12, 2020 and May 20, 2020.
33214110 Most individuals were diagnosed with osteoarthritis/soft tissue rheumatic diseases and/or osteoporosis; 21% had rheumatoid arthritis.
33215113 In addition, patients undergoing soft tissue knee surgery were more likely to consent to surgery (90.0%) compared to patients undergoing primary hip arthroplasty (68.6%), primary knee arthroplasty (48.7%), revision hip or knee arthroplasty (0.0%), or hip and knee injections (43.8%) (p = 0.03).
33272148 To assess if a vacuum-assisted closure device initially utilised as a temporising measure to dress a wound defect over a cochlear implant prior to definitive surgical intervention could instead be used to close the soft tissue and avoid surgery. […] This is a case report describing the novel use of VAC (Vacuum-Assisted Closure Device) in the successful closure of a wound defect with cochlear implant hardware exposure post soft tissue infection during the Covid-19 pandemic. […] While the VAC system was initiated for temporary wound coverage, it was observed at each dressing change to be successfully decreasing the soft tissue defect for our patient. […] This resulted in complete epithelisation of the soft tissue defect at Day 35 and avoidance of a surgical procedure. […] The use of V.A.C dressing for a small soft tissue defect over an extruded cochlear implant seems promising as exemplified by our case study.
33327623 Heterotopic ossification is defined as an aberrant formation of bone in extraskeletal soft tissue, for which both genetic and acquired conditions are known.
33341244 A similar pattern of G-A severities were seen, however only 3 injuries during lockdown required major soft tissue reconstruction.
33376619 Necrotizing soft tissue infection has been historically recognized as a severe, rapidly spreading soft tissue infection associated with a very high risk of mortality. […] We present a case of necrotizing soft tissue infection of the right breast extending to the anterior abdominal wall in a 39-year-old obese female, with a history of tobacco use.
33391918 Results Surgical interventions were required for skin cancer, upper extremity trauma, soft tissue infections, maxillofacial trauma, lower extremity trauma and other causes.
33402136 Like with all cancers, multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings are the norm in bone and soft tissue tumour (BST) management too.
33488905 A vertically oriented, tubular, soft tissue density lesion was observed in the right lower lung, which mimicked a Scimitar vein.
33514404 Ibuprofen is associated with severe necrotizing soft tissue infections (NSTI) during chickenpox course.