corneal epithelial

Cell Sentence Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of white pulp tissue in 4 abstracts.

PMID Senteces
32340089 Histopathological examination showed that the cell composition of the spleen decreased, white pulp atrophied at different levels, meanwhile lymphoid follicles decreased or absent; in addition, the ratio of red pulp to white pulp increased with varying degrees. […] However, CD20 and CD21 immunostaining in 2 cases showed that the number of white pulp was almost normal, and splenic nodules were atrophic.
32434133 In addition to major pulmonary pathology, the 3 Houston cases had evidence of lymphocytic pericarditis, multifocal acute injury of cardiomyocytes without inflammatory cellular infiltrates, depletion of splenic white pulp, focal hepatocellular degeneration and rare glomerular capillary thrombosis.
32851474 The spleen had sustained white pulp atrophy with absence of lymphoid follicles.
33481385 Extrapulmonary findings among both groups were not statistically significant except for hepatic necrosis (P <0.001), splenic necrosis (P<0.006) and white pulp depletion (P <0.001) that were more common with SARS-CoV-1. […] Remarkable postmortem findings in association with COVID-19 apart from DAD include pulmonary hemorrhage, viral cytopathic effect within pneumocytes, thromboembolism, brain infarction, endotheliitis, acute renal tubular damage, white pulp depletion of the spleen, cardiac myocyte necrosis, megakaryocyte recruitment, and hemophagocytosis.