Tissue Sentence Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of N/A tissue in 26 abstracts.

PMID Senteces
32270695 N/A.
32302976 N/A.
32349002 n/a.
32383626 N/A.
32420952 N/A - Letter to the Editor.
32426999 N/A.
32493070 N/A.
32505980 N/A.
32646815 N/A.
32690053 N/A.
32712670 N/A.
32761248 N/A.
32821857 N/A.
32838230 N/A.
32838233 N/A.
32921740 N/A.
32941374 N/A.
32971074 N/A.
33127064 N/A.
33145598 N/A.
33147345 N/A.
33226080 N/A.
33359742 This review formulates the rationale for using enhanced recovery protocols (ERPs) to standardize and optimize perioperative care during this high-risk time to minimize poor outcomes owing to provider, patient, and system vulnerabilities. n/a METHODS OF STUDY SELECTION: A literature review using key Medical Subject Headings terms was performed-according to methods described by the Cochrane Collaboration and Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses guidelines-on studies that described enhanced recovery and coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
33499752 n/a.
33522572 None. n/a.
33525251 N/A.